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4.5 out of 5 stars61
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 8 September 2005
I can't emphasise enough how great this album is. With hits like Trouble combined with lesser-known album tracks like Walk Away which could easily have been hit singles, this album is packed with gems from start to finish. It doesn't tail off towards the end - in fact it probably improves. Feel Good Time, Walk Away, Unwind, Trouble and Try Too Hard are probably the stand-outs of the album for me. Even though it's a bit old now, the songs never become boring and never seem out of date.
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on 4 November 2003
This albumn is the very long awiated follow up albumn to pinks previous number one albumns now that it is avaliable to buy i have bought it and i must say it is simply the best work of pinks ever. She has really outdone herslef this time when she made this albumn. It is her best work ever. The Bonus DVD is brilliant and i suggest you buy this CD alone for the DVD as it is fantastic.
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on 8 November 2003
After two long years, Pink has returned with her third album Try This. This Time, Pink is on a more solid ground, while in Misundeztud she tried many styles and geners, in Try This pink has that pop/rock sound only, and she pulles it extremely well!
1. Trouble- is the first single off the album. A very good song in my opinion, though the video is quite stupid really. (: 5/5
2. God Is Aa D.j- is the second single, and yes, it's a good catchy song, but i believe there are better songs on here to release. Basically this song is pretty much a celebration of love, life and music. 4/5
3. The Last To Know- Pink is very angry here and she lets out her fury in this track. It's really good, but i wish she didn't say the line: "you could have called me back, you stupid f**k", i mean, it's quite petty and child-ish. but a good 'scream along song' nevertheless. 3.5/5
4. Tonight's The Night- Is the "Get This Party Started" of the album, but maybe better! it's a very good catchy song, with great melody and funny lyrics like: "i hope i won't end up in jail, but then again i don't really care..." that would make a great 3rd single. 5/5
5. Oh My God- is also single material. Its quite a laid-back rock song with very sexy singing from pink. 5/5
6. Catch Me When I'm Sleeping- I think this is the highlight of this album!!! It's a really good song, i can't put it in words- just hear it for yourself and see! 6/5
7. Waiting for Love- Another great track. In the chorus she screams and shouts, and it makes the song even better. 5/5
8. Save My Life- nothing to say about this really. nice track. 3/5
9. Try Too Hard- A hard rocking song, fun to listen to. 3.5/5
10. Humble Neighberhood- A GREAT song! with great chorus too, and very good lyrcis and melody. really really good! 5/5
11. Unwind- Good Song . Again , not much to say about it. 4/5
12. Walk Away- see number 11. 4/5
13. Love Song- Is a really heart-felt song. It's very beautiful and quite sad with beautiful guitarworks in the background. really good! 5/5
14. Hidden Track- Hooker - Nice Track! Pink Slashes here a hooker, (...) and it's quite funny really. 3.5/5
15. Feel Good Time- This song is also here , THANK GOD! it's a great song, which i'm sure everybody heard, and it's a great treat in the end. Just one listen to it and i'm on my feet, dancing!!!
That's it. The album is really good. Pink sings here very beautifuly, very raunchy at points, and the songs are all very good. I believe this is a keeper, and you should all TRY THIS, today!
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on 14 November 2003
Well this album is brilliant, and i love every song and they are all so catchy!!!!
Well when i first listened to this album my first thought was; a lot of swearing in it!! but after listening to it a few times the swearing in the songs brought the character out of the song and added a style to the song and was what she was singing about- the swearing related to her subject, so it made them better!!
