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4.6 out of 5 stars40
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 22 May 2005
This game is simply stunning. It is the most frightening FPS I've ever played. I've often had to take breaks from playing it to calm myself down a bit, as the atmosphere created is so immersive. The graphics are sublime; the animations and effects are horrifically beautiful and detailed. I've not noticed any slowdown in the smooth frame rate at all. I keep asking myself how all this is possible from an Xbox console?
One really excellent feature of the game is the way the joy-pad works. It has fantastic control, with feeling and precision way better than on any other FPS I've played on any console. It's also quite a long game, with roughly 40 levels to get through. Some may say it's cheating, but I like the way I can save the game whenever I want without having to reach a checkpoint - hurrah!
I reckon this game looks even better than Chronicles of Riddick, is more fun to play than Halo 2 and is scarier than Silent Hill. Perhaps it's not as strategic as Brothers in Arms, but the simple blasting action, attention to detail, claustrophobic shock horror and sublime graphics make this a top game for me.
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on 16 May 2005
This game is PROPER creepy, particularly (and bizarrely) the score. It's not what you would call music, it's sort of... a menacing ambient drone, full of razor-on-blackboard noises and jarring chords. It fits the game perfectly, and adds to the cinematic experience. Sound effects, voice talent, cut scenes and the other none-game elements are also excellent.
The bits of the game that are not creepy are just plain scary, and the game's programmers expertly underplay the shocks. If there was a huge snarling monster behind EVERY door it wouldn't be scary at all. But just like a good horror film, this game builds up the tension and leaves you dangling, and then lets you go with a huge sigh a relief. And then at other times it pounces out from the most unexpected and innocuous corner and shouts 'Boo' with a huge mouthful of razor-sharp teeth. Brilliant! This game rivals Code Veronica (Resident Evil) for genuine jumps in a game. Perhaps ELSPA should develop a rating system for the frequency and intensity of yelps and vertical take-offs the game will induce in the player?
The game's graphics are nothing short of astonishing, and easily outclass Halo 2, particularly the character animation. The only down side is that the levels are a bit small, and too much of the combat is corridor and room based. A change of scenery would have been welcome.
The gameplay is simple two-thumbstick FPS blasting, with few puzzles to get in the way. Most of the levels involve finding the key card or code that will get you through the door to find your way to the next level. On the way, kill everything that moves. If you can't see anything that moves, use your torch, but not for long, 'cause you can't use your torch and shoot at the same time! Oh for a miner's helmet...
Overall, Doom 2 has reeks of quality like an over heated charnel house reeks of the putrid black stench of death (this game is obviously affecting me a bit too much). True, it's not the most complex or thought provoking game in the world, but it provides no-frills old-school blasting gameplay with such confidence and rock-solid quality that you won't care.
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on 26 April 2006
Doom 3 was my very first Doom Game and I have to say it's an Incredible Game
The Graphics are completely Awesome the Music blends in with the Atmosphere
The Horror is cool the Monsters don't really look terrifiying but what scares me sometimes lol is the Whispering you hear and when you look around there is nothing there
The Gore is quite cool and the Story is cool too
The story goes like this there is a Team trying to do Experiments but they shouldn't be doing so and soon they are under attack by these Creatures
I highly Reccommened this Game this Game has everything a Game should have I honestly love it and I find it most Fun to play it alone in my Room with the Light off
I'd strongly highley Recommened this Game and Ignore the Baboons that say that this game is rubbish cause it's far from it trust me
(Sorry about the lack of Punctuation by the way my English is appauling hope you can read it and please buy it if you dont already have it :) )
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on 27 July 2006
The Doom games were legendary when they were released and they faded into the background for many a year. The they announced the release of the third in the series. I was worried that this might be a weak remake, but what they created was a delight.

Graphically the game is sound and the atmospherics and set out of rooms make for entertaining gameplay as you can see hoards of enemies in the next room through glass windows etc.

The game writer (7th Guest Storyline writer) has made a spooky and fairly strange plot but the game flows well and there is lots of differing enviroments to get through and enemies to face along the way.

The only real disappointment were the bosses. Some were far too slow and huge and killing them was easy as you could not miss them. THis in mind there were alot of differneces to the fights with spiders swarming you and flying enemies to contend with during the battles.

