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on 2 December 2003
The Sugababes have gotta be on of the best girl group's to come out of the u.k. Keisha & Mutya are from Kingsbury north london where i come from i went to there secondary school but i can honestly say i dont remember them at all Heidi the newest member of the group Hails from Liverpool.
The new album Three is a more mature effort from the girls i have listen to this many times since the release i can't seem to turn it off i think this is the better album out of the three even though "Angel's with dirty faces" put them firmly on the map.So i am going to review each song
1.Hole In the Head/Very good love it first single of the album went straight to #1 and so they should too 10/10
2.What ever makes you happy/Good song Keisha sings lead really like this god a sorta fair ground sound to the beat 9/10
3.Caught in a moment/Very good ballad Heidi sounds excellent one of the strong points on the album 10/10
4.Situations heavys/Wasnt sure bout this one at first but it grew on me i do listen to this quite alot 9/10
5.Million different ways/One of my favourites hope the release this Mutya sounds great on this 10/10
6.Twisted/The more r'n'b tune on the album i really like this can relate to this 8/10
7.We can have it all/Rock sounding tune i really like this 10/10
8.Conversation Over/Can really relate to this had a simliar experience great song i love this hope this gets released too could be the "Stronger" on the album like on "Angel's With Dirrty Faces" 10/10
9.In The Middle/you know what they should release every song this album this is a radio-friendly tune love this 10/10
10.Too Lost In you/Second single from ythe "love actually" soundtrack another strong point on the album love it 10/10
11.Nasty Ghetto/Great song maybe they will release this as a single Heidi sounds great 10/10
12.Buster/This reminds me of what happend to me in a club so can relate to it very good tune 10/10
13.Sometimes/Very good song nice slow song but not the best 7/10
14.Maya/Good song makes you think 10/10
My Favourite songs on this album
5.Situations Heavy
4.What Ever Makes You Happy
2.Hole In The Head
1.Million Different Ways
Overall this is the more mature of the 3 albums i hope they release "Million Different Ways" would like to see the concept of the video
Rating - A+ 96/100 Excellent
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3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
on 16 December 2003
wow! i bought the CD a week ago and i have been listening to it again and again... dancing to the beat of HOLE IN THE HEAD, IN THE MIDDLE and sway myself dreamily in my own fantasy world to NASTY GHETTO. can't imagine a song can do that to you. these are my favourites!!! you gonna have a funky christmas party or new year? then get this CD for that FUNKY MOOD! make every guest get up and dance!! Britney baby, you got to learn from these queens of pop! and Atomic Kitten, meow!
other songs in this CD are VERY GOOD too. SOMETIMES makes you wanna dirty slow dance with your lover....hmmmm...
very very NICE vocals in TOO LOST IN YOU & CONVERSATION's OVER. and don't forget to belly-dance to that nice beat of MILLION DIFFERENT WAYS! make a theme party and every one dress up like in arabian night...what the heack...call your whole harem... and PARTY!!!
BABES, congrats for a wonderful masterpiece! CHEERS!!
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on 28 October 2003
Quick brief ///
“Three” is a good album, there’s no denying it, but you do feel as though it’s missing something that was distinctly evident in “Angels with dirty faces.” The first thing listeners will notice is that “Three” contains many more ballads, where as “Angels with dirty faces” contained only 2 – which were “Shape” and “Breathe easy” and those were not even ballads.
Vocals ///
The girls sound much better on this album. The only problem is that on all of the ballads and slower tracks, Mutya ends up singing verses that Keisha or Heidi would have been better off singing. Mutya’s low husky voice is great for the up-tempo tracks, but doesn’t sound so good on the slower tracks. But this doesn’t ruin the album and overall the girls sound better than ever
The tracks…
01. Hole in the head /// A great start to the album. This track just oozes that Sugababes’ flavour and shows that they definitely have their own sound and style.
02. Whatever makes you happy /// Another up-tempo number which again falls into familiar Sugababes territory. This is one of 3 songs on the album where only 1 Sugababe takes the lead and in this track and here it’s Keisha. She also wrote this song without Heidi or Mutya, but they do provide backing vocals and ad-libs.
03. Caught in a moment /// This is very Coldplay / Robbie Williams sounding. It works well and is a cool track, but it shouldn’t have been placed as the 3rd on the album.
04. Situations heavy /// This is one of the albums highlights also and has that distinct old 60’s rock / r’nb hybrid that the Sugababes do so well. A great track that sounds a lot like a 2003 “Overload.” One of my faves.
