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4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 16 December 2003
This is a fantastic little game and far outstrips either of the two previous Spyro GBA titles, and is equally appealing to those who are familiar with the Spyro series and to those for whom this is their first Spyro experience.
The new emphasis on puzzle-solving and exploring is a new one for Spyro, and is a welcome change. It also translates much better to the handheld format than the pure action of the past games. The graphics are very polished, sparkly and cheerfully-coloured - it's rather like the sort of landscapes you see in dreams. It might even be enough to make you wonder what the developers were on - this title is genuinely funny (past games have felt a little forcedly so), and wonderfully surreal - various puzzles will have you trying to put back together a rabbit who has sawed himself in half, hypnotising kittens to stand on switches for you, and freezing walruses (walri?) so you can use them as rafts.
The game's developers have also, in keeping with the new exploratory theme, finally woken up and given the player infinite lives instead of the unnecessary distraction that was keeping track of them. The omission of that annoying cheetah Hunter is also very welcome! There are two new playable characters - Sgt. Byrd the flying penguin (eh?) and Agent 9 the monkey (who did make an appearance in the last title, but his new levels are based on stealth rather than shooting-'em-up), both of whom feature in 2D scrolling levels reminiscent of the early Oddworld titles, which make a pleasant distraction from the rest of the action.
The only real downside to this game is that, like most platformers, the plot is a pile of pants, and also in places it's just too cute - this very first mission has you being told to retrieve all the baby dragons' toys, and the game is peppered with fairies and big-eyed fluffy natives. There are also a few control issues when stepping on switches or jumping up on ledges on corners, but for the most part control is very smooth and tight, and Spyro's new attacks add more depth to the gameplay.
In short, a very playable and accessible title that is a real boost to the series and a lovely addition to your games collection.
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on 18 May 2013
Of all the Spyro games on the GBA, this one is definitely my favourite. Spyro must find and collect all 12 "hearts" to fix a space rift that he, Sparx and the Professor have accidently created. Each level, or land, has a Heart. The gameplay style is pretty much the same as the previous installments, but has a new twist:

You must collect the Heart from each land, but the keepers will always have a problem that prevents them from just handing it over. This always results with the same solution. You must find them 7 specific items which can then be traded for the Heart. Sounds straightforward, right? Well, unfortunately, these items are not in the land that needs them- they are all scattered throughout the whole game! So basically, what starts as a typical Spyro adventure of collecting required items soon turns into a multiple scavenger hunt. Just in case that wasn't hard enough, many items are locked in the various coloured treasure chests- red, green, purple and yellow, and you can't open them until you found the corresponding key.
This is where the other 2 playable characters come in. Throughout the lands, you will come across air vents that lead to either a Sgt. Byrd or Agent 9 level. Completing these will reward you with half a key, and once you have a whole key, you can then open the chest of that colour. It all sounds a bit much, and does mean a LOT of backtracking, but its very fun, and it feels really rewarding and satisfying when you have finally collected all 7 items to a set.

Aside from the gameplay, the music is very, very nice. Each music track really feels that it fits the mood of the level. The dialogue is also very good, and the banter between Spyro, Sparx and the other characters is at times very funny, and just adds more charm to the game.

If I had to criticize one thing about the game, it's that sometimes, it does get just a tad too cutesy. Spyro has always been friendly to a younger audience, but this game takes it a bit too far with a few bits of dialogue. For example, at the beginning, the professor instructs his new robotic butler to "fetch some milk and cookies for Spyro"- He's a fire-breathing dragon! He doesn't need "milk and cookies"! This, and a couple of other moments in the game did make me roll my eyes a bit, but at least its not that often, and shouldn't put off older gamers.

Overall, this game is refreshingly different and very enjoyable, with a good balance on difficulty that both younger and older gamers. A must-buy for any fan of the legendary purple dragon!
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on 22 May 2009
Spyro Adventure is classic Spyro. Do the levels, gather the gems, collect the items. It's not all untrue and newfangled, if you loved the old Spyro, like I did, the classicness, you'll like this game. The graphics, understandably aren't the greatest, but they're fine. There are some nice sound effects I enjoyed too. There are enjoyable levels and places to go and you feel a great sense of accomplishment. In the game you must defeat Ripto again. He doesn't have Crunch or....damn, cn't remember other dragon's name...Yeah, he doesn;t have them, but there are plenty of rhinocs to keep you busy. There aren't any bossses, but you can play sgt. Penguin. AND! I used to hate playing as him, It's okay now though. Although, it takes a lot more work..button mashing work. Aaaaaaaaaaa. to flap.
All in all, probably my favourite Spyro game. After Gateway to Glimmer and the original, of course.
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on 9 December 2008
I got this game ages ago but I didn't play on it much because I was young and I kept getting stuck. A few years after I got a ds for christmas so I didn't play on my gba games very often. But I found it again and now I'm addicted to it. You basically have to save the professor from Ripto by getting the hearts of all the different lands by talking to different characters and playing lots of minigames. The lands are really fun and different, my favourite is the cheetah spot spa. I would reccomend this to anybody and I think that it's a great game.
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on 9 December 2003
i really didnt like this game, ive got the game for the playstation and thought it would be kinda on the same lines but its not. i would give the graphics 5 stars though as they are really good. but the gameplay got a bit boring, it was the same thing every level, they just put more bad guys in them as u went along. a real dissapointment for any spyro fan.
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on 28 May 2011
i ordered this yesterday and got it this morning very quick service and no problems with the game at all! 5/5
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on 6 March 2014
still love this game after all these years and fun for all ages of the family. would recommend to a friend
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on 2 June 2016
Works perfect so far sweeet
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