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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 20 August 2005
This boxset contains the 2 disc special edition versions of both films in their individual cases, in a very nice box sleeve(4 discs in total).
The first Predator movie is an action classic, with it's then pioneering in-your-face, first-person action sequences, setting a standard for action movies of the late 80's. This is also one of Arnie's best movies after the Terminator films(bar number 3), with some great "dialogue" between Arnie's character Dutch and Dillon, played by Carl Weathers - not forgetting Arnie's one-liners like "knock, knock" and "stick around".
The DVD itself is faultless, with a direct digital transfer from the original negatives and 5.1 and DTS sound options. Features wise, on the first disc you have an audio commentary from the director, and on the second disc there's a great collection of behind the scenes featurettes(including some great interviews with the cast - trust me their on-set stories are priceless!), deleted scenes and outtakes.
Now, Predator 2 is not really a sequal, but a different story invloving the Predator, set in Los Angeles in the then future 1997. The film stands up on its own as a solid action movie, with a great performance from Danny Glover in the lead. It has that infamous scene with the "Alien" skull in the trophy room of the Predator ship, which spawned the Alien Vs Predator comics, and ofcourse the inevitable movie.
Again the DVD is faultless, great picture quality, 5.1 and DTS sound. Two commentary tracks, one from the director and the other from the writers. Second disc features an all-new documentary with new interviews, various behind the scenes featurettes, including special effects.
This boxset is an excellent additon to the collection any action movie fan and/or DVD collector. Two big thumbs up!

