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on 4 July 2004
Whoever said that cartoons can only be intended for children never heard the likes of "Aqua Teen Hunger Force." In the spirit of shows such as The Simpsons or Family Guy, Aqua Teen Hunger Force offers whacky and bizarre humor that is both ridiculous and hilarious. It's an odd concept that sounds like it could be a complete disaster, but seeing that this was done by the right people, the show is absolutely terrific. "Aqua Teen Hunger Force: Volume 1" is a hilariously strange journey that is unlike any you have ever taken.
There are three main characters in the show. There's Master Shake, Frylock and Meatwad. They all live together--despite the fact that they can get on each other's nerves very easily. The three are always confronted with strange situations and people. From aliens (one having a weird German accent) to gigantic robot bunnies; from a "cursing" mummy to greedy leprechauns; and from talking dolls to strange two-dimensional and birdie flipping creatures known as "Mooninites," these are only a few of the situations that the three supposed "crime fighters" face. The results are unpredictable and highly entertaining.
This is a show that will be enjoyed by those with a warped sense of humor. It took a while for me to get into it all, but after a couple of episodes I was hooked and was laughing like crazy. The episodes are very short (each are about 10 minutes long), so it's easy to watch a whole bunch of them all at once. I always love bizarre and ridiculous humor, so this show was perfect for me. I think it has a great concept, very entertaining characters and a very solid direction.
While this is indeed a cartoon, it's really not intended for young children. It is a part of Cartoon Network's "Adult Swim," and for good reason. It's nowhere near as bad as South Park or even Family Guy, but the show does contain mild language and adult content/situations. Teens and up shouldn't have any problems with the show, as I'm sure they have seen worse, but it isn't a show for very little children. Besides, they wouldn't appreciate the off-beat humor.
There's not a lot of extras on the DVD. The package consists of two discs that has 16 episodes. Audio and picture quality is very good, considering it is a cartoon. Extras that are included are commentaries on the episodes "Rabbot (the original cut)," "Space Conflict from Beyond Pluto," and "Mayhem of the Mooninites." Other extras are never before seen footage, the original cut of the pilot, "Rabbot," and a few "hidden" goodies. Not a lot of extras, but still a decent package overall.
"Aqua Teen Hunger Force: Volume 1" is a great time that delivers very off-the-wall humor around every corner. There isn't another show like it, in my opinion. It may take a few episodes to really get into it all, but soon enough you're hooked and are laughing all the way. If you like cartoons that aren't your ordinary squeaky-clean family entertainment, then this is something you should definitely consider checking out. This is something I will be watching again and again. I can't wait to get Volume 2.
If you like this, then I also highly recommend "Invader Zim," since it has the same dark and twisted humor in it. You're bound to enjoy it if you like this, and vice versa. -Michael Crane
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on 6 October 2004
If you've never seen this show, buy the DVD now. It is quite simply one of the funniest shows I've ever seen. The general concept is surreal. I mean, to base a cartoon series on a pack of fries, a milkshake and the left over meat from a burger doesn't sound like the basis for a great show. But the writing and subtlety of some of the humour is simply genius.
I love the fact that the opening credits set the show up as an all action, good versus evil 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle' style show, when really, there is zero crime-fighting involved. The plot lines descend into crazy territory. Some of the alien characters who are pitched as the supposed 'enemies', are some of the most laugh-out-loud, most hilarious characters ever created. Sometimes even funnier than Homer Simpson, and thats saying something.
All in all, buy this without hesitation.
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on 30 May 2007
I read the review by the guy who only gave 1 star, he totally and completely missed the point! The plot lines are shallow, deliberately, the characters are mental, the animation and graphics are deliberately patchy, southpark is the example of how that can work.

To enjoy athf, turn off your brain, sit back, relax and let shake, meatwad and fryman take you to places you never dreamt of!

100% original.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 13 March 2011
While the series has worn just off a bit for me from when I was first
enthralled by it's sheer dada-esque insanity, the best episodes still
transcend to inspired levels of bizarre, gross, tweaked humor.

When your starting premise is a giant talking shake, fries, and wad of
meat living in suburban New Jersey, USA how wrong can you go?

It can be hit or miss, but the best episodes ('MC Pee Pants', 'Love
Mummy', 'Dumber Dolls' from season 1, 'The Clowning', 'Total Recarl'
and 'The Last One' from season 3, 'Video Ouija', 'Dusty Gazongas' and
'Hypno Germ' from season 4) rise to a sublime level of hysterical
absurdity, where you're both laughing and shaking your head at the
audacity and bravery of the storytelling.

If you like strange, gonzo humor (Monty Python would be my generation's
touchstone) and/or out-there adult animation, you owe it to yourself to
give this a try -- and give it a couple of episodes to let your head
get into what the creators are doing.
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on 20 June 2004
One night around three or four years ago I couldnt sleep.
I flicked on the televison, watched a few minutes of an infomercial about a meat roaster combination hair dryer, or something like that, while it was mildly entertaining, I found myself still bored, still tired...still awake. Luckily I happened upon the Aqua teens. What I experienced was fifteen minutes of humour that has since been unequaled. There is no show like it to compare. Except maybe the other shows brought to us by cartoon network on what they call 'adult swim' (a series of cartoons)
The Aqua Teens consist of a box of fries, called 'Frylock', a cup, called 'Master Shake' and a meatwad, rightly called 'Meatwad'.
Basically, the premise of the show is, these extremely well crafted, hilarious characters get themselves into strange situations. They usually invole their neighbor a single, balding, beer gutted, new jersey man called 'Carl'. One of my favourite episodes was about the guys having a BBQ. They decided to deep fry an entire cow! But not before they injected some cheese in it's udders. The crazinness doesnt stop there. Lets just say, somehow Shake ends up getting sued by the trees, which use Carl's skin as paper. This show is unrivaled for its originality. You wont get the episode described on the volume one dvd. However, you will get an episodes about a bratty mummy, adventures through a horses anus, a rapping spider named MC Pee Pants, and an evil plot to destroy the sun using what has to be the slowest laser gun ever. BUY THIS DVD SET! I like lots of televison shows. But I've only ever wasted my time reviewing one. Oh, and for something to look forward to. Future dvd's include guest appearences by Zakk Wylde! and Danzig.
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on 27 February 2005
I bought this DVD on the strength of the many glowing online reviews written here, and really wanted to like it. Sad to say, I didn't - at all! Although some of the dialogue is clever, the overall impression is patchy and lacklustre, the characters confused, and the storylines hollow. The very basic graphics (to say the least) are truly terrible; the music is clichéd hip-hop nonsense and the stories don't engage. Sitting through an entire episode is in fact, something of an endurance test. How anyone can put the Aqua Teens in the same sentence as the superb Invader Zim or the wonderful Family Guy, I'll never ever fathom.
Think carefully before you buy this.
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