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Customer Reviews

4.7 out of 5 stars25
4.7 out of 5 stars
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7 of 7 people found the following review helpful
on 15 October 2003
Lene has surpassed herself with this, her second album, providing us with what must be one of the two best albums ever, along with her first, 'Playing My Game'.
For me the tracks are so rounded that they work excellently by themsleves, but together they become an incredibly gripping collection that demands to be listened to again and again!
'Another Day' itself is a very strong song with a wonderfully uplifiting melody. The clever inclusion of strings in 'Sorry' is not - as is sadly the case in most pop songs with strings - intrusive but actually adds a lot to the tune. 'My Love' has such touching lyrics, and its bare guitar melody is truly beautiful. 'Whatever It Takes' and 'Disguise' have very intriguing lyrics, and unique tunes. The masterpiece 'Story' is reminiscent of 'A Place Nearby' (Track 10 from the first album) which also spoke so eloquently about the sadness of death. The most adventurous of the tracks has to be 'Fight Against the Hours', which uses to great effect a bass riff similar to that in U2's 'With or Without You'.
There just aren't enough words to express how good this album is, and the DVD is also well worth buying. Pity there are only 5 stars!
After a long break, Lene Marlin has made a superb addition to her musical repertoire, a splendid gift from an artist who has already given us so much that is special.
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6 of 6 people found the following review helpful
on 1 July 2004
Bored, and scouting for my next buy on I decided to check up on Lene Marlin to see if she'd got her act together and recorded her sophomore album yet.
I have to say i was surprised to find that 'Another Day' was nestled comfortably among the most popular sales for the talented norweigen. At this point it was still onthe pre-order list and there was no picture but I bought it anyhow.
After being drawn in by the slow 'Playing My Game' I did have second thoughts about whether I really should get the Cd or not - but I'm very glad that I did. 'Another Day' returns to the true Lene Marlin sound: warm and skipping lullabies.
The whole album is beautiful: and all incorperate Marlin's inexplicable ways of putting her listeners into a drowsy state - not at all in a bad way but 'Another Day' is definitely one to wind down to.
Every track is gold and every note is gorgeous. In my opinion it outstripped 'Playing My Game's slightly childish efforts by far and I enjoy this second offering of guitar driven songs very much. If you like Jewel or Dido, Lene Marlin's probably up your street.
Buy Another Day - and feel her uplifting sound.
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4 of 4 people found the following review helpful
on 23 December 2004
This album is the next step in lene's career, her sound has matured greatly since playing my game. However this isn't one of those albums everyone will rave about that it has never left their cd player, i've listened to it twice in about a week becasue it demands complete attention and respect, you really have to apprieciate this album for all of its qualities and only by closing your bedroom door dimming the lights and playing another day at a reasonable volume can you do that. Unlike many female artists there are no catchy tunes in this album, every song is made by Lene Marlin's voice, it commands the dynamics of the song, the instruments never dominate but merely aid the songs. If you give this album the time it deserves it could well be your favourite album very easily, it definitely made me smile when i turned it on because it was exactly what i wanted it to be, and it should be for any lene marlin fan, for once no criticisms at all, this is perfection, every track.
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3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
on 21 January 2004
I actually went to the shop to buy her debut album, 'Playing my Game', but since they didn't have it, i got this one instead. I'm so glad i did because it's now my favourite album ever (i only have 5 others in my collection).
I'm not going to say which songs are the best, because to me they are all the best.
i love the line in 'another day'- 'do you wanna know if i'm able to forget, there are times i wish we'd never met'
'My love' is so hauntingly beautiful and sad. In fact, all the songs are rather sad and melancholy. Some of them tell stories like 'whatever it takes' and 'story' and 'you weren't there'.
There's one i can really relate to- 'fight against the hours'- 'i guess i'm holding onto treasures, to things that just aren't there, to people that i used to know, to words i wish to hear.'
. (lene marlin has been compared with fiona apple (who i've only heard of) and Natalie Imbruglia but i think Lene is a superior talent to Natalie whose only good song is 'torn' that i've heard. Any one who likes sad, thought provoking and meaningful music needs to buy this and it should be played on the radio and she should be a huge success in england where people should be able to understand and appreciate good english lyrics but she's not huge here and i don't understand why. If you already like Lene Marlin a lot, i would like to reccomend another foreign artist from New Zealand- 'Bic Runga'. Bic's songs aren't much like Lene's. they are very different but bic is also very original and writes her own music and plays instruments and has beautiful lyrics. You may have heard one song called 'sway' which was featured on that movie 'American Pie'. she also has almost every review with 5 stars.
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
on 24 March 2004
I bought this album after having liked Lene's previous singles "sitting down here" and "unforgivable sinner" and thought this would be quite similar. I was wrong, but gladly so.
This album has such a different undertone and feel to it than much of her other work. Her lyrics are simple but honest, and her voice is so gentle and quiet, showing a possible sense of insecurity.
The songs are very moving, and although the majority of them have a sense of melancholy and despondency, they are beautifully crafted and show her emotions from an almost childlike viewpoint.
Her voice is soft and wispy, and is very easy to listen to.
All of the songs on here are great and the album and Lene herself are extremely underrated. Overall it is definitely worth buying.
