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4.2 out of 5 stars58
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on 15 November 2003
When I first heard about this game I was sceptical - have they gone to far and are now scraping the barrel a bit? I thought it sounded like a poor Harry Potter rip off and would not appeal to me a adult Sims player. I am very glad I was wrong!
This game is actually far better than anticipated. Each household will now get a free Magic Set to start them off, they can keep it or get rid of it depending on if you want them to be a magic family/person or not. They can make a spell with their first ingredients and then go to Magic Town for other ingredients. There a two ways into Magic Town - a balloon via the phone, which takes the whole family, or an individual magic Sim can jump through a hole in the ground. Whilst there they can earn and spend magicoins, plus complete challenges set my Magic vendors to get unusual ingredients. You can have some fun with your combinations of ingredients, which sit in the Sims inventory. You can use them to bake in pies as well, in the new baking set, for some funny results (My Sim got a donkey's head). Sims can also grow their own wine.
There is not a negative that I can say about this game (I have played it lots over the last two weeks). The only disadvantage, like with all the Sim expansion packs, as that it takes time to load.
Even with Sims 2 I don't think I will stop playing this game, it is still a lot of fun.
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on 22 March 2004
I must admit when I found out that Maxis were releasing this my first thoughts were "Oh my god, now they have ruined it." I truely believed that releasing this add-on, where the Sims have magic, above what everyone truely wanted (cars that you can drive, (ala "Busting Out"), seeing the Sims at work, (ala Sims 2), etc.) I really thought it was a mistake. At first I wasn't going to buy it, now I am glad I did.
The fact that the Sims have magic doesn't automacticly mean they have to use it. In fact the addition of Magic Town where you can go and put on a magic show (sawing a woman in half etc..) is great.
The other great addition through this pack is the addition of collecting MagiCoins in order to get more magic ingreadients. This is where having the new cookbook comes in. You also have a butterchurner. These put with the others have made THE SIMS one of, if not, the best games on the market today.
Just as you think the game can't get any better, up pops the free demo disc of THE SIMS 2. Now that game looks absolutly brilliant. Altogether I give this game pack, add-on pack, whichever you want to call it 4/5. It would have scored 5/5 if it had featured cars you could drive.
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on 23 November 2003
This has to be my favorite so far! I love it. Magic Town is great. I loved the fact that this one gives you more challenges than just getting promotted. Bantering with the traders in magic land is great and dualling to earn magic coins is fab. You also get the chance to perform on stage and impress your sim friends!! But only if you're really good!
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on 16 February 2004
The finale of the Sims (as we know it) is just like the icing on the cake. I don't know how they managed to include so many great things in one expansion pack, but they did!
It's just magical. The magic begins when a salesman from Magico leaves a mysterious cardboard box outside your door. Opening the box reveals a magic wand, special magicoins, and several potions and items for creating your own spells.
You need to read up on spells, and get your Sims down to Magic town to buy or find the ingredients they need to stir up some hubble bubble. You can also buy simple cooking ingredients such as flour and sugar, so you can bake pies and cakes. There is a fantastic new oven with this EP, and a whole new kitchen theme to go around it. It's very olde-worlde and quite Mediterranean feeling.
I just think the whole theme of this game is excellent, so I love all the costumes that come with it, lovely flowing dresses for the girls and blousey new-romantic style shirts for the boys. I just don't think it is ANYTHING like Harry Potter, so don't think you're buying yet another Harry-esque product because it isn't true.
5 stars without a doubt.
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on 2 July 2006
