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4.8 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars
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on 24 October 2003
Super Mario Bros. 3 was a milestone in gaming upon its original release for the NES in 1990, and still holds the world record for game sales. Now it comes to Game Boy Advance with new features galore.
Boasting vastly improved graphics and sounds over the NES original, plus never-before-seen special features, Super Mario Bros. 3: Super Mario Advance 4 will give everyone a chance to relive - or experience anew - a true Miyamoto masterpiece.
Strap yourself into the red or green dungarees of Mario or Luigi as they jump, bounce, slide, fly and swim their way across eight enormous worlds. Their mission? To battle the forces of Bowser and his troublemaking kids, who have turned all the local kings into animals.
What makes Super Mario Bros. 3 so special? Is it the pixel-perfect controls? Could it be the superb level design, packed with secrets and surprises? Or maybe it's the cool power-ups like the flying Tanooki Suit, sea-swimming Frog Suit, or the whirlwind-summoning Warp Whistle?
Super Mario Bros. 3 also includes the original Mario Bros. game for some multiplayer madness. Simply connect to any of the other three Super Mario Advance games and take part in fun frolics for up to four players.
All in All, the controls for this game are very easy they couldn't be easier. This game is a top buy!
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on 6 August 2008
I was fortunate enough to play this on the nes as my brother had one. I remember being with my sister and brother in the parlour late at night, being glued and trying to complete the game in one go. I also remember being annoyed when i had to keep blowing in the nes and game to make it work for 20 minutes at a time. Finally, there is a god and it had been brought out on GBA. I must have played this game at least 100 times when i was younger and just discovered it on gba. I loved the colours and graphics and the music of the nes and still remember it like i was playing it now. I can not wait to get this game (i paid £20 for it but hopefully it will be worth it, going by my old memories and reviews!) and hope it will come soon. Game recently did the greatest game ever poll for all formats and this came in at no.16 (i voted for it!) when it should have been a lot higher, but mario was crowned as the best game icon ever (with some people confessing they actually fancied mario!).

So, if you are a kid (or an adult who han't grown up yet like me!) or those who were never fortunate enough to have a nes, then do yourself a favour and please buy this game (or buy the nes and the original if you have a few quid!) as the box speaks for itself- eye catching, exciting and very fun to play!!! You have to play it to feel the joy that millions have felt, and much better than most of the games out today (exceptions being other mario games and sonic). It will be worth every penny, plus you can play it in the ds, which is why i bought it! The only way you you can understand how fantastic it is if you play it. It may be a hard game to find with everything, but worth it- it will be the best game you will ever buy.
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on 25 September 2004
Although i expected this to be dated, jaded and far to old to cut it in the gaming industry now, how wrong was i?
This is much better than 90% of the platformers on the gba now, high praise indeed, considering that spyro, crash and sonic are all on their third games on the gba.
The difficulty, style and superb controls of this game will keep you coming back for more. So stop reading this, and just go get it okay?
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on 7 June 2006
This is a fantastic game! The fun factor of this is an all high!! Every level, every enemy, every boss, every item, its all fun to see and to use and to fight against!! This is probably, excluding the new super mario bros game for the ds, is one of the best super mario bros games and games of all time! This is a 13 year old title but it is so much better than certain games that are released today!! Seriously saving the Princess hasn't been so much fn before!!!!
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on 3 January 2004
Not only is SMB3 the definitive Mario Game but it's also the best platform game ever which is some statement considering it must be about 15 years since the original NES version was released.
This game is the only reason why I'm about to buy a GBA.
PS - If you know how you can complete the game in under 15 minutes thanks to the warp whistlesm But where's the fun in that?
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on 11 July 2003
Nintendo saved the best till last on releasing the long awaited Super Mario Bros 3 this re-released classic game is only available for the Nintendo Game Boy Advance.
The GBA version is better than the release for the NES and Super Nintendo, it is the most exciting MARIO BROS adventure available for the GBA.
The new GBA release includes a new added into which lets you know about why the kings lost they magical wands.
Make your way though water, quicksand, and battle your way though to face King Bowser and his 7 children, all to save the princess yet again.
This game has new sound, music, features and better looking graphics if you own any of the Super Mario Advance collection you must have SMA 4.
This game also includes a new battle feature so that you can play against your friends and yet again it also has the 80’s Mario Bros Classic game.
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on 23 October 2003
If there was an award for 'best mario game' then it would be a real close call whether to award it to this or the SNES (and now also gba) follow-up, Super Mario World. This being my first time playing SMB3, I must say the first few hours of play were somewhat underwhelming, especially due to the lower level of eye candy compared to SMW, as well as the simpler level design and less responsive controls. also what bugged me was that i couldn't revisit completed worlds and would often be scraping through as small mario and never really getting enough of the various suits the game had to offer. thankfully, later on the levels become more interesting and give more opportunity to don the various suits (racoon, frog, tanooki, hammer bros as well as the one-off 'giant boot' which can be used to jump on usually deadly enemies). really later on the game becomes extremely challenging (more so than SMW) and due to no mid-level checkpoints and not being able to go back and stock up from old levels, these can become extreme tests of patience - but once bowser is defeated you can revisit any level from any world and suddenly the game really blossoms as the same level of freedom as SMW becomes apparent.
all in all, i'd say that i like this game just as much as SMW but for different reasons. SMW is a great overall package and probably the best all-round mario game to date, but without SMB3 alot of the elements in SMW would not be refined as they are. SMB3 is a more challenging game with fun(er) powerups, but on the flipside, the boss fights and the graphics are quite primitive.
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on 11 November 2003
I am waiting to get this game, because I have played it on the super nintendo and it was brilliant!I have ordered it from amazon and it is supposed to be improved and better than the last one.And plus it is portable so instead of playing it at home like I used yo do I can play it at school and on my travels in the car, aeroplane etc.I love the fact that it has more power-ups than ever(tanooki suit, frog suit, racoon tail,1-up mushroom and many more).I recommend this game to ANYONE who has a Game Boy Advance and certainly ANY Mario fan!
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on 22 September 2013
I would firstly lie to tell you all this is a realy good pack HMMMM ho very good hmm ho fly just like captin rye he has to fly!!! the donky will not go out at midnight and i dont have a clue why? althou its just like the fork i bought today i dont feel very well ho god hmmmm leeeee wee i have pet flee that sits on my knee . Shuger pufs are evil things .
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on 19 November 2003
no game has ever given me the same pleasure that this game has. Infact since the release of this game on the original nintendo otherwise known as the nes, all games have been a dissapointment to me even such games as vice city,halo, super mario sunshine all fall flat on there faces in comparison to this true wonder of the digital world . so when i read that it was to be rereleased on the SP you know how i felt thats right EXTACTIC. Its definetly a worthwhile purchase
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