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3.7 out of 5 stars35
3.7 out of 5 stars
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on 5 November 2003
I have been an avid Sting fan since hearing Roxanne for the first time in 1978, I have all of his albums (including The Police) and a large collection of cd singles, videos etc, I’ve also seen him live many times.
When I first heard Sacred Love I have to say I was both disappointed and annoyed, disappointed because although it’s a good album it isn’t particularly good by Sting standards, its over produced, and there’s too much ‘electronica’ involved, due mostly I think because of this ongoing collaboration with Kipper, who’s production technique’s seem to smother the music somewhat. There’s some clever stuff in there, the problem is, is that you have to listen too hard to actually hear it, if you listen to ‘Send Your love’ on an average radio it sounds flat and muddy. Sting! Sack Kipper and lose the drum machines (and Manu Katche for that matter), stick with Vinnie Colliauta.
As I mentioned earlier I was also annoyed because I felt that this album was obviously being pitched at a different (younger?) audience, as was the recent collaboration with Craig David... Why? Who’s come up with this idea to ‘remarket’ Sting? Isn’t he popular enough? What about us long standing fans??? One of the qualities I’ve always admired about Sting, is that despite his popularity and obvious wealth he always remained a musician first, celebrity second attitude and did a good job of balancing the two, but now, for reasons beyond my comprehension, his management only seem to be interested in the marketing/money making aspect of Sting.
In a nutshell: A good album, and will probably make a good live show, but disappointing for long standing Sting fans.
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on 22 September 2003
First things first: I love the music and song that Sting crafts. I've been a huge fan since the late 70's when I heard "Don't Stand So Close To Me" on a flight from Mumbai to Roma on the way back to Nigeria. I've followed Sting's solo career with equel vigour from the very first time I heard "If You Love Somone..." and "Love Is The Seventh Wave" on BBC shortwave. I've seen Sting 10 times starting with Nothing Like The Sun through the live live ..All This Time promotional tour. I met him on one occasion and was front-row center on another. My favourite two albums are DotBT and Soul Cages. That's a tough choice because there's much in between that I really love.
I wanted to love this CD. I really did. I even tried. But it doesn't come up as compelling as his previous material. Not to my ears, anyway. I almost hate admitting that because it makes me feel like a disloyal Sting fan, but in the interest of being honest, there you go. I purchased the Japanese import of the SACD and have listened to it maybe two dozen times. That's not to say it's bad; there are a few tracks that I like (as opposed to all of them) and some very solid hooks in some of the songs ("Stolen Car"'s "take me dancing" chorus jumps to mind). I like "Dead Man's Rope" and "Inside" a lot. The sitar in "Book Of My Life" is damn good too, but the song itself sadly doesn't do anything for me.
I can't put my finger on it, but the music doesn't *move* me like nearly all of his previous material does. One thought: This might be because the music heavily electronic and his live show on the upcoming tour might change my mind (that would be nice), but in the iterim it ranks as my least favourite Sting CD. Sorry, but there you go. If I find my opinion changing down the road, I'll be sure to let you know. Unfortunately, my opinion has gotten worse the move I listen. :( Still, if you're a Sting fan, you can't pass it up. Anyone know if there are plans to release all the Sting music videos on DVD soon?
Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoy the CD (because I don't think you probably enjoyed this review ;).
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on 27 September 2013
Just being honest I listened to this once and didn't get it.

Huge fan, truly.

In this album Sting seems to have 'found God' and now wants to witness to others, which is all good in the hood, but this objective does seem to have come at the price of song writing. The music and lyrics soon become predictable and not terribly interesting from a musicality point of view.

