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4.1 out of 5 stars13
4.1 out of 5 stars
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on 7 September 2003
Pirates really seem to be the lastest thing right now, and with the release of the film, surprise surprise, here comes the game.
But seriously, this game is very very good. I usually hate these sorts of games, I find them fiddly and difficult to control. To start with, the controls for the game are odd, but are easy to get used to. I do say though, make full use of the training at the beginning of the game, because you're on your own after that.
You start off in the little town of Oxbay, a peaceful English held island. Once you've done your trading and got yourself a crew (from the local inn), you leave the island, which is almost immediately taken by the French. Your task really, is to island hop, do a bit of trade to earn cash and undertake missions for various people on each island. One of the great things about this game is the ability to walk, run, fight, talk and go virtually anywhere on land. Not only that, but when you put to sea you can actually control your ship i.e. how many sails you want up, what cannonballs you want loaded etc. This game is almost unrestricted, unlike so many others I've seen.
The graphics for this game though is what really seals it. Probably best used when you're out at sea, and honestly, you'd think you were watching a film. This game really makes full use of the Xbox's capability and the game looks absolutely stunning. At sea, you are able to engage in battles with other ships, whereby you can choose to fire cannons manually or let the crew do it. You even have the ability to board and take over enemy ships. The game is that open.
A word of warning though, when at sea, there is an annoying tendency to get caught up in a battle or a storm when you least expect it, and when you're new to the game, you're likely to sink. Make sure you save the game ON DRY LAND. You can't save the game when you're at sea! So if you sink, you can at least revert back to just when you were about to leave port.
The game has some great features as well though. If you are lost on an island, by pressing 'Y' you can go straight to certain destinations e.g. Townhall, Store etc. Make full use of this, because it is easy to get lost.
If you own an Xbox, and want a different, exciting, challenging and enjoyable game, buy this one. I'd probably go so far as to say that this game is as good as, if not better than Halo - it is THAT impressive.
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on 26 April 2004
Its beautiful, he says staring across the ocean into the sunset from thedeck of his Massive Battleship. This game is one of the most graphicallysuperior games I have every played. You only need to start sailing aroundat daybreak to confirm this. You play as Nathanial Hawk, a Merchant/Pirateguy who is pretty handy with boats, pistols and swords. He very much likeshis treasure too. The game essentially consists of 2 main elements: A)Walking around on land, in order to get yourself a bit of Gold.
B)Sailing around on the Ocean attacking whoever incurs your displeasure.
You can choose from a variety of ships to commmand, in first and thirdperson mode, varying from the small little Xebec to the Insanely largeManowar. Each ships has its own little advantages and disadvantages. Whatalso makes this great game better is the fact that its really open. Youcan sail anywhere on the Map and trade with whoever you feel like. Thereare always people to fight, and there are challenges to test even the bestof Gamers.
The scenery is rendered amazingly, as are the boats andpeople, even the Skeletal Pirates look good.
I recommend all Ye Landlubbers should get this game as ye'll be blownaway!
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on 7 September 2003
I was hooked on Pirates Gold when it came out for the PC 10 years ago. But funnily enough Pirates of the Caribbean is a replica on that original but with added 3d graphics. Its had me hooked for days I strongly recommend to try this game.
Full Review.
In Pirates of the Caribbean, it's the 17th century, and you're Nathaniel Hawk, a sharp-witted captain of his own modest ship. He's trying to make ends meet in the Caribbean, a collection of small islands ruled over by European nations including the English, the French, the Spanish, the Dutch, and more. The Caribbean archipelago is home to some good weather and plenty of lucrative natural resources, which have made it an obvious draw for the world's powers, as well as the perfect place for pirates and privateers to set up shop. The game's story begins when the French make a play for an English colony, and Hawk barely escapes with his life. He ends up helping put the French back in their place and then becomes embroiled in a greater plot, which even has some supernatural overtones. The presence of some undead pirates is apparently what ties this game in with its namesakes, but other than the occasional encounters with the living dead, you'll find that Pirates of the Caribbean pretty much plays it straight.
Pirates consists of a number of different gameplay elements. You navigate between islands by controlling a tiny little ship as it crawls across a map of the Caribbean. You'll see numerous other vessels materialize as you sail across the waters, some of which may attack you, and any of which you may choose to attack yourself. Sometimes you'll see ships already engaged in battle and may crash the party if it pleases you. You might also run headlong into a storm. Whenever these types of events occur, the game switches to a third-person perspective of your ship, which you can then manually control by raising and furling the sails, trying to catch a good tailwind, arming and firing your cannons, and even boarding nearby enemy vessels. An optional first-person view lets you manually aim your weapons, though the third-person view is usually preferable. You can also moor at the numerous island ports or other dry-land locations of interest.
Once you've docked or boarded an enemy vessel (or been boarded yourself), Pirates of the Caribbean becomes a third-person action adventure game of sorts, as you'll be controlling Hawk directly and can engage in some basic combat using your saber and slow-loading pistol. Boarding is roughly the same every time--in larger ships you'll go through several stages of combat, but Hawk can always take a cheap shot against his foes when the action first begins. When in town, Hawk can mill about and speak with the locals, and visit key locations including the tavern, the shop, the shipyard, and the town hall. A first-person perspective is optionally available here as well, and though the on-foot regions are relatively small, they're carefully detailed and make a good contrast to the boundless stretches of ocean that you'll see while sailing.
The main storyline has Hawk scurrying from island to island for various reasons, which is a great opportunity to engage in the game's trade system. You have access to a trade book that shows you which goods are imported from and which goods are exported to each island, and you can proceed to buy low and sell high. The bigger the ship you have (or the more ships you have in your fleet), the more stuff you can lug and the more profit you can earn. The commerce model in Pirates of the Caribbean is simple and static, there's constant demand for the same goods at each location, and you can easily and instantly dump off all your goods at the general store of each island, making the trade portion of the game seem unique.
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on 11 September 2007
When I first picked up this game a few years back, I was very impressed with the graphics as well as the gameplay. Though the game does suffer from some framerate issues, the graphics are plush, colourful, and really do well portraying the carribean setting.

