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4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 30 September 2003
This is an album of crystaline beauty, it sets apart the mediocre from the marvellous. British music has seen the rise of a lot of rock and garage bands over the past 12 months but the Doves remind us that you don't have to be loud to make an impact.
They are only B-sides and a lot of them are instrumentals but that shouldn't put you off. You can listen to them individually or by themselves and they still have the same effect; they're so beautiful that it's the kind of music to put on and daydream to. I haven't tried the remix cd yet and I don't think I will do for a while because the main disc is enough to keep me enthralled. The early versions of 'Break Me Gently' and 'Sea Song' (here called 'Down To Sea') show how the doves built on layers of sound to create their masterpiece first album. The recent songs from 'The Last Broadcast' singles are soothing and warm, remeniscant of a calming summer day. To top it off the booklet inside shows the different images used for the artwork on most of their cds and it's fantastic. Definately worthy of a purchase as soon as possible
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on 5 October 2003
I would class my self as a fan of Doves owning both their previous albums but if you re like me and don't buy all their singles then read on.......
Lost Sides starts off with what is now the obligatory Doves instrumental opener, leading onto 'Darker', a tune as its title suggests is dark and atmospheric with pounding beats and catchy guitar hook. A good start then. Things jolly up a little with the poppy 'Your shadow lay across my life' which in my opinion is quite reminiscent of New Order.
A sparse, moving rendition of 'Sea Song' sandwichs several intrumental tracks (of which there are 4 in total) which leads us to the standout track 'Valley'. Anthemic and melodic, any Doves fans would warm to this.
'Northenden' is a pleasant, guitar strummed track with great vocals not too dissimiliar to 'The Last Broadcast'. 'Hit the ground running' in my opinion is the albums weakest track. I didn't enjoy the nasal like vocals. 'Willows Song' is a moving track with great Rhodes piano backing and delicate guitars.
The last track of the album, 'Far from grace' is warm, swirling, and melodic. A great way to finish off proceedings.
Another reason to buy this album is the additional remixes, consisting of tracks from 'The Last Broadcast'. I especially like the remix of 'M62 Song' and 'The last Broadcast'.
Overall, if you're a Doves fan you should not miss this. The numerous instrumentals is a negative but the positives outweigh
the negatives. I missed this when it was released first time round in limited edition guise and cursed my luck. It has been worth the wait...
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on 15 January 2006
I bought this album shortly after release purely on impulse, and not knowing it was a B side album. I had heard very little of Doves but wanted to hear more. I didn't at all expect the incredible music that greeted me. This album takes you on a giant rollercoaster of relaxed, upbeat and musically sophisticated and interesting tracks, and was so refreshing to hear amidst a swamp of hyper melodic, cheesy simpletons music and R&B constantly played on the radio.
The album gets going with Darker, suited to its name, with a pulsating rhythm, and a dark, distorted but infectious bassline. The melodies were so different to anything I had heard at the time, I instantly fell in love with them. This album is fitting for various moods, Down To The Sea and Northenden for me are very much 'lying on bed' tracks. Then again, tracks like Crunch and Hit the Ground Running, just make you want to get up and dance. The strength of this album resulted in me buying their others, still unbeknown to me that it was a B side album. I can see that it might be slightly disappointing to previous Doves fan, as it is a bit mix and match, but it was so refreshing to me, I can't help but love it.
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on 5 October 2003
I'm always a little nervous about b-side compilations as they are obviously not the best material from the artists (otherwise they would obviously be on the albums). However as a strong doves supporter i was happy to shell out for this and was not disapointed. I listened to both disks of the special edition version back to back twice and was supprised at how strong the material was from the b-sides disk and was more than happy with the remixes (especially track six on disk two as Hebden Bridge is my home town). It may not be everyones cup of tea, but if you like the doves or this genre i would suggest that this is a valuable adition to your cd collection and will not leave you dispointed.
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on 12 October 2003
‘Lost Sides’ showcases the Doves’ b-side collection.
A B-side collection album basically consists of songs which were never good enough to make it to a proper album, and although all the songs listed on The Doves’ new release are genuine b-sides, they could just as easily be A-sides.
The album starts in familiar territory with a new version of ‘Break me Gently’ (taken from their debut ‘Lost Souls’). The album also touches upon the Doves’ past with the original version of ‘Sea Song’ which is a nice inclusion to the album, and then the magnificent Sub-Sub dance-hall tribute of ‘Crunch’ following directly behind. The album also includes a few familiar live favorites such as the catchy guitar pop ‘sing-along’ of ‘Your Shadow Lay Across my Life’ and the chirpy sound of ‘Hit the Ground Running’. Unfortunately the ‘Sub Sub’ classic ‘Space Face’ is no-where to be seen.
It’s a worthwhile album owning, and as most b-side collections are usually brought by the most avid of fans, ‘Lost Sides’ manages to appeal to a wider group of people. If you’re a fan, then you’ve probably already brought the album anyway, but if your not then don’t be put off by the fact it’s an album consisting of only B-sides; to the casual listener ‘Lost Sides’ could easily sound like a proper Doves LP, which is surprising with the jumbled nature most b-side collections usually have. Each track featured on ‘Lost Sides’ manages to flow in and out of each other nicely, making ‘Lost Sides’ another fine Doves masterpiece.
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on 29 April 2013
I like the Doves. And this album is one of the reasons why.