The makin' of magic! A truely wicked game where you can cast spells on other sims. You can even turn yourself into a werewolf, fairy, pixie, vampire and more! I love he cute pet dagons, but they set fire to your house a bit too much. Exciting new features and items. The only one dissapointing thing is that is is so addictive!! This is my first expantion pack, and I wonder what the others are like! A must buy game!!!!
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on 19 June 2004
This is a great game....! The first day i got it i played it for about 5 hours's that fun! It's so good because you get to hunt for rare ingredients and do magic spells. I'll give you one suggestion though...i wouldn't buy the dragon...and that's because once it hatches it can set things on fire...and my person died becuse of that. I would only get a dragon if you put fire alarms all over your houses!! The sims makin' magic is hard to understand at took me a while. Like, the clown confetti and pegasus feather, and wizard eyelashes and things like that are hard to have to play different things against people or by yourself to get the ingredients you need. Also, to buy things at the different vendors you must have a certain amount of coins for each thing at the different vendors. You get coins by performing shows and doing magic duels with other sims. Well, i hope this helped! I suggest this game and give it a 5-star rating!!
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on 3 November 2003
If the rumours are true that this is the last expansion pack to be released then it is a MUST buy- even if the rumours aren't true you should still buy it anyway because it's one of the best expansion packs to come out for the Sims. By now, with so many expansion packs out, it's hard to imagine what more the creators could come up with. But never under-estimate genius'- as the creators come up with this superb idea to literally make the Sims feel magical.
To make this expansion pack so brilliant the creators include the customary host of new objects, skins and tools which means you have loads more to decorate your house with to your hearts content (if you have all of the expansion packs you must have more objects than you know what to do with!) But more important is the ability to perform magic. The Sims go Harry Potter style with a host of new tricks to play on their unsuspecting neighbours, and if they are feeling adventerous, themselves. The magic is brilliant as it adds a whole new dimension to the Sims and gives you free reign and complete control to mess around and wreak havoc or try and get out of the tiresome jobs of looking after your house like using magic to do the tidying. Not only that but there is a place to go, similar to the 'down-town areas' where you can perform magic for the general public of Sims, plus a new array of shops to get yourself kitted out.
This expansion pack should simply be pre-ordered straight away by any Sim-loving fan, whether you three, four or no other expansion packs- it doesn't matter! The Sims: Makin' Magic is one of the best to come out and is only rivaled by that of Unleashed or Holiday. The rest, although excellent, don't even compare and if you feel the Sims are beginning to lose it's touch or in anyway becoming boring then this expansion pack will certainly liven things up again. There's plenty to do, plenty to see and plenty to buy- so if its one game you buy this Christmas- get this!
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on 6 May 2004
This has to be the best of all The Sims Expansion Packs. Unlike some of its predecessors, it not only adds skins, household items and new themes, but a whole new aspect to the game play. It becomes a challenge to unlock all the spells in the family spell book, and a quest to find the magic spell-ingredients in Magic Town. Your Sims can put their hard-earned Logic, Creativity and Mechanical points to good use by becoming magicians and conjurers. Make friends instantly by casting a spell - turn your enemies into toads, or watch your kids become adults. You can even turn those annoying pink flamingos into Go-Go dancers, and make your garden gnomes water your plants.
This is THE BEST of all expansion packs. Buy buy buy!
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To start with this game comes with 3 cd rom discs, but only 2 are required fro installation. The third is an added extra to whet the appetite for the sims 2 and includes some interviews and info on the then up and coming new game the sims 2. This was a great bonus at the time and was fun to have but not essential today.

