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4.4 out of 5 stars19
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 21 January 2004
I absolutley love this DVD, the concert from Toronto is really fantastic, the atmosphere and pace are brillant, and it looks great. I was a bit dissapointed with the extras though, I did'nt see the point in putting the audio only concert from Iceland on the DVD, but the aucostic stuff form Washington was cool. So not many extras, or so I thought, until I found a hidden concert from Dublin (about 30 mins) stashed away on the menu for the Slane songs. If you want to access it you click your cursor right while on the Everlong title and this will bring you to a hidden button down the bottom of the screen with a phone number beside it,1800 DUBLIN, all you have to do is type in Dublin i.e. 3enter 8 enter 2 enter 5 enter 4 enter 6 enter and bobs your uncle, this brings you in to another menu complete with track selection, deadly, I know all you nerds will love this, I did.
There is a Dolby 5.1 and a DTS 5.1 for the Toronto gig, I dont know why they dont just pick one or the other but the both sound great to my uneducated ears. I really enjoyed this DVD and is a must for all Foo Fans.
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on 26 November 2003
At last! An official foo fighters dvd! and boy is it a treat!
On this disc is a full toronto concert, a short acoustic set, a couple of songs from slane this year, a full audio only show with photo slide show, dvd rom features and a number of cool easter eggs...all at a bargain price.
this release is a must for anyone, not just fans, as the picture and sound quality of the live recording is pretty much as good as it gets and it has so much fantastic content.
The backstage stuff sis shot by Jordyn, now daves wife, and gives a real insight into the chemistry and dynamics within the band and leaving in daves between tunes chat was a great idea.
No fan should be without this, especially if they saw the foo's on the last tour, or even if they have never seen them. great!
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on 25 November 2003
This is what all foo fighters fans have been waiting for for years, a DVD of one of the best rock acts of our time, i like many other Foo Fighters fans were out in the shops on the first day of its release, ready to take it home and enjoy.
The Show at Toronto is amazing, all the great songs 'Everlong, All my life, Breakout' to name but a few. And the excellent jam in the middle of Stacked Actors, i went to see them on tour of the One by One album and the show captured the real essence of the show.
The acoustic little set was really nice although there is a typo on the back of the DVD, it says there an acoustic version of My Hero, sadly there wasnt one but that didnt spoil the acoustic band delights of 'Doll' and 'For all the Cows' and such a great touch of having Dave play Everlong solo at the end, all in all excellent stuff.
The two songs from Slane castle sound wise are great but the camera work is a bit pants, the split screen idea is good, watching the Foo's walkabout the castle, but the quality of the footage should have been better at such a huge venue, this was my only let down on the DVD.
The audio only bit is another nice touch as when you watch it pictures of the Foo Fighters appear on the screen, some really funny ones two, one of Nate (Bass) dressed up as a woman and Chris dressed up as spider man.
Overall Excellent DVD, if you love Foo what are you waiting for, go but it!!!!
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on 24 November 2003
Just got the new foos dvd today (the day of release)and i felt inspired to tell everyone how amazing it is. Its got loads of live tracks, about 25 with picture and another audio only live tracks from the iceland gig. It has a wide range of foos stuff so it shoud keep old and new fans happy. It brings back memories of when i saw them this year! The highlight for me is definaltely everlong. There is a normal and acoustic version to choose from and theyre both cool. Basically, buy this dvd! Its worth every penny. Even if your not big on the foos this should get you hooked!
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on 24 November 2003
Foo Fighters have always been hot property since the demise of Nirvana. However since the release of latest album 'One by One' just over a year ago, they have achieved even higher heights of success, especially in the UK - number 1 albums, top ten singles and a sold-out UK arena tour in addition to a couple of festival dates.
'Everywhere but home' concentrates on the latter - the fact that they've toured pretty much non-stop since the release of 'One By One.' They've been all over the world, and the DVD contains the best picks from the various tours (no footage from the concerts I went to but I won't hold a grudge).
It certainly isn't short on content, with a full-length concert in Toronto in both video and audio formats, a 4-song acoustic set from Washington, a couple of tracks from their show at Slane Castle this year and a full audio version of their first ever concert in Reykjavik.
Basically, its a must for any Foo fan, and a great piece of memorabilia for anyone who has seen them live. The Toronto show demonstrates what a great live band they really are. All of the singles are included plus album favourites such as 'Hey, Johnny Park!' and 'Aurora' which are both amazing (having experienced it first hand). Grohl's solo acoustic of Everlong is beautiful.
I can't comment on the DVD-ROM features as I can't play them on my PC. I would assume the 'Photo Galleries' are on there, unless of course these 'Photo Galleries' are the pictures that come up on screen when you play the audio tracks.
If you're a Foo fan, its a must. But of course that goes without saying. It demonstrates once and for all that Dave Grohl is not 'that drummer from Nirvana' - he's a star in his own right, as are the rest of the band.
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on 24 November 2003
The foo fighters have now clearly shown that they are not just some band that are being promoted by the fact that their vocalist/guitarist happened to be in a little band known as 'nirvana'. After releasing a great album (one by one) it was important they promoted it well at every chance they got. This DVD has over 3 hours of live footage from 4 shows including Toronto and Slane castle. not only that, it is then packed with extras from the tradtional foo gallery to acoustic versions of some of their most popular songs. This dvd is packed!!
Grohl has always been commended for his enourmous energy and work effort when creating and performing music and that is clearly shown within this dvd. He interacts with the crowd constantly always making sure they are getting as high as he is out of it. After just the first track you feel breathless as Grohl puts 110% into everything he does.
True foo fans will not be dissapointed here and people who are new to the foo fighters of haven't heard much of their music will find it hard to be dissapointed as well. Unfourtunatley, watching just isn't enough and this dvd is sure to make you buy the first tickets to their next show!
A top class dvd that is filled to the brim with live shows and extras...A must buy for any Rock Fan
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on 26 January 2004
I have been into the Foos from day 1 and seen them many times in small venues, Arenas and Festivals. I have eageraly awaited this DVD but have to say I am disappointed. The camera angles and sound quality do little to capture the enthusiasm of the live shows and the usual on stage humour from Dave is lacking. This was a huge world tour and comparing the DVD with the two shows I saw, leads me to think the band were tiring. The picture quality of the Slane shows is particularily poor. The acoustic set is what makes this DVD worthwhile, there is just too little of it.
Compared to other bands DVD's (Rush in Rio) this is a cheaply produced cop-out. If you realy want to capture the essence of the Foos live, get your hands on one of the MTV shows. I will still love what they do and recomend anyone to see them but my message regarding this video is "must do better"
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on 17 August 2008
Loved this, first DVD Foo Fighters.
But when the audio finishes track 11 (LOW) it reverts to track 4 (My Hero) or the menu.
Tried scroling down the 'go to' track 12 (Hey Johnny Park) and it does the same thing.
Anyone else have this problem, or is it faulty ? I am playing it on 'puter not through DVD player.

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on 24 July 2008
This dvd shows the foo fighters just as they were becoming the icons they are now, i would advise any body who likes foo fighters AT ALL to get this dvd, its the best foo fighter product out and the toronto performance i can only describe as awesome!
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on 16 April 2010
Not really a big fan of the foos but for this price I thought why not and I was plesantly supprised as it was better than I thought it would be. And thankfully my favorite track of theirs Everlong is on here as well.
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