Right from the first track (Break Me Gently) it keeps you interested with it's blend of styles and good musicianship.

Some of the tracks are quite light and pop like, such as Your Shadow Lay Across My Life, with others being much meatier - Crunch for instance though we're not talking Motorhead here -, and others quite soulful like Down To Sea.

I now have 4 of their albums and I don't dislike listening to any of them though this one tends to be first choice.

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on 30 September 2003
Being a massive Doves fan I own most of these songs already from purchasing the singles. However, since I consider Doves to be one of the most hard-working and original groups of today (a rare thing in this Urban/R&B/Plastic Pop climate), they easily deserve my cash per release.. no question!
The album starts with an incidental piece with the melody from Lost Soul's "Break Me Gently" (think "Intro" from The Last Broadcast). Then we're faded into the murky guitar world of "Darker" previously unavailable except on ancient now-deleted EPs. "Your Shadow Lay Across My Life" is a melodic, poppy track that should've been on Lost Souls in my opinion, and "Meet Me At The Pier" is a laid-back, chilled instrumental including jazzy drums and eerie guitar chimes, excellent!
Towards the middle of the album we have "Down To Sea", basically a stripped down "Sea Song" from Lost Souls made atmospheric, with Jimi's vocals pushed to the front of the mix and well-produced "noises" floating in the background. "Crunch", is a cool, ex-Sub Sub acoustic/electric rock instrumental that'll get the blood pumping. Moving towards the end there are the similar tracks "Valley" and "Hit The Ground Running". Both of which use alot of combined piano/guitar work with the latter clinching my opinion as the best. Finally, the Steve Osborne produced "Far From Grace" has great vocals from Jimi, and a guitar line initially reminiscent of "The Man Who Told Everything", and is also a great end to an album full of songs that have been around for a good while but alot of the more casual Doves fans probably haven't heard.
Not leaving out the poorer tracks.. these include "Willow's Song", a traditional cover which does nothing for me at all, and I've never thought Jimi's voice suited it. Other tracks that fall into this category include "Zither", again a well-produced instrumental but seems to go nowhere and reeks of filler. Finally "Northenden", slightly worse than the better tracks here, although the intro melody is really simple and memorable.
I recommend this release for those Doves fans who have both albums and are interested in hearing more but can't be bothered hunting down the ever-becoming-rarer singles. This release certainly disproves the myth that ALL singles b-sides are released as such simply because they aren't good enough for the final cut of the LP.
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on 1 October 2003
For any Doves fan or even those old enough to remember Sub Sub, this is an essential purchase.
For the hardcore fans it's an opportunity to have all those b-sides and mixes on one cd, and for the more casual fan, an insight to the sometimes more melancholic "Willow's Song" and occasional more brutal "Crunch" (this would fit nicely into a hardhouse/guitar dj set !) side of the lads. For a couple of quid more it's definately worth getting the 2cd set, for the remixes which show how genre-hopping the bare bones of the songs can be, and show fundamentally - that the writing is superb.
Five Stars - lets hope the next studio album can match this kind of quality...
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on 1 October 2003
This is a collection of songs compiled from the various singles/eps released by the band over the last five years, including their debut "Cedar EP" back in 1998. Like most b-sides compilations, "Lost Sides" suffers from mediocrity. No doubt there are one or two high points in the album but overall, you do feel that these songs were left as b-sides for a reason. Apart from "Your Shadow Lay Across My Life", which is a tribute to the Mancunian sound of Joy Division/New Order, "Darker" and the haunting yet beautiful "Far From Grace", the rest of the album is patchy and inconsistent. Diehard fans will still rush out to get the album despite whatever I say here, but for those who are new to the Doves, save your money and buy "The Last Broadcast" and "Lost Souls".
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on 12 November 2004
I simply love this album. It is great music to listen to at anytime, but in particular while working. Tracks such as Darker are quite different to most of their other stuff but when the vocals kick in it is undoubtedly the doves. Hit The Ground Running is more like their most known song (but in my view worst) songs, Catch The Sun, but its still good. Buy it!
My favourite of their albums. If you can, get the special edition, as the remixxed CD is a refreshing mix that is actually good for once!
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