The chainsaw was a pleasant addition to the armoury as anyone with a desire to hack up dead enemies will tell you.

All in all the game was a good buy and enjoyable, but i think will lack any form of RE-PLAY as the story is not going to alter from a retry at the game. But having played the additional game which has been released also, this seems to be a good after story.
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on 11 April 2005
Doom3 looks lovely on the Xbox..although I have seen it on a Top ended PC and it looks sharper..but for console folks like me its a great blast..there is little extras here with this edition and still has the fear factor..has you playing for 30 mins then switch off for a rest and let you pulse rate lower. unlike Chronicles of riddock where darkness is your friend this one makes you wish there was more lights..holding a torch unarmed to find an IMP looking right at you is kinda freaky but also chilling. Doom 3 is a worthy buy on the Xbox. Graphics are a 9/10 and the sound is 10/10. there really isnt much wrong with this game other than using a joypad. Im glad i swapped my PC version for the XBOX one..makes it the top console out really does!
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on 10 May 2005
How scary can a game ACTUALLY be? So bad that there's a bit of that
won't play it after dark? You jump everytime a demon drops down from the
ceiling, springs out of a panel, comes barreling though a door or just
simply manifests itself out of thin air? Oh, and then there are the
'Pinkies' the Hounds of H-E-double hockeysticks, big fat bull-like
hounds without eyes that just keep on coming. Let's not forget
atmosphere, dark, glowing and sometimes dripping with copious amounts of
blood. But how do they create atmoshpere in a video game? That's because
you have a torch (one that somehow wont fit into your left hand) whilst
the right has a cap-gun (so do you shoot or do you see what in the
blazes you're shooting at?), on an unforgiving planet, are millions of
miles from home, the entire special forces of hell are decending upon
you, as the power supplies dwindle and you're left in the pitch
black....who needs night vision?!?
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on 6 December 2005
Until playing this game I was not a huge fan of FPS games....was being the operative word. I am now fully converted.
The graphics on this game are nothing short of breath taking. As for the gameplay it is straight forward blast everything in sight with some simple tasks to perform. Very fast paced game indeed.
I found this game highly addictive. The save system is excellent, you can save the game at any point to ensure progress.
As for the atmosphere....I found myself twitching, cowering, not wanting to venture into those dark corners!! If horror is your thing you'll love this game, it is seriously scary. There is a wide range of nasty demonic foes to blast into pieces.
Word of warning as another reviewer has previously said, this game is not one for young children.
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on 19 October 2007
Survival horror with action. Picture walking on a blood stained floor, three bullets in the handgun, you must leave the comfortable station room and get to the otherside and lock that wide open door, you leave getting closer to that gapping void beyond the door, then... groaning noises and a foot scrapping closer, you can see an outline, taking careful aim... then out with the lights and deafening laughter, the room is now lit soley in satanic fiery glowing symbols and centre stage a porthole with intruders from another demension! and great game to play in the dark! I just really liked this game so much. I can't say enough gud things about it, great great great!. The most terrifying version of hell I got to witness!!! Buy the board game aswell :D
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on 27 February 2007
Doom 3 is drenched in atmosphere, i have never played a
game that stimulates the senses such as this one.
Upon arriving at mars base not only will you notice the brilliant
graphics, but also the sense of foreboding as if something terrible
is about to happen.
And when demons arrive its impressively staged.
This is a scary game which warrants its certificate,but also it
creates tension and a sense you are constantly checking dark corners.
Criticism has been mainly about the gameplay, and i do accept at
times the monotonous run and gun play and familiar corridors can be frustrating to those looking for more variety.
But dont let this deter anyone who is looking for a real horror classic
A must buy for any xbox owner.
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on 12 August 2005
Doom 3 oozes atmosphere.
I remember playing the first Resident Evil with the lights turned off and was genuinely scared at points. This game has that same effect - if you play this game at night and take everything in, the atmosphere will get to you.
Because of the atmosphere you may find it difficult to play for long periods, you may want to switch it off after reaching the next area, just so you can have a breather or do something a bit more light hearted.
This game is a great FPS with great graphics and sound effects (listen to the screams!), playability is good and it has a good lifespan. All in all a great game - just be careful who you buy this for.
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