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4.2 out of 5 stars19
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on 17 November 2004
I have been a fan of the X-Men stories for years (back when people would look at you funny if you mentioned Wolverine or Colossus). When I heard that they were going to try and design a game where you could conrol a team of your favourite X-Men - well the anticipation was hard to bear.
What usually happens next is disappointment.
Not this time.
The developers have got it spot on. The little phrases the characters utter, the various relationships between them and, much to my pleasure, it is based on the comics - not the cartoons. This means people like Jubilee are much better.
It is up to you to pick the appropiate four X-Men for your team to progress through each level. It helps to have a leader like Cyclops or Storm. Iceman, Jean Grey or Magma can create bridges. It is up to you to get the blend just right, but it can be frustrating when you discover that you cannot go forward unless you bring back Cyclops to optic blast something (a minor complaint - you figure out who is going to be needed fairly quickly).
The graphics are great, with the powers shown to fantastic effect. I agree with a previous reviewer, who said that some bits look a little PS1-ish, but I believe that this is just the briefing scenes. The main game looks great and is easy to control.
The game has an excellent storyline and the developers have done great again, by hiring 'Man Of Action' to pen the story. Many in this group used to work for Marvel, writing X-Men comics - so they know their stuff.
The flashback sequences that you can play are also excellent, without distracting from the main story. The chance to take on Sentinels, fight Juggernaught at the X-Manision or take a trip down memory lane with Logan, when he burst out of the tank at Weapon X, is amazing.
Here I am drooling as a fan and yet those who may not be familiar with the various nuances of the X-Men world can easily get into this and be rewarded for learning about it through the Alison (Magma) charachter.
I have waited a long time for the X-Men to get some decent treatment by console game developers. Now I hear the response to this game is so good that Raven are already beginning development of a sequel game. I cannot wait.
I recommend this game to all - one of the few games which you will feel that you are getting your moneys worth from.
X-cellent! (Sorry I could not help myself)
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on 13 December 2004
The third X-men game to appear on the Playstation 2 and the first one that looks able to define the X-men as who know and love them, but does it live up to this? Previous attempts at converting the uncanny ones resulted in the awkward X-men: Next dimension and the average X: 2 Wolverine's Revenge
While these games were ok they never had a chance of exploring the team-based action the X-men represent through their many mediums of comic, film and cartoon. However, X-men legends addresses this problem reverting to a roaming action/adventure game including RPG elements. The game uses the same engine and dynamics as Baldur's gate so fans of this series will understand the mechanics of the game.
The game sees you taking control of up to four x-men at a time as your progress through missions suing your mutant abilities to defeat all manner of mutant evil doers. All X-men have quite different abilities and teams can be swapped over at any save point dotted throughout the levels. RPG elements enter the game through the traditional 'experience points' method as your team receives points for each objective completed and enemy defeated. Characters gain more moves and powers as you progress; these are all faithfully recreated from the marvel characters we know.
It does take different tactics to get the most of out of the characters. With Cyclops' optic beams its more effective to hang back and deal damage from a distance, with Wolverine's claws and healing factor it's more productive to head straight into the
action with claws at the ready.
The graphics are hardly anything unique anymore. The most over-used graphical style award goes to........ Cel-shading. This looks ok and probably will relate more to the cartoon x-men fan but can look childish to the rest of us. To us cel-shading reached its peak with jet set radio on the dreamcast. A fun, jaunty game it suits perfectly, but with a serious affair (and lets not joke, those claws are sharp) it leaves the mature gamer feeling a bit silly in this case.
The camera works from a top-down view and is controlled, with the right analogue stick, so it keeps up with the game 95% of the time. One impressive thing in X-men legends is the amount of destructive scenery placed around the game, you can throw enemies into computers and barrels, and you can also make yourself shortcuts by using your stronger moves on the occasional wall. Which is always fun. It helps the games versatility that you can go through the level rather than around it on occasion. The level design itself is very monotonous and it's only the New York missions that look pretty. They also include lots of fires and debris from the war torn city which adds environmental damage to your list of woes, but also gives you a chance to use cover and cook some of your enemies. With your more powerful characters you can also use parked cars as weapons, finally bringing a reason for the production of Skodas.
While the story is really good for fans of the comics and cartoons, others may feel left out by its intricacies and certainly won't feel as involved as the average fan would.
If you do enjoy the game then longevity isn't an issue, there's about thirty-five hours game play here and fifteen characters to complete the game with, and so this game could be HUGE for the fan. Other cameos from characters such as Bishop, Forge and Multipleman are all worth finding.......if you know who they are. They story is huge and just keeps on going and going, it's the Duracell bunny of action games.
However it's now that we hit the main problems of the game, blandness. Levels are quite bland as they are largely set in military bases, so expect to see several shades of grey while you play. On top of this levels are used several times as you have to return to them, this just seems like lazy development to us. Enemy design is also repetitive, most them look the same and follow a pattern of being physically or energy resistant.
Team-mate AI should have been improved akin to Freedom Fighters, just being able to get them to wait or attack certain enemies would have made the team-based fighting seem less repetitive, but no, they follow you around like a trio of poodles. While on the case of team-mates they seem to have very little effect on enemies and vice versa. It's rare to lose a team-mate but they are incapable of finishing off bad guys.
Finally we move onto the FMV's. As previously stated the opening FMV is pure comic genius as wolverine dives straight into action. From here on in any character or style is lost and only pitiful direction is left. If licences are to step into the RPG world they need to learn to use FMV to hold the game together and grasp the gamer's attention at the right moments.
In conclusion, the game has SO MUCH from the comics it's a fans paradise. Like a good comic book, fans would struggle to put this down and would also be thankful for a decent X-men game to be released since the megadrive. It's also value for money as it's a looonnnggg game.
But it's a game that lacks story involvement and team management is minimal. It also feels like the management put the youth team on at half time as the game seems to drift away as it goes on. At the end of the day it's a treat for the fans only.
6/10 ...but add accordingly if you're a fan. It really means that much that you know you're x-men stuff if you're going to play the game through.
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on 14 January 2007
This game follows the story of a young girl, Alison, who graduates to become an X-Man called Magma (who I grew quite attatched to after the first few one-player-only missions) and the X-Men fighting to stop Magneto's Brotherhood. I have many superhero games; five Spider-Man ones, Fantastic Four, Batman Begins, Superman Returns, Marvel Ultimate Alliance and X-Men Legends II (which I actually purchased before this) and due to me and my sister defeating Apocalypse in II, I decided to buy this. At first, I was sadly disappointed. I expected to create my own team from the start, and instead of the deadly combination of Gambit, Rogue and Nightcrawler hailing from our other game, we were stuck with Cyclops, Storm and Jean Grey, the only redeeming factor being Wolverine. However, as we progressed past theseabysmal characters and unlocked more, we were glued to the screen to hours. It always seemed to be Wolverine in trouble; he was left alone at various hilarious points like the Sentinel flashback (having to defeat a whole horde of Sentinels), the Morlock tunnels (where a huge swarm of evil mutants lived) and in the battle against Pyro (a flame-wielding Brotherhood member). However, due to his healing factor, Wolverine prevailed against these amazing odds. We swiftly unlocked our favourite characters and steamrollered the rest of the game. Nightcrawler, whose teleporting power was useful when rooting out hidden snipers, and Wolverine were mine while Rogue (a super-strong Southern girl) and Gambit (a French guy who lobs purple energy cards at people (!)) were my sister's, and they were all a deadly combination. The bosses proved easy, and only Avalanche and Sabertooth supplied resistance. The only bad point I wish to raise is not having good characters at the start. Being left alone against an army of soldiers and a tank as Storm is not much fun. The other thing that amazed me was Emma Frost. She is unlocked quite late in the game, but she is absolutely awful. She cannot fight in close combat to save her life (literally) and has no useful powers. All in all, however, this is a great game that should appeal to X-Men fans, if only to hear Wolverine say, "I'm the best at what I do,"
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on 18 March 2011
I played Marvel: Ultimate Alliance a while back and after discovering this game afterwards and finding out they were supposed to be similar, was very excited to get playing it. How I wish I'd stayed away. After three hours, I decided enough was enough and had to switch it off.

