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4.8 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars
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on 30 December 2003
Quite possibly. Unless you count the Zelda series. You may think I'm over-rating this little gem, but you're wrong beyond belief.
The majority of RPGs I've touched in my games playing life have bored the hell out of me, except the Final Fantasy series (which are all incredibly dull to replay) and the two Mario RPGs: Mario RPG and Paper Mario. When I heard about Mario & Luigi, I wasn't too extatic, I was more looking forward to replaying the re-release of Super Mario Bros. 3 for GBA, however, this little beauty of a game turned up on Christmas day and got me hooked instantly.
Graphically this game is amazing, yes, you might argue that bitmaps are unexciting, but on such a small console they impressed the hell out of me, simplistic, but not childish. Soundwise the use of real speech samples is superb (getting Luigi poisened makes an amusing sound), and the use of reworked old Mario game themes is brilliant.
The gameplay, however, is "where it's at," I have never been so engrossed in an RPG as this, rather than the boring static battle systems of your generic rpg, coming somewhere between platform and your generic RPG you get full interactivity with a semi-turn-based system. During battles attacks and defence revolve around use of timing, so you can, if you have the skill, avoid every single attack in this game. The battle system is wonderfully accessible, simple to learn with great depth for an experienced gamer. Wandering around performing quests and finding items isn't irritating, walking into random battles isn't irritating, it seems to lack everything that puts me off most RPGs. Despite this, you do get a "short" experience (speaking relatively) for an RPG, but then again 15 hours of gameplay for any game nowadays is bloody impressive... also, my final point, unlike other RPGs it's fun to replay.
Nintendo love gamers again. I love this game, so should you.
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on 28 March 2005
This is one Rpg i thought i wouldn't like, as it was mario, but was i suprised, this turned out to be one of the best rpgs i have ever played. It's about an adventure where mario and luigi go to the neighbouring kingdom to rescue princess peach from bowser. As well as being an RPG, it is also a platformer, jumping from ledge to ledge, using special double moves, which include a spinning move which makes you soar through the air to hard to reach areas, and a double jump, which makes you jump up really high to high areas.
Unlike other rpgs, the monsters that you encounter are seeable unlike the random battles. In the battles, it is more fast gameplay, as in if you press the right button at the right time, you could evade or execute a critical hit which make the battles very fun. The gameplay is completely different to the original mario games, and so is the lifespan, the game just goes on and on, which makes you want to go on and on. Colecting new weapons and armour is also included, using the use of shops like all rpgs. The fun is endless. It's a must buy game for all RPG lovers
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on 25 August 2004
I got the game as a birthday present from my girlfriend and wasn't too keen on seeing it was an RPG, they tend to bore me stupid within a few hours and then sit on the shelf for years. But this game was a refreshing change, fantastic graphics, great storyline (Not too serious which makes a change for RPGs), loads of humour, a great control system and variety throughout the game. It was hard to put down.......
Nintendo have incorporated classic platformer skill based moves within the RPG format making this game original and fresh to play.
The start is quite slow and can get a little boring while the game is teaching you the moves, but once you're through the first couple of levels its an absolute treat to play! I've hardly slept the last week as I've picked it up before bed just to play for "1/2 hour" before going to sleep and then wasted 3 hours playing it without noticing the time. Nintendo have hit the nail on the head yet again with a fantastic Mario title.
If you like Mario - buy it!
If you like RPGs - buy it!
If you like to play quality games on your GBA - BUY IT!
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on 24 November 2003
This RPG game has stayed firmly wedged in my GBA since I got it. It is so fun you really need to play it to understand. Like the equally fantastic Smash Bros. series, this game secretes a nostalgic charm that makes Nintendo fans feel right at home from the moment you switch on your GBA. Although the game doesn't take place in the mushroom kingdom, there's no shortage of familiar tunes and baddies.
The story about peach having her voice stolen and replaced with explosives is admittedly rather silly but so are the stories for all his other RPG! (Smithy gang, anyone?)
However, I must warn all beard owners out there that this is not a die-hard RPG. Expect more from "Paper Mario" than "Super Mario RPG". People who are used to RPG's such as the impressive Baldurs Gate series might get annoyed with the lack of goblins, maces and stats (although the stat system in Mario and Luigi is much improved from Paper Mario).
The graphics and sound are superb for the GBA with colouful sprites and familier noises made by our plumbing duo.
This game sits along Advance Wars and Wario Ware as a must have for GBA owners. Go get it!
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on 1 December 2003
This is truly a turning point for Mario and RPG games (and gamers) everywhere! This game (as the title gives away) stars the infamous Mario and his ,also famous, brother Luigi as they fight across many land to find the criminal who stole Princess Peach's voice and replaced it (strangely) with explosives.
As the two brothers cross these lands, they meet new and old characters, many who have starred in previous Mario (or Luigi) games e.g.Goombas, Hammer Bros., etc. Like its two predeccessors ,Super Mario RPG (not released in Europe sadly) and Paper Mario, battles occur once you meet with an enemy in the field. However, there are slight differences in the battle system which sets this game apart from the rest, aside from the added vocal sounds from Mario and Luigi, battles become more active. Once you issue an attack you can increase the damage given by this attack by pressing the button at the correct time (as in its predecessors). This also works when Mario and Luigi team up for Bros. attacks. But what really sets it apart is during an enemies attack Mario and Luigi can dodge or counter attack it depending on the speed and timing of your reaction. For example, just before an enemy comes into contact with you, press A to jump and, depending on the speed and timing of your jump, you will counter attack.
If you are a fan of Mario or/and Luigi or Final Fantasy, then this is a game for you.
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on 1 March 2004
I bought this game for the sole purpose of having something to play whilst I was flying to my Holiday destination back in December, however I spent a good 50% of my actual Holiday playing it!! Its possibly the most addictive RPG I have ever played!. I’ve never been a big fan of the RPG genre, apart from FF7 I’ve never been hooked, the Zelda series was very dull to me, and I played FF10 for a couple of week before it bored me. But this little game is by far the best RPG I have ever played, its got humor , good graphics, drama, and exploration aplenty!! It just falls short of the 5 star mark though mainly because ITS JUST TOO SHORT! Mind you that’s probably because I was so addicted to it I couldn’t put my GBA down for 10 minutes! Seriously I pray to Nintendo every night for a sequel to this fantastic Beauty of a game! Think of every Mario game, thrown into a blender then poured into one little cartridge, and you get Superstar Saga, if you are a Mario fan and/or an RPG fan, I strongly recommend you own this game!!!
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on 27 March 2015
This is a decent RPG, though it does feel a little easy and even a bit patronizing at times.