05. Million different ways /// For me, this is the best track on the album. The beat itself is just HEAVY and the track itself is just SO well produced. The main melody sounds similar to the Bhangra version of the “Night Rider” theme. This sound is different for the Sugababes, but it works. The vocals are tight, the lyrics are tight and it has a similar tone to “Stronger” or “Just don’t need this” due to the dramatic strings. This has to be a future single.
06. Twisted /// This track has a very 60’s swing, mid tempo vibe to it. It sounds like a much better produced and slower version of “Supernatural” from the “Angels…” album. All in all it’s a good track.
07. We could have it all /// Very reminiscent of an All Saints track. Not my fave tune on the album and one I always skip.
08. Conversation’s over /// A mid-tempo track which sounds almost like a track off of Siobhan Donaghy’s album. I’m not too keen on Mtuya’s vocals on the first verse though and felt Heidi and Keisha should have taken the lead here as their voices are lighter. Still, it’s a nice track.
09. In the middle /// This just has the Brian Higgins and Sugababes style ALL over it. The chorus is catchy and the beat itself is heavy as it changes quite a bit during the verses. Not too keen on Keisha’s verse though and some may find it sounds too much like a Girls Aloud track, but I do like it.
10. Too lost in you /// Very reminiscent of “Stronger” and is one of the best ballads on the album. I think it may end up being their 2nd single as the response from this track has been positive.
11. Nasty ghetto /// A track that I thought was Produced by Brian Higgins but is in fact Linda Perry, the mastermind behind most of P!nk’s ‘Misundastood’ and Aguilera’s Beautiful.’ This track has a very gritty sound to it and is (for me) one of the highlights of the album.
12. Buster /// VERY Dr. Dre sounding. Reminds me of ‘The watcher” from Chronic 2001. Another track which shows the Sugababes delving into something different from their pop / rock hybrid. I do like this song alot as it is just straight up r’nb.
13. Sometimes /// The 2nd of the 3 tracks where a Sugababes does the lead and here, it’s Heidi. It’s a ballad which is very reminiscent of Aguilera’s “Walk away.” Heidi takes the lead on the vocals, though Keisha does step in for a couple of lines during the Bridge section, which I felt spoilt the song and was wrong, considering she had a chance to shine on her own in “Whatever makes you happy” and should have left this to Heidi. Mutya and Keisha step in for backing vocals, but Heidi definitely comes into her own in this track.
14. Maya /// A song dedicated to a close member of Mutya’s family who died. (I think it may have been her sister, I’m not 100% sure). It’s a mid-tempo track and it (as you may have guessed) is the 3rd track in which a Sugababe does the lead and here it’s Mutya, although Heidi and Keisha did co-write it and step in for ad-libs and backing vocals. The lyrics are nice and the beat itself is nice. A great track and end to the album.
Overall ///
“Three” is good, but I feel its too top heavy with slow tracks, which in themselves are good, but when you’ve heard their last 2 albums and take what you do from the single “Hole in the head”, you expect it to be more up-tempo. Also, I think the track order is wrong. One of the reasons why “Angles with dirty faces” worked so well was because of the track order - each track complemented the one before and after it. “Three” feels too mish-mashed and up-tempo tracks are placed between a couple of ballads and just when you have a couple of up-tempo party like tracks, you get a ballad thrown in which ruins the mood. Another thing I feel is that “Three” is a lot darker than the “Angels…” album. Its less light hearted and seems less fun and silly than “Angels with dirty faces” which no doubt is a sign of the girls growing up, but still…a couple more bouncy, up-tempo numbers will nonsense lyrics like “Round, round” would have been nice.
There’s something I preferred about “Angels with dirty faces” but none the less, this is a great album and one which shows the diversity of the Sugababes. It’s also well produced and their vocals are a lot more cohesive this time round. Also, Heidi definitely shines through more on this album. A must buy.
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on 9 April 2004
Very grown up sound from the Sugababes and a nice mix of styles from the girls. Their pop sound comes through on first single 'Hole In The Head' which is fab, and 'In The Middle' which is okay but not great. I'm surprised they're releasing this as there's much better songs on the album such as the bhangra-tinged 'Million Different Ways' or 'Conversation's Over' which is in my opinion one of the standout tracks. The other track which I really like is 'Situation's Heavy'. 'Too Lost in You' is a kind of rocky ballad and is also cool.The true ballads on here are 'Caught In A Moment' and 'Sometimes' and I think the piano's very good in both. 'Nasty Ghetto' and 'Twisted' I don't like-both sound like weaker songs from their last album. You can tell it's the them whilst listening to 'We Could Have It All' or 'Buster', but both of these are relatively strong tracks and not ones I would necessarily skip while listening. 'Maya' is a completely different sound, but is very chilled out and cool. I think it's a good finish. All in all, a very good album and I think it's superior to 'Angels With Dirty Faces'. If you like their singles, I would definitely recommend getting this.
