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4.0 out of 5 stars149
4.0 out of 5 stars
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on 14 April 2004
This game is brutal, there's no other way to describe it, and I love it. The graphics are great, the controls are easy to get the hang of and the sound is frighteningly realistic. I found the levels well laid out and the gameplay is quite simply superb, it's beats Vice City hands down in my book. Plus I've got some great new idea's for things to do to people on a Saturday night in town (joke!!).
People moan about lack of variety, well I haven't encountered it, I think you are only limited by your own imagination. The most terrifying thing in the game though was some of the comments from the "director", he seems to enjoy some bits a little too much if you take my meaning.....
6 of us took it in turns playing this game with some beers on a Saturday night and we all agreed it was the funniest night we've had since we first saw Texas Chainsaw Massacre!!
If you own a playstation and are over 18 then do yourself a favour and get this game, you won't be me!!
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on 3 August 2004
I am sick of people slating this game,because some kid may have copied it,play the game its great true testimony to Rockstar games,thank you AMAZON for giving the sensible gamer a chance to buy this title,a credit to you for giving us a choice.
So a gamer,you have not played it so dont review it,
The game if you ignore stupid hype is a good surval game,if you like resident evil and GTA,i am sure you will enjoy this,play it dont listen to the people who dont play it find out yourself.
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on 4 June 2006
It took me a little while to get hold of this game, with it being banned and all. But after I got my hands on it and had a good old play on it, I realised why it got banned.

Your name is James Earl Cash, and you have been on death row for a while. But to survive you have to do everything a certain man tells you. He is called the 'Director' and he commands you to kill thugs around Carcer City whilst being watched by a CCTV video camera. Sounds fun hey!? There are plenty of different methods of killing, using plenty of different weapons. Including, plastic bags, glass shards, shotguns & steal baseball bats.

This game is definately NOT recommended for children under the age of 18. Mums and Dads don't be stupid and perchase this for your children, it really is sickening... but in a fun way.
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on 17 September 2014
You play as James Earl Cash, a convict awaiting his death row sentence. However, a mysterious voice known as the Director, gives you another shot at life. Stepping into the madness of Carcer City, the voice directs you from one area to another, but to do so you must kill many of the gangs patrolling the city, whilst being filmed on numerous cameras. You will be granted freedom if you can survive the night, but the various gangs are all thirsty for your blood.

The story is bland and uninspired. Cash's voice acting is abysmal and he has little dialogue throughout the campaign; however, Brian Cox puts in an excellent performance as the Director. The insane mumblings of gang members is always amusing and reflects their psychotic personalities.

Manhunt takes great inspiration from The Running Man, using the slums of Carcer City to create game zones. Carcer City is a complete s*** hole, barren, soulless and left to rot. The city is fit for the scum that are patrolling it. The environments become more interesting as the game progresses; Cash will wander through abandoned zoos, darkened train yards and gloomy cemeteries. Manhunt does a good job mixing up the environments, always showing players something new, but never compromising on the visibility of many surroundings.

The city's gangs are the standout creations, identified by their clothing and strange markings. Manhunt's violent nature shines through its presentation, especially when it comes to the animations and how brutal some of the killing can be. The way in which weapons are used to butcher enemies will leave many speechless. It takes a realistic approach, which is just unheard of in gaming today. The soundtrack is presented as a subtle accomplice, keeping itself subdued and allowing the tension to mount as players do all they can to survive.

Level design is generally uninspired, regularly funnelling players through corridors or predictable gaps to reach checkpoints.

From the outset it's kill or be killed. The name of the game is to eliminate gang members before they finish you off. Cash will come across a number of items to violently kill enemies: plastic bags can be used to suffocate enemies, baseball bats will smash skulls, machetes will chop off heads etc. There are many more weapons to find, and they each provide unique ways in inflicting a whole new meaning of pain upon these gangs. It is important to track an enemy's movement carefully, be patient, and then strike without any other enemy in the vicinity noticing. Each weapon has three levels of attack brutality, which allows Cash to perform a basic or a more violent attack. The violent attacks take a little more time to build up, but the pay off is just insane.

