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4.6 out of 5 stars306
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 8 August 2004
Don't say you have'nt got a copy of this yet? This CD is a must have for every music collection! Millions of us have already rushed out and got a copy so whats stopping you?...Oh, don't like Michael Jackson? Forget about his recent troubles and what you read in the press and give it a listen!
Theres tracks here that everyone will remember, starting with the the 1978 classics right up to present day with the new 'one more chance'. It's a CD that shows almost 26 years of work and is a great example of how music have changed over that time.
For those of us who already own many of Jacksons other albums such as Thriller, Bad, HIStory etc, then theres nothing much new to be found on this release, although it's ideal for a one stop listen to all the hits rather than trawlling through your CD's trying too find Billie Jean or Smooth Criminal for example!
Anyone familiar with Jacksons chart positions over the years, will notice that not all tracks featured have hit the No.1 spot, but still, who cares? it wouldn't be as good a listen if hits like Smooth Criminal, You rock my world etc had been left out.
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on 30 September 2007
There's no shortage of Greatest Hits albums for Michael Jackson, so often it's hard to decide which one you should opt for. I would absolutely advise you to get this one, even if you do have another one of his lying around, as this is a brilliant summary of his most successful tracks to date, and is the most neatly and conveniently assembled of all I've seen.

For starters, this is just one disc with 18 tracks as opposed to a daunting two or more CD catalogue, and has a succinct yet wide reaching track listing. Opening with "Don't Stop Till You Get Enough" and moving chronologically through his alleged European Numbers 1s right up until "One More Chance", which I personally hadn't heard of and certainly wasn't a Number 1 anywhere of note, this CD covers all the songs that have become such a given in pop music : "Thriller" "Billie Jean" "Smooth Criminal" and "Black or White" just four of the list of great tracks to be found here. The term "Number 1" is used loosely obviously, but it doesn't particularly matter that the last couple of the tracks weren't even hits in most places let alone chart toppers as the entire albums flows brilliantly and all the tracks are great songs in their own right anyway.

This album would be particularly good for people who are looking to really know Michael Jackson's music better, and for those who want a shorter but still satisfyingly long album of favourite hits to dance and sing along to; in short, an album that will just never get old. A great buy and worth every penny!
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on 21 November 2003
Some are claiming that this album contains songs that were not #1 hits. This claim is only half-true. A few have pointed out that Thriller and Human Nature did not reach #1 on the pop charts in the US or UK. This is true, but they did reach #1 on the R&B charts, which is just as legitmate as the pop charts. A country star could put an album out of #1 songs on the country charts and no one would complain.
However, "Break of Dawn" does not seem to be a #1 single on any chart, and I don't believe it was actually released. So, it counts as a "new" song, I guess.
Either way, Michael Jackson has just as much justification as The Beatles for putting out an album titled "Number Ones." However, it is clearly a marketing choice and not a great title for the album. But is it definitely not a lie.
This is a great album, regardless of whether each song reached the top of the charts or not. Maybe the could have called it Five decades, because no other artist (not even the beatles) has had #1 hits in five decades (60s, 70s, 80s, 90s,00s).
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on 2 December 2003
Well there's been a lot in the press recently re: Jacko. All I can say is that although he may have done some strange things he is one of the greatest recording artists living. I bought this album with some aprehension. I needent have. From start to finish it is a masterpiece. I've discovered some great tracks such as 'Dirty Diana' and the ballad like 'I just can't stop loving you'. I would certainly recommend this album to anyone. It's not often I buy a c.d. and like every track on it. This fits in that category without even trying.
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on 27 October 2003
Michael Jackson the man or the music?! Well lately it seems that the man has overshadowed what made him famous, no not famous but mega-famous. Well now here's your chance to hear why he became the biggest musical act save the Beatles and Elvis. Here we have some of the biggest and best of his 30 year career: 'Billie Jean', 'Smooth Criminal', Earth Song', 'Dirty Diana' etc.. aswell as a new single 'One More Chance' and a track taken from 'Invincible' - 'Break of Dawn'. What strikes a fan such as me is why Sony decided to release a greatest hits package a few years after 'History Book 1' and 'History GHV1', especially as it fails to include some of his best and less known classic hits such as: 'Give In To Me', 'Will You Be There', 'In The Closet', 'Leave Me Alone', but there are always his studio albums to buy and treasure for a lifetime. We know the reason why Sony has released this: it's the last album Michael needs to give to Sony before he can be released from his contract. Let's hope that with his new record deal he continues to make music as good as this because any record collection needs at least one Michael Jackson long player in it. If you're a casual fan or can appreciate the man for his music then you can do no wrong buying this. If it impresses you, go further and check out the classic albums. The best stocking filler you'll find this Christmas.
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on 3 March 2004
This new Greatest Hits Compilation by Michael Jackson includes my favourite hits from the King Of Pop, and not all of them are Number Ones, as the album includes 16 greatest hits (+ 2 new tracks) and he scored 7 UK Chart-toppers. And still the album misses his first ever UK Number One "One Day In Your Life".
