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Customer Reviews

4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 28 December 2004
I really enjoyed this film and I feel that it would have done so much better if the film critics of the time didn't take such pleasure in knocking any film with Elvis's name attached to it - because of this - the film never got a fair shake - and it is a shame as it is one of his best films - Elvis plays a doctor working in the ghetto and the dilemma he faces when 3 Nuns are volunteered to support him - it makes you wonder, what could have been if Hollywood had put some decent scripts his way!!!!
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on 16 August 2003
I've always liked Change of Habit and it's great that it's finally on DVD. This was Elvis final screen role and is a good one, with an ok script and good acting.
Good support too from Mary Tyler Moore and Ed Asner; this film is worth a look as it's strength lies in Elvis fine performance in the lead. It's not a musical, though there is a few songs, with Elvis singing in church and jamming in the ghetto clinic.
It's a pity that he never made more films as this, Charrro and The Trouble With Girls were a late movie career revival and a sign of what could have came.
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on 6 February 2009
it seemed to be "just another script" and "just another typical" elvis movie. but it was far from that: elvis' last attempt to receive credit for his acting should have been seen by far more people than the few hundred thousand fans that still - in 1969 - wanted to see him as an actor. anyhow, while this movie was in its making the king already signed with the international hotel in las vegas, ready to return to what turned out to be THE BIG comeback on stage in front of a live audience.
if you want to have a more complete picture of "elvis the actor" you will need to watch this dvd. good story, great music!
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on 21 February 2002
Elvis excells as DR John Carpenter, a ghetto doctor who keeps his practice above board in a rough neighbourhood.
When three nuns are sent to assist in his clinic, Doc Carpenter falls for Sister Michelle(Mary Tyler Moore) but does not know that she is a nun.
Change of Habit is one of Elvis very best films, he shuould have made many more....but this was as good a way to bow out as any.
There are some powerful and touching scenes in Change of Habit, a couple of songs, and a great story.
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VINE VOICEon 28 February 2008
Elvis sings very few songs in this film but the songs he sings are all fantastic.In this film,Elvis appears at his physical peak looking incredibly handsome at 34 years of age.He was able to show his acting talents and in my opinion,shows how underated he was.He was a far better actor than he was ever given credit for.It's a light hearted film well worth 90mins of your time.A great way to relax and chill.Highly recommended as it shows an unseen side of the King.
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on 16 January 2002
I would say this is one of Elvis' better movies! "Change Of Habit", Elvis' final movie, in my opinion is one of his best, he was finally able to show his acting talent, however did not pursue acting anymore :o( It is one of the not so cheesy roles! Well worth a watch!! :o)
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on 7 May 2011
This is my favourite Elvis movie. I`ve liked it since I saw it for the first time with my dad when I was seven, and now I am 35. Its is the type of movie thats nice to watch several times. Elvis has charm and is at his best looking as a doctor in this movie. Okay, it is Elvis, but I actually thinks he plays this role as doctor quite well. The movie deals with some serious issues, and I love the "street feel" and scenery. Its nice to see Elvis in a different kind of role, he seems confident and relaxed. Only three songs, Change of Habit, Rubberneckin and Have a Happy. What makes this movie special is the story line of three nuns working undercover as nurses at Dr John Carpenters (Elvis`)ghetto clinic . He does not know they are nuns, and an attraction developes between him and Michelle (Mary Taylor Moore). On youtube you can watch the whole movie and I am surprised at how many people liking it. There is a touching scene with a little girl called Amanda, whom they diagnose as autistic(which they know a lot more about today, this is 1969). She does not speak or communicate at first, does not like anyone to pick her up or hold her. At first they think Amanda may be deaf, but she has been abandoned by her mother who did not want her. So the doctor decides to try a new method called rage reduction to help Amanda. A lot of crying and sobbing, but finally she speaks! I love that scene and its quite uniqe. This is a highly recommended movie, especially if you love Elvis:)
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on 7 February 2010
I saw a few of Elvis's mediocre films as well as his best roles (King Creole, Jailhouse Rock and Wild in the Country) but I have to say, this film sees Elvis in one of his best roles ever. This is Elvis being hip, funky and totally sexy !I loved the original version of rubberneckin song. I can't understand for the life of me why it wasn't a hit at the time ! His character in the film is a realist and a doctor with a social conscience. This film touched upon social and political issues affecting the urban classes in 1968 inner city America.
Elvis was a great actor who was not allowed to develop his creative thespian skills. Elvis should have been allowed to explore more dramatic roles.
He deserved much better film scripts. However, we fans are lucky to have some of these films to remind ourselves how great an actor he was. I highly recommend this film to add to your Elvis film collection. Or if you want to see Elvis in an unusual role, see this film and enjoy !
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on 24 January 2016
I did like the film, but a criticism of the subject of this film was that autism is not cured - to my knowledge it is an illness for life having to take medication. So it was badly and untruly portrayed. Also even if nuns leave their convent and work in the outside world they don't wear heavy make up, with false eye lashes and highly plucked eye brows. This spoilt the film for me. This film dealt with serious issues like attempted rape, theft and extortion etc. There were a few songs from Elvis but it was certainly a 'different' role for him to play. Very serious.
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on 21 July 2012
Just when Elvis got the hang of true acting, he changed direction. But it wasn't a bad change. Elvis belonged on stage, enthralling people, being himself. Being E L V I S.

In this production, his last acting role before that big change, Elvis is at his most natural as Dr Carpenter who falls for a nun as played by Mary Tyler Moore! This is quite daring for a 1969 script yet Elvis takes it in his stride and puts in the most natural performance of his acting career of that decade. Whereas in most of his 60s movies you can tell Elvis was acting or even overacting, in this movie you almost forget it is Elvis in character. And that's how good he was in this, his last acting role.

But you'll remember it is Elvis when he starts singing of course. Again, the music is very different to what he had done in movies previously. None of the made-to-fit songs usually associated with his soundtracks. Rather, some upbeat and adult music instead, with the standout track being Rubberneckin', brilliantly remixed and re-released in 2003. The track went on to become a global hit that same year.

The aptly-named Change of Habit was Elvis' very last scripted movie. It was 1969 and Elvis had had enough of Hollywood's cameras and was desperate to return to studio recording and live performing.

He did. Elvis wanted to do what he desired rather than what his clueless management wanted him to do. He needed to perform to real audiences instead of the cameras or the actors he had just beaten up. After completion of this film, Elvis looking his best turned a leaf and opened up the last but most dynamic chapter of his career - performing live on stage!
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