Staying in the shadows will be Cash's ultimate tool for survival, which will avoid the need to brawl with enemies. If enemies do gang up on you then you will not survive the onslaught. Using stealth is highly recommended, and it will keep you out of sight providing you stick to the shadows and regularly track enemy movement. If enemies do spot you then they will come after you, only until you return to the shadows and evade their patrols. When in the shadows, Cash's stance will change and his movements will become far more controlled. Mission objectives will have you scurrying from one checkpoint to the next, eliminating enemies, or finding ways to unlock doors in order to progress further.

Melee weapons are great for silent kills, but the game will also introduce firearms along the way for a little more offensive power. Towards the end of the game, you will have no choice but to resort to guns, as the unforgiving enemy units can make your life hell. Ammunition is a rare commodity, so making each shot count is imperative. Manhunt makes things a little easier by providing a mini map to track enemy movement, and it will also indicate an enemy's level of awareness. If you are noisy, then enemies will begin to investigate sounds in a bid to track you down. Enemies can also be distracted if you throw objects around the environment, which is very effective in splitting up grouped gangs. Enemy A.I. is generally unforgiving, they will use both melee and firearms to eliminate you, so it's wise to keep your head down and get to them first. A cover system is also on hand to keep out of sight, and to aid movement when sneaking around levels.

The addition of firearms turns Manhunt into a boring third-person shooter, which really affects the climax of the game. Certain weapons feel a little similar to one another, and their brutal attacks lack creativity. There are some escort missions, which are frustrating to complete, accompanied by shoddy A.I.

The violent nature of Manhunt's gameplay mechanics is unparalleled. The story falls flat and its lead protagonist is lifeless. Carcer City is hell on Earth, creating a terrifying back for Cash. The gameplay is sadistic and utterly brutal, presenting a new level of violence and raw combat.
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on 2 January 2004
After reading countless reviews of manhunt and seeing all the pics etc surrounding this controversial, yet very under-publicized game… I got it.
Loading the game up you're presented with exactly what you'd expect, dark gritty CCTV footage that sucks you into a very dark game. The USB headset idea is truly the cleverest use I have seen in any game with the director whispering in your ear... The first time you take out a hunter is truly satisfying and there are times (even in the middle of the day) when you're made to jump after being so engrossed in the game cos someone's just jumped out screaming at you after you've cautiously crept up several flights of stairs. This is a very scary game.
However, I found that despite the range of weapons on offer you invariably end up sporting the bat and a gun and the novelty of seeing the executions soon wears off when you're resigned to just seeing the same one over and over again (indeed this execution 'gimmick' is almost removed towards the end of the game when guns rather than steal play a bigger part).
I also found the dark world rather bland (I know it's supposed to be dark but a little bit more character wouldn't have gone a miss).
I feel that this game is good, but just doesn't have any long term potential and is rather gimmicky and is by no means a step on from what Rockstar are best at (GTA) as this game just doesn’t show the innovation you know they can bring to a game, yes it’s the first of it’s kind, yes it’s controversial, people from the Daily Mail will hate it... Is it a anything special, honestly, I don’t think so.
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on 11 August 2003
Way back around the time of E3, you may recall that Take Two(The people behind Grand Theft Auto:Vice City) announced a game called Manhunter. Without going into detail, the press release referred to a game that "explored the depths of human depravity" and, judging by the exceedingly nasty details we've happened upon, they weren't just whistling Dixie, muchachos.
Manhunt concerns itself with the exploits of a horrendous psychopath known only as "The Director". This pompously titled buffoon gets his kicks by taking control of an entire, derelict city, letting loose some hapless slob in said urban rathole, and watching as everyone else attempts to murder the poor sap. The poor sap naturally being you.
Yep, like some mutant hybrid of Escape From New York, The Game, and Surf Nazis Must Die, you play the lonewolf hero stumbling through a nightmare world of crazed gang-members queuing up to cut you a new one. Gameplay is said to resemble the stealth-stylings of Metal Gear Solid, though with considerably more brutal action.
You play convicted murderer and presumed good 'ol boy James Earl Cash who's whisked from Deathrow at the last minute to provide sport for the Director, who watches the action via the various CCTV cameras posted around the city. Apparently sound is at least as important in dodging your pursuers as vision; you can throw objects to send them off to investigate, and an on-screen sound meter shows just how much noise you're making; even your footsteps can give you away if you're not careful.
In a twist worthy of an episode of 24, you'll also be given codec style hints and advice from - The Director! That's just crazy.
On top of such post-modern prankery, Manhunt sounds to be riddled with quite the queasiest, most disturbing examples of casual violence we've seen since, well, ever.
Guns figure in the game, naturally, but apparently they're tricky to get your hands on, which means that for most of the game you'll be battering your enemies into submission with baseball bats and suchlike.
Suchlike being, reportedly, plastic bags with which to suffocate people, and shards of glass for those days when you're fresh out of flickknives; the killing is even shown from a grainy, CCTV footage viewpoint. Lovely stuff.
This game is not for kids!!!
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on 3 August 2004
this game has cum under much criticism lately under suspicion that a boy killed his friend after playing and bein influenced by this game. now obviously this is a tragic incident but blamin a game is jus an easy way to get to the bottom of the problem. it is a pathetic accusation and any one this easily influenced must have psychological problems. this isnt just about killin people, this game has an in depth story line that keeps the player gripped all the way through. it is a dark portrayal of a man forced to carry out executions in order to save his family and himself from the evil hands of "the director". this is a great game and now that the threat of it bein banned has cum about, sales will sky rocket. get this game NOW!!! before its 2 late...
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on 11 January 2007
Ever have one of those days when you are afraid to look at people incase they spontaneously combust under your gaze?