A standout point for me was how the battle system was a bit more involving than most turn based RPGs in the way that it allows you to jump or use your hammer while the enemy attacks which, if timed correctly, could dodge or counter the attack.

On the other hand, the battle system and several other aspects generally felt a bit over simplified, but then it is trying to appeal to a younger audience.

The world is fairly big and there is some freedom to explore when you're not busy working on the main story quests. Your options open up gradually as you acquire items and abilities which allow you to access more areas in the traditional fashion.

The game looks great, it has to be said. Everything is bursting with color, and the art style is very interesting to look look at.

I liked the way it incorporated several elements of past Mario games - characters, references etc - and it did keep me going for a good few hours, but I doubt I'll be rushing to replay it.
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on 9 January 2004
My brother hates games. He never plays any game for more than an hour total. However, on a reccomendation from yours truly, he purchased this gem and was immediately hooked. His game clock now totals over nineteen hours!
I was never a great fan of mario games on GBA, but this is amazing. The incredibly novel battle system is very fun, and utilises turn - based and skill - dependant devices to make it the best fixed battle sequence I have ever had the privelige of playing.
The graphics are flawless and innovative, the gameplay system that allows you to use both Mario and Luigi is the best thing since Link happened upon the Kokiri Sword, and, being totally honest, I have but one complaint. The game does get maybe a little too challenging near the end, but who doesn't like a healthy challenge, eh? As you can clearly see, the one bad point I could find wasn't even bad, so one hundred percent for the bros.!
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on 26 October 2004
Great Game, Great price on This game is another thrilling adventure of the partnership of mario & luigi. The best mario game that i have had the pleasure to own. A must buy for all gamers. Gameplay 100%, but even with a not so brilliant storyline this is a truly fantastic game.
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on 3 July 2009
This title is great simply because it follows the formula set by the original Squaresoft-Nintendo Mario RPG. The plot flows nicely (if somewhat over-the-top with comedy), the battle mechanic is enjoyable and has a good difficulty curve, and there are many side-missions and mini games built into the main game to allow for some variety of gameplay. Graphically it is also good for a GBA game, although it begins to show its age with the newer DS titles. Overall, a strong game for anyone who loves old-school Mario games and Action-ish RPGs.
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