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4.6 out of 5 stars73
4.6 out of 5 stars
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VINE VOICEon 2 April 2011
In a world that worships the singer/songwriter stylings of Taylor Swift you can't help but pity Michelle Branch who in a lot of ways has always been overlooked by commercial music fanatics.
While an 8 year old Swift was most likely still perfecting her reading and writing skills, Michelle Branch was 14 years old and already writing some amazing songs on her guitar, including 'Goodbye to You', which would become part of her debut release 'The Spirit Room' (released in 2001, while she was still only 18 years old).

I, like a lot of people my age in 2001, discovered her through an appearance on hit TV show 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer'. Why it has taken me this long to pick up 'Hotel Paper' I'm not sure but it continues in the same style as her debut, in that the music is largely very organic, centred around the acoustic guitar, piano, bass and drums. This genre has been known to be described as 'alternative pop'. At first listen about five of the songs really struck a nerve with me and on each additional listen to the entire album I pick out more things I like about it. Compared to 'Spirit Room' I felt there were a lot less aggressive numbers in the style of 'Everytime' and 'All I Wanted'; a lot more mellow and thought provoking on the whole.

If you're looking to purchase this on the strength of 'Spirit Room', you'd be making a wise decision. If you're new to Michelle Branch, think along the lines of Avril Lavigne without the weird, attention seeking public statements or Natalie Imbruglia with more teen appeal. The album wouldn't look out of place next to Sheryl Crow either, who incidentally appears on a track here.

Long before Taylor Swift was Michelle Branch, and she will always be the original teen singer/songwriter in my eyes.
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on 8 July 2003
Michelle Branch, personaly I think is great, but over here in the UK she dosen't get alot of prais for how good she is. But I think this album will show 'em. Unlike her debut The Spirit Room I think this album will shine in the charts. Why? Because it is packed with catchy songs like Are You happy now which is great & the fantasic everywhere and the standout track 'Love me like that' with Sheryl Crow. 'Desperatly' is a great song but you have to listen to it a few times to get into it. And finally another one of my favourite mabye my favourite is 'Empty handed', yes this is single material this or 'It's you' shoul be the next single, because they are both very powerful and emotional songs.
This is the style of album any music fan must have. And if you hear michelle anywhere don't hold back, buy this album because it it satisfaction all the way through. It's a bit of pop, rock even classical sounding with a great feel and emotional mood attached to it. A must have item. Your cd player's naked without it!
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VINE VOICEon 25 July 2003
Ever since I heard Everywhere, Michelle's first single, I was hooked. After seeing the video I became even more excited about the fresh and genuine talent I was witnessing. As far as I could see Michelle Branch was the perfect artist: good-looking, young, full of energy and life with a great talent for singing, songwriting and playing the guitar. What more could you ask for? The only question was how long it would last for.
Well, here she is on her second internationally-released album and her third album in total and she's still the best of her kind around. Hotel Paper sounds more mature compared to The Spirit Room and has a lot more to offer in terms of number of tracks and genres of music. Michelle manages to flow easily from style to style, from the bluesy Desperately to the country-style Love Me Like That - a duet with the great Sheryl Crow. Other highlights include The first single Are You Happy Now, the catchy, breezy Breathe - surely the second single, the rocky melody of Find Your Way Back and the haunting vocals on It's You. And as a bonus for the UK they even throw in Everywhere and The Game of Love with Santana!
As a big fan, I was slightly worried about how Hotel Paper would compare to her last album but I shouldn't have bothered. Michelle's voice and songwriting have noticeably improved and her songs still pack a punch. She's back and better than before. I'd recomend it to everyone who hasn't heard her yet and fans of the likes of Alanis, Sheryl Crow, Avril Lavigne and Lene Marlin.
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on 23 July 2003
Michelle Branch 'Hotel Paper' ASIN:B00009XFS0
I bought this cd a few days ago and ever since then I haven't stopped listening to it. I first got into Michelle's music after watching her peform (my favourite song of her's 'Goodbye to You' from her first album @The Spirit Room') on Buffy season six. And ever since then she has been my favourite singer, and when I bought 'The Spirit Room' a couple of week before 'Hotel Paper' I coulden't take it out of my cd player.