Days when the meat cleaver in the kitchen feels abnormally good in your hand??

Days when you wish you could bring torture and death to those who have wronged you???


It is my absolute favourite game because it allows you to purge all those pent up emotions of rage and violence, and it's all very cathartic and you feel great afterwards.

You play a ex-con turned vigilante of sorts who has to hack and strangle his way through a compound filled with the vilest specimens of humanity that ever existed (including white supremists and murderers). The things you do to them are messed up, yes sir, messed up big time, but you know it's only justice and it's either you or them. Strangely the game never becomes repetitive and is genuinely scary, sometimes you sneak up on someone with your wire, ready to do the job and one of them sees you and boy oh boy do they chase you and shriek with hysterical glee...that freaks me out.... The only negative thing about this game is although it is long, it ends fairly abruptly and the end 'level' or 'boss' if that's what you want to call him, isn't as much of a challenge as your other enemies. Although in a way it is really satisfying to just 'sort him out' without fuss, it's a little bit of an anti-climax.

But don't let that put you off, I highly recommend this game (just don't let nippers play this. I know some people let kids play older games cause the games aren't that bad but THIS ONE IS.)
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on 3 August 2004
Manhunt has to be one of the most violent games i've ever played. Saying that, i don't condone it, im positive there are extremely violent movies etc out there.
The game is mainly a stealth-em-up, as you have to sneak up on hunters to perform executions. However you can kill said hunters the old fashioned way with your fists, but it's not recommended as they usually call for backup and swarm you.
The character models are taken from Grand Theft Auto 3 & VC and given an upgrade, as the graphics are crisp, and there is little if any slowdown throughout the game.
The Voice acting is good, albeit coarse and the different tones in the hunters voices allow for easy indication of a hunters mood, which is a nice touch.
The executions are performed by holding x or square and the longer you hold the button the more violent the execution is. The weapons available allow for a wide variety of executions however, for example, there are different types of baseball bats such as metal and wooden which both perform the same executions. It would have been nice to have more variety such as metal bats doing more violent executions than a regular bat.
There is plenty of blood and gore and it definately earns its 18 rating as one would expect. When an execution is performed a cctv style camera shows the execution from different angles which is very well done and gruesome.
The story puts you in the shoes of a man called James Cash who was supposed to be executed, but he was given a second chance for entertainment of a man called Starkweather who wants Cash to kill Hunters to please the "audience". The location of the game is Carcer city, which was referenced in GTA3. Carcer city is a dark run down city where anything goes and the city itself is very well presentated with smooth textured environments.
The hunters are the people that are after Cash due to the large reward placed on his head by Starkweather. The Hunters are very intelligent, for example, if you make a noise such as knocking a trash can about which would usually cause you to be found, the Hunters wouldn't charge at you straight away, but wait in the shadows until you came close enough for them to attack. If you try to run away they will give chase and if you manage to lose them they will search for you until they either find you or get bored.
In conclusion i would recommend this to people who like the GTA series, although be warned, It isn't for people of a nervous disposition or people who don't like excess blood and gore. All in all a well presentated game!
