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3.7 out of 5 stars227
3.7 out of 5 stars
Colour: Canary Yellow|Change
Price:£99.99 - £191.50
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on 31 January 2005
and that's pretty much it. Solidly made, in the UK, the mechanical timer gives an idiot proof way to make toast. All evenly brown and no burnt slices so far in a month of every-other-day use.
There's a rocker switch to allow a little energy saving if you only need one slice. It is however quite large and needs a square foot of worktop. Make the space.
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on 18 January 2011
We bought this model because Dualit had a reputation for robust quality and the toaster was stylish. The design is simple enough so we foresaw no problems - but how wrong can you be? The problem is the mechanical timer, which began sticking during the toasting process thus leaving the toaster full on when it should have switched itself off. This was annoying at first because toast got burnt, but my daughter alerted me to the fire risk (which should have been obvious). If you were dashing about in the morning (which is, let's face it, pretty normal) and left the toaster to do what an automatic toaster SHOULD do - I.E. make the toast then switch itself off - the whole device could become dangerously hot and dangerous.

When we approached Dualit with this problem they were astonishingly unhelpful. Their first response was to tell me that I should not leave the toaster unattended! I replied that the whole point of an automatic toaster is that you CAN leave it and that if I wanted to hang around watching it I might as well use the grill on the cooker and save myself the (high) cost of the toaster.

Dualit then changed tack and offered a new timer - but expected me to pay! Needless to say I was unimpressed.

It is interesting to note that I have since talked to several people who also report the same problem with the toaster and with the man who answers the phone at Dualit. (He claims to be the manager...)
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on 7 November 2011
We wanted a toaster that would last more than a year or so, was repairable and wouldn't end up adding to landfill. The Dualit seemed to fit these requirements, and works very well, but with a serious caveat.

We have had our toaster for around three years now, and the timer has failed twice in that time. This is potentially quite dangerous as the toaster is then permanently on and could cause a fire. While the toaster itself is built like a tank, the timer is a very cheap, plastic and poorly-made component, made in China. When my first timer failed, I took it apart, and found that it had, apparently, been wrongly assembled in the factory.

We still use the toaster daily, but are keeping a close oye on the third timer. As a chartered engineer myself, I'm completely bemused that the manufacturer hasn't sourced a better quality component given the price-point of the product.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 12 September 2005
Yes, it's a nice looking toaster. Yes, it's built like a Sherman tank and will probably last forever. Yes, the ability to flip the slices up part way through the cooking cycle is handy.
The timer is a bit of a pain. It's clockwork, and you have no way of selecting your favourite browning setting. You have to remember where on the dial and try to get it there consistently every time. It really isn't as easy as it sounds.
Also, and more annoyingly, whilst the slots are quite wide, they are actually too shallow to accommodate many types of 'taller' bread slices, so unless you use the generic white, square cut loaf, you are likely to have a nicely browned bottom half and a white top half. How difficult would it be to make the slots a bit deeper?
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on 6 December 2012
I have admired Dualit toasters for years as I loved their retro lines and gorgeous well built image. After quite a sustained effort in which I extolled their virtues to my unconvinced hubby-telling him how it would "Last forever" and be "Oh,so reliable", he finally crumbled under the pressure and agreed we might spend what we considered at the time a small fortune on a Stainless Steel 20245 Two Slice Toaster. He agreed that the toaster looked very smart but was still unconvinced that the amount it had cost was viable when "We could have bought several excellent toasters which would do the job just as well" (his words, not mine) I confidently showed him the instuction leaflet and other blurb on Google which explained how the toaster- 'lasts forever as parts can be replaced if necessary and these can be ordered from Dualit'.I even watched examples of people demonstrating how to fit some of these on Youtube to ensure my expensive investment was as easy to care for as claimed.
I must admit, convincing my beloved that we had made a wise investment was not easy. He found it tricky to judge which setting to use when making more than one batch of toast as retained heat means things brown more quickly second time around and different slices re-width and height also create problems.I blagged my way out of that by saying that ,"You will get used to it, it's just a matter of reducing times each....etc.etc." He also didn't like the way some slices of bread seemed to flop over inside the slots resulting in inconsistant browning as the part furthest away from the element stayed pale and the side pushed up against an element browned far more quickly but as I was the one who tended to do the majority of the toasting it wasn't causing too much hassle but the latest development has added real fuel to his objection and although it hurts to say it, I am beginning to agree with some of his points. We made several slices of toast one evening and took them through to eat in another room. About 20 minutes later we took our dishes back through to the kitchen and began clearing away. Whilst I was doing so I pushed the toaster back under the unit and "fried" my hands because the metal casing was almost volcanic. After quickly switching off the toaster at the wall (yes I know I should have, don't go on) and soaking hands in lots of cold water,I checked the Dualit as I couldn't understand why it was so HOT. If the timer had been left on I would have noticed wouldn't I? It seemed OK but when I looked carefully it had jammed on just before the OFF position and at first glance looked to be set at the O. In reality it had been on for about 30+ minutes if you include the toast making and the casing remained untouchable for over half an hour. Now I find it difficult to justify paying out good money after bad for a new timer and my hubby has suggested we buy a cheap one and leave the dualit as an ornament cos thats all it's good for- I guess he has a point.
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on 31 March 2009
Looks nice but does not toast any better than a standard-priced toaster. Ours just stopped working after 18 months and we were told in total it would cost £60-70 to fix. I bought it because I thought would last for years, certainly longer than 18 months! Very disappointed. Waste of money.