But in the UK not Many people know who Michelle Branch is, and they say "Who is that she sounds amazing" so they ask me where I got the cd from and they will buy it, so I think that if people stopped listening to cheesy pop songs and start listening to american rock-guitar-spiritual-rockpop songs like Michelle's. So here's the verdict.
Intro - This 11 seconds of music opens up the whole album, it sounds a bit 1940's silent movie style.****
Are you happy now - The first single of the album, this song only got to no 31 in the UK charts, but so what it's a grat song and I love it.*****
Find your way back - A very up-beat song, this is my favourite song on the whole album, about getting back together. I love the guitar in this song. Hopefully the next single
Empty handed-This song starts off quite slow but soon gets more faster at the first chorus.****
Tuesday morning - If 'Find your way back' isn't the next single I think this should be, it's about being there with the person you love in the morning.*****
One of these days - No one of my favourite tracks at first but the more I listened to it the more I got to like it, but it's still not one of my favourite tracks.***
Love me like that - Oh, do I love this song, it features sherly crow who is also a talented singer and I think the guitar work in this song. It's a possible sing I think.****
Desperately - I downloaded this song and ever since then I wanted it on cd, so I'm glad it's on cd, it's a slow song with a great bell rythm in the background. One of my faves.*****
Breathe - My second favourite song on the album, up-beat and jolly with a great band to support Michelle's voice. Please let this be a single.*****
Where are you now - Another one of my favourites, if you didn't gather by the title it's about looking for someone, true love. This song has a grat rock chorus to it, in classic Michelle Branch style.*****
Hotel paper - I had a tough desicion between this and find your way back to be my favourite songs, it's the title track and Michelle got the idea for this song because most of her songs are wrote in hotel's so there's hotel paper, quite slow but still a great track.****
'Til I get over you - A guitar leads us into Michelle's song, slow, romantic and soulful, another one of my favourites.*****
Everywhere - Michelle's debut single. I don't really know why this is here, but still you can't go wrong with this song. It's a smash hit and it's what made Michelle such a star!*****
The game of love - Santana borrowd Michelle's talent for this song, and she even won a grammy for this song. It's a good song, but it would be better witout Santana showing off in the middle with his guitar.****
It's you - This is the worst song on the album it's not very catch and it's too slow, I always skip it on my cd player, it's not much more than a b-side.**
So, Michelle Branch's lates release for me is a grat collection of pop-rock-soul- whatever type of music you like there is it on this album. Jazz on no 14, rock on most of the songs, soul on no 12 and classic on no 13, well classic in Michelle Branch's fans eyes. This is a must have cd for any music fan. With haunting melodies and heart felt lyrics. Well done Michelle!*****
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on 10 July 2003
this album is absolutely brill, i have to say twice as good as the first album and very much more grown up.
1. intro - not much to say just an intro
2. are you happy now - good song but shouldnt have been the first single as there are stronger tracks on the cd
3. find my way back - brilliant song from start to finish and very easy to sing along to
4. empty handed - good song but takes a while to get into it like ayhn
5. tuesday morning - fantastic easily one of the best songs on the cd if not the best
10/10 of these days - good song but it annoyed me a little after a while
7. love me like that - this is a fantastic song no matter what anyone says, it is a little counry but it would not be as good if it wasnt
8. desperately - good song but not one of my personal faves
9. breathe - this is pure joy to listen to its upbeat its easy on the ears and easy to sing along to, what more from a song do you want
10. where are you now - great song but it does slow the pace abit after breathe but in its own right great song
11. hotel paper - title track and very very good easy on the ears and just a very good song
12. till i get over you - this is a slow song but it is just fantastic pure brilliance but some might find it irritating
13. everywhere -from the first album good song but a bi out of place on this album
14. the game of love - great song but gain out of place on this album as it wassantanas song on his album and has a complete different feel to it
15. - its you - ending this cd like the last, with a slow song has the sam calming feel as drop in the ocean but different sound
So over all i would have to give this album a 10/10 and it has been well worth the wait for and i hope the next album will be just as good or even btter.
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on 28 August 2003
Michelle has managed to do it again! create and even better album than the previous one! if you liked Broken Bracelet and the Spirit room then you will love Hotel Paper.
