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3.7 out of 5 stars38
3.7 out of 5 stars
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on 2 September 2003
I'm the first to admit it - the first time I heard 'Intuition' the first single release from 0304 I was mortified. I feared that Jewel had finally given in to the temptation of commercial success at the expense of artistic integrity. I'm one of Jewel's biggest fans, I've followed her since the release of the much sough after promo 'Save The Linoleum' and I could not believe this was the same artist that I have loved so much for the past 10 years.
After seeing the accompanying promotional video for 'Intuition' I realised my fears and distress were unnecessary. 'Intuition' was a taster for the new Jewel who combines her trademark social commentary and intellectual lyrics with a new found love of dance beats and rhythm. SHe hasn't sold out - she's merely learned to have fun. It was with this discovery that I listened with eager anticipation to 0304.
I was delighted with the end product. The album as a whole is perhaps Jewel's smoothest flowing and there are none of the awkward moments experienced with 'Spirit' or 'This Way'. From the catchy chorus from the powerful social commentary on opening track 'Stand' to the beautifully fragile closing track 'Becoming' it is clear that all that is different with this new Jewel is her bravery and confidence to experiment with new sounds. Lyrically the album is classic Jewel, with the exception of 'Yes U Can' and 'U + Me = Love', but musically the album shows a growth that I never expected from Jewel.
Highlights for me are the future classics 'Run 2 U', 'Sweet Temptation' and the unnerving but beautiful 'Haunted'. 0304 is an album worth checking out whether like me you've been a Jewel fan for years or you're just getting introduced to her. After this project it will interesting to see where Jewel's music goes next and I for one am already waiting to see what she surprises us with next.
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on 15 April 2005
This album follows Jewel's trend towards becomingly increasingly 'pop' and 'radio' oriented. This doesn't make it bad, but if you were expecting a return to her earlier style you may be disappointed. Personally, I see nothing wrong with trying to bring some worthwhile lyrics and commentary to a wider audience.
Sadly, the CD retailed by Amazon in the UK is a 'protected' version. It employs a method of protection that is incompatible with all sorts of CD players, and that significantly reduces the disc's survivability with respect to scuffs and scratches.
This disc will not play satisfactorily on most games consoles or computers. Nor will it play in quite a few car stereos. My car's Toshiba produced nothing but a foul garbled noise.
It also comes with atrocious 'pre ripped' data for computer listening that requires you to use a special crippled player, but is of such low quality that it's unacceptable anyway.
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on 8 July 2003
After seeing the album cover of this album, it looked like it could be a big shock to the system, as it's appearance is very 'pop-driven' Jewel's previous works appear more sedate to both the ear and the eye. Reviews I've seen of the album discuss Jewel's dramatic change in musical direction, towards a more 'pop' genre, rather than her usual folksy/acoustic tendencies. I wasn't sure I would like it. However, the only thing that has really changed all that much is a few extra beats and danced up sounds, lyrically, it is typical of the previous work of Jewel, and I have to say I was not in the least bit disappointed, and that was upon the first listen.
Stand out tracks for me are:
Stand- this song depicts Jewel's wit as she fabricates stories with a twist of irony, it also has a tune which is incredibly catchy, so a good opener.
2 Find U- Is more indigenous of Jewel's early work lyrically, but with a 'This Way' musical background, it's beautiful and I have to confess, my favourite track, it's words drip with meaning and emotion.
Fragile- again, this track is more typical of Jewel who often sings about human nature and vulnerability in a reflective way, a good track.
Becoming- this song is about personal struggles and aspiration accompanied with a melodic tune.
Over all, this album was not the shock to the system which I got the impression it would be, it is a more polished album, and less acoustic, with the Shakira-esque sounds on the song 'intuition' which is down to the work of Shakira's producer, Lester Mendez. It is more lively muscially but exercises the same lyrical abilities of Jewel. It's good to listen to in the back ground or to turn up the volume. A treat.
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on 4 November 2003
If you are an avid Jewel fan, don't expect to like this CD the second you put this into your player - it took me a couple of listens (playing it in the background whilst I worked) for me to get used to it. I suspect that most fans of Jewel have very eclectic tastes in music apprecating musical and lyrical ability and skill and this album still has this in buckets- it's just a different sound, a but more commercial, but still incorporating some captivating harmonies and musical melodies. In a couple of songs she has tried to hit out against society in the same critical fashion as in 'Pieces of You' but I don't think the style suits such issues as her folky roots did. That said, the songs are still good and there are none that I'd skip whilst listening to the disc.
Jewel has described the album as a combination of dance, urban and folk and as a "modern interpretation of big band music". Not quite sure I understand that last bit or agree with her description of the music. I'd say it's a little bit poppy, with a decent beat, cheerful with a bit of pace, but nothing like the music you might expect to hear in the clubs but could still dance round the house to - oh, and an album closet Jewel fans would be unafraid to let their friends hear (whether they like R'n'B, trance, dance, urban, pop etc. etc.).
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VINE VOICEon 11 October 2003
Call me cynical, but when a successful recording artist who isn't quite as successful as she once was releases a new album which marks a rapid change of direction, you have to wonder the motives. In this case my fears were unfounded. This is quite simply a superb album and is probably her best yet.
