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on 9 September 2003
Team angle vs los guerreros 3.5/5 = pretty good match; lots of cheating from both teams.
sean o'haire vs rikishi 3/5 = Normal type of match with its dull moments but overall ok. No surprises coconuts were used.
Rvd & kane vs the dudley boyz 4/5 = This match i really got into and I thought was really good.
Trish stratus vs jazz (and teddy long) 2/5 = Pretty standard womans match but at one point in the match it was good.
Big show vs Rey mysterio 4.5/5 = great, short match. rey mysterio was amazing but no surprises who wins.
Brock lesnar vs john cena 5/5 = great match; one of the best matches in the ppv. Each man pulling out all the stops to get gold.
TRIPLE H,RIC FLAIR AND CHRIS JERICHO VS BOOKER T,SHAWN MICHAELS AND KEVIN NASH 5/5 = Good match with lots of signature moves being pulled off.
GOLDBERG VS THE ROCK 5/5 = Again one of the best matches in the ppv and this match was really hyping up goldbergs return. Great match that backs up goldberg and rock fans.
plus there are great dvd features to look at which include bonus matches and interviews.
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on 9 June 2011
WWE Backlash 2003 Match Ratings:

Team Angle vs Los Guererros (WWE Tag Team Championship Match) 3/5

Nice little opening match with Los Guererros being the team that should have won the match, though Team Angle didn't disappoint with some of their great tag team moves. Though Team Angle won the match, it was Los Guererros who left Backlash with their tag team gold.

Sean O'Haire with "Rowdy" Roddy Piper vs Rikishi 3/5

This was a pretty short match, though not that bad of a match with Rikishi giving it his all. Rikishi in my opinion should have won the match and a true highlight of this match was Rikishi hitting Piper with a coconut, only to be ambushed by Haire who hit Rikishi with his special for the win.

Rob Van Dam & Kane vs Dudley Boys (World Tag Team Championship Match) 3/5

Again nice little tag team match, with some good tag team action as to be expected. Both Van Dam and Kane performed very well in the match and the Dudleys also performed very well in the match. In the end it was Van Dam and Kane who remained the World Tag Team Champions.

Jazz with Theodore Long vs Trish Stratus (WWE Women's Championship Match) 3/5

Perfect kind of match involving two of the great WWE divas in the WWE. This kind of match and how it is done should be done today and this divas match is worth the watch and very interesting to see a divas match that can be entertaining.

Big Show vs Rey Mysterio 3/5

Though this was a pretty quick and short match, it didn't disappoint. Rey Mysterio was the man of the match when he hit three 619s to the Big Show, though Rey Mysterio fell wrath to the deadly chokeslam, which was performed by the Big Show, who then went onto win the match. Rey Mysterio was carried off onto a stretcher, though ambushed by the Big Show who picked up the stretcher and swung it round a ring post.

John Cena vs Brock Lesnar (WWE Championship Match) 4/5

Truely one of the best WWE Championship matches in the WWE, where we saw an early John Cena going up against the huge Brock Lesnar. Cena was really impressive in this match by pinning down Brock in some places of the match, though the match ended with Lesnar performing the deadly F5 on Cena to remain still the WWE Champion.

Chris Jericho, Ric Flair & Triple H vs Booker T, Shawn Michaels & Kevin Nash (Six-Man Tag Team Match) 4/5

A great and entertaining six-man tag team, with it being the first pay-per-view return match for Kevin Nash. This was a brutal match with back and forth action from both teams, with it ending with Triple H hitting Nash with the sledgehammer for the victory.

The Rock vs Goldberg 4/5

Match of the night and one of those matches that can be talked about in a thousand words, to describe how good this match really was. I mean who would have thought that The Rock and Goldberg would meet in the same ring, and to go at in front of an electrifying crowd who totally enjoyed the match with huge chants.

