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on 24 August 2004
The entourage of MD: Frank, Julia, Tom, Ben (and Cameron who has now moved on) are a promising British rock group. Their touring ethic is ruthless and hard-working. If you have been hunting down the likes of Thrice, Thursday, Hundred Reasons and Biffy Clyro live this year since 2003, it would be impossible not to spot these guys supporting and proving us that their unique, political, intelligent heavy rock should be noticed. The first time I spotted MD (yes, on MTV2) watching 'Smiling at Strangers on Trains', I wasn't impressed. My first reaction was that Julia was an Avril-copycat and Frank was posturing like Colin Doran from Hundred Reasons. With hindsight, I can tell you that was complete nonsense.
'Charlie & The Propaganda Myth Machine' is a strong highlight with lyrics like 'Willy Wonka is a capitalist confidence trickster, a poster boy for neo-liberalism'. Pop Punk this ain't. There's not a weak track on this album, but other favourites of mine are 'Pornography For Cowards', 'A Song To Ruin', 'Breaking Back' and 'The Rise and Fall'. You can't totally appreciate them until you see how electric they perform live. I love how the start of this album is really abrasive, Frank's opening screams are a statement of intent, he doesn't mind if you don't get it, infact, his intention to is make you either switch it off immediately or get hopelessly hooked. Their music is like Caviar not Marmite. You either love it or you don't, but it's an acquired taste.
Blah, I'm rambling but you get the point. MD are not a classic band yet. It's the beginning of a strong career. I feel they've positioned themselves in an exciting place. The new material such as 'I Gave Eyes To Stevie Wonder' proves whenever they release their second album, it's going to be pretty awesome. All the best to you lads!
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on 10 November 2003
I don't often buy singles. But upon hearing "Breaking the back", I got it, and the subsequent album, without hesitation. They sound quite unlike any other band around, but comparisons have been made to ATD-I, Thrice and FFAF. But there's much more to it than aping those guys.

Most of the half-English, half-Australian quartet’s songs are so intense that they nearly collapse under their own weight come three minutes. More importantly, for a ten song album, there is no weak tune on here. Breaking The Back starts with a simple drum beat, before a brutal guitar line leads into a verse where lead singer (and history student) Frank Turner says how getting a part-time job has not changed him for the better. I Am The Party has an inspired breakdown and “kick back into the riff” bit, and a smart closing line of “Let’s all go down to the local polling station, pick our own categories and vote for ourselves.”
The main theme seems to be dashed childhood dreams and their consequences. Charlie and the Propaganda Myth Machine starts on a menacing backdrop of downbeat, melodic bass and guitar before the pivotal line: “Walt Disney is pushing social and sexual hierarchy; my bed time stories a GMTV gomulka.” Then the explosion, where Frank sings as if he’s about to die, kill someone or collapse of emotional distress in the recording studio: “Hold out the arm and quiet the voice. My first MacDonald’s visit a vaccination, like the time my parents took me to the school / clinic, and handed me over to the teacher / nurse / whatever. I too got sucked in by the myth machine.” It’s invigorating and frightening, as well as being something that most of us can relate to. The layered title track builds like a prog-rock epic showing that outright anger isn’t the only tool in their box.
However, the best track, the brill Smiling At Strangers On Trains has more humanity than usual, it’s anxious punky shuffle is as good as ATD-I’s most straightforward song, the thrilling Arcarsenal. Frank’s unhinged wail, particularly near the end, sounds at its most alive; Cameron Dean’s guitar and Julia's bass are at their best, and the fevered drumming all combine to form a gem of a song. To summarize: this is impeccable stuff, hardly sounding like a debut and full of energy and intelligence.
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on 10 September 2003
Million Dead are a political Anglo-Aussie foursome from London and when I brought this album I didn't know what to expect, so I was amazed when it utterly blew me away. This is the band for fans of Funeral For A Friend, Thrice, My Chemical Romance or any fans of Post Hardcore, Emo or Extremo. The stand out track is 'Charlie and the Propaganda Myth Machine'but other great songs include the title track 'A Song To Ruin', 'I Am the Fall' and 'Rise and Fall' which is bizarly about the Byzantine Empire!The only song which may possibly let this album down is 'MacGyver'but even that can get stuck in your head after a while. Buy this C.D to check out Britain's current hottest new band!
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on 22 December 2010
Million Dead were an awesome band who produced here one hell of a CD. Noisy distorted guitars accompanied by some really intelligent lyrics sung in a unique style.

I don't know any bands to compare them to, but if you enjoy punk then I recommend you definitely give this CD a whirl.

The title track is the least aggressive, and probably my favourite, as the tempo is spot on, the drums and guitar are amazing, and the vocals really powerful... intense stuff!

There is not even a bad song on the album! Go buy!
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on 25 February 2013
I downloaded the MP3 version of this album and did so with ease.

The album is very good- there is nothing like a young Frank Turner screaming about politics to get you pumped up! The album includes fantastic songs such as 'I am the party', 'Charlie + the propaganda myth machine' and 'Breaking the back'.
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on 5 October 2003
Anybody familiar with At The Drive In and Hundred Reasons will definately enjoy Million Dead.
This isn't an easy album to get into by any means, but it's well worth the trouble.
The title track is incredable, but the best song has to be Charlie + The Propaganda Myth Machine, closely followed by the fourteen minute (yes 14 min!!!) closing track The Rise And Fall.
I strongly recommed this album, and if you get a chance to catch them live they are awsome.
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on 3 April 2005
A varied, multi-faceted album full of aggresion that's been channeled creatively. The result? A genuinly original lyrical style, great tunes, great musicialship, and the best hardcore punk album is recent years.
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on 3 December 2003
This is one of the best albums this year, and I can now say this as we are very near the end. I have listened to this cd in the car on the way to work, during work and after work for the last three weeks and it sounds better everytime!
You have got to buy this album, BUY IT NOW!!!!
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on 7 September 2003
beautiful could sum this album up in one word. although it has lots of hadrcore elements it always seems to leave you with a chilling feelong. you will not stop listening to it.
it is not a easy album to get into but once you are through the surface you will want to listen to the album non stop. frank has great vocals from the screaming to great singing.
but one thing that makes the band, is that the voice does not drown out the music. which by the way is totally amazing. the guitaring is not simple but not too complicated and hits the spot in every song.
this is a consistant album and i love every song on it, but that doesn't mean that the songs are similar cause they are not. my favourite song would have to be a song to ruin. other highlights are breaking the back and relentless.
this is for fans of at the drive in, biffy clyro, mars volta and british rock in general so give it a go and buy it.
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on 24 April 2004
Million Dead created one of the most exciting rock albums of 2003 in theform of 'A Song To Ruin'.
Don't just take my word for it, Buy It andexperience it's brilliance for yourself.
I can't wait to see what theydo next... they're a band with a very bright future ahead of them.
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