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4.1 out of 5 stars26
4.1 out of 5 stars
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on 3 December 2004
I and my work colleagues decided a while ago to start 'Steven Seagal' nights after work, in which we'd watch some of his movies to have a laugh. We started with Exit Wounds (which I own anyway, as a DMX fan) and one we rented: Belly of the Beast.
I can honestly say now, that I have never laughed so hard whilst watching a film. This is at once, the funniest and most ridiculous film I have ever seen, but is all the better for it. It defines the phrase 'so bad it's good', and is guaranteed to have even the most cynical movie watcher sniggering.
No one can take Seagal as a serious actor, apart from maybe in 'Nico', but here even he manages to out-act the majority of the cast. The plot, dialogue and action scenes are purely ridiculous, but to such an extent that you cannot help but enjoy it. Lines such as 'Next time, it is you that will be the apple' will stay in your mind long after you watch this movie, and scenes such as the one in which the mysterious woman reveals a hidden message using water, will bring a smile to your face every time you think about them.
To sum it up, this film is great, in an absolutely terrible way. It has everything you could want; Badly edited fight scenes in which no attempt is made to disguise Seagal's body double, ninjas with swords, monks in a wind tunnel, nudity and unknown actors desperately trying to break into the industry.
Don't get me wrong, although this is an awful film, it is still immensely entertaining and has found a place in my heart. Suffice to say that we no longer just have Steven Seagal nights, we have Belly of the Beast nights! Highly recommended viewing.
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on 20 February 2004
Despite the rather naff title of this latest Steven Segal movie it is a belter.After three very lack luster movies this one shines through.Seagal proves he still has what it takes and kicks ass all the way through this brilliant movie.It centres around the daughter of a US Senator who has been kidnapped.Along with Seagal's screen daughter by a group of terrorists.The whole piece is fast paced well told with karate high kicks all the way.It also touches on Budhist beliefs with some magic added to up the ante.
There are some lovely girls and even a girl who turns out to be a man who Seagal dispatches.As a seagal fan this was a must but even non fans will love this movie.
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on 2 March 2007
hi, steven is getting fatter. i've heard it a million times. don't let his belly put you off. this film has a rubbish storyline but again this isn't why we watch seagal films. i watch them for the punch ups and the brilliant shootouts. this film has lots of shootouts in unique locations like trainyards etc which makes them more interesting. this is my second favourite seagal film following half past dead which is fantastic. if your any seagal fan add this to your collection. p.s if your interested in this check out my other reviews. thanks.
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on 6 December 2007
Up there with the recent 'enjoyable' films from Seagal such as Half Past Dead and Exit Wounds is this utterly bonkers 'Straight to DVD' classic which bucks the trend of latter decidedly dodgy releases...

Echoing the fabulous J Mendix review of this film (do read that too), I'd whole heartedly agree that this film is so bad, it's good. Seagal seems to be enjoying himself for the first time in absolutely ages and manages some good fight scenes in which he actually moves more than 3 muscles... Astounding.

A well directed (albeit basic) plotline about his kidnapped daughter is nicely shot and the whole thing rattles along in the sort of coherent manner and pace sadly lacking in poor efforts like 'Out of Reach', 'Shadow Man' and the truly incomprehensible 'Mercenary for Justice'. There's a few plot holes, but when you're smiling who cares?

What really elevates this movie is the tongue in cheek 'Ham-it-up' quality that is present throughout. The movie just never takes itself too seriously and knwos exactly what it's trying to be and who its target audience is... The title sequence showing Seagal breaking into a house to steal a computer disc, well, that alone will have you in stitches. Seeing him slide 15 feet non-stop along the floor to evade detection, then pause to raid the fridge is just movie gold...

I simply defy anyone watching this film not to have a laugh... Wire-work assisted Kung Fu kicks, 9mm pistols that hold 250+ rounds, escapes against entire armies, classic one-liners (see review title), this film has the lot, but it's delivered with the sort of charm you only get from a Seagal movie. No trying to look cool here, just a rip-roaring martial arts action flick, and Seagal's best 'Straight to DVD' by some distance.... I absolutely love this film and you need to own it.

Unplug brain, open the wine, sit back and enjoy...
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on 19 August 2005
When I first rented this film I wasn't expecting much, I usually rent Steven Seagal films just to laugh at Steven Seagal himself This was no exception, but I HAD to buy this film afterwoods.
There obviously hasn't been any attempt at coming up with an interesting story, its just an excuse to have massive gun fights and punch ups, which in my opinion is what Steven Seagal is best at anyway.
To me Steven Seagal is taking the micky out of himself in this film. It has all the stereotypical elements of his past films such as ridiculous odds of survival and exaggerated action scenes (what I find the most funny is when Steven Seagal dives through the wall of a train in slow motion on to a conveniently placed wooden pallet, constantly shooting for about 5 minutes without a single reload).
I think the fight scenes are great, but its not just Aikido he's using here which means more variety.
If you like Steven Seagal, buy this film, just buy it.
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on 5 October 2007
This is the best film Steven Seagal has made in a while. Seagal plays a retired CIA operative that use to work in Thailand. Ten years later he finds out his daughter was kidnapped while she was on vacation in Thailand. And as usual, his character does not play by the rules and will do what ever it takes to get his daughter back. Don't analyze the movie just sit back and enjoy the action. I also think you should pay attention to his sidekick who becomes a Buddhist monk. His character is very interesting, that is for what little we see of it. This is a good `B' action movie.
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on 2 August 2013
BELLY OF THE BEAST DTV this film has some good value as it is dtv it has the stunt double flaws and dubbed voice but it has the quality of entertaining fun, seagal is pure i like him he has the traditions of the chinese as the set pieces are a sign of his culture as well as japan. The actors are decent dont expect action all the way through the film is an good plotted film with some funny and action scenes which just are some entertaing it is a revege adventure for seagal likeres and could hsve been classic but it is worth owning
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on 9 September 2007
I have started to purchase some lower budget action flicks and this is rather good. Although steven is looking a 'tad' older now and slightly larger he still is able to deliver some nice fight scenes.. What did surprise me was the quality of the picture and sound.. It really is superb, and the filming was also good. I like the fact i dont have to think to much about his films and this is no exception.. The fight scenes were good and the plot was perfect for the hard hitting big guy !! at £4.00 a shot you cant go wrong !
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 24 April 2012
This is the BEST straight to DVD movie that Seagal has ever made, brilliant story, awesome fight sequences and big on the action, it's no doubt one of the biggest budget ones he's done direct to DVD. There is the occasion where he uses a stunt double but it's a very good likeness, it's a shame they didn't make all of his later films this good. For a fan it's a must own.
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on 29 January 2013
I got this European Blu Ray copy hoping it would have English audio with no subtitles and luckily it did have that option. great picture with awesome tai chi fighting though you often see seagul has a stunt double for some of the jumps and climbs.
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