WWE Backlash 2003 is a great pay-per-view of 2003 and I recommend it all to you who loves the good ole times of the WWE and one match that I would recommend, would be the match between The Rock and Goldberg.
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on 18 December 2007
Following on from the excellent wrestlemania 19 which occured one month earlier,it was always going to be difficult for this pay per view to compete,if you do that then this dies a death in some ways but watch it as a singular experience and it is clear that this event is solid without moving any mountains.
The event had a format of minimalism,no last man standing matches,no first blood,no cages,no buried alive,no anything out of the ordinary and to that extent it still holds its own,opening up with a fine match between tag team champs team angle against los guerreros which was high action and had eddie guerrero in particular in fine form,when team angle tried a dirty trick the crowd booed,when eddie or chavo copied it the crowd lapped it up,this was entertaining for me and the outcome was controversial,a fine opener.
Next up was sean ohaire,(short lived or what)with roddy piper as his guide against rikashi,the match had hype about it and in some ways it lived up to it,some laughs included and a fine display from ohaire in truth.
Next up was another tag match,the champs rob van dam and kane vs the dudley boyz,this match was great again,fast,brutal,engaging and action packed,plenty of fast paced moves occured as well as savage moves,kane and rvd looked the part here and this match failed no one.
Next up was a ladies title match,the champ jazz vs trish,this match was ok,not great,jazz and trish worked well enough together but the match lacked both pace and drive but while predictable enough kept the event ticking over.
next up was a poor enough match,it didnt look good on paper and it didnt deliver upon its time,the 500 pound big show vs a less than 200 pound rey mysterio,a little bit of storyline led to this but it was never gonna last the course and this feud didnt last long,the match was over as soon as you would expect,rey giving his all in parts and the big show just taking it and then destruction,it did look good but certainly surreal when a stretchered rey was smashed into the ring post but not a match that would make anyones greatest of all time list.
Next up was the title match between an emerging john cena against the champ brock lesnar who was enjoying a fine run of success,the match was good,it wasnt perfect but had some moments of note,within a year these men would be in very different places indeed but for now this was maybe too far for cena but he cut his teeth well enough in this match,no shame in this.
Next up was the RAW card six man tag match,flair,triple h and chris jericho took the role as the villains against a team that didnt look comfortable with each other,they were made up of a returning,but not for a period of great success,kevin nash with shawn michaels and booker t,the match was filled with bad behaviour and individual battles as opposed to team work ,nash wasnt that great here and certainly looked to steal the limelight,the team of villains worked well but their oppenents let this match down so i was pleased with the outcome,not the best when you consider the quality of those involved but did enough to warrant its place on the card.
Next up was the main event,a match with no title on line,just reputation,the rock,a wwe legend against the wcw legend who had just joined the company,goldberg.If vince mcmahon had known that goldberg would only stay a year he may well have never allowed him the liberties he did but he wasnt to know,the rock,meanwhile was in and out of the wwe at this time as he was working in hollywood and after this event he was gone again,leading to his eventual forever goodbye,the crowd still hated him for leaving the company but while they had him here he got some cheers as did goldberg.The match was good without being great,the rock wasnt at his best while goldberg was ruthless when it counted,one reign would end and one would begin was essentially how this match would be deemed so the outcome shouldnt shock but on the dvd extras you get to see what happened after the event ended on television when the rock picked himself up,grabbed the mic and spoke of his thanks to all the fans and made a few jokes and won the crowd over,almost getting a blessing,this was an excellent,very real moment that makes this dvd worthwhile as not many may have seen that,a 3.5 out of 5 dvd then.
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on 3 February 2007
WWE Tag Team Title Match

Team Angle (Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas) vs Los Guerreros (Eddie and Chavo Guerrero) 7/10

A good and decent tag team match, Eddie is great and the ending is pretty funny as well.

SmackDown Match

Rikishi vs Sean O'Haire 3/10

This match is stupid, boring and pointless.

World Tag Team Title Match

Rob Van Dam and Kane vs The Dudley Boyz: Guest Referee Chief Morley 7/10

Another good tag match started off slow but really picked up near the end.

Women's Title Match

Trish Stratus vs Jazz 3/10

Your typical women's match you can see this on nearly every episode of Raw.

SmackDown Match

Big Show vs Rey Mysterio 5/10

The winner is predictable 500lb vs 175lb so I will give it something because it is a very unique match up. The ending was horrific.

WWE World Title Match

John Cena vs Brock Lesnar 6/10

This was alright but could have been a lot better, but John Cena will be a great superstar.

6 Man Tag Team RAW Match

Triple H, Ric Flair, Chris Jericho vs Kevin Nash, Booker T and Shawn Michaels 8/10

One of the better matches on the card but nothing to great.

RAW Match

The Rock vs Goldberg 8/10

This match is enjoyable to watch because we see Goldberg make his in ring return and The Rock is pretty funny as well.

This is a poor attempt at a WrestleMania aftermath and WrestleMania 19 has greatly overshadowed this card.
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on 9 September 2003
Goldberg picked up right where he left off two years ago when he dominated WCW. Making his first appearance ever on a WWE pay-per-view, Goldberg get his revenge and defeated The Rock. Goldberg leveled The People's Champion with three spears and finished off the Great One with a Jackhammer!

