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4.5 out of 5 stars35
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 2 December 2013
People will disagree with me here but i speak not from a Pokemon game perspective.
Pokemon Colosseum is a fresh installment to what has become a sterile series. The typical, collect gym badges and battle the elite four trope has been completely pushed aside in favor of a new plot ans setting. Whilst the games plot isn't anything special, the setting really does the game justice.

Explaining why Pokemon Colosseum is a great game is no easy feat because from a Pokemon fans perspective it is a step down. There aren't as many Pokemon available this time round and being a console title, there isn't any interactivity with other players. These problems shouldn't trouble those who prefer to play alone, but those who do will probably ignore this game which is understandable. However Pokemon Colosseum makes up for this with it's new features, the ability to "snag" shadow Pokemon from other trainers is interesting and it makes battles feel more intense, especially since battles in Pokemon Colosseum are all double battles. The game play is basically the same as battles in other Pokemon games but with a few changes, the run option has been replaced by a call option which you use to wake up your Pokemon and snap them out of hyper mode.

The presentation of this game is fantastic, though it is a shame that they reused the same models from Pokemon Stadium 2, they still look great, the new models also look great. The best part of the game is the art design. Genius Sonority decided to go with a more darker setting this time round and the art style really shows it, though it does seem somewhat odd at times (some of the buildings look like they're made out of tin cans) it really shows off the "ghetto" style that they were going for with this game, just look at Pyrite Town and you'll see what i mean, not everywhere is bright and colorful, yet even the places that aren't are very well designed. However not every location is gritty and barren, there are some locations that are bright and colorful and they are also very well designed.

The soundtrack doesn't fail to disappoint either. Most Pokemon games opt for an adventurous, joyful feel with it's soundtrack. Pokemon Colosseum on the other hand has more catchy, jazzy tunes that blend in well with the environment, it is a strong contrast from the other Pokemon games because it gives the game a darker tone, yet it isn't dark in the sense of being totally dull, the soundtrack is very memorable and despite being rather quirky (for a Pokemon game) manages to create a fitting atmosphere whilst keeping it enjoyable and ridiculously catchy, i swear, you'd be lying if you didn't click your fingers to the Pyrite Town music But the best of all is definitely the battle themes. Pokemon Colosseum has in my opinion, the best battle themes in the series, they all have a heroic and coolness feeling to them, it really fits the intensity of the battles well.

As for the storyline itself, you play as Wes who is the coolest trainer in the series (watch the opening scene of the game and you'll see why) and you are on a journey to.... well you're just taking a stroll after casually blowing up your former gang's base and you're trying to lie low whilst everything dies down and what do you know, it's all over the news, you're a criminal and you damn well know it (if you've seen the movie Hancock, Wes plays a very similar role). As you can see, this is not the typical setting of a Pokemon game, and it's nice to see a character who has some kind of identity rather than just some kid who leaves home to become the ultimate Pokemon trainer.

On his way he notices a bunch of shady looking goons with a sack, Wes chooses to follow them but not before heading to his local bar in the middle of the desert to.... Pokemon Battle! (come on did you really think booze would be involved in a Pokemon game?). Anyways Wes gets to Pheanic city where he finds the goons and realizes that they kidnapped a girl names Rui who conveniently has supernatural powers and essentially serves as the talker in Wes' place since Wes is just too cool to talk. Wes simply tags along as a Pokemon mercenary (presumably) for Rui as she plans to take on cipher with Wes' help and steal all the shadow pokemon, robin hood style.

The game itself is pretty short but there is some end game content that increases the games longevity, still the game is easily worth a purchase even today, I'd also recommend the sequel, Pokemon XD Gale Of Darkness.

Story/plot: 7.0
Presentation: 8.5
Gameplay: 8.0
Music: 9.0
Lifespan: 8.8
Replay value: 7.8

Overall Score: 8.7

Worth a rent if you can get it, buy it used for under £20.00 for it is dated, it is still worth getting though if you can find it for a higher price but buying it new is out of the question now sinc ethe price is extremely high.
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on 28 August 2012
Ahh, Pokémon Colosseum, the very first Gamecube game I ever had, and what a game it is! As a youngster, I found myself almost addicted to the Pokémon series and had bought all of the games, and when I found out that Pokémon Colosseum was being released on Gamecube I found myself saving up just to buy it, and I was not disappointed!

At first, I thought that the game was going to be like all of the others, but I was happily surprised when I found out that the main focus of the game is to steal Pokémon from other trainers and then purify their hearts so that I could use them on my other games and I always had a warm glow when I'd purified another Pokémon through bonding with it.

The story:

The story of Colosseum is one that I will never forget, as it remains one of my favourites to date with it's complete twist on the innocence of the other games by including characters like Thugs as battle-able foes and the sense that I was defeating Thugs made me feel like a hero! You start off with Espeon and Umbreon as your two companions and Pokémon oddly starting at levels 25 and 26, with the levels of the in-game Pokémon being that and higher which was an odd thing to begin with, but it soon became clear that everyone had these starting levels, making it ok. You play as an ex-Team Snagem member who has gone against their evil ways and with the help of a female companion, who can sense 'Shadow Pokémon', you aim to re-capture all of the 'Shadow Pokémon' to free them of their closed hearts. With villainous foes and huge afros to fight along the way, you will love this game if you are a fan of Pokémon, or just enjoy a good plot twist every now and then.