Track listings:
1. Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough (No.3)
2. Rock With You (No.7)
3. Billie Jean*
4. Beat It (No.3)
5. Thriller (No.10)
6. Human Nature (not released as a single in the UK)
7. I Just Can't Stop Loving You*
8. Bad (No.3)
9. The Way You Make Me Feel (No.3)
10. Dirty Diana (No.4)
11. Smooth Criminal (No.8)
12. Black Or White*
13. You Are Not Alone*
14. Earth Song*
15. Blood On The Dance Floor*
16. You Rock My World (No.2)
17. Break Of Dawn (previously unreleased)
18. One More Chance (No.5/released in late 2003 to promote the album)
*UK No.1 hit-singles.
I love every song on the album. It's a very good album with my favourite Michael's tracks.
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on 1 December 2003
after listening to the songs again after not hearing them for years they truly are a work of art as every song has so much going on in terms of style and instruments used and is a delight in an age of manufactured and dreary bands coming through eg pop idol/fame academy,it felt like new material from one of the worlds greatest song writers/singers.
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Michael Jackson ..genius...great song writer...great vocals...a first class 'stage' performer.
I don't think any self respecting collector will tell you that they don't own any material
released by this super-star.
I followed many, many artists down the years, I wouldn't count myself as an out and out
'MJ' fan, though as a music lover I have always recognised the genius that was 'Michael
Jackson' and do own a fair slice of material of his, including this one of course.
I loved many of the songs he released 'solo' whilst performing still with his elder brothers,
I still consider his version of 'Ain't No Sunshine' as far and away the greatest version ever
released, also loved early numbers such as 'Ben' 'Got to be There' and 'Rockin' Robin'
Of course it is his 80's and early 90's music that many remember him for such as the songs
contained on this ''Number Ones' release.
Down the years 'Michael' had an impressive list of hits here in the U.K, of course he was a
world-wide phenomenon in truth, in Britain he achieved over sixty Top Thirty entries which
included re-releases in the early 00's of those better than forty slotted in to the Top Ten,
this side of the 'pond' in the U.K he actually achieved seven ''official'' number ones those
being....'One Day in the Life'....'Billie Jean'....'I Can't Stop Loving You'....'Black or White'....
'You are not Alone'....'Earth Song' (One of the greatest pop-songs ever penned in my view)
and ...'Blood on the Dance Floor' of course he had a shed-load of numbers reaching the
top three slots in addition to his number ones.
Some of my favourites on the album the above listed aside......'Don't Stop 'Til you Get Enough'
'Beat it'....'Thriller' (assisted by 'Horror-movie legend' 'Vincent Price') ( not many will forget the
legendary video made for the number, maybe the best ever made).....'Bad'.....'You Rock My
World'....and....'Smooth Criminal' ..these being some of the great songs on board.
There are of course many, many more great songs recorded by 'Michael' down the years not
on board this superb example of his works'
This troubled genius was of course preparing for a gruelling tour (The 'This is It' video shows
what a perfectionist he really was....well worth owning of course) prior to his tragic death 25th
June 2009 aged just 50, the news shook every true music lover world-wide.
(Kinda' hope, if there is a Heaven that Michael has found the peace he craved)
His Music is his legacy and will live for many years to come.
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on 8 May 2004
I'm sitting here, listening to Rock With You by Michael Jackson - on Number Ones. To say this in basic words, Michael Jackson's Number Ones CD is like a blessing onto us. It contains ALL the best songs by him.
Below are reccomended songs [picked by me] and why they're so good.
Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough - My motto with this song, is Don't Stop playing it! This song is so totally disco, and is guaranteed to get everyone up and dancing!
Rock With You - This is one of my personal favourites. At the beginning is a drum intro lasting about 2-3 seconds, and it's kind of a soft, gentle song. For some reason this song makes me love Michael Jackson more than I already do.
Billie Jean - Come on, a total disco classic! This song did so well Michael probably earned millions alone from it. Whoa! Amazing beat and if you're a DJ, this song'll be perfect for disco's and parties.
Beat It - This song is quite good, but be careful not to listen to it too often or you'll get sick of it.
Thriller - This song was at the top of the charts for a long time! Thriller is just a classic. There's no way of describing this song without using the word " AMAZING " !!
Human Nature - This song isn't very famous but I like it. My music system's plays Thriller, then goes straight onto Human Nature. I think the 2 songs are a good balance.
Bad - I like this song, it's alright. But I might be getting a bit sick of it...
Dirty Diana - This song is also good and I love it - the crowd cheering in it makes it more realistic.
Smooth Criminal - Once again - pure classic!! I love this song to bits, and it has to be one of my favourites!!
Other songs on the album are good, but if you're an MJ fan, you'd be ordering this album right now.
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on 17 November 2003
What more do u want from an artist. yeah he's had his up and downs in his career but this just proves that he will always be the king of pop. all the classics plus a new song "one more chance" - i did think that "what more can i give" would be on. but anyway amazing.
your the man.
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