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4.3 out of 5 stars90
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 16 July 2004
Superb. Outstanding. Remarkable. Amazing.
All words that could be used to describe Spider Man 2. This really is an excellent game well worth your £30. If you played the first game and enjoyed that, this game is a dead cert. The control system has been revamped over the first game, including improved jumping, improved combat and perhaps most importantly, improved web swinging. Rather than your web attaching to the sky, as in spideys first PS2 outing, this time your web must hit an object such as a building, a tree or even a helicopter. All this makes for more 'realistic' movements for the web head. It really is a great improvment. You can also purchase upgrades for various things, such as swing speed, combat moves and so on.
Now, on to the game structure. As most probably know the game has undergone a complete revamp, now no longer fixed missions only, the game adopts a free roaming mode around a brilliantly modelled New York City. This allows you to go wherever you feel like going, including landing on the street, something we were deprived of in previous outings. You can also scale any skyscraper in the whole city, just be carefull when jumping off, as even spidey can't survive a fall from the top of the empire state building (although find me one person who won't try this at least once!). The game is split into chapters, each with different objectives to complete, eg visit Mary - Jane, or Complete Daily Bugle Assignment. Outside of these missions you must earn hero points. These are earned by helping citizens with their problems such as stolen purses or armoured cars being shot up. It really is vast and really is a lot of fun.
In closing, refer to the opening line of this review. Pick a word. All apply to just how great a game this is. If you're a fan of the films and of the previous games, you will love this. Well worthy of your cash and well worthy of 5 out of 5.
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on 25 July 2004
Upon seeing the adverts for the game on TV and hearing about the free roaming capabilities within the game, I was a bit dubious of if this game was any good. I haven't seen the film (nor the first film), but was a fan of the Fox cartoon series so I was fascinated what it would be like to be The Spider-Man; then Spider-Man 2: The Movie comes out on the PS2.
Most movie franchise games never turn out to be very good - this is mainly due to too much money pumped into a tight time seclude and 'EA Games' buying more licences than they can handle - and so I pondered about getting it. The time came where I finally decided to part with my so-called "hard earned" cash and bought SM2:TM for my PS2. Straight away, the game grabbed me; I was Spider-Man in a vast New York landscape able to go any where and fight crime!
The game play of the game is what you expect from the advert really; swinging from building-to-building, jumping extreme heights in a single bound, and super strength to fight baddies which occur a lot (even for the Big Apple). You never run out of Webbing which is great as it allows you complete and utter freedom in the city with out thinking "Oh man, I am about to run out of Webbing, I will have to find more soon" (as was the case in the comic book based Spider-Man for the PSone).
The size of the city is massive though, I've never been to New York, but I can imagine the size of the city being like this. I doubt any game player will see all the sights of New York in this game; think GTA: Vice City and triple the size of it (at least if not more) and that's what you have in SM2:TM; and their even isn't any loading time when going from district-to-district. The only loading is when cut scenes occur or going into a building (not every building interior needs loading though, just goes straight into it), and they are only a short burst fair between; not even a long loading time when turning the PS2 on and going into the game.
The graphics are okay, they aren't the best I've seen on the PS2, but then again, you will hardly care because they are still good, but you will be zipping along the city and not really take notice of them that much. They work for the game and they are pleasant to see, you just tend to notice stupid faces on people when they tell you about crimes, but the cut scenes (in-game and FMVs) are of a high quality. But with this game size, it understandable and forgiving, the game play is what matters here!
The story is good, from what I gather, it follows the movie well enough, but has extra bits as well which keeps you keen.
The crimes in the city are repetitive with the same armoured car hold up/shoot out/car jacking/Irish worker falling off building/surprise attack happening which are activated by you talking to a person in the street calling out your name. There are random moments where you find a mugging or some kid lost their balloon and you have a choice to help. But you have the option of going to do jobs as Peter Parker (who then turns into Spider-Man to do the job, go figure) like delivering pizza to people or taking pictures of the Daily Bugle. All of these add to your "hero points" which help you advance chapters in the game (basically story in other works, like a level system) and buy new abilities for Spider-Man from the Spidey Shop where you use the "hero point" as a form of currency. But it all adds up and makes a good game style for SM2:TM.
The sound in the game is pretty much any movie New York place, with cars going by and people talking (mainly at you or about you, which isn't like normal NY I presume...). There are occasions where Spider-Man talks to him self to help you follow the story. There is also a tour guide done by B-Movie star Bruce Campbell (Evil Dead, Army of Darkness) which I loved because he adds in his own sense of humour and not always sticking to the script in hand. But all the voices in the game are done by the actors them selves from the film, so it's no dodgy "sound-alike" but a properly immersive experience.
I suggest to anybody who is thinking of buying the game to just buy it; this sets a standard for movie tie-in games and even standard games on how to do it. You cannot go wrong.
