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on 6 September 2003
After receiving Moodring as a gift, I can honestly say that it is one of the best albums that I own, ranking with the likes of sophomore Destiny's Child album 'The Writing's On The Wall' and Kelis' 'Kaleidoscope'. Why? Well I'll tell you.
OK, OK, opening track 'My Love Is Like...Wo' is a travesty compared with some of the other tracks, and Mya certainly made a bad decision when choosing to release this. 'Fallen' is a lovely song, getting dark in places, and one of the best on the album. 'Why You Gotta Look So Good' sees Mya telling the superficial pain of leaving an incredibly attractive ex, and it's fab and highly original, with a star turn by rapper Lloyd Banks.
'Step', produced by Missy Elliott, sees Mya return to mainstream r'n'b. Not the best track but certainly not bad, a kind of club song for a Friday night out. 'Sophisticated Lady' is fresh, flirty and oh so naughty, and a contender for best track on the album, with lyrics like "and touching me's a felony", and "i'm your mamma, let's play house - when you're bad, you get time out".
Then we have 'No Sleep Tonight' and 'Anatomy 1On1' which are without doubt the weakest tracks on the album, dreary, and not dissimilar from something that Ashanti would try. Then comes the saviour 'Hurry Up', a sexy, original r'n'b track.
'Things Come And Go' (feat. Sean Paul) is the most refreshing thing I've heard in a long time, a cheesy reggae song, the kind you love but you keep quiet about it! 'Late' sees Mya worrying about pregnancy (a top track), 'Whatever Bitch' is the dance track, with Mya, well, cracking down on a girl in a club who wants to cramp her style.
There are too many songs on the album to mention them all, but the other standout is 'Moodring' which is saucy, sultry and tinged with a whole gothic, old-fashioned sound in both the music and Mya's singing.
So 'Moodring', Mya's third album, should elevate her to the ranks of the r'n'b superstars, and r'n'b lovers everywhere, I urge you to buy this. From funked out start to funked out finish, I guarantee you that this will be the freshest thing you'll hear all year.
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on 25 July 2003
I have been a fan of Mya's since she came out in the late 90's. I have all three of her CD's and have seen and heard her grow on each of them, from a teenager in love dealing with her emotions on her first album, Mya, to a mature woman dealing with adult relationships and real world problems on Fear Of Flying. The new album, Moodring, is Mya at the top of her game, lyrically, emotionally, and vocally.
Her first single, "My Love is Like...Wo" is sexy, danceable, and a good jam in general. The beginning of the CD, up to about track nine, features songs about love, broken hearts, and sex, which I must say got a little bit redundant. But, towards the end, there are songs dealing with real problems people face, such as losing friends and family ("After The Rain"), pregnancy scares ("Late"), and the hardships of growing up too fast and leaving your past behind ("Take A Picture"). Besides these, there are many other stand-out tracks, such as "Fallen," "Taste This," and "Whatever B***h," a catchy club track with biting lyrics. The only notable guest spot was that of Sean Paul on "Things Come And Go," which was nice, because not having guest vocals really helps Mya stand out on her own and prove her worth.
I would highly recommend purchasing this CD. Mya is a talented performer with a long future in front of her.
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on 23 July 2003
Since her infectious debut hit "Ghetto Superstar" with Pras & ODB in '98, Mya has gone from strength to strength in both production and vocal quality. On "Moodring", Mya is so unbeleivably confident, especially in comparison to her self titled debut and "Fear Of Flying" and it is so obviously reflected in her new music.
The lead-off track and the first single taken from the new album-"My Love Is Like...Wo" includes tight production from Missy Elliott herself and without too much intervention the music is upbeat and ready-to-dance-to and the lyrics are catchy and confidence-ridden including phrases like "my body's like...wo" & "will you come and spend the night".
Following this are strings of cleverly and carefully selected guest appearances from Lloyd Banks of G-Unit on fab hip-hop anthem "Why You Gotta Look So Good?" and Gunz on "Hurry Up", which is also neatly produced by the fabulous DJ Clue & Duro. Other stand out tracks are "Step", "Sophisticated Lady" & the unusual "Take A Picture", which includes rare production from none other than P!nk.
