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Customer Reviews

3.5 out of 5 stars
3.5 out of 5 stars
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on 31 December 2003
This is a very useful and extensive collection of test-cards, colour-bars, and sound checks. If you have a half-decent AV system, this will certainly help you get the best out of it, both visually and aurally. I would have been happy with this DVD if it were just a collection of decent test-cards and sounds, but it is very well presented; you are guided through the processes of setting up the TV and audio amplifier for best performance in a way that even a complete beginner should find easy to comprehend. You will hear where your speaker and subwoofer cross-over if it's not set-up just right. You get to see what your TV actually does with an image that is of a different ratio... I could go on, but you get the picture ;-)
Any grumbles? Well, the navigation would take a DVD beginner a few minutes to get used to as full use is made of the format's menu systems. ... And you could find yourself wanting to spend out on some more AV equipment!
Summary - an invaluable tool for anyone interested getting the best from their AV set-up, from basic 'TV & Hi-Fi' through to advanced THX audio and hi-definition or projection system. And all for the cost of a scart cable - buy it!
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on 3 January 2004
Excellent set of test cards and audio samples. Takes you through the process of setting up Contrast, Sharpness, Brightness, Colour and Hue (if applicable). However, no guidance on setting up Geometry (pincushion, trapezoid etc.) even though the test cards are ideal for this.
Good for the beginner, now my personalised settings look better than all the built in ones.
Good for the expert with the test cards.
But not quite as useful as could be for the 'intermediate'
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on 22 March 2004
The disc is undeniably useful - the test tones and patterns are great. But speaking as someone who makes DVDs for a living I have to say the production of the disc is woeful - the menus are uninspiring and counter-intuitive and the voiceovers are incredibly cheesy.
But if you can get past those issues this disc will certainly help you set up your system.
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on 9 January 2008
Certainly enabled me to obtain a picture quality well in excess of that when I tried to set the TV to an ever changing programme picture.
However it is a pity that it takes some effort to navigate the CD to find exactly what one wants, and then rather difficult to understand quite what the CD presenter really means, especially with regard to colour setting. Also a pity that no indication of what the more advanced test cards should look like when TV properly set up.
However despite the above consider the cost well worth while as the picture now on my TV is most certainly much better than I otherwise could have had.
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on 8 October 2007
Although a little dated (produced when CRT TVs were still common)this is still a very useful disc. There's some useful information on how DVDs control the way your remote works.Video tests are excellent and will certainly challenge your Display, and the audio sweep test will find any rattling speakers. Choose the HD or Blue Ray version IF you have a suitable player.
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on 11 January 2008
It is a very educational disc for those who do not know much about AV. I had learned a lot from it and it is very useful. You need time to go through the lessons and you will understand how to use the test pattern. Even though not all the test patterns had been explained but it is enough to improve the calibration of your AV equipment. If you had not purchase any AV equipment you will learn how to choose a better AV equipment. Therefore ,I would recommend for this disc.
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on 14 March 2010
I purchased this to set up my plasma t.v. as they dont broadcast test cards anymore in my region. What I got with this software was an amaizing insite to the world of television...with all the test cards anyone would ever wish for.
I liked the way it explained things to you in simple terms as well as it's unique teaching guides. The results on my t.v. after using this to set it all up,were and still are amaizing. If you have a large screen t.v....this is a must have product.
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on 20 July 2010
Although you can get a free calibration tool on THX certified DVD's, it doesn't compare to this particular DVD and the calibration tools offered.

The voice may be a bit boring and it may be slightly cheesey, but he does explain in detail what it is your are changing and what it is you are aiming to get. Very good background history on the subject. The tools included are a number of test cards and sample videos which allow you to fine tune the picture settings of your display to meet industry standard (or at leaast very close to). Once you've done it once, you'll probably have enough knowledge to skip straight to the test cards when calibrating another monitor.

Much better that the THX tool (which does a decent job, but only effective for contrast and brightness). Not sure whether it's a better result than a proper ISF calibration, but I guess you could get pretty close. Also features a nice little colour filter for fine tuning the colour on your set.

And it also allows for TV's that have isf certification picture controls.

Finally, it also allows for calibration of surround sound. So if you have a home cinema and want to get the best out of it without spending money on calibration gear of ISF calibration, then this is for you.
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on 14 February 2011
This set-up and calibration disc is indeed a very useful tool to set your TV up in such a way, that your picture will be much improved at the end of the process. It has a full collection of well explained adjustments and tweaks that will reset all of the major elements of your set, so that they will come as close as is possible to the industry "Standard".

Most TVs (notoriously, sets from the USA) are sold with the brightness, contrast and colour adjustments set far too high. It is all designed to make you notice them, that they have an eye-catching "pop" to them, so you notice one that catches your eye, in a sea of dozens of other TVs. But when you buy it and get it home and rub this disc through it, you will be amazed at just how far off your settings will be.

Some have inferred that this set is only good for Cathode-Ray TVs. This is not so. The truth is that, no matter what type of set you are using, be it CRT, LCD, or Plasma...the principles the brightness/contrast ratio you need to achieve are still the same, the level of colour saturation will still be the same. And when you consider now that ALL PAL TVs are multi standard and so easily NTSC capable, there are more adjustments and refinements you can make to improve the quality, than you ever could before on UK a TV.

The only downside to this particular set is that perhpaps we get just a bit too much information given to us. It does drag on a little.

Joe Kane is a legend in this part of the market. We already had the "Spears & Munsil" Bluray calibration disc for our PS3's, but along the way...we have managed to get this, and his LASERDISC VIDEO ESSENTIALS.

Great set. Worth getting.
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on 8 April 2011
God im sure this DVD works but the long winded drool buy the commentator frustrates the user. The simple instructions are lost by the over dramatics by the US narrator in a mono tone voice like a robot, the narrator tends to use few paragraphs describe simple things such brightness when the word brightness does it for a normal Brit to understand.
It just doesn't get to the point and have to listen to instructions before it moves onto the calibration image, chapter skipping also skips the calibration images.
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