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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 3 October 2000
After you have read & practiced the items in "The Royal Road to Card Magic", this is the next logical step for all enthusiastic card magicians. It is a harder book to comprehend but nevertheless the information it contains is most valuable. It teaches you a variety of sleights, flourishes & guides you in performing the ever so hard (well it is for me! ) Faro Shuffle (if anyone has any tips on how to do this perfectly each time please let me know via my email....much appreciated ! ). It also contains a whole section on various card tricks, from the infamous 'card in the shoe' to some lovely mentalism stuff. Even better you get a lot of Dai Vernon tricks in there! Definately worth the price & a must for all magicians & wannabe magicians.
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on 12 December 1998
I'm a beginner at sleight of hand and this book had been referred to be many times by magicians more advanced than I. I decided to purchase it one day and was amazed at how complete it was. It covered everything from flourishes, palming, false shuffles and cuts, glimpses, reverses, crimping, jogging, even had entire chapters on the Faro Shuffle, Mentalism, and another on Presentation and Misdirection. This book is still referred to as the 'bible' on card magic by my teacher. And I find myself flipping through it's pages constantly, always learning something new. And with 318 Illustrations, it was easy to follow. The book covers beginner to advanced moves. So it'll stand against the test of time. And for the price... Well worth it's contents.
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on 28 May 1999
Jean Hugard and Frederic Braues book on this wonderful art which I am a practitioner of is a valuable purchase to any magician, but it would probably prove frustrating to beginners. The methods of card handling in this book are taught with wordy and complicated explanations, the illustrations are small and sometimes hard to follow but if effort is applied, it is an amazing book. However, I have noticed that many of the effects in this book are dated and have been modified and improved for easier handling, but it still remains one of magics best books on the subject
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on 30 July 2011
Okay guys, this is THE next step after the royal road to card magic. Please remember though that ECT was written BEFORE RR. The royal road was written because it was felt that ECD was too complex for the beginner. That said, it is still hard. The reader should read through the book with caution and with good time. It is also important to remember that this book is from the 1940s and some of the ideas are outdated. Unlike the RR, this is not so much a book written in logical order. For example, the book has 17 different methods to palm a card which no one would realistically learn. People will palm cards using one method normally and then use those which pleased them from the book but certainly not 17 different methods. Presentation is so much more important than skill and this book risks transforming the heavy reader into a card nerd more focused on the mechanics than presentation skills. To cut to the chase, read through all of the sleights, find which method for each sleigh works for you and LEARN and Practice it. Do not try to learn and perfect everything, it just won't happen.

The tricks in the book are great as is the adivce on presentation
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on 10 August 1998
If you're a begginer, go for something else. This book would probably be to frustrating If you have a bit of experience, and are looking for a challenge, this is the book! You'll come out of this book 3 times better than you used to be. But be carefull, many techniques are hard to grasp from words, but if you focus and actually get it, it'll be extremely rewarding.
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on 22 April 2014
A relatively advanced look at card moves, which assumes the reader has a good knowledge of basic sleights and handling. This assumption will sink the book for folks who feel that knowing sleights is the same as understanding sleights. It is prose heavy, and may take several reads of each technique to figure out what exactly is being said, but it is well written, so understanding comes sooner rather than later. If your copies of Royal Road and Erdnase are missing in action, but so well known you're not worried, if your nearest and dearest now *never* ask to see 'a trick', if you've taken to carrying cards with you literally anywhere you travel; then this book is very much for you.
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on 24 April 2003
One of the few essential classics of card magic. 1000's of magicians around the world have started with the Royal Road to Card Magic and graduated onto this one. It's packed full of stuff you need to know if you want to be a cardman. On the negative side, it's dated in terms of the style, tricks and the techniques. There are loads of new tricks and techs out and some of the stuff could be explained better so it isn't the last word in card magic. That has to be reserved for Giobbi's Card College but then that comes in several volumes.
In short: if you do card magic then buy this book
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on 10 March 2012
I am a huge fan of card magic and gambling techniques and have been studying and practicing daily for the past year. I started with the Royal Road to card magic and then onto Daryl's encyclopedia of card sleights. At the very end of the Royal road to card magic dvd Paul Wilson recommends various books to continue learning the art. Expert Card Technique is one of them so I thought I would purchase it and am very happy I did. Numerous ways of performing various sleights are in this book it is full of information and diagrams to help. A great book at a great price.
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on 20 July 2011
The illustrations and descriptions are OK, but anyone seriously interested in learning real sleight of hand / card manipulations might find learning from a DVD easier.

The routines and patter described are pretty old fashioned - you might find a few ideas in here you hadn't thought of, but more up-to-date DVDs or instant downloads from the various magic websites are better for "punchier" tricks and routines.

It's full of references to famous magicians so people who are interested in the history of magic might find this interesting.
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on 11 December 2010
This is a brilliant book for learning card magic. It covers a huge variety of topics and describes each technique clearly. The detailed contents page means that, if you don't want to read it cover to cover, you can just browse through and pick out the specific things you want to learn. There is a large section detailing all sorts of tricks that utilise the various techniques you learn throughout the book, as well as a chapter about how to build up a routine. The latter is, perhaps, a little dated, but makes good reading nonetheless. I would thoroughly recommend this to anyone who is thinking about learning card magic.
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