It doesn't have the nieve charm of Pieces Of You, but it makes up for it with something quality tunes. She doesn't quite keep up the standard through the whole of the album, but don't let a few average tracks put you off. On the whole this is excellent.
Top tracks include Intuition (which criminally failed to set the UK charts alight), Leave The Lights On and Yes You Can. Jewel is back with a bang!!!
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on 7 January 2004
and that's exactly what top female singer-songwriter Jewel has done. Moving seemingly as far away as possible from the sounds that initially made her a star, in comes the album that is just pure pop. Being a massive fan of Jewel and not particulary a fan of pop i was wary to say the least at the release of 0304 but what Miss Kilcher has done is show Britney, Christina etc how it is done.
This commercially experimental album is clear to see but thats not to say her witty, unique takes on modern life aren't evident still in her lyrics. Lyrics like "You learn cool from magazines, you learn love from Charlie Sheen" may seem quirky but probably actually ring true to some people. Jewel has always had that lyrical ability right from her poems in the 'pieces of you' album cover and its something she has never lost. She always speaks her mind and takes a risk on this album with bush-related issues sang on 'America'!
Lead single 'Inuition' is almost a comical tribute to the state of pop music ("sell your sin, just cash in") and is a good indication to the rest of the album - Catchy choruses bounching along to the dance beats presumably created by collaborator Lester A Mendez. Stand out tracks for me are album opener/scene setter 'Stand', first mendez/jewel collaboration 'Doin Fine' and the one Santana turned down; 'Yes U Can' - his loss is definately Jewel Kilcher's gain.
I respect peoples arguement that Jewel has probably failed to recapture the heights of 'Pieces of You' but im definately a person who respects artists who move on and search for something different. Jewel has definately done this and to good effect, definately recommended but for any fans of previous work be prepared to give it a few listens to get used to!
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on 8 August 2005
It seems easy for people to critisize jewel for making such a big step when she seems to be on the right track with emotional ballads and sweet acoustic songs. Then why change? In my opinion a tallented musician should be able to combine different types of musical sounds, and be able to make a change in direction and still be in best form. To me jewel has done just that with this sassy peice of kwirky sophisticated pop. Each song on the album is a highlight with many different sounds. Intuition was the lead single with its accordian mixed with gentle pop/r&b beats, there are signs of soft rock material with "2 become 1" and "America". Each song has its own identity, a very meaningful, simple song called "fragile heart" has the butterflies going with its gentle vocals and basic drum beat. This album is most definately in my top 5 albums of all time. The lyrics are very clever and much thought went into writing them, i would recommend anyone to read the lyrics whilst listenning for the first time. Well done to Jewel for creating uplifting songs in pop style with no sign of cheese but perfectly wrote upmarket, styled music!
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on 16 June 2004
I used to hate Jewel- she was an irritatingly winsome girly knocking out tuneless dirges. Now her 0304 album is almost permanently stuck in my CD player. OK, so there aren't too many stand out singles that would generate radio airplay, but in there own quiet way each song is perfectly lovable. My favourite? One day it's let's-make-things-better "Stand", the next it's the homage-to-stalking "Haunted" or poppy "Sweet Temptation" - it really is that kind of record.
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on 27 June 2007
I have been a big fan of Jewel since I spent some time in America and got into her music while I was living out there. She is huge in America but, sadly, not so well known over here which is a shame because her music is lovely. I hadn't been aware of this particular album until a few days ago when I noticed it on this site and decided to purchase it. I have several of her other albums and this one is definitely different! The music on this one is very dance-y pop orientated, which is not necessarily a bad thing, although some of the tracks remind me of more recent Madonna music, which I'm not a massive fan of, and to me this album is slightly patchy in parts and I found myself skipping some of the tracks! However, there are some standout tracks which definitely make it worth having. When I first listened to 2 Become 1 it made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. It is a lovely, sparkling song and Jewel's vocals shine. Other songs which stood out are the opening Stand, 2 Find U, Sweet Temptation and the original version of Fragile Heart (which later appears as a re-worked version on her album Goodbye Alice in Wonderland, and is also an excellent version of it). Even if just for the amazing 2 Become 1, this album is well worth having. I would also highly recommend Goodbye Alice in Wonderland and This Way, which is probably my favourite album of hers ... you have to love an album which contains a song with the lyrics " ... he looked like a potato shoved into jeans .."! What a great line!! For anyone who doesn't know Jewel's music, either of those albums is an excellent place to start to get to know her work.
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on 11 June 2003
If you are already a jewel fan then the first listen to this album might be be a bit of a shock to the system, as she appears to have radically changed direction. On the surface this album appears to be full of pop songs incorparating hip hop and dance beats. However upon closer listening you'll soon realise that the jewel of old has not gone far, it's just her songs are now glossier and a little more polished round the edges. Her lyrics are still witty and socially driven and there is still a folky element to the songs. '2 find u' would fit in easily on her last album 'This Way' and 'fragile heart' is classic jewel. On her first single 'intuition' jewel incorporates french accordian with hand clapping and dance beats. How many people could pull that off and still come out sounding credible?
The album is definatley a grower, the more i listen the more i love it. Jewel says that this was the first album that she really had fun making, and that really comes across in the songs, and subsequently rubs off on the listener. It's an album full of sexy and fun songs that might finally get her some recognition in Europe. Yes this album is a little different, but it's bloody brilliant!
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