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4.3 out of 5 stars15
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 25 December 2003
Ever since your 10 year old kid brother got the first Linkin Park album its been an up hill battle for genuine music fans. With so much corporate, money grabbing music around these days, true music fans are having to dig a little deeper in order to get their hands on truly challenging and original music.
A handful of bands still manage to make music that maintains integrity and is true to the roots. Finger Eleven are one such band. After developing a dedicated fan base through sheer hard work and bloody mindedness, all their efforts are finally paying off.
This album, their third full length effort, sees the band veer between angst filled heavy rock and emotion filled slower songs. There is never a dull moment on the album. The roller-coaster ride that is 'Good times' and the lively 'The last scene of struggling' show the band at there most adventurous while slower numbers such as 'Thousand mile wish' and 'One thing' show the versitilty of the band whilst giving the album a very balanced sound.
When all is said and done, this album is a very good album. With no clear super hits, its the consistancy that the band maintain that is unique. Trust me when I say that this will be in your cd for a long time to come.
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on 12 January 2005
This album came as a real shock to me. i first heard finger eleven on ssx3 and i became hooked on the song 'good times'. i decided that that song was agood enough reason to get the album. and how right i was. when it was delivered, i put it straight into my cd player and it's hardly come out since. the variety of the tracks is amazing. from powerful rock like 'good times' and 'other light' to mellow acoustic music like 'thousand mile wish' and 'one thing'. It has a wide variety of music that makes this band one of the best.
i gave it four stars because the lyrics are brilliant in the first few song, but some of the latter songs like 'conversations' lack the inspiring songwords of scott anderson. this is well worth getting.
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on 17 April 2005
Wow. This album is amazing. From the moment the guitar riffs of "Other Light" hit you to the moment "Obvious Heart" fades into obscurity I was hooked almost 100% of the time. With both brilliant vocals and excellent lyrics this album stands out as the best one in my collection. There are however 2 songs that for me are slightly below the generally high quality of the others, "The Last Scene of Struggling" has great verses but the chorus lacks the same quality due to the irrating samples in the background, and "Panic Attack", which just doesnt work as well as the other songs. They arent bad songs, dont get me wrong, but they just dont cut it with the others in my opinion. Look out for "Thousand Mile Wish", "Other Light", "Obvious Heart" and especially "Good Times" the best song on the album and one of my favourite of all time. Buy, buy, buy, you wont regret it.
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on 8 August 2003
I bought this CD on the strength of their previous two albums, which are both surprisingly good, surprising because they seem to have been totally overlooked in the UK music press while they are clearly much better than the hoards of throw-away nu-metal rip-offs. None of Finger Eleven's albums are exactly groundbreaking, but they are doing their own thing without sounding like a regurgitation.
This latest release is missing the heavier sound that Greyest of Blue Skies had (more melodic Korn?), and in that sense is closer to Tip, but it clearly isn't a regression, in fact I'd call this their 'experimental' album. It is in fact quite good.
The DVD has 30mins of live footage, a music video and some studio moments, which makes this a must for any Finger Eleven fan.
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on 17 August 2003
Finger Eleven return after the incredable Greyest Of Blue Skies album with yet another masterpiece! The first thing you will notice is that this album is a lot more technical and complexed than the last two albums and is also not as heavy. This is a more mature Finger Eleven and it is some of the best music i have ever heard. The CD kicks off with the fantastic "Other Light" which is a fairly simple but addictive song that pulls you right in straight away and lets you know that this CD is gonna be something really special later on.
"Complicated Questions" features a fairly simple punk like main riff with Scott Andersons fantastic vocals over the top, It works great and although fairly basic musically the lyrics drive the song along and make it a very impressive and enjoyable
Next is "Stay in Shadow" which i have to say is one of the greatest songs Finger Eleven have ever released, It is fairly fast and heavy and kicks of with powerfull distorted guitars. The structure of the whole song is fantastic, the music switches between the very loud and soft while Scotts vocals remain fast and rythmic and the heavy guitars always seem to come in at the right time. The chorus is done with aggressive vocals much like Drag you down from GOTBS. This is a amazing song and one of the heavier ones on the album.
The first single from the album is "Good Times" this is a more radio freindly song, There is nothing too outstanding here but it is a solid and fun song with a positive messege in the lyrics.
"Absent Elements" is a awesome song, it is quite complexed and shows just how great a guitarist James black is. This in my opinion is the best showcase for the album as it features all the elements of what finger Eleven is all about. One of the best songs on the CD.
" Thousand Mile Wish" is the first acoustic release for Finger Eleven. This is a amazing soft and beautiful song. It is the most lyrically complexed track on the CD and is very melodic. I personally love this song but it is a lot different from anything the band have ever released before so not all fans may enjoy it.
"conversations" is the poorest song on the CD in my opinion. The verses are fantastic and feature great streams of guitar which cut out in between the vocals but when it comes to the jerky chorus the song kind of falls apart in a mesh of chimes and drums which dont seem in place. But it is still a great song by most bands standards, just not Finger Elevens.