All six Superstars were battered and exhausted at the end of this brutal match. World Heavyweight Champion Triple H secured the win for his team by nailing his former good friend Kevin Nash with a sledgehammer!

For much of this match, it looked like John Cena would score a huge upset Brock Lesnar and take home the WWE Championship. Cena, competing near his hometown, nearly had Lesnar choked out. But Lesnar overpowered Cena down the stretch to retain the title.

Women's Championship:
Jazz def. Trish Stratus 6/10
With Theodore Long in the corner, Jazz took the Women's Championship away by holding the middle rope to help her secure the pinfall.
WWE Tag Titles:
Team Angle def. Los Guerreros 10/10
Shelton Benjamin trapped Chavo Guerrero's leg while Charlie Haas applied the pin. Afterward, the defiant Guerreros stole the titles and raced out of the arena!

Big Show def. Rey Mysterio 10/10
Mysterio hit the Big Show with three consecutive 619s, but Show caught his opponent on a West Coast Pop attempt and finished the match with a chokeslam.

Sean O'Haire def. Rikishi 9/10
Rikishi managed to get some payback for himself and Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka by smashing a coconut over Rowdy Roddy Piper's head!
World Tag Titles:
Kane & RVD def. the Dudley Boyz 8/10
Special referee Chief Morley accidentally slugged Bubba Ray, which earned him a 3D!

Torrie, Stacy brawl backstage just a blawl i would rate it 8/10
Torrie Wilson tried to get Test to stop calling her, but instead, he kissed her full on the lips! Sable spied the whole thing and told Stacy, who got into an ugly backstage altercation with Torrie! Scott Steiner tried to help Stacy after she took a nasty blow to the head, but a jealous Test put a stop to that.
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on 5 January 2005
Great pay per view matches are as follows
1. Rey Mysterio vs Big Show 9/10 A great match, shame how it ended though.
2. Rikishi vs Sean 'o' Haire 6/10 The match itself was not great but in, but it was good to see Rikishi get some redemption over Piper though.
3. Womans title match 2/10 Nothing to say.
4.World tag team title match 9/10 A lot better than I expected a great proformance from both teams.
5.Wwe tag team title match 5/10 Ok I guess.
6.Six man tag match Nash,Hbk,Bookervs HHH,Jericho,Flair 9/10 Started slow but soon picked up.
7. WWE Championship Cena vs Lesnar 10/10 Match of the night a heroic effort by both men.
8. The Rock vs Goldberg 10/10 Amatch for the ages with Goldberg coming out on top but the match of the night was still Lesnar and Cena.
This event is definatley worth buying a pay per view for the ages.
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on 25 November 2003
This Pay-Per-View was packed with excellent matches but no Variety look come you wwe writers I'm not asking for Hell in a Cell or an Buried Alive match just a Hardcore or a Table.
1. Los Gurreoes Vs World's Greatest Tag Team for Tag titles poor match with a terrible ending.
2. Risksi Vs Sean O'Haire Excellent match specially when the Big Kish gets Some sweet revenge on Roddy Piper.
3. Kane and R.V.D Vs Dudleys for Tag Gold with surpise special guest Ref what can I say any match with Kane is Good.
4. Rey M Vs Big Show a good match Rey kick Biggies ass hey they were wrong size doesn't matter!!
5. These were the good match but the only other good one is The Rock Vs Goldberg well the best match since the TLC match at Summerslam with H.B.K and HHH (Their also in action on th disc)
it's even match with a good ending. When finished go to extras and go to the second selection list and select 'Rock after Backlash'
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on 23 September 2012
amazing event worth buying extremely entertaining matches and backstage segments would definitely would recommend to wwe fans 10 out of 10
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on 17 December 2003
I dont care what brand its from, Im judging from the pure wrestling and entertainment value of the match. Is it worth you watching? Well this PPV was horribly average! A shame really seeing as it follows perhaps the best PPV of the year (WM 19) Which officially is the best seeing as at the time of writing Armageddon 03 has just finished. Anyway, here is the match individual rating:
Match 1. (SMACKDOWN) Los Guerreros Vs Team Angle - WWE Tag Team Titles
Disappointing. Got to hand it to Eddie Guerrero though, he milked everything he could and put on great effort.
Match 2. (SMACKDOWN) Rikishi Vs Sean O' Haire
Boring. An average power match with not much entertainment value aside from the storyline behind it.
Match 3. (RAW) The Dudley Boyz Vs Kane/RVD - World Tag team titles - Special Guest referee Morley
An Ok match. RVD's highflying stunts get you into the match and Morleys dirty referee antics keep you entertained.
Match 4. (RAW) Jazz Vs Trish - WWE Womans title
Better than I thought. I usually dont care about womans matches but this one was slightly better than normal.
Match 5. (Smackdown) Rey Mysterio vs Big Show
Lets face it, the two wrestling styles here just dont match, and the match was 3 mins long! Total squash match and the entertainment factor wasn't there either. Worse match of the night, if you can call it a match.
Match 6. (Smackdown) John Cena Vs Brock Lesnar - WWE Title
Not a bad match, but not that good either. The winner is horribly predictable and it spoils the match a bit. The wrestling was ok though.
Match 7. (Raw) Kevin Nash, Shawn Michaels, Booker T Vs Chris Jericho, Triple H, Ric Flair.
Chuck Kevin Nash out and this match might have been better. Wrestling wasn't to great, but the winner was unpredictable and kept you watching.
Match 8. (Raw) The Rock Vs Goldberg
Lets face it, the hype will get you excited about this, and Rocks exciting wrestling style gets you into it. But there have been better main events.
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on 9 October 2007
This wasn't the best PPV of course but it was still okay in my opinion