Plot: Magneto has a plan to give mutants the power to reign supreme over humans. By choosing a team of X-Men, you are then tasked with putting a stop to his world domination and prevent the human population being enslaved.

Graphics: Quite poor. Although when actually playing the game, everything looked alright if a little basic, when switching to cut scenes, they were dreadful. The X-Men had oven mitts for hands and around every character were huge black lines giving everything a blurry effect.

I found the art direction a little confused at times too. Sometimes when being shown a setting, the graphics would switch from a cell shaded effect to a realistic one and then back again like they weren't really sure what to do.

Sound: You have your usual catchphrases delivered by the different X-Men while selecting or fighting. Some of them are spot on while others sound like they could be anymore. Not consistent.

Game play: X-Men Legends is an action role playing (RPG) game. You choose four members out of a selection of X-Men and then head off onto your mission. However, at each save point (called an extraction point) you can switch members in and out as well as resurrect any that have happened to of died along the way.

Throughout the game, as you kill enemies and complete objectives, you get experience points which cause you to level up every now and again. When levelling up, you are given skill points which can be used to either level attributes up or skills. If you're not sure where to put your new points, there's always the auto button that can help choose the places for you.

As you play through the game, different items are dropped for you to equip. Although they don't show up on your X-Men while playing, they give a boost to your stats. There are some famous items to be found too.

Once you've selected you X-Men and started the mission, you control only one of them but have the other three being controlled by the game. You can switch any time between the different characters and the ones you're not using can have their aggression levels, when they decide to use health packs and what move to use set to your liking.

