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4.3 out of 5 stars31
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 10 October 2003
This is the first cd from Blondie since the collapse of the Beyond records,Craig Leon suing the label and band and in the US the fact that they are not signed to a record label and this is the cd that they are releasing anyways. This cd is one of the best and most intense cds of 2003. The band has put out a very rock based cd with rap and some dance and reggae thrown in. "Shakedown" with the raunchy rap of Debbie to the dance vibe of "Good Boys" to the just drop dead gorgeous "Undone"---this better be the second single and I mean it---to the flat out rock of "GoldenRod" to the intense Hedwig And the Angry Inch influenced "Rules For Living"(this is by Mr. Destri and on their website he says this is the best song he has ever written and from all the great songs he has done in the past it truly is breathtaking) to the stunning "Background Melody(The Only One)"- a little Portishead reggae/dub/rock all thrown together with such a memorable hook--to "Magic" which is a bit weird but grows--to "End To End"( a awesome rock tune with Romantic Debbie singing of love) to "Hello Joe" -a funny tune to "The Tingler" the only Harry /Stein song on the cd to the flat out gorgoeus rockers that are "Last One In The World" and "Diamond Bridge" to the last 2 jazz influenced tracks "Desire Brings Me Back" that features The Jazz Passengers and "Songs Of Love" that features one of Debbie's best vocals ever--this cd flows and will grow on you until it is in your head. I have no doubt this cd should do extremely well in Europe and especially the UK where they seem to understand the fact that this group and especially Deborah Harry are truly one of a kind and still important to music . Just a tremendous cd from start to finish. A++++++++++++++++++++++!!!!
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on 8 October 2003
Their last album, 1999's No Exit, scored a 6th UK no.1 single with 'Maria', but the song itself was a bit too tribute band-ish. A good song, but it was Blondie-by-numbers and a bit of a disappointement. The Curse of Blondie is different. They're not treading water, it's the sound of a band playing to their strengths. The quality of Shakedown, Good Boys, Undone, Goldenrod, Rules of Living, The Tingler and Songs of Love is second to none. Loads of singers/band have tried to do Blondie - but only Blondie can do Blondie - and here they are on top form.
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on 6 October 2003
What can you say about Blondie, certainly not Cursed but true survivors of 30 years in pop/rock. The thing about Blondie and The Curse as a CD is diversity. The same band that crossed over with Heart of Glass do it again with the truly unique sound of Good Boys. But other stand out tracks have to be Shakedown with an upbeat new jersy rap story, truly Rapture 2003 style.Interestingly it is the slower tracks that are very hypnotic and stand out immediately ...Magic ,Rules of the Living and Sogs of Love ...truly beautiful tracks. But if it is power pop blondie you crave then go no further than undone, end to end and the tingler. What this CD gives is a bit for everyone...old blondie fans and the newer and younger recruits that blondie have been pullin in since their last resurrection in 1999's NO EXIT. Hopefully there will be NO Exit for Blondie as they are a band who deserves success . The Curse of Blondie is a very welcome return to form for Ms Harry and her boys !!
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on 2 October 2003
After their pretty successful comeback album no exit in 1999 and the brilliant maria blondie r back with the much delayed new album the curse of..
Like no exit and both the bands last two albums from their first period automamerican and the hunter the album sees the band experimenting in all different areas.the single Good boys is typical blondie with a dance edge while not as instant as maria on repeated play the chorus especially lodges itself in your brain.Other hightlights include the brilliant UNDONE,THE TINGER,and RULES FOR LIVING where the bands knack for pop and an infectious chorus really show.They dont rock as much as the use to in their prime but DIAMOND BRIDGE and GOLDENROD both previewed on last years tour show they can still get away with it.The CURSE OF .. is again very diverse from rock,dance,and on opener SHAKEDOWN the band once again revisit their love of rapping.While not the best album the band have done it is a bit more commercial than no exit with a more pop if not pop/rock feel to it and once again the best female vocalist ever just sounds simply DEVINE on every single track.
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on 17 March 2008
I was vaguely aware that one of my favorite bands from the seventies, Blondie, was playing again. But I had not figured they would be doing anything really noteworthy.

Fortunately I took a chance and bought a couple of their new CDs, and it turns out that The Curse of Blondie is really good. It contains several tracks which one may consider amongst their best ever. For example Background Melody, Magic, and Rules for Living, just wonderful songs.

I warmly recommend this album, and I think it's awesome that people who have been in the music business for thirty years can rise up and create something this fresh and strong.
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on 31 October 2003
Couldn't wait to buy this but only had time to listen to the first 5 songs when I played it during a lunchtime and came away mightily disappointed. It seemed so weak, and I never thought it would grow on me, but I've never been so wrong about a first impression in my entire life! This CD is totally amazing - with some stunning songs (Undone, Golden Rod, End to End, The Tingler), showing the musical versatility that's always been present in their work regardless of those who only know them as "single" bands are aware. And Deborah's voice can still touch you deep in the heart. Only Magic is the weak song here, the rest are gorgeously effective slices of timeless beauty.