Branch has proved she has grown greatly as an artist since her first release Broken Bracelet.
this is a rare album that grabs you on the first listen and you find the more you listen the more you discover and enjoy the album.
Its not a cheery as The Spirit Room and shows a darker, maturer side of Michelle.
songs such as finding my way back,love me like that, where are you now and it's you have a feel good feeling but songs such as empty handed,tuesday morning,desperately and 'til i get over you show a confused and some what hurt teen. and tracks such as Hotel Paper just never cease to amaze and surprise you.
as a Michelle Branch fan i have been waiting for this album and was hoping i wouldnt be disapointed, but thankfully i wasnt.
Amazing! a must have in your CD collection like all of her albums! Michelle is truly a lyrical genius!
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on 10 July 2004
Michelle Branch has come a long way. The first 'anti-Britney', a girl who simply stood behind her guitar and let her music do the talking. Songs such as 'Everywhere', 'All You Wanted' and 'Goodbye to You' were excellent, well crafted songs, especially when you consider that they were written when she was 14 years old...
Her second major release 'Hotel Paper' seems to be a sort of diary, recalling times on the road and of course - love gained, yearned for and lost, and with all the emotions in between. 'Hotel Paper' is grittier and edgier, but loses some of the song writing class of the previous album. Some songs do stand out, such as the charming 'Hotel Paper', 'Tuesday Morning', 'Empty Handed' and my personal favourite, the Phil Collins-esque 'One of These Days'. While this album may be more mature than 'The Spirit Room', it's almost too mature for her 19 years (at the time of recording). While it's probably to be expected, some of the exuberance and fun of the first album is lost here.
I'm still a big fan of Michelle, yet this album probably only deserves three stars. I'll give an extra one based on her sheer potential that's waiting to be unleashed. Perhaps more time and a little better production will bring out her finest work.
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on 23 October 2003
the first time i heard "Everywhere" it took my breth away, and it takes a really powerful song to do that to me. i went out and bought The Spirit Room straight away and had it on repeat for weeks, every track had something different to offer. then somebody mentioned her the other day, and i went home and listened to it again, wondering what had happened to her...had she merely fallen into oblivion like so many others of her style? i looked on the web and found she had this album and immediately ordered it from here. it is a great sighn of how much this girl has grown up, and how much her style has changed. as im the same age as her, my tastes seem to have matured with her. my fave track is deffinately "One of these Days," a slow, deep song which i adore, the vocals are awesome and she means every word of the lyrics. i also love "Breathe," "Are you Happy Now" and "Hotel Paper." its a crying shame that she didnt really manage to crack the UK, as her type of fresh music is something our music scene could really do with. two amazing albums from a very talented young singer/songwriter. i highly recomend!!
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on 11 July 2003
I loved Michelle's first album Spirit Room and was looking forward to hearing her latest offering. Unfortunatly here in Britian she doesn't get the exposure she does in the US. It seems that her songs only get played on a few music TV channels so I only heard Are You Happy Now? a few times. Anyway, the album is fantastic.
My favourite track is Love Me Like That which features Sheryl Crow, it has, infact, got Ms Crow written all over it but with a touch of Branch magic!. Tuesday Morning is also a favourite of mine, its a song from the heart and filled with emotion.
All artists should have a song called Breathe and Michelle Branch has indeed come up with a great song with that very title.
The album also features The Game of Love, the Santana track that Michelle featured on and for some bizare reason Everywhere from the Spirit Room album.
This is a great follow up album with catchy rock and pop songs. If you liked Spirit Room you won't be disappointed!
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on 27 July 2003
When michelle branch came on to the UK scene it was easy to dismiss her as a typical female atrists however i believe her to be a brilliant young artist and like the first album, hotel paper proves itself well, with strong songs that will keep the audiences keep interested for a long time.
my favourite songs on the album are the title track hotel paper, empty handed and its you, which brings the ballad element to the album. there are few songs that dispoint on this album so it is excellent value for money because of the huge entertainment value that it provides and the it provides guest apperances that will keep many people happy with the choice that it provides.
this is a beautiful album, written from a brilliant artist who i successful as she should be, buy this album and enjoy the talent on offer
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