The story is engaging and supported well with side missions involving assassination, trading, escorting merchants and (of course) piracy. The gameplay is mostly enjoyable but running around the jungles of the various islands looking for secret treasure can get a little boring after a while.

The real fun is to be had on the high seas! The player can choose to ignore the story completely if they so wish, living the life of a freedom-loving pirate or a profit-hungry merchant in a plush and beautiful sandbox carribean.

The Merchant-minded player will spend their time buying large amounts of goods at an island's store before using their map to find and sail to the island which will pay them the most per unit of their chosen import. The more adventurous player can also deal in contraband, fetching a higher price (on an island which cont's the chosen merchandise) but at the risk of being betrayed/attacked by the pirates you're dealing with OR being ambushed by the island's governmental soldiers.

Players who choose the life of the criminal will find themselves in pitched sea battles firing broad-sides and destroying their opponent's sales to cripple them before boarding, fighting a (mostly) fierce foot battle and taking the ship/remaining crew as their own. The clever thing about this style of play is that you can either swap your ship for theirs (scuppering the abandoned vessel), stick all of THEIR cargo/crew in your hold and sink their ship or install one of your officers (recruited at taverns) as captain and build your own fleet!

My criticisms of this game are more about the technical faults than the design. Crashing/Freezes are FREQUENT in this game (twice per hour of gameplay should be expected) and they occur most often whilst loading the deck-fight of a captured vessel or saving the game. The latter corrupts your save file (making it permanently useless) and for this reason, you should always save TWO save files at any one time. On an unrelated note, this game tends to suffer from framerate problems when weather effects or jungle foliage are dense.