Predator - FILM:10/10 - DVD:10/10
Predator 2 - FILM:8/10 - DVD:10/10
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on 21 June 2001
These two films are in my top 10 favourite list and i've watched them endlessly on VHS. I was praying that one day they would come to DVD so I could add them to my collection. At last they did, but my, what a disappointment. There are no real extras on the Discs, and essentially all you are getting are the films. While not a bad thing, because the films are what you buy DVDs for, in this case even the films haven't escaped punishment. There are one or two scenes in the original film which have been cut. Most noticeably, the famous scene where Arnie impales one of the enemy soldiers with his 12inch combat knife and tells him to "Stick around". These cuts will undoubtedly go unoticed by anyone who hasn't seen the films, or has only seen them once or twice, but for a true Predator fan, its a disappointment. Lastly, the digital process itself has resulted in showing the age and limitations of the films special fx. The famous Predator camoflauge being the main culprit.
All in all, these are still two of my all time favourite films, but I won't be buying them on the DVD format because it simply isn't worth it. I have them both on VHS, and if anyone else does, then you really don't need to buy them on DVD. But, if you don't have them, and better still, if you've never seen the films, then this is a great purchase and you won't be disappointed. The 4 stars I give are simply for the films, nothing else.
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on 23 June 2001
Predator 1 is one of the most enjoyable action movies I have ever seen. For me it reminds me of a time when Arnie was at his peak and nothing could stand in his way whether it be 7ft tall monsters from outer space or indestructible cyborgs from the furure. Predator displays some neat suspense, mega violence and such a cool monster. It can see the heat of our bodies and hunts us down for sport, for his amusement; what a great creation. Predator 2 is just as good a movie as the 1st, less on the suspense, more mindless violence, and the Predator displays an even more awe inspiring weapons arsenal! However, what lets the movie down is inevitably the lack of Arnie. However Danny Glover does some pretty credible work as the tough as '20ft thick hardened steel' cop going up against an almost indestructible foe! I have a gripe though. I've seen Predator 1 many times on VHS and I've noticed some cutting of some scenes of the attack on the camp at the beginning and an edited death scene for one of the main characters 3/4 way through. And why are there little or no extra features!!! God I hate it with DVD and film studios do that!
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on 19 July 2005
If you like plenty of action, gore, violence and creatures then you just cannot fault these movies.
Predator alone is a great film blending espionage, action, gore, horror and suspense in a full on man vs alien encounter. Yeah, there isn't really a big story but would you really want one. You get all the action you can handle and you really start to feel for Arnie when he just can't get rid of the thing.
Predator 2 was very under-rated and provides a great alternative in surroundings from the jungle to the big city. This is also full or gore, action and suspense and is also a worthy edition to any DVD stack in your front room.
Definately not for the squemish, to get these two films in a bundle pack is worth every penny and I demand that you invest in this DVD very quickly.
Those looking for drama, romance or a bit of a thriller, stay well away, you won't find that here.
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on 23 July 2007
Beware! The original films picture quality is awful. Its not been remastered and is like an old VHS tape. If you want a remastered copy buy the 2007 definative version, but you'll have to buy the two films seperately.
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on 23 April 2005
I knew if I waited long enough that 20th Century Fox would release these movies that the DVD age could be proud of. 'Predator' is one of the best sci-fi thriller flicks around, better then The Matrix Trilogy! 'Predator' is packed full of special features that where long overdue. Theres an Easter Egg feature on the second DVD in this set but i wont ruin it for you. One of Arnies best films, next to 'T2' and 'Commando'. 'Predator 2' which i nickmaned 'Urban Jungle' doesnt deliver as well as the original did but its still a good film to watch. This is also packed with special features on 2-discs. 4 DVDs in total, its worth a buy!
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on 7 September 2004
Predator is unsurpassable! An amazing film, building up tension and suspense, looking through the eyes of an unknown killer. Predator 2 does also have its benefits in as much that it includes more details of the species but I believe there is less focus on the predators themselves and more on the drug war. There are slight errors also contradictions of the predators abilities between 1 and 2 but overall can't complain to much. Two great films!
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on 19 October 2012
Predator is an entertaining thriller which works because it tells a simple story in a claustrophobic environment. It isn't as smart or scary as Alien, and its characters are too basic, but it's good fun. Arnold Schwarzenegger gives a note perfect performance; he plays Dutch, a Major with a soft side, who's led into Central American jungle under false pretences and ends up facing an alien predator. He's accompanied by his team of soldiers, played by Bill Duke, Jesse Ventura, Sonny Landham, Richard Chaves and Shane Black. They each have gimmicks - one tells dirty jokes, another chews tobacco - which serve as their personalities. The main cast is completed by Carl Weathers and Elpidia Carrillo, who respectively play Dutch's former teammate and a hostage.
Predator's third act is masterfully staged and suspenseful; the creature is mysterious, tracking Arnie with weird technology as they stalk the jungle. A Vietnam allegory could be drawn from how this alien, despite being outnumbered by the American soldiers, becomes invisible and slaughters them with ease. He's a vicious creature who behaves like a big game hunter; we, as humans, are basically his deer on safari. He collects our skulls the way moustachioed British colonists collected animal heads and mounted them on their walls.
The setting is inspired; it's a close space where we rarely see landscapes not dominated by tall trees. Here the predator moves like a murderous Cheshire cat, camouflaging itself as it rests on branches. Carrillo plays the typical native character who calls it a demon and is more willing to accept its presence. She was my favourite character, though her development is clunky; she goes from hating the soldiers to helping them very suddenly. Some plot points in this film aren't as effective as they should be because of the basic characterisation, but overall Predator is a tense, enjoyable movie.
On the other hand, if this DVD just contained Predator 2 it'd get one star from me. Predator isn't a perfect thriller, but compared to Predator 2 it's on a par with Psycho. To my mind this sequel is one of the worst films ever made; it makes Roland Emmerich's films look like Greek tragedies.
Danny Glover plays a cop in a Los Angeles torn apart by fighting between Jamaican and Columbian drug dealers. Then the predator shows up and gives everyone something new to worry about. That's about all the plot there is. Bill Paxton plays a rookie who's a more annoying version of his Aliens character, and Gary Busey is an FBI agent or something. Sadly this isn't one of his nuttier performances; he's just bland. The only other character with enough lines to warrant mention is Leona (María Conchita Alonso), a butch cop with a secret, revealed in her last scene, which has no impact on anything. It's as if the writers said to each other "hey, why not throw in this one line of exposition?" "Might as well". Oh, there's also one of those movie journalists (Morton Downey, Jr.) who cares more about the scoop than ethics.
For some reason this is all set in 1997, seven years after the film was released. That detail means nothing. I'd hazard a guess that the writers just thought it would make the gang stuff seem like social commentary, as if they're presenting a dystopian Los Angeles. Bullpoop. Predator 2 isn't a comment on anything except how much commercial filmmakers hate humanity.
This film is more graphic than its predecessor. There's buckets of blood and a nasty torture scene among the drug dealers. Rather than shock, however, the gore simply betrays how creatively bankrupt the filmmakers are. They can't create suspense or tell a story so they fling viscera.
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on 1 October 2007
It is not mentioned in the product details but after receiving the item I realised that there are some subtitles in different languages. It is written at the bottom of the box which is as follows:

Crotian, Czech, Dutch, Finnish, Hewrew, Hungarian, Icelandic, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Swedish, Turkish, English for the hearing impailed

English for the hearing impailed

The box set is magnificant. I cannot tell how it looks like in my archive shelf.
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on 30 June 2016
Both classic action movies - Both equally good in their own way. Personally I prefer Pred 2 - well written script and it's crossed over into "Lethal Weapon" territory as well. The Predator character is a lot slicker than in the first movie, and you find out much more about it, than you do in the first. That said both are great films.
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