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4.4 out of 5 stars60
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 14 June 2005
And here so ends the final season of the excellent Babylon 5. As mentioned by other reviewers this season was never expected to be made. The studio told the producers of the show to wrap it up in season 4, hence you have the quick resolution of the shadow war and the even more quickly resolved war with Earth.
Season 5 beguins with the introduction of a new character ( Captain Lochley ) played by Tracy Scoggins. The captain like in funny TV ploys turns out to be Sheridan's first wife, but the story does justify this later on. The first major story is that of the rogue telepaths allowed to stay onboard Babylon 5. This story places Lyta Alexander at the forefront of the action and acts to develope her charcter and the story later on.
The next story plot is the conflict with the Centauri Republic. This story elaborates on the connection between the Drakh who were first mentioned in season 4 and were the allies of the shadows. This story also relates to the apotheosis of Londo Mollari, this is shown in 'The Fall Of Centauri Prime'.
'Sleeping In Light' Set 20 years after the shadow war acts as fitting farewell to the show. Like my fellow fans I was quite moved by this episode, the last few scienes are particularly emotional.
A lot of people have knocked this season unjustifiably. This final season was the most dark and emotional of the 5 seasons but stands out for its excellent character developement and resolution. I personally was quite moved by the stories presented thoughout this season.
Regarding the missing scene at the start of 'The Fall Of Centauri Prime', this error seems to have been resolved ( well at least on mine anyway ). Thanks to my fellow customers for mentioning the fault, hence the reason I waited before I made my purchase.
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Always intended as a five-year story arc, only a last minute save from TNT brought us this final chapter.
As 2262 begins, things are looking up for our characters. The Alliance has been formed and Sheridan is taking office as its first President. The station itself is getting a new captain as Elizabeth Lochley steps in for Ivanova who has left to captain a ship. But things soon take a dark turn. Sheridan agrees to let a colony of rogue telepaths live on the station. Their interactions with Lyta Alexander change her profoundly. Some mysterious force is attacking members of the Alliance. And Londo and G'Kar try to solve the mystery of the royal court back on Centauri Prime.
This season is not as strong as the seasons preceding it. Because this was a last minute save, all plot lines had been wrapped up in season 4, and it takes a few episodes to get the ball fully rolling forward again. Personally, I loved Ivanova, so I miss her absence in this season as well. While watching this set, I realized why else this season isn't a favorite. It's much darker. We see Londo's final fate, Garibaldi hits the bottle again, and Lennier makes some poor choices. My final complaint is the endings left open involving Lennier and Sheridan and Delenn's unborn son. While this season may be dark, it is still powerful and moving drama that pulls you in and doesn't let you get. Especially if you've spent the four previous years with the characters. Fans can't help but watch this to get the next chapter in these character's lives.
And this doesn't even touch the final episode. Filmed as part of season four, it's set 19 years in the future and does include Ivanova. If that episode doesn't move you, nothing will.
If you've bought the previous season sets, you know exactly what to expect here. The episodes are presented in widescreen with some grain and dust in the picture. The full surround audio makes an impressive display of the soundtrack. Extras include the intro to the season on disc one, three commentary tracks, documentaries on the digital effects and fans and other merchandise related to the show and personnel and data files and the season gag reel. This set features three scenes from "Sleeping in Light" that hit the cutting room floor, a first for any of the sets. And there is an Easter egg to look for as well.
It's unfortunate that this series couldn't go out with quite the bang fans had hoped for. Still, this is a good end to a great series that all fans will want to have on DVD.
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on 3 October 2005
I came to Babylon 5 almost at the eleventh-hour in its run on late-night channel 4, so I didn't particularly notice any decline in the quality of the episodes between those in the earlier seasons I'd managed to catch and this final season- I was just appreciative of such a well-written and absorbing science-fiction drama. But having now watched all five seasons on DVD it's clear to me that there's a definite disparity between this season and the four that precede it.
Season Five begins very ploddingly in a time of peace and explores the setting-up of the new alliance with the former Captain of Babylon 5 John Sheridan as its President. The new Captain of the station Elizabeth Lochley is very likable almost immediately- despite being written to oppose almost every regular on the show before she's even got both feet through the whooshing space-doors- but she is in my view a very solid replacement for Susan Ivanova, who especially gets the chance to shine in the "River of Souls" TV Movie made at the same time as this season.
The telepaths invited to start a colony on the station are one of the two main subjects of the season, but it's not until episode seven that this storyline picks up pace and becomes absorbing. But even then- after the so-called "telepath war" was alluded to more than once in previous seasons- it's somewhat of a disappointment when you consider what could have been had Straczynski chosen to really take on such a large story-arc and all that it entailed ethically, socially and politically for the universe of Babylon 5. The telepaths' story, which comes at a time between their exploitation by Earth Gov. in the past and the war (between them and the "mundanes") that's to an interesting one, but the main problem is that as a group they are largely uncharismatic and with the exception of their leader- mute, which doesn't make for thrilling viewing. But on the flip side this story does provide Patricia Tallman (Lyta Alexander) with the screen-time she deserves and also some fantastic character dilemmas to sink her teeth into and that's reason enough for me be glued to my seat throughout this season. And once it gets up some momentum the storyline and the characters involved do make for compulsive viewing. The second subject of the season I won't give away for those who haven't seen it before, but it's much more thrilling than the telepath story-arc and also ties in with the finale of the show and also the fabled Babylon 5 feature film, which has yet to materialise...