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on 11 November 2003
Well this has to be their best album yet. But bewarned, on first listen, it may not sound that amazing, but after a week you will know every song off-by-heart! It has more slower type songs and really presents the three artists as ladies not girls. This is still a pop album but it takes pop to a different level. It mixes dance, indie, r'n'b all nicely into one.
01: Hole In The Head- Everyone knows this. Understandably number 1, infectiously catchy with a freak like me feel. 10/10
02: Whatever Makes You Happy: This is mainly sung and written by kiesha. Maybe a single, has the certain qualities. It may be skipped when listening to but the chorus is very catchy. Sounds if it could have been from their old album though! Still 9/10
03: Caught In A Moment: A very strong, very mature and very xmasy ballad. It's tracks like this that prove how incredible their voices really are! 10/10
04: Situation's Heavy: WOW, this song is so completely different. It really gets better everytime I hear it. It HAS to be a single. It's very chilled back with a dancey beat in the background and brilliant lyrics!! 10/10
05: Million Different Ways: Have to say that I wasn't too sure of this song at first, but it is such a good all round pop song. It has lushious lyrics and a tune that will never leave your head. It's pop with pure sugababe attitude! 10/10
06: We Could Have It All: I am so impressed by this track. It's indie/soul/r'n'b. It's really easy to listen to and again the lyrics won't ever leave your head. Maybe a single? 10/10
07: Conversation's Over: I know it sounds like I'm repeating myself but again, very mature sound, catchy chorus and will bring a smile to your face. 10/10
08: In The Middle: When I heard this I seriously thought, oh dear. It's a dancey track that will require a few listening to, before you realise its true potential. Good good 9/10
09: This song can only be described with one word. BEAUTIFUL. It's their second single to be released from this album and is a masterpiece. It will send shivers up your spine. A really moving indie/pop ballad. Fantastically produced and put together! 10/10
10: Nasty Ghetto: When you know Linda Perry has produced and written a track, you know you are onto something fab and completely fresh and out there. Well that's what you get from this sexy, seductive, pop/rock track. It's really different and grindy! Love it. 10/10
11: Sometimes: Heidi takes the lead on this pop ballad. It has to be the soundtrack of a sad type love movie. It has a very powerful and strong chorus! 9.5/10
12: If you are like me and shiver when you hear mutya's sexy smooth vocals, this song is for you. It's so good, ther's hardly any music but mutya's voice is music in itself and is like a breath of fresh air. Brill ending track. 10/10
So there it is. As you can see, each track is excellent and sugababes will continue to grow forever.
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on 3 November 2003
THe sugababes have been my favorite group since the release of 'freak like me' and from then i have never lost faith.... So on the 27th october i went to get 'three'. I put it on and this is what I thought....
1. 'hole in the head'- Not my favorite sugababes song ever but i do like the beat and the lyrics, an overall good song.
2. 'Whatever makes you happy'- When i first heard it i thought what a racket but after a few times of listening to it it grew on me, good 'rock' type upbeat song.
3.'situations heavy'- good song but it still doesnt match the quality of 'round round', not my favorite song but i still like it.
4 'Caught in a moment'- I like this song loads and it is one of my favorites, although it still think it is not as good as 'stronger' .
5. 'million different ways'- Brilliant song , one of my favs, i love the beat and the lyrics are great, hope it is released as their 3rd single.
6. 'We could have it all'- Ok song but not my fav it's one of those which would be equivilent to 'no man no cry ' on angels......
7.'Twisted'- one of those songs which i describe as a funny 1, it has non serious words , but still good.
8. 'Conversations over'- another one of my favs, brill tune , lyrics it is better than 'shape' for me.
9. 'In the middle'- another one of those songs i call funny 1's, i think it is better than 'twisted' and could be compared to 'virgin sexy'.
10. 'Too lost in you'-one of my favs it has a good tune and is on the same line as 'stronger'2nd single release.
11. 'nasty ghetto'-from this point (in my view) the songs go down, but still there all great, 'nasty ghetto' is not one of my favs and is a bit repetitive.