track 1- trouble- her 2nd single- exellent, upbeat and catchy and i loved it the first time i heard it on the music channel. 10/10
track 2- god is a dj- her upcoming and 3rd single form the album- its great and gets faster ing the chorus. 10/10

track 3- last to know- its fantastic and i love listening to this track and has a dancy feel to it along with a disco type of song- but it is a wonderful track!!!! 10/10
track 4- tonights the night- this is a slower song compared to the rest but i still love it and found it very catchy. 8/10
track 5- oh my god- very good with a great rythm to it and its catchy again and i find i end up singing along to it every time in listen as its very god. 9/10
track 6- Catch me while i'm sleeping- not true pink stylee song- bit slow and i don't think it suits her very well but still has a part of her in it- the way she is in the other songs. 6/10
track 7- waiting for love- again its a slowish song but it's still catchy and has a nice beat to it- sounds like the vietnam song on her M!issunderstood album but its ok. 6/10
track 8- save my life- its quite upbeat and i like it but it doesnt have hte same rock style to the song but it is upbeat and a good song. 7/10
track 9- try too hard- i absolutely love this song- very upbeat, rocky, loud and its fantastic and i love to liten to his over and over again as i never get bored of it!!! very good song! 10/10
track 10- humble neighbourhood- very upbeat again and is a great song. 10/10
track 11- walk away- good song and quite upbeat and i really like this song. 9/10
track 12- Unwind- has a good beat to it and i like it but not one of my favourite tracks but its still a great track. 9/10
track 13- feel goos time - i loved this song when it came out and was the sound track to charlies angels; full throttle, and its very catchy and good. 9/10
track 14- love song- not the sort of thing pink does so when i heard this i thought it was ok and she sings it fine but then again it doesn suit her very well as its a slow song, but its a nice quiet relaxing song. 5/10
track 15-Hooker- well what can i say???- 1st of all, when i put the cd in my stereo it said 15 tracks but it only had 14 o the back of the case so i was like- 'oh??', 2nd of all when i did listen to it i did not know wot i was called. but now i know thanx to my computer and its technology- well the song- its fantastic and i love it- 1 of the best tracks, but why is it hidden because its a great track it should be there for all to see and know about!!!! it has a lot of swearing in it but that just makes it even better!!!!!!! 11/10
Overall this album is a must have if you like pink. I love it and I'm very pleased i bought it as soon as i could on the monday 10th november when tesco was open!!! and a lot of people were taken pinks album off the shelf- so it was very popular!!!!!
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on 23 June 2006
This album, released in 2003, is one of the best albums I have bought. Some people regard this cd as pink's weakest effort, possibly because it is not what the mainstream may have expected. However, I have to disagree. What makes it so good is that it is so different, not what you would normally expect. Respect to her because she dared to be different! Pink's personality is stamped all over this cd especially on songs such as LAST TO KNOW and TRY TOO HARD. You can't help but be fascinated by UNWIND, where her amazing vocals and raw emotion make the song what it is. Other highlights include WALK AWAY and TROUBLE. This cd is great if you want to party and have a good time our if you're feeling down it will cheer you up. Overall I would say this cd has it all - creativity, originality, individuality - and best of all it never fails to make you smile!
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on 26 October 2014
Quite good only just full star

Trouble 10/10
God is a DJ 8/10
Last to know 6/10
Tonight's the night 10/10
Oh my god 2/10
Catch me while I'm sleeping 9/10
Waiting for love 4/10
Save my life 2/10
Try too hard 7/10
Humble neighbourhoods 10/10
Walk away 3/10
Unwind 1/10
Feel good time 10/10
Love song 9/10
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on 24 January 2011
I didn't expect much from this so it met the expectation. It's fine, some bits are good but it's not as well produced or distinct as her subsequent stuff which I rate much higher (generally fives). This was really a purchase for completeness. So as an item of history you can see where she's coming from.
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on 11 December 2003
This album is has a great mixture of songs on it, from harder rock songs to softer ballads. Some of the songs are instantly likeable whilst others take a while to grow on you. For anyone who is thinking of buying this album I would say it is a definate must have.
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on 12 November 2003
When I first bought this album, the first thoughts that ran through my head were to compare the album to her multi-platinum selling "M!ssundaztood", but after a few listens I realised that this was both wrong and a bad idea. Whilst to the untrained eye it might sound like "M!ssundaztood Pt. 2", it is however not this at all. Whilst "M!ssundaztood" has more variety, "Try This" has less variety but it is still difficult to get bored with the set of tracks on offer here.
01. "Trouble" - 4/5 - This is the second single (although sometimes referred to as the first single for some reason!) from the album. Originally I didn't think much of this song, however, it is a grower and a great single. However, I couldn't help but think that the b-side on the CD-single (not included on this album) "Delirium" might have been a better release.