Every season of Babylon 5 is marked by at least one superlative episode that takes every revelatory idea, every glimmer of brilliance and every subtle exploration into what it means to be human to extraordinary heights and it's no surprise that "Sleeping in Light," the episode in the fifth and final season of Babylon 5 and the finale of the show as a the episode for me, which attains that inexplicable goal. Even though I hadn't followed the programme from the beginning- when I saw this episode for the first time I was moved to tears, such was the power of the feeling and ability of all those involved in its making and I dare anyone not to react in the same way. The last thing you'll want to hear is that this episode alone is worth the price of the box set, because that implies the rest is below par. Well is to some extent, but this is Babylon 5- it's still an awesome season, so buy the set for every episode, all 22 and be more than pleasantly surprised by a gem of an episode right at the end.
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on 22 January 2005
I have watched this show from beginning to end, ever since it first started on tv, then i bought the videos, thinking that my collection was complete, but then word came of the dvd version and i immediately sold my videos and bought all the dvd boxsets and can i just say it dosent disappoint.
Looking back at it now, there are no more quality tv shows like b5, except '24' and 'friends' of course, nothing's the same anymore.
It gives me great pleasure that when there is nothing desent on tv to watch, babylon never gets old.
I thought that the digital transfer could of been better, (QUERY!) does anyone remember seeing an opening scene in the 'FALL OF CENTAURI PRIME' before the opening credits, i remember there was a scene of 'G'kar' getting resued from his cell by 'Londo' when the attack takes place on 'Centauri Prime'.
Apart from the missing opening scene and scratchy digital transfer.
You will enjoy this regardless if you are a sci-fi fan or not because the show deals with something that is rarely seen in a tv show, it deals with real fleshed out characters with real problems and other baggage over a 5 year story arc.
At the end of it all, if you don't feel for the characters in anyway, your heart cannot be broken, the show is that moving and entertaining.
this boxset of season 5 deserves to be put on the top 10 lists of 'must own' dvd's of 2005.
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on 20 August 2004
What can I say. I have enjoyed the whole series from start to finish. In season 5 we see the end of the story in which this fantastic show comes complete full circle. I am very impressed with the imagination behind the story lines.
This closing chaper shows Sheriden taking more of a political role and taking a back seat to the running of Babylon 5 with a new Captain taking over. It also shows the different paths the Command Crew take as they all begin to move on to bigger things.
And even though Earth has been liberated and the Shadow threat has gone. The dark sinister forces that remain are still afoot. The Telepaths and the Drach that remain seem to still be pulling the strings from behind the closed curtains.
And years into the future reveals the end results of the different paths of the Command Crew, who now have to come to terms with the approaching dimise of Sheriden, who is now coming to the end of his extended twenty year life span. Sheriden has to find his own way to deal with death and on the final day, knowing he is about to leave this life, he chooses to spend the day as he did as a child, when his father would take him on long drives in the country on a Sunday.
He decides to take a long drive by himself passing bye Babylon 5 as its lights are turned off for the last time and then on to a quiet place told to him by the same spirit that extended his life. This final episode reduces even the toughest person to tears as it hits close to home.
I will miss the Babylon Years and am glad I have seen what I have seen in my lifetime. Without it my life would have been diminished. Even the Non Science Fiction Fan will love this
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VINE VOICEon 26 February 2005
After being hooked from episode 3 of the 1st series when it was first shown on channel 4, i spent the next five years following what in my opinion is the greatest TV series ever made.
I used to count down the weeks till each new series was aired and fall into the stories, the plots and the fantastic Arc that J.Michael S wrote.
All five series are Fantastic, all are groundbreaking, all make you laugh, cry, and each series had it's episodes that blew you away (The first time we saw Kosh in series Two!! Babylon Squared and then finding out who Valen really was!!!!)
Series 5 was no different, in fact i loved it even more this second time round, but it is the final episode that still gets me, the finally 15 minutes, when we say goodbye to all we have watched, it certainly made me cry (just bought the episode soundtrack it is that powerful and very recommended if you can get hold of it!).
So thank you J.Michael, Babylon 5 is the best and the fans will never forget and my DVDs will be played over and over.
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VINE VOICEon 28 December 2006
The final season of Babylon five is something of a series of two halves. In the beginning the season is slow to get going and has some of the worst episodes in the entire series but it does improve towards the end and the final three episode are, I feel, some of the best Babylon 5 has ever produced. I feel the main problem with season five is that they try to get too much into it, with the telepath rebellion and another Centauri war, the season feels rather rushed. Also with the loss of Marcus and Ivanova at the end of season four the addition of new recurring characters so late in the shows run would never rarely go down that well as it is difficult to grow to like and care for their replacements. Although it does get off to a rather disappointing start, season five is definitely an excellent way to finish one of the best Sci-Fi TV shows ever made.
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on 24 November 2008
Nearly 15 years on and this show is still talked about with awe! I would award 6 stars to this season alone, if I could, now I have watched it for about the 7th time. I feel that a lot of reviewers missed the point of the final series. It wasn't a bolt on - the full story, as written, got told - however as we all know, there was some meddling with the story arcs to get the major plot lines completed come the end of series 4 and maybe series 5 ended up being stronger for it - for you do get this sense of melanchollia and loss as the series hones in to the final sublime episode.

