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Customer Reviews

4.5 out of 5 stars15
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 17 November 2003
Having been a fan of Heather's work for a few years now, I was mildly disappointed with her last outing "South", which was a departure from her more spiritual sound to a more commercial effort, though there were one or two efforts in there that gave us hope.
However, I am glad to report that this new album has Heather back to her true form. From the first play,I knew this cd would encapsulte me, and I have to declare that this is Heather at her most honest and best recording performance so far.
The songs are so very much more intense, more earthy and simple, but yet her voice is at it's most haunting best throughout. Efforts such as One Day In June and the title track Storm, has proved that Heather has the ability to cause fragility in one's heart and mind, while other highlights such as All I Need and Everything, just back up what is a truely inspired piece of work.
I have always wished Heather had more sales success, especially in the UK, but at times, I am glad that she is not this commercially huge music icon, because somethings are best kept and best left a secret, and Heather Nova is one hell of a little secret!
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on 7 October 2003
To begin with 5 stars is not a high enough rating for this album.
Heather Nova does not disappoint any of her devoted fans with this latest collection of truly beautiful songs. Track 9 'Thats all i need' is the most wonderful song in the world ever!!!!
It is also a disgrace that the record industry does not rate Heather Nova as the pure wonderful gem she is. Has no one else other than her fans have any real taste?
you could get lost in this haunting album for the rest of your life. Definatly one that you will be listening to in another 10 yrs. How many other albums can you say that about? if her vocals do not melt your heart than there is something wrong with you.
I met Heather a while back and she is so sweet and down to earth. a truly underrated star. Shine on Heather!!
Buy this album. Buy it now and join the few of us who truly appreciate quality when we here it!
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on 17 September 2003
After it's disappointing predecessor, 'South' I wasn't sure what to expect of 'Storm', or whether to even buy this album at all. However, this time round, I have not been disappointed by a more commercial pop sound ( like 'South' ). 'Storm' is a gem of an album, and it makes me wonder why Heather Nova remains so relatively unknown, and society favours bubble gum pop, and the all -too- common rubbish which is pumped out by the music industry which masquerades under the name of 'music'.
'Storm' boasts poetic lyrics and sounds indigenous to Heather's earlier work, but with different musical arrangements owing to different producers. It lifts your spirits as it carries you away into a daydream. "Let's Not Talk About Love" is sung with mood, aching with musical expression and emotion. "You Left Me A Song" full of electric guitar rifts, "Drink It In" is so atmospheric, I listened to this album on a long train journey and it flowed so well with the rushing scenery;trees and fields. Heather appreciates the sky and scenery so it fit in well.This track is one of my favourites. "River of Life" sings of disappointments in life, but with a catchy tune, it's almost reassuring. "Storm" echoes a similar sentiment to "River of Life". I wasn't too keen on "One Day In June" a confession of adultery, and somewhat dreary although tinged with guilt. "Aquamarine" is a bit flat, not one of the highlights on this album.
"I wanna Be Your Light" sounds cheesy as a title but lends itself to repetition in your head, it's beautiful and sung with longing and meaning, and flowing soundscapes...wonderful...another favourite of mine. "All I Need" is incredibly catchy, with soaring piano and strings, and emotive lyrics... pure bliss... "Fool For You" sings of the way in which love can make you crazy for someone, it is a happy, identifiable song, sparked with a haunting Hammond and a twinkling piano, a very good note to end the album on.
Overall, this album is a beauty, showing off Heather's huge talent, I keep on playing it over and over. For the existing Heather Nova fan, it is a must, and probably the best of her work so far. For anyone unfamiliar with Heather Nova, it is a fantastic introduction...enjoy
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on 28 January 2005
I was browsing albums on Amazon and I came across this one. After reading the reviews I decided to give it a go and I am so glad I did. Excellant lyrics and a beautiful voice. The album makes a really strong start which drew me in from the first play. "Let's not Talk about love" kept running through my head after listening to it, it really appealed to me.
Truely Fantastic. Inspired me to buy this album for someone else and I've bought some more of her work. She needs YOU to discover her !
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on 29 October 2003
Fourth studio album of Heather Nova. No producer has been involved in the recording of this album. Since no record label would have allowed that, Heather Nova has recorded the album all by herself and gave it afterwards in license to the record label. The songs are not very stormy, despite of the album title, but rather gentle and calm. Maybe one reason for this is that Heather Nova is pregnant and that the baby should not be frightened from the beginning. The intensity, however, is not less in any way. If I would have to listen only to one CD again and again for the rest of my life, I would chose this one. My favourite songs are „You Left Me A Song", „Drink It In", „River Of Life", „I Wanna Be Your Light" and „Fool For You".
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VINE VOICEon 14 September 2003
