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4.4 out of 5 stars41
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 31 July 2006
I got this movie for my birthday, and I watched it about three times over. If you haven't seen the movie, then this is the story.

A young boy (who is actually a young Prof. Oak) ventures into the forest where Celebi lurks. He doesn't know this, but when a Scyther and Houndoom catches Celebi, the boy (named Sammy) saves the Celebi. It travels to the future and they meet Ash, Brock and Misty and Pikachu, but Celebi has already fled. They find the afraid Celebi in a small cave, but Sammy takes it and Celebi takes a great liking to Sammy and Ash. When Celebi grows weak, they bathe it in the Lake of Life.

A serious Team Rocket member possesses a ball called a 'Dark Ball' which catches the Pokemon and turns it evil. It catches Celebi, and the Rocket commands Celebi to destroy the forest. Suicune, who appears, takes Ash and Sammy to Celebi, and they manage to get Celebi away. But Celebi is in trouble! It falls, and they cannot awake it in the Lake of Life as the water is dirty. Suicune purifies the water but Celebi does not awaken. They realise that poor Celebi has died, and everybody weeps. Then thousands of Celebi appear and revive Celebi! It takes Sammy back in time to his own time, and Ash has an emotional goodbye to him. When they get back on the boat after talking to Oak, he looks in that sketchbook that has a faded picture of Pikachu and Celebi, and thinks it was only yesterday.

The only down thing about this film is that I don't like the way Sammy acts about Celebi. He acts as if it was his own!
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on 31 December 2004
I am a big fan of Pokémon and I always like that they explain the legends that can only be told slightly in the games through these great animtated films.
It can be a bit short, however most of the time you don't really notice as you do get engrossed in the story and what's going on. I shant spoil it for most people but the story is very mind-boggling towards the end when you find out a little part of the story from Professor Oak and you ask yourself endless questions about time travel and how it works.
To all Poké-fans out there it's an essential buy as it will fill in just one more part of Pokémon history and knowledge to be the master!
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on 2 December 2003
This is quite a good film. I love all Pokemon products, but sadly my feet are too large for the slippers.
The reason I have only given it 4 stars (4 and a half, actually) is because Celebi, the main Pokemon character in the film, annoyed me.
However, I think the film deals excellently with the mind twisting concept of time travel, while incorporating the ever determined Ash Ketchum, future Pokemon Master, and his chums.
If you like the sound of this film, try the other Pokemon movies. They are absolutely fabulous, the best in my opinion being number one. 'Mewtwo verses Mew'.
The films haven't deteriorated in quality as more were produced, though. Rather it was the story line that appealed to me the most. The first one was about cloning and Mewtwo's, the main pokemon's, identity crisis and search for the meaning of this cold, heartless life.
Anyway, Pokemon Forever is a cool film. Excellent plot revelations which shall not be revealed here, for any Pokemon fans.
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on 13 August 2003
It's a shame when big production companies release top films like this on DVD and VHS before letting it mature at the cinema. Usually, films in this situation simply slip by unnoticed. This shouldn't!
This film focuses on Celibi, who is a rare Pokemon to say the least. (The title is actually Celibi's Timeless Encounter.) It travels back in time and somehow brings along a stowaway, in the form of Jesse and James' offspring! This causes loads of confusion, and a great adventure begins.
As far as the animation goes, it's actually taken a step up from the previous film. This is another reason why I can't understand how Warner Bros. could have seen sense in going straight to DVD and VHS. The sound is thumping Dolby Digital 5.1, and it really suits the film to a tee.
The bonus features that have been confirmed are pretty cool too! Trailers, quizes, animation outtakes, and a deleted scene that was translated from the original Japanese version, but then cut for fears that it was 'unsuitable'. That means violence, then. Also, because Warner Bros. couldn't decide what to do with Pokemon 4, (they originally weren't going to fund it and make up new lines in the following series' to explain the random new Pokemon and events,) we're now two whole films behind the Japanese. They're enjoying Pokemon 6! Interestingly though, we get a teaser of the fifth film in the saga. And it's been translated into English! Looks like the studio have been working overtime while working on two films! So Pokemon 5 can't be far off... (It'll take at least a year for the sixth movie to begin translation though...)
Anyway, overall this DVD is well worth a purchase if you liked the previous trilogy of films. It's pretty darn cool!
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on 27 June 2003
Pokémon 4 Ever will be released in the UK, over a YEAR since it was released in the US. Why the huge wait? We have no idea ... But, this movie is based on the legendary Pokémon Celebi, who transports himself and a young Prof. Oak (Sammy) 40 years into the future where they run into Ash, Misty and Brock. Along with their new (kinda) friend, they have to save Celebi from a serious Team Rocket member, bent on taking over Team Rocket with the help of Celebi. Also, there is another Pikachu "short", titled "Pikachu's Pika-Boo". This was released on the US version of the DVD, so we assume it will be released on this version as well. In it, Pikachu and friends play hide and seek with some new Pokémon, when a jealous Larvitar manages to set an out-of-control lawnmower on everyone! This movie is one of the best Pokémon movies, and VERY eagerly anticipated for its release in the UK. Personally, I cannot wait! I can only hope that the next two (at least) movies will not take so long to be released from the US to the UK.
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on 4 December 2010
Surely the best of them all. This movie had a fantastic plot, some beautiful scenery and a lovely celebi eating berries. This is what pokemon is all about.

Plot: (No Spoilers)
The story starts off with a boy called Sammy travelling through the forest, but only to find a mean pokemon hunter trying to catch the Celebi. Sammy bravely saves it, but as it is ill and in danger it trvels time with Sammy and then they bump into ash. But in this time period there is a darker threat as thd masked marauder will catch Celebi in a dark ball, and use it for world domination. But can ash Misty Brock and Togepi save the day?

But this is arguably the best movie to be released in the UK, with Darkrai the only competition. A true classic for young and old.
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on 18 September 2012
My grandson bought this,and he loved it.and he recommended it to his friends.who also did the same to their friends,children are very keen on all things Pokeman now it seems to be the in thing with them these with Christmas on the way It could be an easy way to give them the present they really want without stressing what to buy them.....
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on 16 February 2014
I recently purchaded this movie from another website saying it was a new Dvd and the picture quality was terrible, but by purchasing it from this website, what is said is 100% correct. I'm very happy with this item and being a fan of the pokemon movies & anime, I feel glad to be able to trust a website like this one to be able to purchase what I enjoy! fantastic movie, certinly keeps you in suspence!
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on 14 March 2011
I really enjoyed the movie after watching it on tv. So i decided to buy it on DVD
and was looking forward to watching it in Japanese too .
According to the description this DVD comes with both English and Japanese Audio
Its a lie ! My one arrived with only English and Spanish.
It should be changed , so that others may not be fooled like I was.
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on 14 November 2011
If you are a Pokemon fan, this film is worth watching. Predictable storyline but cute and entertaining nonetheless, also with a good twist at the end.
I was also looking forward to watching this movie in japanese but when the DVD arrived there was only English and Spanish audio, so be wary of that.
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