Therefore the reason why Babylon 5 is so successful is becauase of this series. Series 1-4 were full of fast action packed episodes, however series 5 works more on your emotion centres - guiding us to the emotional charged final episode. But you do have to go on the voyage to get there. G'kar and Londo steal the series with some of the finest acting I have ever witnessed in a made for TV drama and in the end you feel utter despair for Londo - a lost and broken soul.

Long before the final episode "Sleeping in the Light" - the emotions get tugged and "Day of the Dead"; "A Tragedy of Telepaths"; "All my Dreams, Torn Assunder"; "Movements of Fire and Shadow". & "Fall of Centuari Prime" (now corrected), give us some of the greatest TV moments ever recorded.

This series is guaranteed to make grown men cry - so with tissues ready enjoy what surely will still be being talked about in 30 years time.

R.I.P. Richard Biggs, Andreas Katsulas, Tim Choate.
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on 21 February 2006
The 5th season of B5 was somewhat disappointing, especially after the highlights of seasons 2, 3 and 4. We can thank warner bros for this, the cast and crew never being secure in the knowledge of another season. Hence the story arc got condensed mainly into season 4 leaving season 5 lacking in momentum and less realised ideas.

After saying that it does have its special moments especially near the end of the series where Londo's inevitable tragedy is played out beautifully. As the show draws to a close you feel you are saying goodbye to family and that it is sad their stories are coming to an end.

Sheridan and Lockley being married in the past just comes across as bad melodrama, especially her being asked to be head of B5! Scoggins is good in the role of Lockley, but i think more should have been made about her part and beliefs and loyalties in the president clark era. Lyta gets finally ****** over by events after all the good she has done for the alliance. Lyta gets the meat of the part that should have apparently gone to the ivanova character with the telepaths. JMS said that he may have had Ivanova's character die if he had known she would not be in season 5, i think dramaticaly it would have worked better, but the final ever episode had already been shot. Confirmation of season 5 came very late and Christian had other filming commitments ( the actors thought season 4 was the end of things)Claudia Christian later said that she was available for the part and could fit it into her filming schedule, but Warners would not have it.

The final episode sleeping in light is subtley done and will have you in tears i can guarantee. There is a pervading sense of melancholy and things coming to an end throughout this series. Worth getting even though it is the weakest season by far and lacks the texture and substance of the earlier seasons, but that is a little unfair when comparing it to seasons 3 & 4. "Sleeping in the light"is a fitting end and is really worth the entrance fee anyway.
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on 19 February 2010
not as dull as some on here would make out, but a fitting end to 5 seasons of superb sci fi, the scene where the station is destroyed brought a lump up the old throat and closed the series (pardon the pun) with a bang, a good way to go out, makes me wonder where it would have gone on to if it had not been cut, i like to think a couple more seasons at least, the storylines seemed to be there .
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