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on 5 January 2007
Like the previous reviewer, this DVD never goes a week without being played, I keep thinking about purchasing a second copy incase my original gets damaged - the DVD is that good !

It is hard to pigeonhole The Flower Kings, I have most of their studio albums and they do not adhere to one style, even I have to admit that on each CD there are probably a couple of tracks I usually skip (the freeform jazz and weird ones !) but when most of them are double disks with 20 to 30 tracks on that isn't too bad, especially when usually there are a couple of standout epics on each disk that grab your attention and demand to be played frequently.

I suppose the closest group they could be compared to is early yes (close to the edge era) but they only sound like them now and again. All I can say is they are the most accomplished musicians in Prog Rock today in my opinion.

This DVD is awesome, the musicianship is second to none, and the mix is perfect. I don't know how they have done it, but you can hear every note being played by all seven musicians on stage - at the same time. The mix is the richest and clearest I have ever heard.

If you are a fan of Prog Rock and complex compositions (ie. Dream Theater) BUY THIS NOW ! It is worth getting the double DVD double CD edition as the CDs are just as good (they are always playing in my car).

The only minor quibbles are that the extras (mini documentaries etc) are sandwiched inbetween the songs, and once seen you don't really want to view them much more, still I usually get around this by programming my DVD to only play the music tracks. The other gripe is the odd snippets of dancers and montages of flowers played during the concert - when will DVD producers realise that you buy a music DVD to see the band ! Thankfully there aren't much more than a couple of minutes of these distractions during the whole concert.

Personally my favorite track on the DVD is 'Garden of Dreams part two'.

I wish I could give this 6 stars out of 5 as it is better than other music DVDs I own that I have already given 5 stars to !

So there you go, what are you doing reading this?

You should be ordering a copy of this DVD - NOW !
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on 8 September 2008
Garden of Dreams Part 1 is simply immense. A truly genius bit of song writing and it has well and truly taken over as my all time favourite song now. I'm a big Stolt fan and his live work is ridiculously good. His note choice, feel, use of wah pedal and solos are unrivaled in my opinion. GOD Part 2 is also amazing as is Truth...., Humanizimmo and Stardust.... But GOD Part 1 just grabs you. I like the original cd/album but this version just kicks so much a###! with better arrangement, all round sound and solos that make you wanna quit playing guitar as one can never get close to the pinnacle that Stolt has reached. I wish i discovered this song when i first got into the flower kings so if you are reading this and are a newish fan get this dvd preferably with the cd now so you can listen to it 24/7 and enjoy the insane amounts of beauty this band comes up with.
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on 28 February 2005
As a born again progressive rock fan, I've listened to a couple of The Flower King's CDs and become convincingly hooked on their jazzy style of rock. After some very heavy hints, I managed to get the DVD for Christmas and have done little since but watch it over and over again. Do DVDs wear out? It only gets a break when I'm watching Yes - Symphonic.
The 2 disc DVD contains 7 long tracks (totalling about 2½ hours music) divided up by various amateur video clips of the band on tour and rehearsing. The video clips are ok, I suppose, if you're into that sort of thing, but its the performances which earn the five star rating. There are some graphics included but these are mercifully very few - I cannot understand why producers insist on including this stuff with this type of band - if a prog. rock fan buys a DVD it's because he/she wants to see the band in action, not watch dancers, animations or graphics!!
The DVD was recorded professionally but the picture quality has a sort of 1970s grainy appearance to it. Maybe it's the lighting or the quality of the recording equipment used, I'm not sure, but this, along with the venue (which appears to be a studio with a small and serious audience of die hard TFK fans) gives the whole thing a sort of Old Grey Whistle Test atmosphere - whispering Bob Harris would not have looked out of place. Personally I like that. The stage is littered with wires, amplifiers, mikes, musicians (its a 7 piece band) and more instruments than you can shake a stick at - just the way it should be.
No arguing with the sound quality, though. The 5:1 surround sound belts through beautifully. And the music? Just fantastic. I'd buy this DVD just to watch and hear them play "Garden of Dreams Part One". If your a rock fan, and particularly if your a prog rock fan, you have to buy this.
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on 27 February 2008
I found this DVD/CD set by chance whilst trawling through the prog rock albums on Amazon and Im very glad I did.
The Flower Kings are a talented band whose style is, on occasion, more Yes than Yes, more Floyd than Floyd, more early Genesis than early get the picture.
On the video the performance is a bit sterile because it was recorded in a studio in front of a tiny audience and it doesnt have the feel or atmosphere of a real live performance, however, the quality of the musicianship is excellent. The camera work and lighting are poor by the standards we expect today...I guess it was produced on a very tight budget. Also Im not sure why the band need 3 percussionists...the two on the periphery add very little...the drummer is excellent and stands out even amongst this quality (he's still not up to the standard of Johhny Marter or Alan White who could eat all 3 part themselves!) The lead guitar/principal singer is also very talented, doing an excellent Dave Gilmour type solo on the first track on the second DVD.
The CDs are simply copies of the studio tracks from the DVD and dont add anything except the convenience of playing them in the car. The additional fills in the DVD; in the studio, on the road etc are good background stuff, but the short extract from a live performance in a club somewhere shows what a good live band they really are. When are they touring the UK...I want to see them. Highly recommended for all progressive rock fans.
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on 20 June 2012
Warning this Dvd is very long and contains only epic epics. (just to get that out of the way.
The songs the flower Kings chose for this dvd are some of the really epic songs, like The Truth will Set you Free, and Garden of dreams in two parts and with the silence bit missing (for obvious reasons)
The Performance is live ina studio so it is not a real gig it is a special gig but it doesn't matter it is suppose to be a presentation of what the flower kings are about and sound like and that is the purpose of the DVD.
the performances are good and the camera shows the gang off in full flower. The playing is brilliant and the sounds is Excellent, and the renditions of the songs are very good too. the track selection being all Epics does make it a little bit of a handful to watch but it is largley engaging, and in between each song is a short video of thingsl ike Studio rehearsals and things.

All in all well worth buying just to see the Epic songs performed live
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on 15 August 2011
The Flower Kings are a fabulous band in the vein of early Genesis, King Crimson, Yes, PFM etc.
They have a sound which will be recognised by all fans of these former 70's bands. But this is NEW.
Wonderful musicianship and well constructed and sometimes lengthy pieces make them modern day masters of their art. They have the required "grunt" and the sensitive passages in between, which has set them apart from ordinary rock bands. And ensures that you will not be bored.

The 2 DVD format is new to me but something I like very much. Superbly produced with picture and sound quality to match, it's almost too much for one sitting. For me it has been a welcome voyage of discovery, and is brilliant value for money.
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on 3 April 2013
A nice mix of great music and an insight into the band. There is an excellent recording of "Stardust we are" which makes for essential viewing. Just sit back and enjoy the genius that is Roine Stolt.
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on 24 April 2004
This is a wonderful set from the Flower Kings; really superb progressivemusic to keep fans and newcomers to this talented band happy for hours.The box contains two DVDs and two CDs and the sound quality is superb. Thesongwriting here is breathtaking and the musicianship is fantastic. Thisis what DVD is all about! Treat yourself...
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