But honestly, the most outstanding track on the album is the delicous reggae-influenced "Things Come & Go", an alternative and beautiful kind of love song which totally credits both Sean Paul and Mya's vocals. All in all , Mya has grown into a talented producer, writer and composer and holds all of the cards with this album. If she gets "Things Come & Go" on our airwaves she could be seeing alot of success because it's gonna be a massive summer hit.
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on 11 October 2008
My love is like wo-10/10 Great start 2 the album
Fallen-10/10 A great ballad one of my favourite songs on the album
Why you gotta look so good-10/10 I love this song so much another of my favourite cuts on the album featuring a rap from loyd banks
Step-10/10 Another great song
sophisticated lady- 10/10 Another great song mya sounding dirty on this song
No sleep tonight-9/10 A nice sweet dirty ballad
Anatomy 1 on 1-10/10-A good song mya being sultry on this song
Hurry up-10/10 Another great uptempo song
Things come and go-10/10 I know people don't like this song but it is one of my favourites would sound better without sean paul
You-10/10 A lovely ballad another of my favourites
After the rain-10/10 I can really relate 2 this song coz my grandad died, i really like this song
Late-10/10 I love, love this song just makes me laugh mya being sultry again
Whatever bitch-10/10 The same as whatever chick from the album fear of flying, sounds even better on this album though
Taste this-10/10 I love love this song another favourite of mine
Take a picture-5/10- I don't really like this song it doesn't go anywhere
Free falling-5/10 Again i don't really like this song
After the last 2 tracks which fail to be go anywhere we dip into the bonus tracks, this is where the album gets good again
Moodering-10/10 A different style from mya, i really like this song because its different, the gunshot at the end is scary
Exacty-10/10 A good uptempo song another fave of my mine
Real compared 2 what-7/10 Still not sure about this track it has a more dancy feel to it.
Go buy this album now it needs to be in your collection, best album from mya
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on 15 December 2007
From start to finish Mya creates a masterpiece of an album displaying "strong" character in her lyrics, "on your face" attitudes on some tracks, and fabulous dance, Middle-Eastern hints, hip-hop and R&B styles and much more! The listening experience is anything but ordinary! Diversity is rampant as there are an array of topics that range from feeling good in love, not taking anybody messing with your lover, getting the gossip talk off by being confident to feeling in control, and hot and sexy! Mya encompasses it all from her different musical styles to her delivery in the singing.

My favorite songs are numerous but to name a few, I'd say the following ones: "Things Come & Go" with Sean Paul for the catchy Caribbean type sounds and meaning of the song how things come and go, "Whatever Bi*ch" for the aggressive attitude and similarities to songs like "You Better Work" by RuPaul and "If Madonna Calls", "Hurry Up" for the featured rap artist and great hip-hop vibe, "Step" for warding off any predator going after her lover, "Why You Gotta Look So Good?" for the romantic addictions that can make someone have a hard time of letting go a lover but necessary, "Taste This" for the fact it reverses the roles of a lover doing wrong [some lyrics: "How would you feel... if every time you wanna talk I turn the T.V. on?... Just one sip you'll probably choke on your own medicine...", "Little Too Much, Little Too Late" making a past lover know that seconds are not an option, "After the Rain" because things get better after the hard times, "Moodring" showing how feelings change with time, and "Extacy" for the Middle Eastern accents that flourish along spicy romantic words that are sheer fantasy!

Aside, those songs there are the bonus tracks making it a 20 track Japanese album. The lyrics for 19 of the 20 songs are included. The extra songs are: "Moodring" displaying how moods change, "Extacy" has the intimate fantasy references with Middle Eastern flairs, "Little Too Much, Little Too Late" making the message of the other lover wanting her back a little too late and saying forget that, and "Real Compared To What" which is fabulous -the little gift in the album. It's Mya singing with a sexy guy who raps quite eloquently and thuggish. The meaning of the song is about being real to yourself. Money doesn't make the person, "Is that really you?", Karma is real, material things aren't it. Your actions and soul should take the spot. Fake smiles, people in disguise, materialism flourishing, a boy loosing sight when he gets rich are highlighted. The concept of being yourself, freeing yourself and opening your mind to the realities of mankind in the "rich" soul are the answer! The realities are that people are abusing life with the things of the world. Mya sounds very soulful and rich in sound. It's definitely another sound as compared to her usual vocals -loved it!