Final Verdict: 9/10 (5*)
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on 12 July 2004
With this newest Spiderman game Treyarch have finally succeeded in bringing everything the comic promises to the hands of console gamers. They've done this by combining a reworked version of the already solid spiderman engine with a beautifully large playing area depicting New York. The city feels as big as those featured in either of the 3D GTA games, and whilst the pedestrians lack the same character, detail and humour, it matters far less because this game is about Spidey, not some unknown Joe (or Tommy). And that's what this game absolutely captures to a T; this is the closest any game has come to representing Spidey and all of his superpowers. Even something as simple as jumping is breath-taking and flexible to pull off. You can do a little jump or charge it up and jump so high it actually makes you feel all tingley when you look down. Or if you jump whilst sprinting forward, at the edge of a roof top say, you leap/hurtle forward the equivalent of about 50 feet! And you really feel the power behind the jump. And as this takes place in a massive 3D city, you can leap and bound from roof top to roof top, via flag poles on which you can swing, and up(or down) the sides of buildings, over which you can crawl or even run if you so desire, with increasing ease. I had heard that just moving around in this game is a lot of fun, but I was suspicious until I played it myself. And it's not just a shallow gimick either; because these are skills you must learn the game increases in fun as you master the deep play dynamics, similar to the way the levels in Tony Hawkes' games open up as you learn more tricks and routes. And I haven't even mentioned web-swinging yet. This is because the feeling can't really be described to it's benefit. Just watch the end bit of the first movie, the bit where Spidey is swinging through the city just before the credits roll, and then imagine that you are making him do that!
With a control system so perfect I was expecting the main story and the side missions to be someone lacking, but, having played all of the previous Spidey games I can honestly say this one had the most believably delivered story. The best bits in my opinion are the story elements not taken from the film, that bring Mysterio, Shocker and others into the overall plot with the use of brilliant climactic battles. Although I do think Mysterio's just plain cool.
I was also concerned that the combat would be lacking (a weak spot in the previous Spidey movie tie-in), but it feels far more solid in this game, and the combo's are all distinct, each with their own satisfying result. Heck, you can even beat up a goon, hammer him/her against the ground on the end of a web, swing said goon round your head like a lassoo, and then web-hang him/her from a nearby lamp post!!! And it flows so well. Dodging has also been implemented pretty well. Everytime your spider-sense goes off with a tap on the circle button, Spidey executes a matrix-like swerve out of danger. And once you start dodging multiple machine gun fire, you not only look hyper-cool, but you also feel like a real Superhero! Much more than that silly Keanu Reeves fellow. This game makes you feels like Spiderman! And due to the open endedness of the plot, you can continue to fight a multitude of crimes around the city, attempt Tony Hawkes style time-based challenges across the varied city skyline, or even just swing around looking cool and pretending your're in a comic long after the storyline has finished. You don't have to get this game, but if you really like Spiderman, or just want to zip, jump and swoop through New York on the end of a web realistically, you really should.
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on 15 July 2004
- I bought the game simply to appease the dork in myself and have yet to regret it. Using an open ended play format in which you don't do anything until you want to, in a model of NYC complete with major landmarks, with web-swinging abilities right in line with the movies, this game blew me away.
When the game starts it's almost overwhelming the scale and grandeur of the NYC. Just as overwhelming is the learning curve for the web-swinging mechanics. After being coddled with the invisible ceiling mechanics of the previous Spider-Man games, the idea of actually using buildings seems a little too difficult. The idea of consciously having to jump from your web at the end of a swing is obscene. Once I managed to get over this part of the controls though I was blown away at how intuitive the web-swinging became. In less than fifteen minutes I was swinging through the streets of New York at speeds that topped 170 scale miles per hour (or so the game statistics said). It was a joyous, nay, religious experience that left me wishing I really had strands of goo that launched from my wrists.
The story itself is well done and maintains some semblance of cognicence throughout the game. The characters you run into are presented with enough faith and love that they don't seem to be thrown into the game. Their battles/chases are a different story however. I was a little disappointed the first time I ran into Rhino and felled him without thinking in less than two minutes. I was feeling OK with the BlackCat chase sequences. And then I came to the first run in with Quentin Beck (aka. Mysterio). This "Boss" fight took place inside a giant arena and kept my mouth open in utterances of obscenities. The first half wasn't so rough, but the "gauntlet" that Spider-Man is forced to run proved one thing to me...This game was meant to be kept outdoors. Crawling across floating blocks did little more than illustrate how irritating camera problems can really be. After this fiasco I forced myself to swing around the Big Apple for about an hour just to get the memory of indoor gameplay out of my head.
The game is altogether a new animal. It doesn't borrow so heavily from anything that came before it that it feels repititious. It doesn't fall into a rut of mind-numbing repititous gameplay. It does however make me wish I wasn't at work right now and instead at home with a box of Coca-Cola and a bag of funions with nowhere to be...