"the last scene of Struggling" is a little simular to absent elements and thus is fantastic! The song has great energy and becomes quite heavy as it progresses.
"panic Attack" works brilliantly, the lyrics guitars and drums are all linked masterfully and you can really feel the panic attack as the tempo gradually speeds up to the chorus and the music gets louder and louder and the vocals become more aggresive. The song is perhaps a little repeatative but is still very unique and great to listen to.
"therapy" is another one of the standout tracks for me. It is fairly slow with a great bassline. The Verses are fairly simple in structure but very addictive as is the bridge and when it bursts into the chorus you get amazing lyrics from Scott and the guitars fill the background. A beautiful and dark song that is one of my favs from the band.
"one thing" is the second accoutic track and is one hell of a great sing along track especially live. It is repeatative and quite simple but it is also very enjoyable and has a great feel to it. It is one of the more "happy" tracks on the CD and very melodic.
"obvious heart" the final track on the CD has amazing Bass from Sean Anderson and the guitars are absolutly amazing. The Drums are perfectly linked with the bass and creates a fanstic effect. Scotts lyrics are also very impressive and its a great powerful song to end the album. It is also amazing when played live!
Scott Anderson's vocals are a little less agrresive on this album and are a lot smoother and more melodic. He has a amazing voice and is by far one of the greatest singers out there right now.
James Black's guitar work is better than ever with more and more complicated riffs and also there are more noticable guitar solos on this album that are becoming more and more impressive from him (in songs Stay in Shadow, Absent Elements and Obvious Heart)
Rick Jackett's guitar is also fantastic and keeps the rythem brilliantly and creates a more fuller sound than most bands have.
Rich Beddoe's drums are as great as ever and are expecially impressive on songs like Obvious heart and good times.
Sean Andersons bass is unbelievably good. He has some great basslines on this album as in songs like obvious heart and Other light. You can hear the bass a lot more in Finger Eleven than in most bands and i think that Sean Anderson is the greatest bass player out there at the moment.
So this is another incredable album from who in my opinion the greatest band out there at the moment. It is serious music and is in no way metal so dont go buying this with that assumption.
So if you like rock music with real passion and emotion then get this album! It also comes with a free DVD which features a great live performence and a very funny in the studio feature.
Buy this CD now!!!
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on 26 January 2004
Well, ive been following Finger Eleven right through, from their days as "The Rainbow Butt Monkeys" to the album Tip, followed by the Greyest of Blue skies. This is the best but i wudnt say by far! i'd give Tip 5 outta 5 and the greyest 4 outta 5. Finger Eleven for sure have matured as a band, maybe the fact that they got to tour with bands such as chili peppers and ozzy osbourne helped give them that little extra? In Canada they are already legends, its about time the rest of the world felt the same!
If your into Metal, you'll like, if your into rock you'll like, hell even if your into pop music you will like!
If you like "Good Times" or soon to be released "One Thing" then i Know that you WILL like the rest of it!
P.S if you ever get the chance to see them live, do it! this DVD is good but you get more energy off them live..making them simply AMAZING!
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on 9 February 2004
One of the string of bands that seem to be coming out of Canada at the moment, with a similar feel to the rest but perhaps the most talented of them all. They sit in the same vein as bands like Tantric, Greenwheel, Cold, Course Of Nature, 12 Stones.
Their live presence is amazing, they always seem to really enjoy gigging. I have seem them at the underworld in Camden and at Brixton Academy where they out shone the main act Ever-gothpop-esence-crap. They have Real video clips and audio clips on their web site well worth checking out if you want to see more.
I love all of their albums, my only reservation would be that they could do with a more dominant lead guitar for my taste, but then my taste is probably 20 years out of date. The first album Tip is very Raw, which I like and the latest is more developed, which seems to appeal to everyone else!
Well worth a try.
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on 18 October 2004
I first heard finger eleven on 1080 avalanche for gamecube WHICH IS A CLASS GAME!!!but what makes it so excellent isnt just the graphics and gameplay but the songs put on iy. Finger Elevens "Good Times" is a very rhythmic song and has a beat that really gets you going!!! i was VERY VERY suprised about how great the whole album actually is,considering that most times albums have a couple of good songs on and the rest might be naff, but not with this album, seriously, it has a good mixture of diff style metal and songs such as "Thousand Mile Wish" give the album a nice flow of songs, Seriously, the whole album is Absolutly amazing and all the songs on it are really good quality and are nice to listen to. Buy it if you like this kind of music cos u wont regret it,unless of course you might regret it but i doubt that cos if you like this type of music then you'll LOVE this album!!!yo
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on 7 October 2005
this album is good!
nearly a year after buying it i can stiull go back to it any time, just turn it on and lose myself in the menthol cool stylings of this canadian rock band.
a definate must buy.
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on 9 March 2004
I've been a fan of Finger Eleven since they released their debut album ("Tip") way back when.
Full of strong songs, the lead off single is probably the best ("Good Times"). Full of huge choruses and intricate breakdowns, a must for fans of:
Fuel, Memento, Trapt... And anyone good, really. These guys rule!
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