Definitely not without faults, but overall I think it's an experience well worth the money you'll pay for it.
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on 9 September 2003
The down sides of this game are: a slightly clumsy control system; a camera system that often has you looking in the wrong direction; graphics that are not always the smoothest. The upsides are: fantastic visuals at sea; great sea battles;a rich and deep playing environment. The challenge: this is a really hard game... you die and/or sink over and over again... but if you put the time in... it starts to happen to the other guy/gal.. great!!
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on 10 November 2009
this is the best pirates of the caribbean that was made,much better than the movie ti-ins that came after,you can explore the country side ports village towns forts islands,trading between the islands,in your very own ship,you can have up to 4 ships either buy them, or board them on the open see,but prepare for a hard fight!the game is by bethesda who also do morrowind,oblivon and fallout 3,which are huge grossing titles,there is so much to this different rpg really worth playing,so enjoy land lubbers!
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on 10 March 2005
To be honest 'movie tie-in', is a nail in the coffin of any game. I can't think of any off the top of my head that are actually good. And this is no exception. While not unplayable, it neither provides a stunning RPG experience (try Morrowind, Knights of the Old Reublic or Fable), or any sense that your actually in the world of the film (buy the DVD and talk in a psuedo-Cornish accent).
The major flaw with this game is that its not actually anything to do with the film. Bethesda had been developing a pirate based RPG for a couple of years before the film came along, and just tacked on the additional film based plot element at the last minute. And when I say tacked on, I mean tacked on. You can practically see the glue marks. And when I say element, I mean element. Don't expect sprawling adventures with Capt. Jack, or to get to hang in Tortuga, because you'll be dissapointed. There is only one real reference to the film in the entire game.
Aside from the pitiful development, the game doesn't do too badly. What plot is left isn't too bad, in many ways its a shame the film franchise was involved at all, some of the obviously cut plot elements show promise of a decent story.
The gameplay is both exceedingly good, and amazingly bad. On land, moving is usually frustrating, and combat is even worse. Thankfully theres a fast movement system that cuts walking down to a minimum in towns, and lets you get on with the meat and potatoes of pirating... sailing. The sailing is probably the reason why I gave this game 3 stars instead of 1. It is truely incredible. The game is worth getting just for that. The first time you get to stand on deck, you'll see what I mean.
The graphics are excellent. Most textures are detailed and crisp, you can practically see the creases in your characters clothes. Where the game really excels is and weather and sea effects. Sunlight, fog, sensets are all fantastic. Theres nothing better that rolling into port, on a rough sea in a sunset to better prove this.
Soundwise the games comes out ok. Lacking the cinematic umph of the movie soundtrack, it goes for a more jaunty theme (at times more Pirates of Penzance than Pirates of the Caribbean). Kiera Knightly (plays the damsel in distress in the film, albeit with a stunning grasp of swordplay) lends her voice to the cutscenes (don't expect many...), which unfotunately feel as out of place as the rest of the movie content and also looks a bit cheap compared to other movie games (Lord of the Rings ones in particular) where they got the whole cast involved.
All in all, its leaves you with a bitter taste in your mouth. Neither good enough to warrant the pitiful film content, or having enough film content to allow for a few rough edges. Its very much a 'what if' game. What if Bethseda had been left to their own devices? What if it hadn't been rushed out? I suspect, Bethseda might have produced a classic if it hadn't been rushed. Instead, they've produce a entertaining if frustrating and at some points idiotic game.
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on 31 March 2012
I think the game is a class game that really streches your skill at becoming rich quickly. only problem is that the game glitches a few times but that could be to do with my xbox being old, very old. Very good quality and quickly posted too.
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on 10 July 2013
Game arrived with no damage not a scratch on the disk played well and enjoyed the game worth the money
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on 8 November 2015
Game plays and works fine but no manual can't really Mon for £ payed
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