After getting it fixed, 2 years later, the timer sticks and so burns the toast unless you continually watch it! Absolute absolute waste of money. Rubbish! Do not waste your money just cos it looks nice-like I did!!
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on 3 May 2009
Dualit 2 Slice Toaster Stainless Steel 20245
I requested this as a gift a few years ago....last week kitchen nearly caught alight!!! Timer suddenly got stuck and there is no safety cut out! For such an expensive item it's not worthy the money!
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on 10 December 2012
Positives - UK toaster, uplifting colour, replaceable heater elements, replaceable parts, good looking.

Negatives - Major design faults, price.

a) It has a chromed lever toast riser but the inner sides aren't chromed. This means that crumpets and muffins get squashed and jammed against the side when you try to lever them out.
b) The lever toast riser at its raised position leaves a gap at one end which means small slices of irregular shaped bread can and will fall in and get trapped. Once this happens you cannot use the toaster again, until someone disassembles the toaster to remove the trapped item. It has happened twice now so I just don't risk it anymore.
c) Finally there is no cancel button so if you have selected too much time you have 2 options. One is to take out the hot items before they burn but that can leave you with burnt fingers. The other option is to switch off the toaster at the wall socket. This can be inconvenient if the sockets aren't easy to access or if you hide wall sockets behind kitchen items such as bread bins.

There is no excuse for these flaws. This toaster design could easily be fixed with a horizontal toast riser which can still be actuated by the lever design. One of these days I'll do the modification myself.
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on 26 September 2013
18 months ago my business moved premises. We moved to a place that had a kitchen so I brought in my old Tefal toaster and kettle and decided to treat myself to a new Dualit toaster and kettle for home. I had admired their good looks and (perceived) reputation for so long. The kettle has proved reliable but I have grown to hate this toaster.

1. It's not deep enough.
2. Sometimes one or more of the elements doesn't come on so toast is uncooked on one side. Next time you use it all the elements will be working again so there must be a dodgy connection somewhere.
3. There is nothing to centre the bread in the slot so slim slices flop around and cook unevenly.
4. The timer isn't accurate so it's difficult to get consistent results.

All in all I wish I'd never bought it. At home, I toast under my grill on the cooker. At my office, my old Tefal toaster is still going strong. It cost under £30 ten years ago and still produces great toast daily.

I wish I could at least say this Dualit toaster would make a great paperweight, but it's even too big for that.
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on 21 April 2010
At last we have a toaster which toasts properly and accurately both sides of the bread. We have avoided v.expensive toasters in the past-none of these performed well for long, and all in all, were a waste of money.-this appears to be worth its expense
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