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Customer Reviews

3.5 out of 5 stars
3.5 out of 5 stars
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on 1 January 2005
Ok, MOV..
It's almost impossible to create a war based game better than the PC version of Call of Duty, so to play any other game is instantly going to be worse.. whether it's for the PC or a console. However, MOV succeeds in some places that COD doesn't.
Outlook - I can honestly say that this is borderling "great".. the graphics are truely on another level in some parts of the game (eg. check out the water & pebbles). It seems to have all the ingredients of an intense first person war shooter.
Controls - Because it's on a console the controls are always going to tricky, there's no way around that, but you can adjust. It's no different than playing halo.
Computer AI - The enemies intelligence is almost annoying, in two aspects. Firstly when they're taking you out from within fog or from a place you can't even see; it's almost unrealistic.. & another criticism of the AI is that sometimes they can just be too dumb, the AI is nowhere near that of Halo.
Music - Mid-combat has a lot of perks for the avid fan.. the music and atmosphere that's set is second to none.. the screams of men being shot down, the inspirational words of fellow soldiers, it really does set the mood.
Weapons - The selection is excellent, tons of guns to test out on your enemies, you can also pick up, what looked like upgrades for certain guns which i thought was a nice addition, & Call of duty fans will recognise the russian PSHH automatic.
And Most importantly..
Gameplay/Handling - Although niggly at times, the gameplay is intense and will have you hooked. With all the above criteria's i've reviewed, they combine to make a gem of a game which is well worth your money.
Hope this short review helps out your decision in some way.
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on 14 May 2005
The last couple of reviews have summed the game up.
It really is a very enjoyable war simulated combat game. I have no complains about the game at all; great graphics, great game play, good sound and great atmosphere. I have played many games of this genre and this is as good as any of them. At its current knock down price it really is a bargain not to be missed by any shrewd gamer.
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on 13 October 2005
I am really enjoying this game.
It is quite tough in places especially when you can only save at checkpoints. The selection of weapons is great and I believe is quite accurate.
Graphics and sound are good.
It's a straight forward FPS and I would recomend it as a great buy!
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on 2 December 2004
Men of Valor is a first person shooter set during the vietnam war, its a run of the mill affair as far as FPS go with several faults keeping it from being 'great' but its very well made with polished effects along the way and a decent enough storyline as far as FPS go.
Graphically its pretty good, nothing compared to the likes of Halo 2 however, the jungle vegetation looks very good and gives a sense of what jungle warfare is like, you'll play the game and really have difficulty seeing enemies which are camouflaged, it defintely adds to the atmosphere of the game. Latter levels also take place in urban scenes and the ruined urban centres are nicely done and well detailed.
Sound wise its fairly run of the mill, nothing too extravagent and the music suites the theme well enough.
Gameplay, its good but their are nagging flaws which keep Men of Valor from being a 'great' single player game, but the campaign is genuinely fun and you can have a co-op mode to go through the single player campaign with a freind, also their is xbox live to choose from several game varities which is immensely fun.
The faults I have with Men of Valor are:
Stupid AI on enemies and team mates, this is mitigated however due to the restricted levels sometimes and the enemies charge you really making those 'quiete' momemnts in a mission full of suspense wandering when your going to be attacked next.
Saving system, Men of Valor tries to use the check point system but does so quiete poorly, it can save long before fights and have a cut scene after a check point which lasts up to 10 minutes maybe longer before action starts and you die, then have to go thorugh the sequence again and again...the developers just could have made the cehck point save after a cut scene.
And its VERY difficult at some parts, not quite 'joypad' throwing annoying but you will definitely need patience to beat this game.
Overall, the best 'nam game released on xbox so far, but if squad based games are what your after perhaps Conflict Vietnam would make a better choice as in Men of Valor its strictly a FPS affair.
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on 8 December 2005
This is one of the best games on the was made on alow budget but it one hell of a game.The missions are challenging but never repetetive.I hope all you x-box enthusiasts get this one
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on 6 December 2004
This is a quality game, if you liked Medal Of Honor then you'll love this, it's basically MOH set in the Vietnam war. don't really have time to type out a huge review but i thought i'd better try & prove the other two reviews above this were wrong, so just copy & past the following URL [...] & read their review. It didn't get 10/10 it but it did get 7.9/10 which is pretty good anyway. In my opinion, this was money well spent & time well spent shooting some bad guys.
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on 6 March 2013
Quite different from other Vietnam games, follows good missions some general army to special ops. However may have viet cong soiders appering out of nowere, techniqual glitch or just an attempt of summerising gurrella warfare im not sure. Overall a good game.
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on 14 December 2004
Some of the other reviews of this game are being a bit harsh in my opinion. I like the game, its very atmospheric and the major plus is the feeling of the "chaos" of war it creates. The sounds on the battlefields are amazing and you really don't want to "go over the top" when you are pinned down by a machine gun emplacement and heavy shelling!! The AI could be better but the game is massive and has many level and it isn't easy. You actually have to figure out how to get past a tricky situation and cant just use RESTART to cheat through the game like Halo. The game try's to stay in line with the real events of the war and the loading screen gives quotes and actually statistics from the war, this all adds to the feeling. All in all a good decent blast especially if you have a interest in the War.
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on 19 December 2004
As an avid player of combat games this one as to be amongst the top games for combat enthusiasts.
The graphics are first class and the action covers all aspects of jungle warfare. It gives one a real insight into what the terrors of fighting the often hidden enemy is all about. To me this game is money well spent and can be played through over and over again with the same excitement. This is one game you will not race through in a couple of days. Imgo
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on 28 December 2004
I have no idea why people have being dissing this game it is better than call of duty and san andreas put together. The weapons are realistic the gameplay is addictive and more important it is also fun. So if you are put of these poor reveiws so be it you will be the one who is missing out. If you liked Shellshock and conflict veitnam this is the game for you .
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