12. 'buster'-great r'n'b type song good lyrics and tune , although i hate the bit where they say 'NO!' i wish that bit was out , and i dont know why the song is called 'buster' as i cant hear the word sung once.
13.'sometimes'- good ballad song all by heidi, not the best slow song but the lyrics are good.
14. 'Maya'- maya this song is for you... the song starts off, great song and it does bring a tear to my eye!! love the song great way to end off!! rip maya
It is a fantastic album and is one of the beat out this year although it is just missing that something 'angels with dirrty faces' had , maybe it because only one song has been released and when a few more are released it will grow on me!! but its a fantastic album !!! go buy it!!
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on 17 December 2003
Well what can i say...im probably bias writing this review as i think that the Sugababes are absolutely brilliant, they arent completely pop, they have an edge to them....
i killed the last album...completely over played-it was superb...and this is just as good...there are brilliant contrasts of deep love stuff songs...and then pure pop...and stuff that is in a category of its own...just superb...heidi and her solos are great...all the girls sounds brilliant....go out and buy it now...i tell u...if only for "too lost in you!!"
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on 12 December 2003
This album is genuinely very good. The tracks that stand out for me are=
Hole in the head
Whatever makes you happy
Caught in a moment
Conversations Over
Too Lost In You
This album is an excellent addition to anyones CD Collection, you can listen to it over and over again and everytime it still sounds just as fab!You dont get bored of it. My favourite track on the album has to be the fantastic= Too Lost in you, which is taken from the brilliant romantic comedy box office smash- Love Actually.
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9 of 11 people found the following review helpful
on 19 December 2003
The latest offering from the Sugababes, 'Three', is a surprisingly perfect piece of pop. The girls go from strength to strength, starting off with smash number one 'Hole In The Head', an insanely catchy piece of electro dance-pop which propelled them back into the public consciousness. And latest single, 'Too Lost In You', from the Love Actually soundtrack, is without a doubt the best single they have ever released. Keisha Buchanan's vocals shine on this ballad penned by ballad-queen Diane Warren.
However, unlike many artists, it isn't just the good songs that are pencilled in for a release date. Virtually every song on this album is magnificent, with only a couple of duds.
The duds - 'Buster' and 'Sometimes' - feel very much like album fillers, and the fourteen track album would still have worked just as well with twelve tracks.
Anyways, enough of the nitpicking. The album starts of with 'Hole In The Head', progressing to 'Whatever Makes You Happy', a slightly rocky offering reminiscent of 'Freak Like Me'. Ballad 'Caught In A Moment' gives 'Too Lost In You' a run for its money, but is a much more relaxed affair, less intense, and a potential single.
'Situation's Heavy' isn't great to be honest, sometimes it sounds good, sometimes it sounds bad. 'Million Different Ways' is a bhangra-tinged song, showing just how hip Keisha, Heidi Range and pierced princess Mutya Buena are. 'Twisted' is a pretty perky pop song, hypnotic, and then it is followed by 'We Could Have It All', which sounds kinda like 'Whatever Makes You Happy', but slightly less accomplished.
'Conversation's Over' and 'In The Middle'are two of the best songs on the album but both very different. The first out of the two is a moody song which builds up, and 'In The Middle' is the standout upbeat song on the album, absolutely fantastic.
Then comes 'Too Lost In You' which is brilliant, followed by 'Nasty Ghetto', a real grower of a song spiked with attitude. The two duds follow this, but the album is renewed with it's final song 'Maya', a haunting, beautiful song dedicated to Mutya's cousin. It really makes you think, not your average song of any genre.
Overall, Mutya, Keisha and Heidi have come out on top with their third album, better than anything they have released yet, and this shows they'll be around for at least another album. : )
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on 29 November 2003
I don't usually listen to this kind of music normally but since 2001 I've really been into the Sugababes. They're just so great and I had a blast when I saw them live earlier in the year. They put on a great show.
Now personally, I think their first album was their strongest. The second was great but it just didn't compare to the first and I think it's the same with this album. There are a few really, really good songs on this album in the form of 'Hole in the head', 'We could have it all' and 'Conversation's over'. But overall I think this just doesn't show any maturity since the last album. It's a lot more laid back and mellower but doesn't show any signs of the trio growing musically or lyrically (basically singing about the same old things).
I still think they are one of Britain's finest pop-ish groups and this album wre-inforces that but I just think people were expecting a little bit more from them, still worthy of buying... especially if this is the kind of music you're into.
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