Installing this last expansion pack has been no problem on my windows vista machine, although again I stress that if you don't run the sims as an administrator on vista an expansion pack can wipe out your previously saved houses. You will need the code that comes with the game to install and the first disc is always needed for playing the game but there is no online activation needed like there is with the sims 4.

The new features of the sims makin' magic are obvious and I won't go into too much detail as there is already a lot written in the product description. The new Magic Town is accessible both individually or by air balloon as a family. The great thing about individual travel is that by jumping into a hole (and you get a starter pack with a spell book and hole included with each family you play) any sim can travel on their own to Magic Town...this INCLUDES kids! Yes I've taken one of the kids to Magic Town alone.

There are 3 different types of locations in Magic Town. One is set up like a funfair, with magic shows (where adult sims can show off their skills...or not), crazy golf and a rollercoaster. The sims version of a rollercoaster is a bit weird but give it a try it's the best way to boost the fun meter. The second area is like a magical fairy kingdom, regular grass rather than the funfair's brown floor, the third is a spooky area again with one of the plots having a rollercoaster.

The magic coins that sims can collect in this game can go towards buying ingredients for spells or even one of three houses that exist in magic town. The three houses can be purchased just like regular houses with both simoleons and magic coins but I warn you that these houses are a lot SMALLER than you think. I moved a family into the biggest of these houses and didn't have enough room for anything in the bedrooms except for beds.

There is one advantage to moving to magic town though and that is that magical objects appear faster in a magictown garden than in a regular garden. Sims who are magical and perform spells enough times will start to see magical objects appear in their gardens. There's anything from some crystals (which give sims special powers) to a beanstalk which is supposed to grow and grow until you can climb it. Although I've run into problems with this, see bugs below.

Creating spells is fun but they don't always come out right and you need to have the right circumstances to create a good spell otherwise it will backfire. The other new features in this game include growing your own vines, creating butter, harvesting honey (If you have the unleashed expansion pack then Claire the Bear may make an appearance at night to steal this honey-funny to watch)...In fact I've forgotten to mention that along with magical creations sims can now create cooked goods in an oven. There really is a lot of new things in this expansion.

The sims makin' magic is an excellent addition to the sims. You don't have to create magical sims, you can play whole families without magical powers but it's a lot of fun and the new magic town with free transport especially through the hole is the best new feature.

I have to warn you I've run into some bugs within the gameplay itself. The first is one of the children's spells does NOT work. There is a spell to create lots of sweet treats on the lot, just like the 'horn of plenty' for adult sims, but this spell is broken, it's a flaw that was never fixed with any patch and instead of creating sweets and cakes the game just brings lots of frogs into the garden. It doesn't matter how hungry a sim kid is this will always fail, so unless you want lots of frogs in the garden, don't cast this spell...Although kissing enough toads can create a new prince sim if you have space for another sim in the family.

The second bug may not be a bug but just an annoyance for me and that is that every single beanstalk I've ever grown doesn't take my sims anywhere, they aren't even clickable. I've seen the results in the prima guide book on what can happen if a sim climbs the stalk but I've never experienced this in-game and am not sure it is possible.

The only other thing I've noticed as well is that right after a sim has made something in the oven they seem to be stuck with the noise of the oven on them. For some reason sims who bake then sound like the baking oven until you wash all the plates...weird!

There aren't any other bugs for me to report. The game is very fun, although fans of the intro movie will be disappointed again as makin' magic doesn't bring it back, you just cut straight to the screen that says makin' magic.

I'd recommend this to anyone with the sims, but remember if you plan to get other expansion packs too then this is the last one and should be installed last. The instructions will tell you to reinstall your games in order so if you plan on getting other expansions please get them first, but I'm sure if you want that daft silliness that has become a staple of the sims, then you won't be disappointed with this game.

I'd also recommend getting the prima guide book for this expansion as it will give you info on all the spells and things, although it is not necessary. Great game for all ages!
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on 30 July 2003
I think that the Sims Makin' Magic, was the game we were all waiting for. It is, also, rumored to be the last game out for the Sims 1. The Sims Makin' Magic introduces new foods, and more skins, both spooky and normal. It shows a new side to your sims, and lets you turn those nasty neighbours into frogs! But Beware, your spell may come back to haunt you. It may sound as easy as pie, but it doesn't even come close. With this expansion pack, you are most certainly in control. You can use your magic to work wonders, or to create havoc - its up to you. If you have never bought an expansion pack before, then this is a must. It is almost the best expansion pack, just beaten by Unleashed -well life aint worth living without those little furrry pets!
If you have all of the other sims games, then pre-order it now, you will certainly find it's the game you've been missing! (Only, don't get too carried away, and try some of the spells out for yourself, or disasterous things may happen....)
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