Sorry mate.
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on 18 September 2003
After being slightly impressed by the band line up from the Live CD, I was looking forward to hearing some more of the jazzy Sting. I was slightly disappointed in the lack of jazz influenced tracks, but generally, the CD grew on me after 2 or 3 plays and I now play it at least once a day. The powerful combination with Mary J Blige on Whenever I call your name is uplifting and it punches its way into your memory, whistling or humming bits of it every now and then, (especially when writing reviews!!). It's an interesting album that proves that Sting still is one of our better recording artsits and performers. Beats Macca and Georgie boy into a cocked hat!!!
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on 30 September 2003
I think Mr Kipper's involvement with Sting has made him lose his brilliant ability to write a melody. As a big Sting fan I looked forward to this album as Brand New day I thought was a step down from the excellent Mercury Falling. I heard of different musical styles and immediately thought of Nothing Like The Sun (in my opinion the best album i have ever heard). Well this is nothing like anything, sorry Sting. Sting has stooped so low as to embrace the common day durge of "dance" music. A star with his musical talents doesn't have to appeal to the kids just to make him look young, he does a good job of that without the music. The best track on it is Shape Of My Heart and that was on All This Time and it has been reduced to just over 2 minutes. Shoddy. There is even a use of the word suture to rhyme with future a la Brand New Day. Listen for the scratchy sounds like an old LP like one of the bad songs on Brand New Day. Other references to old songs, with tunes taken out make this a very disappointing album. I urge Sting to ring up Branford Marsalis and Hugh Padgham and get back in the studio and record some proper music. I've given it a second listen and will probably give it a third to see if I have missed a tune or a good song. Suck it and see what you think but don't expect the usual brilliance (up to Mercury Falling and the odd song on Brand New Day). I've only given it 1 star because 0 was not an option.
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on 9 December 2003
Well after repeated listening I have to say that it’s grown on me somewhat and I’m now feeling that maybe I was a little unfair in my earlier review. So at the risk of looking like a numpty (wont be the first time!) here’s my re-review.
I’ve listened to it an awful lately and indeed it has grown on me somewhat, the more I listen to it - the better it gets, and I think that’s the thing, it takes a little longer to win you over. I remember having a similar experience with ‘Soul Cages’, I had mixed feelings about that at first but it's (probably) my favourite Sting album now.
Sacred Love is, as is usually the case, a mixture of styles, tempos and unusual time signatures. It also has a modern type ‘techno’ feel to it in places and though I’m not a big fan of drum machines et al, he has used them creatively for the most part and so it works.
I do still feel that Kipper lends too much of a hand in the production process and also that it’s being marketed to appeal to a wider audience; the remix of ‘Send Your Love’ is evidence of this. Remixes should be used as filler tracks for cd singles, not albums.
My opinion of this album has definitely changed and I do now honestly recommend it, but don’t expect to be blown away on the first listen – give it time.
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on 27 September 2003
Surely after years in the business one only expects the best from Sting when it comes to experimental styles, poetic lyrics and fantastic story-telling. Thoroughly disappointed in all of the above I found his new release 'sacred love'. The theme itself would have provided much more powerful imagery, controversial discussions as we have had the pleasure to receive from Sting in the past. The music remains relatively flat and not knowing that you listen to Sting, you would not be able to differentiate it from 'regular pop'. The texts live from repetitions, recycling lyrics from previous songs and show a general 'lack of bite' which so often before strongly communicated ideas, images and reflections to the listener. The voice transmitting melody and lyrics has suffered much lately and the expected powerful impression is not made.
Summarising I would say that 'sacred love' lives through the influences of other artists, while Sting has just lived it all and expressed it all but on previous albums.
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on 15 February 2016
Songs in the same sort of style as his 'Ten Summoners Tales' album.

Bought second hand for £2.60 and what a bargain for a Hybrid SACD, 2CH SACD, Multi channel SACD, CD version all on one disc.

First SACD i have bought that was recorded with SACD Hi-Res audio in mind rather than remastered for SACD and it sounds superb.

First track suffers from vocal sibilance but the rest of the disc calms down and sounds ultra smooth and lush.

Just what SACD was designed to sound like.
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on 11 September 2003
Sting has once again given us a musical treasure. I have heard only 6 of the 13 tracks and as usual his lyrics are thought provoking and beautifully poetic. He combines different musical styles and makes them his own. Each song is completely unique. The musicians performances are superb. I would recommend this CD wholeheartedly.
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on 1 October 2003
Dominic is lost and buried and Kipper takes control of Sting's life.
This album lacks everything I have relished about Sting. If you like club trance, hip hop, then this is your CD.
If you think you are going to get something familiar, don't bother.
This album is terrible. Loops, drum machines, cold and nothing to grab your heart. It just leaves me blank and I can't listen to it anymore.
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