02. "God Is A DJ" - 5/5 - I listened to this song expecting to hate it. "Feel Good Time" was never my favourite P!nk song and when I heard that this was a dance-y song I wasn't expecting much, but I was proven wrong. This is an excellent dancefloor anthem that should be a huge success as P!nk's next single from "Try This". Some have referred to this as this album's "Get The Party Started", but although I can see why it sounds nothing like it - although it has a catchy chorus and ace music just like "Get The Party Started".
03. "Last To Know" - 3/5 - I read the lyrics to this song before listening and dreaded the whole concept to begin with. I still find the first 40 seconds or so cringe-worthy but after that I really like this sort. Took a while to grow on me. Rumoured to be the follow up single after "God Is A DJ", but I'd personally hope not.
04. "Tonight's The Night" - 4/5 - Now a previous reviewer referred to this as the albums "Get The Party Started", and lyrically, I can see their point, but this is a much more laid back affair which I personally have grown quite fond of. You'll understand after a few listens!
05. "Oh My God" featuring Peaches - 6/5 - Perhaps one of the most hyped up tracks on the album and the collaboration with the woman who (quite rightly) turned down Britney Spears to work with P!nk. This is P!nk's sex song, and it oozes sexiness. Oddly enough - and perhaps the most shocking bit is that there is no swearing in this song...! This is also rumoured to be a possible single and I definitely think it should be released.
06. "Catch Me While I'm Sleeping" - 4/5 - We're now moving back into Linda Perry territory here. This song was originally recorded for the multi-platinum selling "M!ssundaztood" although didn't make the cut. The original demo version was leaked on the Internet a few months ago (possibly in May 2003 I think) and the music sounds pleasantly different. Extremely good vocals, although to me it stands out at having been recorded quite a while ago as P!nk's voice is much more husky these days. A good song nevertheless, it sounds a lot better than the original demo that originally sounded a cross between "Eventually" and "Lonely Girl".
07. "Waiting For Love" - 5/5 - I like this song, it seems different and well, I like it. Just listen to it. My only criticism is the length of this song (and the last song), but nevertheless one of the best on the album - especially with the shout-a-long chorus.
08. "Save My Life" - 3/5 - P!nk said before the release of this album that she'd not be so "complainy", and instead we now get P!nk singing about other's problems rather than her own. It is a nice track, I think it will definitely grow on me within time. I especially like the music.
09. "Try Too Hard" - 5/5 - Another Linda Perry track. I've heard many things about this song; that it is possibly an attack against Christina Aguilera or even label mate Avril Lavigne. Either way, it is about being yourself and not trying to hard to act like something your not.
10. "Humble Neighborhoods" - 5/5 - The chorus, lyrics and melody to this song were totally unexpected to me. But I like it in a good way!!
11. "Walk Away" - 4/5 - Written about a past relationship that went wrong. Don't want to give too much away about this album. I like this song.
12. "Unwind" - 5/5 - A tribute to Janis Joplin which also mirrors P!nk's life herself (or so she has said). I love this song, it has a great chorus... and I'm afraid I can't give much away, you just have to listen - believe me, it is a great track.
13. "Feel Good Time" - 4/5 - As I have previously mentioned it isn't my favourite P!nk track of all time - mainly because the chorus is hard to sing along to in tune!! But its a good song and definetely not an afterthought bunged on the end of the album. A fun song nevertheless.
14. "Love Song" - 5/5 - This really should have been longer, or perhaps what makes it so special is that it is so short? At 2:29, this song ends abruptly but it is quite clearly a very personal song to P!nk - and possibly the most personal on this CD. Very emotional.
15. "Hooker" (Hidden Bonus Track) - 6/5 - I absolutely love this song with its classic line; "You ain't nothing but a hooker, selling your soul". Again, rumours have it that this could be about various famous people, including Christina Aguilera etc. who seem to have resort to not leaving too much to the imagination in regards to their body ... or it could even be about Linda Perry herself. Newspapers have fuelled rumours that P!nk and collaborator Linda Perry have fallen out, especially after selling her song "Beautiful" (which was apparently supposed to be her comeback single) to Christina Aguilera. Then again, perhaps we all want to believe it is about someone famous when it might not be at all. Its a great song. Certainly one of the best.
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on 14 June 2013
What can you say, Pink is one of the defining voices of our generations. I do not think she has ever produced a really bad album. This is not my favourite Pink album but it still gets played regularly.
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