The melody is at times smooth R&B, Mid-Eastern flairs, funky fast bouncy hip-hop styles, other times dance club-like jams, and then there's the chillin' type to light the candles and unwind alone or with another. This was one of the best buys I've done in a while. The title "Moodring" suits the overall feel because Mya displays diverse moods throughout.
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2 of 3 people found the following review helpful
Some know her as "that chick from Lady Marmalade."
Some know her as "that Case of the Ex" girl.
Others, however, know her as "that Sophisticated Lady who'll sexually harass you."
However you know her, she's turning into another persona on Moodring - a sassy, smart-mouthed woman with a confident, brassy sex drive and a fondness for profanity. (Profanity is always good)
And she also seems to habe a quick ear for catchy R&B cuts that'll pretty much satisfy anyone who listens. Possibly. Hopefully. Maybe.
Granted, a lot of what we get on here is standrad R&B - from the slow, bold, summery groove of My Love Is Like... Wo! to the pseudo-tropical, pseudo-circus-y, midtempo-dancehall beat of Things Come And Go (which features Sean Paul muttering incoherently - as usual) to the revenge-seeking Taste This, which rides on a brooding, moody beat and some great piano and venomous vocals...
...but Mya throws a few curveballs here and there that will make you realize that her love, her sex, and her ass aren't the only things that are "Like... wo!" No, folks, she knows how to sit up and make us listen: There's the soft-rock/R&B fusion for Fallen (single #2) which glides in unexppectedly (but not unwelcome), the pseudo-pop/folk Take A Picture (which sounds vaguely similar to some of the more guitar-laden material off Kelly Clarkson's debut) which gently rolls along like a quiet, thoughtful ride down a country road, and the hilarious, Everyone Valley Girl-ish club anthem, Whatever Bitch - Mya's got sass, there's no doubt about that.
And with Take A Picture, two more absolute gems come in gracefull - the sassy, horn-blaring, funky Sophisticated Lady, which has this sophisticated lady claiming that she'll sexually harass you (oh, dear) - all the while effortlessly re-working Paula Abdul's Vibeology (even if she doesn't mean to - but I love Vibeology, so hey) throughout...
And then her slight re-tread of Tom Petty's classic smash, Free Fallin' - with re-worked lyrics, and a sound I'd kill for: Lite, sunny gopsel-esque, upbeat, swirling around some great piano that'll put you right in front of a church pew, standing up and clapping and singing, and a gently-upbeat tempo... well, it's just incredible. And underrated. (So says I)
It's rare that in R&B there's an album as wonderful as this (...well, minus her head-scratching inclusion of the hideous Compared To What), but here you have it - a slight melting-pot-mix of various genres (soft rock, gospel, club, slow-techno, etc) complete with a beautiful voice backing it all up.
Who says Moodrings are out of fashion?
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on 25 August 2003
Overall, a good pop/RnB album by Mya. Most of the songs on this album all contain that pop finish, which makes them subject to chart success, which i believe could bring her back into the spotlight if she so desired.
"Things Come & Go" featuring Sean Paul...i could have predicted he would be featured somewhere along the line...definately not the best track on here.