Every now and again a record appears that those pundits in the music industry who claim to "know" announce that the album is a "must have". Storm is no "must have", it's a "GOTTA HAVE!!". For here we are treated to the pinnacle of Heather Nova's beautifully understated talent.
A record of remarkable achievement and originality, oozing with emotion and raw, simplistic beauty. It takes real guts and self-belief to produce an album these days that has the minimal production and post production, it is tribute to Nova's genius that not only has she achieved this, but at the same time she has delivered her finest offering to date! There is not one medicore song here, in fact, im sure the tracks are placed in order for the listener to embark on a journey of forlorn love, longing and ultimately, hope.
"Drink it in" is magnificent; inspired by her brother's illness - would have been so easy to make a self-indulgent weepy here, but through the obvious pain expressed in the music the undertone is ultimately one of inspiration - this song makes you WANT to live life! "I wanna be your light" - is another classic, the tune is so, so simple but yet again the magic here is Nova's ability to convey the feeling of the song so perfectly through word and music. I would say it impossible not to feel uplifted by music like this! "Fool for you" is unashamedly a love song, with again that little bitter twist so evident in Nova's work - to me this is what separates her from those lesser beings she is constantly compared with. The only reason why this album does not receive 6 stars (if that were possible!)is this. I note with disdain that unlke the commercial "South" here we have a black and white minimilist cover - obviously the record company had a few problems with perhaps the content and it is to their shame that we have to learn the wonderful lyrics as they could not find the extra few pence to include these as well! Thats the problem with today's music industry and thats why Heather Nova shines like a beacon. If you read this review just take a walk to your nearest store or buy this album on-line. It will be with you for the rest of your life! The only thing I have heard that beats it this year was her truly awesome live rendition of the album at the the Union Chapel in London! Magnificent a real tour de force and one for the listener, not the company! Heather - thank you for the music!
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on 1 May 2005
What can I say about this album that can justify it, short of you listening to it yourselves. It is out of this world. I saw her live when promoting this album, and I was spellbound as to how good she is. If you've listened to her other stuff this is different. More acoustic, more folky and well, just more simple. All the tracks are fantastic, river of life, Storm (where you can hear bullfrogs in the background....). You can even get the DVD and get more hooked.
Enjoy this CD, and similarly if it is the first time you've heard Heather Nova, back track too and listen to the likes of Oyster album which is so heavy compared to this simeply beautiful album.
I've converted so many friends to Heather Nova through this album.
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on 13 September 2003
This album is just so beautiful. Heather's voice is like an angel. I cannot express how beautiful this album is. Not one song on this album needs skipping. For me, Track 11, Fool for you, is amazing. First time i heard it it gave me goose bumps. Even today, after 20,0000 times of hearing it, it still moves me to tears. Heather's previous album, South, was too commercial, and just didn't do it for me, but this is back to basics...doing what she does best. Please, stop reading this, and buy it. You wont regret it.
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on 1 November 2011
Having been a fan for years (since the good old days of MTV and walk this world) I have to say this is my favorite album by her. I've seen her live (she's dull on stage to be fair, doesn't eally interact with the crowd etc (unlike say, someone like Sia) but her voice is as good as it is on record, in fact I would go as far as saying she has possibly the purest voice I've ever heard live, it is identical to her studio/recorded voice, really has to be heard)

The thing is, she's got a great voice BUT here's my issue. A lot of her songs and lyrics are quite samey and at times she can be a little bit whiney. A lot of her stuff I can't really listen to now. I realise I'm risking the wrath of the Heather Nova fan club here but, this is just my opinion (which apparently doesn't count for much these days)

This album though, this, lovely. It's a very rich, warm, pure album that, again, in my opinion is best listened to on a peaceful beach sun shining down on your back.

It's difficult to explain in words just what a lovely little album this is, I do honestly think it's one of these albums that has been overlooked somewhat by many because of the simplicity of it all.

Honestly, can't recommend this album enough.
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on 30 October 2003
Well despite being a huge fan of Heather Nova for nearly seven years I cannot express just how amazing this album is. No album has ever moved me to tears with its beauty but Storm did.
The last four songs of Storm are just simply beautiful. One can "see" the waves of sound eminating from Aquamarine. The slinky beauty of All I Need. The simplicity of Everytime and the passion of Fool for You simply cannot be surpassed.
I never though "side 3" of Pink Floyd's The Wall could ever be surpassed, but Heather did it with Storm. In fact she has been doing it her whole career. If you have not heard Heather Nova Storm is a very good start but it it is just a drop in the bucket of this siren's repetoire.
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