'Shadow Pokémon':

Colosseum sees the arrival of a new type of Pokémon, 'Shadow Pokémon' which are Pokémon that, through Cipher's evil ways have had their hearts artificially closed and your job is to free them. These Pokémon attack people and pose a threat to people and regular Pokémon alike, so you will have to catch them, and bond with them through walking about with them, using colognes, and battling with them. Each 'Shadow Pokémon' has the signature move of 'Shadow Pokémon', 'Shadow Rush' which is like any recoil move in the Pokémon games. As you bond with a Pokémon, they will unlock new moves until their hearts is fully unlocked, and, after unlocking their heart, will gain another, replacing 'Shadow Rush'. With rare Pokémon including legendaries Entei, Raikou and Suicune to capture, you gotta free 'em all!


This game is a fantastic 1 player journey as you'd expect with a Pokémon game, and apart from having a small part for multiplayer, that is what the game will draw you in with. For it's time it was amazingly well done and it continues to be one of the best Pokémon games that I have ever played with a story mode that is just brilliant. If you've been searching for a good Gamecube game, then you've found it!!
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VINE VOICEon 13 February 2004
NB: Nintendo will be releasing a bonus disk with the limited edition version (I don't think it is this version!!) which has a BONUS POKEMON on it! That you can download into your Ruby or Sapphire game through the Gamecube to GBA link cable! It is called Jirachi, and is steel/psychic. It is ONLY available on pre-order, so make sure you pre-order the right version if you're getting it from Amazon.
This game has a lot more than Stadium had - now there's a huge RPG mode that actually makes up most of the game where you go around fighting other trainers to steal their pokemon. Just what I've always wanted to do! You start out with two quite high level pokemon, and rarely meet anything lower than a level 20. You also don't get to catch any wild pokemon, and you can only steal someone else's pokemon if it is a dark one. And then they will only level up once you heal them at a shrine and they only learn one move, dark rush, which can damage your pokemon. But it is really different from how the game has been before. There's no wandering around in the grass because there are no wild pokemon - you just have to choose your next city from the overhead map. Your aim is to defeat Team Dark and Team Snatch and you always fight in two on two formation, like you can do in Ruby and Sapphire.
Apart from that, there are lots of nice extras as well as Colosseum Mode, which is pretty much just like Stadium but with nicer graphics. And mini-games and decorating your Secret Base, too.
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on 23 May 2004
I simply loved the first pokemon Stadium, and never played its sequal but this is truly the best pokemon game out there. The multiplayer is lost, in my opinion, As everybody needs to own a GBA and a copy of Ruby or Saphire. Although the multiplayer is gone the single player is likely to keep you busy for hours on end. Were not talking 5-6 overall, were talking times that by 10. Some people even played for 76 hours. Thats how good this game is. So dont buy it, like i did, for the multiplayer with friends unless you all have Ruby or Saphire. Buy it for the single player. I write this review as i hope that people wont find it a dissapointment when they realise the multiplayer value has gone. As for the graphics, they are supurb. Some of the best that have ever decided to fall onto the gamecube. Plus its exclusive to the gamecube. More and More games are being lost to better consoles like the Xbox and PS2, but this gives you a reason to pull out your gamecube and get some good quality fun.
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on 12 August 2004
This is a really good game and the genius of including a single player game is great. On the contrary to what some of the other reviews have said you play as a GOOD GUY (you used to be bad, but you turn good when you find out that a sinister organisation is turning pokemon evil so they attack humans) you must capture the 'dark' pokemon from the trainers and purify them. The multiplayer mode is great and you don't have to own Ruby or Sapphire to play it, the game radomly generates a team for you, but of course you can use the GBA games if you own them. All in all an excellent game, well done nintendo!!!
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on 7 March 2014
the story mode is short and necessary if you wish to trade Pokemon from your "RUBY or SAPPHIRE" games word of WARNING this game provides you with a finite amount of shadow Pokemon (I think the total is around 50 )which when their heart has been unlocked again can be traded but only providing you beat the game and have a Game Cube to Game Boy Advance link cable i recommend this one see address below

i recommend this game to anybody who enjoys Pokemon
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on 25 September 2013
This is a great game for any fan of Pokemon especially somebody who has been playing the series for a long time. The story line has a slightly older approach but it is still fun for younger fans. The game has a very different style to other Pokemon games in that it forces you to battle in double battles throughout but also has a full plot. My only criticism of the game is the lack of an option to choose a starter type. However if you are a lover of Espeon and Umbreon like me, then you shall not be complaining for very long.
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on 5 May 2005
Pokemon Colosseum is a great game but it can become rather tedious for instance when you have to catch a particular Pokemon to move on, this can be extremely annoying. The graphics are great & the battles are outstanding. Sound - alright, but then again it's not hard to be alright when you're not there - this game is virtually silent but that's a bonus because you don't have to listen to the characters going on. One thing thing it lacks is the basic Pokemon selection at the beginning which is rather annoying because I want a Treeco!
Overall impression? - rather good so why are you still reading it!
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on 18 November 2014
If you are a pokemon fan just like i am then this is a must have. The story line is set like the TV show so it does not continue on from the Pokemon stadium games for the N64s but this in my opinion is even better. You catch shadow pokemon and you have to battle with them to cure them. As well as this all the graphics are top class What more can i say its just a classic.
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on 15 November 2011
I strongly recommend this game for pokemon lovers...My son and his friends thoroughly enjoy playing this game-i can hear their shouts of excitement from downstairs with the room door shut...- So if you are into these sort of games, don't hesitate to buy this one!!
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