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VINE VOICEon 7 January 2004
Rockstar, publishers of the excellent and hugely popular Grand Theft Auto series, have returned, with another controversial title. Grand Theft Auto provoked reactions from parent groups about its content, and this game will definitely provoke some more.
Basically, the plot of this game is that you play a criminal by the name of Cash, who had been sentenced to death for his crimes. After a wait on death row, he was taken to be killed, but unbeknown to him and the entire world, his lethal injection had be changed with a strong sedative, by the mysterious Director.
Cash wakes up sometime later, surprised to be alive, and with everyone thinking he's dead. However, it isn't all good news, as he finds himself in a strange place - a place called Carcer City. The city is littered with thousands of CCTV cameras, controlled by the Director, and the city is also home to many dangerous and violent gangs, each with their own unique style and weapons.
The Director, in return for saving your life, has decided to use you for his own perverse pleasure, by forcing you to star in his very own movies, where the gangs stalk Cash, and Cash is forced to either kill everyone, or die himself. Whatever the final outcome, a death is guaranteed, and this pleases The Director, since his film will sell well.
In order to survive, Cash must use stealth, and a plethora of unique weapons, such as plastic bags, glass shards (which you can create by smashing glass windows), and a whole host of extremely violent weapons such as chainsaws, meat cleavers, scythes, and a range of guns. Cash must please the Director by killing gang members in as brutal way as possible (each weapon can be used to kill people in 2-3 ways, ranging between Level 1 kills and Level 3 kills. Level 3 is exteme violent, whereas Level 1 is fairly violent). Only by pleasing the Director will Cash ever leave this city.
The kills in the game are breath taking in their detail and violence. For example, using certain weapons, you can actually rip off the head of a gang member, and throw the severed head to create noise, which attracts other gang members, allowing you to isolate them, making kills easier. You also need to dump the dead bodies in the shadows, so that the alive gang members dont get suspicious.
All in all, this game is a masterpiece in making you feel extremely tense, just like you would if it was a real situation. You cannot fail to be shocked by the kills, and even my hardened 18 year old brother winced as the hammer decapitated a gang member.
The game also features some unique touches, such as the ability to connect a USB headset, and whisper into it to attract the attention of gang members, so that isolating them and killing them becomes easier, and also it adds a sense of realism. Imagine sneaking round a corner, creeping up behind a heavily armed gang member, with you only armed with a plastic bag, and accidentally saying something. The USB headset will make the gang member hear this, and turn round, leading to your untimely demise. Excellent realism.
As with all Rockstar games, it is easy to control, although some of the more technical aspects of the hand to hand combat sections take time to master, although this is not neccessarily a bad thing. Easy to pick up and play, and also easy to become unhealthily engrossed in, this game now sits as #1 on my pile. The weapons become increasingly more powerful (with the kills becoming increasingly awe-inspiringly graphic) as the game progresses, and the levels are nicely split between stealth and silent kills with quiet weapons, and all out gun blazing warfare.
Graphically, its stunning, and I honestly cannot think of a single criticism.
All in all, a hugely enjoyable game, and a masterpiece that everyone (over 18) should play.
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