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on 15 October 2003
Blondie's last album No Exit was an odd bunch of songs with a few signs that the old spark was still there (Nothing Is Real But The Girl, Maria and Under The Gun). So I must admit I was expecting more of the same with The Curse of Blondie. I was wrong. It's fantastic.
Highlights, and there are loads, include the classic Blondie power pop of Undone and End To End - both of which could have made it onto Eat To The Beat. My favourite at the moment is End To End "We kissed on New Year's Eve, we changed the century". No-one ever mentions that Debbie Harry is one of pop's best lyricists, so I just have. Then there are the rockier tracks: Golden Rod, Last One In The World and the strangely moving Diamond Bridge. If you've ever enjoyed a Blondie album then these tracks alone should make it worthwhile for you to buy The Curse.
But this is a Blondie album, and there are unexpected musical diversions. So we get their Duran Duran impression (Good Boys), rap/urban (Shakedown), The Tide Is High revisited (Background Melody) and the indescribable The Tingler which could actually be the really big hit here.
And to finish there is a song like no other Blondie song. It's called Songs of Love. The first time I heard it I thought it must be a Jacques Brel composition that had passed me by. It's a truly beautiful song and will break a lot of hearts.
The Curse of Blondie is a perfect pop album by a band that keep surprising.
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on 1 October 2003
Blondie back with an album that rivals Parallel Lines for title of best Blondie Album, The Curse of Blondie is Experimental but also classic Blondie, after you get over the shock of the opening track Shakedown with it's Rap and icy cool vocals theres the synth pop Of Good Boys and then a rollercoaster ride through Future Classic Singles, Goldenrod stands 100ft tall, there's also Japanese folk and Free Jazz. this is a classic of the Future Debbie, Chris, Jimmy and Clem you've done us proud, if you want an hour of pleasure this is your CD.
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on 22 August 2004
'the curse of blondie' is blondie's latest album, signalling their second comeback (of sorts) and a huge world tour. but does the new blondie match up to the old?
sadly, i think not. now, don't get me wrong (i am the biggest blondie fan ever!), but compared to their previous work, 'curse' really is an so-so album from a band who can do sooo much more (look no further than 1978's 'parallel lines'). true, there are some absolutely knockout moments on show here that almost recall the past, like the thumping, 'rapture'-esque single 'good boys', the sweet but not sickly pop of 'undone' and the beautiful 'rules for living'. the band are at their heaviest with 'golden rod' and 'last one in the world', two of the best tracks here. for some reason, i really like 'diamond bridge', as well. also, it's good to know that blondie's hidden secret, aka drummmer/machine-gun clem burke, is still holding everything together magnificently.
it's a shame, then, that the other seven tracks either miss the mark completely or come across as average. tracks six all the way through to ten are all generic pop/rock songs with interesting lyrics and pretty melodies, but they just don't have the same magic as any of the 70s material. can someone please tell debbie harry what an awful rapper she is, just so that we don't have to listen to her on tracks like the embarassing 'shakedown'? i cringe listening to that one. 'desire brings me back' is a mess, and 'songs of love' could have been improved so much by being cut off after about three minutes.
'curse' isn't the first time that blondie have attempted to mix different styles into their music; it all started in 1980 with the diverse and consistently superb 'autoamerican', which was followed by the relative let-down of 'the hunter'. the first comeback effort was in 1999 with 'no exit', a partial return to form with a few stunners (especially the number 1 single 'maria'), a few stinkers and everything else in between.
all in all 'curse' is a pleasant listen which longtime fans will cautiously welcome, but it's unlikely to bring too many newcomers into the fold. for any other band, having this as one of your three worst albums would be a huge compliment, but for blondie, it's a bit of a shame. the bottom line is, once you've heard what they were capable of, the new stuff just doesn't deliver in the same way. stick with the classic late-70s releases.
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on 28 September 2003
Blondie are back, the 2nd release after the reformation shows even more growth and creativity. Without any doubt, Blondie are the best band in Rock when comes to versatility, creativity and attitude. Deborah Harry is an ICON all to herself, the female singers of today would be only lucky to have Deborah's tongue in cheek attitude, style and talent. With all of the above in mind, the results for "The Curse of Blondie" album is creatively the Band's most adventurous by far. The single "Good Boys" is they best Dance-Rock song of 2003, without any exceptions. It's miles ahead in it's musical arrangement, lyrics and is CLASSIC Blondie from the get go. It's as if they threw "Heart of Glass & Rapture" into a blender and out came "Good Boys". Other standouts are the New Jersey laid back Rap of "Shakedown", and the truly beautiful "Magic". Excellent and Solid work from ground breaking Blondie.
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