Although all this sounds great, it would be if the game didn't do such a shoddy job of playing along with you. Now I don't mind dieing when it's my fault and there's something to be learnt from the mistake but when you team mates are intent on jumping down a chasm whenever they see one, it begins to become a little on the frustrating side. Not only do they enjoy jumping to their death, but they like running at it too. Now if a beam of poison is being shot at you and there's a chance to run either side of it, where do you run? If your one of the games players the answer is straight down the middle. Shoddy programming in my eyes.

Controls: Fairly simple to pick up. The bumpers are used for the likes of health and energy packs and directing your team mates while the arrow keys are used for selecting your team member and the shapes for different moves.

Overall: When playing X-Men, I kept wondering if I would have felt differently about playing if I had of played this before Ultimate Alliance but I think that even then, this game wouldn't have been saved from the amount of problems it has.

If you really enjoy comic book games then head over to Marvel: Ultimate Alliance. Ultimate Alliance takes this game and tweaks everything to produce what X-Men should have been.
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on 7 May 2008
I'm not a big fan of gaming and certainly no expert at it and what my brother finds easy, I find very difficult. What I do like about this is that you don't have to remember lots and lots of special moves, though there are some for the more advanced gamers to commit to memory if they want. Unlocking other characters and costumes adds a little variation on a theme and takes you back down memory lane, but care needs to be taken to avoid confusion with some characters looking similar. My only complaint was that once the missions are completed and Master Mould is defeated...that's it, unless you want to go right back to the start. Levelling up characters and completing Danger Room challenges makes characters stronger, and I found that using Cyclops, Storm, Wolvie and Iceman added some pretty high scoring combos. Let the others attack and then blast with Cyke from a distance and watch those points get racked up...Yes, there are limited scenarios, but the overall story is not disjointed too much, and it is a great introduction to Legends 2 - The Rise of Apocalypse, which I have just started playing. I actually went online to search for information regarding the whereabouts of all the Danger Room discs, as some are well hidden and nigh on impossible to find unless you smash everything in sight and explore every nook and cranny of a level - which is tedious. it also takes a hell of a long time to get the power trees completely filled - in fact on my first outing I had lots of empty boxes and inaccessible tricks to use. Danger Room Challenges are very limited in scope, with a lot of the scenes being the same, and lots of them are very difficult unless you know how to get around them...which is why the game guide is probably useful, as was the online Walkthrough I accessed. I thoroughly enjoyed playing this, and my nephew is now on with it. Each time I play it I just try to find more discs, level up more often and see if it gets better. Playing as Magneto for the Endgame might have been useful too, but I found that a lot of the characters were added extras that were never used. Jean Grey has her uses for some levels but Beast and Colossus less often and Gambit, Nightcrawler, Emma Frost and Magma were only used when they had to be, and Jubilee and Psylocke never, except on Danger Room challenges for extra rewards. Well worth buying, as it is endless hours of fun. I drove my missus wild with the constant cries of "Combo!" and "Super Combo!" from the CPU.
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on 4 June 2014
As a huge fan of Cyclops, Storm, Wolverine and Co. I've been waiting for a worthy game for so long. Then in 2004 X-Men Legends delivered and it is still the best X-Men game out there.

The source material feels well-honoured in a story that sees you going up against both General Kincaid's Sentinels and Magneto's Brotherhood. The plot is progressed by completing levels, using an awesome-foursome of X-Men. You pick from a roster of over 10 favourites like Colossus, Cyclops, Gambit, Jean Grey, Rogue, Storm and Wolverine. These levels are seperated by spending time exploring the X-Mansion, including its vast grounds and sub-basement.

The gameplay in the levels is frenzied and fun. I often found myself button-bashing in true arcade style, unleashing various uncanny (pun intended) powers with the likes of Beast, Colossus and Wolverine. However, you can take a more tactical approach and pick off foes at a distance with the likes of Cyclops and Storm.

My only gripe is that the cut-scenes, considering what games like Final Fantasy VII could do on PS One, could be better. Despite this, X-Men Legends is still more than good enough to warrant 5/5 Stars.
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on 9 August 2004
When I first heard about x-men ledgends I thought that it would just be another average game,but the more I have found out about the greater it looks.You get to customize your own team of 4 characters from Wolverine,Cyclops,Storm,Angel,Psylocke,Proffeser X,Beast,Phoenix,Nightcrawler,Gambit,Rogue,Iceman and Collossus {to name but a few}.This is gonna be an good solid RPG game and will do better than the other X-Men games released.Amazon says 8 oct but it might not come out until late oct and mid nov.This is gonna be a great game to X-Men lovers and will offer RPG gamers another great RPG game.
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on 20 April 2015
Absolutely pathetic... loved the second game but the first is too hard... 2 hits and your character dies wtf! If i buy a game i wanna enjoy it... no enjoyment in trying too hard to not die
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on 29 March 2013
All my life I dreamt of having super powers, using this game (and the ps obviously).
I do just that.

Warning though, you may loose your real life.
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on 13 January 2013
Game as thought it would be had fun with it what can you say its a game you play it then get bored of it.
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