Enjoy x x x
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7 of 8 people found the following review helpful
on 7 November 2003
i cannot say without a doubt this album is the best off the yr
its a story book off beautifull lyrics and beautifull sounding folk music with lene's angelic voice and no its very different form her first album wich is also a fab album.
1.anouther day-a very good starter and a little touching it also has a william orbit sound effect to it this will make a good single and pritty uplifting.
2.faces-a haunting mid paced track a haunting piano and gothic choir in the background and beautifull guitar rifs and very haunting lyrics one off my faves it about beeing there fo the one u want to be with. werent there-anouther fave off mine it goes from slow to fast and slow to fast with a little uplifting folk sound i love it itsabout a break up anyone will relate to this one.
4.from this day-again lene delves into anouther haunting ballad and again it sound like william orbit has added sound effects to it and i love the kinda synched strings a very imple tune o listen to.
5.sorry-she delves inot a more upbeat folk ballad theres nothing touchy about this song but its catchy and will make a good single. love-this song made me cry its haunting and makes u hungry to listen to it again and again she plays this with just her guitar on some echo effect wich gives it a beautefull sound
one off the best songs she has ever written its a tearjerker.
7.whatever it takes-again lene goes into a mid paces folk song again its anouther pritty tune and a little haunting i could to sing to it all day.
8.fight against the hrs-the bass in the slow folk song is creepy and very good with beautifull guitar effects again this is anouther haunting ballad it made me think alot it has haunting string sections.
9.disguise-a gourgous mid paced ethereal track a lovly tune not that much haunting but good to listen to during a nihtime drive butin a way can leave u with a tear or french kissing ur love and keeping him/her close.
10.story-this is anouther beautifull tearjerker about suicide and left me havng it on repeat along with track 6 its just mostly lene's angelic voice with a hevy drum loop a piano and very low strings and bass very haunting.
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7 of 8 people found the following review helpful
on 11 October 2003
i've been a fan of lene marlin ever since her first album, "playing my game" was released in 1999. having heard she was taking a break from making music for a while, i was a little scared that maybe she wouldn't come back, or when she did that the music she made wouldn't be anywhere near the standard of that first album i still listen to as often as possible.
i'm glad to say that this album is definitely worth the wait, and while the songs aren't as different as they were on the first album, they are still as touching as ever, due to lene's honest lyrics and vulnerable sounding voice. the melodies are all catchy, and seem to get stuck in my head randomly, even though they wouldn't appear to be the kind of songs that you start singing as you're walking down the street, you'd be surprised how often you start.
on first listen, the standout tracks for me were "another day" because of it's breezy melody and strumming guitars, "you weren't there" because of the melancholy lyrics, upbeat sound and the way the chorus comes in, "sorry" for the strings and catchy melody, "my love" because it is almost acoustic and incredibly beautiful, "whatever it takes" for it's radio-friendly, guitar-pop sound and "story" which is about a suicide.
the completely honest lyrics and simple sounds of all the songs shine through and make this one of the best albums i've heard in a while. maybe not as good as "playing my game" but a damn good second album anyway. highly recommended.
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
on 29 September 2003
I have been waiting for this album for years. When Playing My Game was released i was so impressed. The songs were fantastic, beautiful in fact. This album is very similar and yet in many ways different. I have only listend to it about 3 times through, so cannot make any real judgements yet, but i do like it. Playing my game took a few listens before i really got into it. You weren't there. Sorry. Another day are very good. Thing is i loved playing my game so much that i don't think anything will ever live up.
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7 of 8 people found the following review helpful
on 12 September 2003
Lene Marlin is back with a new album, the follow-up to her debut 'Playing My Game' which went platinum in the UK and sold almost 2 million copies worldwide. It included the UK top 5 single 'Sitting Down Here', and 'Unforgivable Sinner' which was the fastest and biggest selling single in Norwegian chart history.
The new album 'Another Day' sees Lene moving on to embrace a more mature sound - less 'pro-tools', more live guitars. As before, Lene has written all the material on the album, but this time has worked with producer Mike Hedges (U2, The Cure, Travis) who has helped her to craft an album of real depth and quality. Includes the upcoming single 'You Weren't There'. Her new single, "You Weren't There" is bound for an instant hit when released in the UK, but that's not the only great track on the album. The downbeat "Enough" won't make you want to get up and dance, but it certainly proves Lene's music talent. "From This Day" has potential as a single but possibly isn't strong enough, as is the relaxing ballad "My Love". "Disguise" is relatively strong, and the catchy "Fight Against The Hours" is also worth a listen to.
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on 28 September 2003
After a long wait, finally she released a new album. When I first heard her song ‘You Weren’t There’ I was thrilled, and so I decided to wait for her new album to be released, and then I bought the import one from UK yesterday. After I listened to all the songs, I feel very glad that she did the impressive job in this album as well. You can't find any ‘weak’ track in here; it's just the combination of all her best songs ever. Yes, it is true that if you like her first effort 'Playing My Game' you won't be disappointed with this one, because this collection of 10 songs will never disappoint you. The lyrics are all about love, and it is very touching. Each track is so outstanding, and I can say that it all can be a single. Overall, I love the entire album! I’ll give them 5 stars!
ps: The limited edition of this album contains a DVD with two unreleased bonus tracks :)
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