FIRST MATCH- SHELTON BENJAMIN & CHARLIE HAAS VS. LOS GUERREROS {EDDIE & CHAVO GUERRERO} FOR THE WWE TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP Nice long tag team match to start the Backlash PPV. Great athletic abilities by Benjamin & Haas & great mind games by Chavo & Eddie. Benjamin & Haas win the hard fought tag team match to retain their WWE Tag Team Championship. After the match Eddie & Chavo steal the Tag Team titles & run backstage. 5/10

SECOND MATCH- BIG SHOW VS. REY MYSTERIO Just a squash, nothing special. Big Show wins after a Chokeslam on Mysterio for the win. After the match Mysterio is badly hurt & can't breathe {Because Big Show seriously hurt him during the match}. Suddenly Big Show returns & while Mysterio is on a stretcher, Big Show grabs the stretcher & slams it against the ring post with Mysterio still on it adding more injury to Mysterio. 2/10

THIRD MATCH- JAZZ W/ THEODORE LONG VS. TRISH STRATUS FOR THE WWE WOMEN'S CHAMPIONSHIP Not a bad match but it was still pretty boring at some times. Theodore Long tries to interfere at some times, Jazz gets the win after what looks like a Gory Powerbomb sort of move. 3/10

FOURTH MATCH- SEAN 'O' HAIRE W/ ROWDY RODDY PIPER VS. RIKISHI Not a bad brawl from these two men but when did Sean 'O' Haire & Roddy Piper form an alliance together. Anyways Sean 'O' Haire gets the win after a finishing move {Which looks like an F-U but you toss them backwards from your shoulders}. 3/10

FIFTH MATCH- ROB VAN DAM & KANE VS. DUDLEY BOYS FOR THE WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP SPECIAL GUEST REFEREE: CHIEF MORLIEY {VAL VENIS} Just like the Smackdown tag team match earlier in the night. It was long & it was a bit more good adding Val Venis as the referee. Val as the referee tries to help the Dudley Boys after low blowing Kane but to no avail gets Chokeslammed by Kane for his troubles. Kane & RVD win after a Chokeslam, followed by a Five Star Frog Splash on D-Von {Another referee came to the match} to retain their World Tag Team titles. 5/10

SIXTH MATCH- TRIPLE H, CHRIS JERICHO & RIC FLAIR VS. SHAWN MICHAELS, KEVIN NASH & BOOKER T IN A 6-MAN TAG TEAM MATCH Good 6-man tag team match with all 6 men seriously taking it to each other. After the referee tries to take care of the match by taking Jericho, Booker, Flair & Michaels out of the ring. Behind the referee HHH nails Nash with the Sledgehammer for the 3 count & to get the win. 5/10

SEVENTH MATCH- BROCK LESNAR VS. JOHN CENA FOR THE WWE CHAMPIONSHIP A good Smakdown Main Event match of the night. During the match Cena makes Lesnar's head busted open which Cena tries to take advantage. But Lesnar fights his way back & nails an F-5 on Cena for the win & to retain his WWE Championship. 5/10

EIGHT MATCH- ROCK VS. GOLDBERG It is great to see Goldberg come back. Goldberg gets the great win against Rock after a Spear followed by a Jackhammer to get the win. 3/10

This wasn't really a bad PPV, it was actually good. The Raw & Smackdown tag team matches were excellent & the Smackdown Main Event between Cena & Lesnar was very good as well. All in all this was a good Raw, Smackdown joint PPV.
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