"Why You Gotta Look So Good"...pretty original, an good to listen to. Other straight up tracks include "Anatomy 1on1", "After The Rain", "Late" an "Take A Picture" , which are all good reasons to buy this album. If you're usually a hiphop/rap fan, i think you'll be disappointed. A good chillout cd. Fo Real x
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on 27 August 2004
Ive always liked Mya but never really liked her albums she seemed more of a singles artist then she releases "Moodring" with the 1st strong single "My Love Is Like...Wo!" a very catchy Missy produced joint even since that ive been a fan of the album
1.My Love Is Like...Wo!/A very good song to promote the album its a strong cut produced by mega star Missy Elliott great song Wo! lol 10/10
2.Fallen/2nd single not as good as My Love... but its a great song more poppy than the 1st single but still great the video was kinda cool but Mya's a stalker lol 10/10
3.Why You Gotta Look So Good/This is a great song it features Joe Budden & he surprisingly does a good job she sings about a really good lookin guy that she cant find a reason to leave him coz hes so fine great song 10/10
4.Step/Electronic pop can describe this song its very very catchy especially the chorus Mya sounds excellent another Missy produced song 9/10
5.Sophisticated Lady/Reminds me of Old Skool Janet great song like Step its Very catchy the lyrics are cool the song overall is fun & funky 10/10
6.No Sleep Tonight/Oooo here comes Freeeky Mya this song is so sexy her vocals are excellent on this track i like the chorus could have been a single maybe 10/10
7.Anatomy 1On1/Now people rave about this song yea i admit the beat is nice & chilled out but i find the lyics kinda smutty Mya could have done more with this song 6/10
8.Hurry Up/DJ Clue & Mya produced this song the beat is sort sailor-ish with the acordian in the background its a cool song 8.10
9.Things Come And Go (Featuring Sean Paul)/This song starts off good u thinkin its gonna be a heavy slow reggae but then u relise Sean Paul's on it then u no it aint gonna be like that but after a few listens it grows on ya (not a good move Mya) 9/10
10.You/Another ballad but this ones kinda cool its very sweet actually but to me it seems like a filler but it does pick up on the chrous 9/10
11.After The Rain/Its a sorta tribute to Aaliyah & Left Eye its a nice song very sweet actually im feelin this 10/10
12.Late/Ooo this songs about being "Late" u ladies no what i mean songs about a pregnancy scare the lyrics are very clever its a cool song 10/10
13.Whatever Bitch/when i go clubs this play this alot its a cool song i fort it might have been a single also but i was wrong but its a great song for all u haterz out there 10/10
14.Taste This/A bit of a revenge song its kinda but its not my favourite 7/10
15.Take A Picture/SKIP THIS RUBBISH! 0/10
16.Free Fallin'/Not a good way to end the album Yuck 4/10
Top 5 Moodring Tunes
1.My Love Is Like...Wo
2.Whatever Bitch
4.Why You Gotta Look So Good
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on 22 January 2004
It's been three years since Mya Harrison's last record, but don't you even think of calling her "lazy." In 2001, she teamed up with Pink, Lil' Kim, and Christina Aguilera for a remake of Labelle's "Lady Marmalade" for the "Moulin Rouge" soundtrack, and in the following year, she made a brief appearance in another musical: 2002's "Chicago." Her profile has since increased, and so have our expectations. Truth be told, there's plenty to admire in "Moodring," the followup to 2000's "Fear of Flying." The kickoff single, "My Love Is Like...Wo." is a bold statement of self assurance co-helmed by the omnipresent Missy Elliott, while "Whatever B----" is a delicious slice of techno lite that's a middle finger to petty haters. But "Moodring's" most original and interesting track is "Late," a Jam & Lewis-produced number that has our heroine freaking out over the possibility that she's pregnant. If every track could light up sparks like "Late," Mya could have given Beyonce and Monica a run for their money. But the rest of the material has her on cruise control, settling for predictable samples and familiar hooks that betray Mya's capable voice. It's not that they're bad, but they're not that great, either. While "Moodring" does have its moments, it's not quite moody enough to command the listener's full attention during its 69 minutes. The final verdict: standard fare r&b with only a couple new twists.
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on 31 July 2004
Mya's third effort, Moodring, is filled with catchy r'n'b tunes and some soulful, yet bouncy material. Here is the lowdown on each song:
My Love Is Like...Wo: 9/10
A fantastic tune, catchy and great for clubs.
A beautiful mainstream r'n'b song showcasing Mya's light, mellow voice.One of the best songs on the album.
Why You Gotta Look So Good?:8.3/10
Good song, probably would have done well as a single although not a highlight of the album.
Great song with attitude. Up there with Beyonce's "Crazy In Love" if not better than.
Sophisticated Lady:7/10
Highly overrated song. Okay although nowhere near her best effort.
No Sleep Tonight:8.4/10
Catchy song. Highly underrated.
Anatomy 1 On 1:7.8/10
A weak and rather typical r'n'b love song. Definitely not the best.
Hurry Up:8.9/10
One of my initial favourites although it has sort of grown off me.
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