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VINE VOICEon 14 July 2004
I have to agree. Spider-man 2 the game of the movie is the best spiderman game ever in existance. Treyarch have done a blinder with this game. They finally got it 100% perfect. Spidey looks the best that he has ever been, the combat moves are brilliantly done (especially when spidey does the air combat moves. I get such pleasure out of kicking the stuff out of a guy 50 feet in the air. The game really makes you feel like spiderman. The first game is nothing compared to this. I didn't really like swinging from the sky basically. I love this game how spidey can swing a web towards a building and swing round it like he does in the film with such speed it would cause your nose to bleed. The upgrades are special too! I love the one called web hanger where you can actually web up villians and leave them hanging from the lamp posts. The new characters are a great touch too, Rhino, Doc Ock, Shocker, Mysterio, Dr Conners (who you all know becomes The Lizard)and the beautiful Black Cat all play a keen part of the story. Since i bought spider-man 2 last friday, i can't seem to get off it. Treyarch i got to say, you did it. You recreated spidey for a new generation and you got it spot on. Love live spidey. Can't wait for Spider-man 3.
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on 9 September 2004
No doubt about it. This is an awesome game in a lot of ways. Firstly, you literally can do whatever a Spider can. You can swing from building to building, you can jump from building to building, you can climb walls, and you can utilise all of these abilities wherever you like as you are free to travel around the massive city playing area at your discretion.
Not only that but there is no insistence on your battling the super villains and getting on with the story. If you'd prefer you can swing about aiding distressed civilians by stopping muggers/carjackers/ armoured car robbers or rushing injured people to hospital etc. However these missions soon get tedious as there are only around 7 or 8 different scenarios that can occur. Worse is the fact that the point system of the game means stopping these crimes is a necesity if you wish to progress and after a while they REALLY grate. No bother though, did you want this game to solve fickle and insignificant bother? Of course not! You want to battle the REAL enemies and on this level Spider Man really delivers. The developers have made the wise decision of deviating somewhat from the film's plot and pump up the villainous cast to include Rhino, Mysterio and Shocker to battle with as well as Doc Ock of course. Doc Ock may gain allies but Spidey is not left out as the mysterious Black Cat joins up with him particularly to battle Shocker. All of the villains have their own entertaining mini campaigns for the player to fight through and these thankfully make up the bulk of the game.
Sound wise the game is more than competent as well, Tobey Mcguire, Kirsten Dunst, and Alfred Molina (?) all take up the roles of their characters and the voice overs are top notch.
The negative aspects of this game are fairly limited:
The graphic work on the people and cars is quite naff. With faces obviously being drawn rather than really animated and no lip synch for the voices. Also Peter Parker seems to have big flesh coloured cubes rather than hands for some reason, also the script in a couple of scenes needs a lot of attention, and as i previously mentioned the Hero Points system gets old.
Other than that though this is a tip top action game, certainly the best Superhero game on the market and hopefully a model to a lot of games on free roaming.
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on 14 July 2004
This is the best spider-man game to date it gets the film off to a tee and the webslinging is amazing it really makes you feel as if you are spider-man swinging through the air and to add to the film story the game makers also added in some classic villains such as shocker, mysterio, rhino and obviously doc ock. Once youv'e completed the story of the game then there are extra missions such as pizza delivery boy, taking pictures for the daily bugle, mary jane missions and the odd common crime.
There are also plenty of moves to pull off in fighting and webslinging such as spider reflexes and running up walls.To describe spider-man 2 the game in one word I would say fantastic and I am sure everybody else would say the same who has the game.
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on 23 July 2004
What can i say i bought this game today and have played on it for 4 hours straight and Doctor Otto Octavius has not even become Doc Oc, this proves how entertainin it can be to first of all swing for the first time but then to perfect your skills using upgrades and just gettin a general feel for the game. The random things that just pop up during the game like for example when you promise to meet Mary Jane are key to living the movie experience.
Adding other spiderman villains such as Rhino and Mysterio just make the game a bit more interesting and carries on with the non linear feel to the game. The one bad point i would mention about the game is that it can suffer from repitivness for example the pety crimes you have to deal with do get a bit boring but not much it still good to kick villain ass.
New York is fantastic. The sheer size and realisim of it equals GTA Vice maybe even betters it because there are no annoying loadin screen when you get to a certain point on the map.
In my opinion the best spiderman game made and hope spiderman 3 can take heed from critism and make a perfect spiderman game but until then i will continue to enjoy spiderman 2.
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on 12 July 2004
This game is absolutly exellent. Spiderman2 has shades of GTA written all over it. The main upgrade is the freedom to do whatever you want. You can go about saving people, or just walk by people getting beat up and laugh! There are main missions, but just like in GTA, there are also side missions. For example, you can go and do pizza missions. This game is about 10 times better than spiderman1, and i would recommend it to anyone. Its 5 star rating fully deserved.
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on 23 August 2004
The long awaited spiderman 2 arrives in the cinema and with it comes a game. This game isn't the usual film tie in. This is different. The new system is way different to the spiderman game. Two words can sum this game up: go anywhere. The gameplay is brilliant and now you are completely in control of the swinging. Misssions are no longer part of the system. All new chapters work extremely well and if a part gets hard to complete you don't put the game down. Of all movie games this is the best. order it now. 9/10
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