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4.2 out of 5 stars17
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on 5 November 2003
Following on from Machine, which I think is a great album, Shadow Zone basically improves on what I already considered to be the future sound of metal. Stand out tracks include "Control It" and album-titled "Shadow Zone" though my personal favourite is the electrifying "Otsegolectric". The album tails off a little towards the end but includes 10 killer tunes and the single "The Only" (plus a few slower songs) that seemlessly blend trance/techno with no-nonsense thrash. Image is everything in metal and these guys make a refreshing change from long hair or masks. The bonus DVD is a worthy addition for fans with 3 live tracks and some funny behind-the-scenes moments. Energetic music that I highly recommend.
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on 9 December 2003
i have been waiting for this album ever since i heard it was comin out, Wisconsin Death Trip is a Hard Debut Album to beat and although Machine was a slight dissapointment.
i TOTALLY DID NOT expect Static-X to write some songs with lyrics about Relationships, 'New Pain' and 'So' are just 2 of the culprits. i just prey that they dont turn into another Linkin Park Style Band. i like LP, i just DONT expect Static-X to 'follow', if they do. it will be a HUGE disapointment.
Anyway, back to the album :-).
It is a Fantastic Album to listen to, Tracks like Destroy All and Otsegolectric are good adreniline pumping songs, this is a Great album to add to your collection
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on 28 May 2004
Shadow Zone is a big improvement from Machine, which was still a great album. Static-X have kept their music's uniqueness but have developed their style for this album. While the music remains heavy and Wayne Static still delivers his unique vocals, the songs take more form, maybe because of the involment of new guitarist Tripp Einsen(murderdolls). Something new that Static-X have tested are slower, harmonic songs which are also great, showing Static-X are able to produce both brutal and anthemic tracks. The standout tracks for me are Destroy All, All in Wait and So. If you liked Machine or just like metal music this is a must have.
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on 28 November 2003
Hailed their heaviest album to date, it's questionable but as soon as 'Destroy All' begins you get that trademark Static-X sound, but there is a difference. The vocals aren't as distorted as on "Machine" but are more reminiscent of a Taproot album. There is also the introduction of harmonics on the chorus' and more developed lyrics.
Those static fans blaming Tripp Eisen's involvement for the more expressive and expanded lyrics are in for a shock as the few tracks that reek of "Machine" were written by Tripp and the rest Static wrote the vocals. This only works to improve the durability of their tracks and present a new direction for the band. They'll have a lot to live up to with the next album but for now this a definite improvement and although I disagree with the statement of "Shadow Zone" being heavier than previous releases it is certainly a more enjoyable experience.
The album progresses rather chaotically, with sudden changes from the cleaner and emotion ridden tracks straight into fast, heavy, "Machine" like tracks. Somehow this doesn't ruin the flow of the album but there are a few weak tracks not normally associated with Static-X (namely 'Transmission'). There may be some transitional period for some to get used to new style of vocals from static that are less distorted and more open which is completely unexpected but the atmosphere behind the music hasn't changed much, if anything it has cleverly moved away from the 'Cold' style sound which was becoming more mainstream.
If you need some highlight tracks to convince you try: 'New Pain'; 'The Only'; 'Otsegolectric' and 'Invincible'.
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on 11 October 2003
A big Static-x fan, i was very excited about the new release, having been greatly impressed by the first 2 albums. Those of you who know Wisconsin Death Trip and Machine should agree with me in saying that Static-X have definitely turned a corner in their style of music. Shadow Zone, the new album is generally more of a 'metal' album than a true static-x industrial metal album.Thats not to say isnt a good album though. It encompasses most of the elements that make Static-X what they are. Great guitar riffs, chugging bass lines and the usual integration of electronics do appear once more.However, it sometimes lacks the intensity and brutality that the first 2 albums had. This new album is definitely more melodic and perhaps a little more mainstream.
Songs to look out for are 'Destroy All', which is more reminiscent of the previous albums, 'Control It', 'Shadow Zone', and 'Dead World,.
Generally a very gd album but not quite you would expect from Static-X. Lets hope they tour Europe soon!
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on 24 October 2006
ahh help static-x have gone pop on us. but dont worry its great because you can now sing along to the band as they have proper melodies, woo-hoo. its great this album it is, there are still big riffs everywhere but they arent as prominant in the mix there is more emphasis on the beats and the vocals which by wayne static standards are restrained on this one. he actually shows that hes not too bad at holding a tune and the songs sound better for it as the band have managed to expand their sound and streamline it at the same time. they are still the same beast as before as on songs like desrtroy all and new pain but its songs like shadow zone and kill your idols and all in wait thatshow the evolution in sound that stand out. a very good album and probably the best one to start with.
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on 10 April 2006
as fear factory lead the way for industrial metal the same can be said of static x in industrial rock,they aint quite metal but they still rock like a hammer and the vocals would still scare the life out of nickleback fans so fear not.
this is a cracking album filled with songs that never outstay their welcome,the riffs are good and the majority of the songs have good sing along chorus',it is typical static x,no real surprises on show,the lyrics are strong and expressive and there is plenty of drive and intent on evidence here,a fine hard rocking,foot stomping album which is pretty much killer and hardly any filler
give it a go
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on 9 January 2005
'Shadow zone' is a whole new fresh album from Static-X, unique and unlike their others: 'Wisconsin Death Trip' or 'Machine'. Throughout the years, they've managed to evolve and develop on their unique brand of heavy industrial rock. The lyrics are more abundant in this album, but they haven't forgotten their roots. One of the tracks 'So' demonstrates their abilities of being able to transform into a more melodic side from their more violent view that most people see them as. Three of Shadow Zone's most impressive tracks include their first single 'The Only', the title track 'Shadow Zone', and 'All in Wait', which does seem to have an influence from 'Love Dump' from 'Wisconsin Death Trip'. Static-X continues their promise to include an 'Otsego', related track 'Ostegolectric'.
All the lyrics, like any of their others are still under the scientifical character of their previous albums. They've got a great group line up, including Dope's former Tripp Eisen, who is an amazing guitarist and Bass player Tony, along with Nick who is an incredible drummer too. The whole album has a major collection of tracks not to be missed, by any hard-core, heavy metal fan.
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on 28 June 2006
A very fast and relentless album, the foot stomping never really lets up. A very fiery album with some memorable songs such as Destroy all, The only, All in wait, so and more. Great if you like this thing and worth a try if you dont. They also happen to be one of the best live bands iv ever seen when they opened for KoRn. Brilliant!!
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on 30 May 2007
What happened to the Static-X we see on Machine? Where are they gone? They appear to have been replaced by a mediocre band fronted by Jonathan Davis.

Wayne has made his vocals sound so much like Jonathan Davis on some these tracks that it is impossible to tell the differance between the two. Granted, on tracks like "Destroy All" and "Monster" Static-X still have their fury and anger, and have Wayne singing, but for the rest of this pathetic offering, it all seems a bit too tame to be the band that we all know and love.

The DVD isn't much better either, with some "Live" performances (that is, footage of Static-X running around with the studio version of the song played over it) and a fairly crap intereiw.

Overall, sometimes this band is Static-X, but for the majority of the album, it's this Mediocre band that appear to have taken over.
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