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4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
Format: DVD|Change
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on 5 July 2004
yes it's the simpsons!!!!!
In their best ever season! when i bought this i was really happy as it is def Worth it, especially for £15! it's normally £40 so i'd hurry and get it wile you can!
All 24 episodes are:
Stark Raving Dad
Mr. Lisa Goes To Washington
When Flanders Failed
Bart The Murderer
Homer Defined
Like Father, Like Clown
Disc 2:
Treehouse of horror II
Lisa's Pony
Saturdays of Thunder
Flaming Moes
Burns Verkaufen Der Kraftwerk
I married Marge
Disc 3:
Radio Bart
Lisa the Greek
Homer Alone
Bart the Lover
Homer At the Bat
Seperate Vocations
Disc 4:
Dog of Death
Colonel Homer
Black Widower
The Otto Show
Bart's Friend Falls In Love
Brother, can you spare two dimes?
Includes voice commentary from Matt Groening and more fabulous extra's!
Nothing on Tv? put this on instead!the episodes never gt boring!
and all this in a nice little purple/pink box!
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on 25 October 2003
I recieved my copy of "The Simpsons 3rd series" on Ocober 8th it was hard waiting for it and it was well worth the wait!
the following episodes feature in this series:
disc 1:
Stark raving dad
Mr Lisa goes to Washington
When Flanders Failed
Bart the murderer
Homer defined
Like father,like clown
disc 2:
Treehouse of horror 2
Lisa's pony
Saturdays of thunder
Flaming Moe's
Burns verkaufen der kraftwerk
I married Marge
disc 3:
Radio Bart
Lisa the Greek
Homer alone
Bart the lover
Homer at the bat
Seperate vocations
disc 4:
Dog of death
Colonel Homer
Black widower
The Otto show
Bart's friend falls in love
Brother,can you spare me two dimes?
This is a really good dvd its the type that you can watch over and over again and it doesnt get boring!This dvd also includes a "play all" feature.I totally recomend this dvd it is a classic,but it is a shame that fox is taking so long to produce them,lets hope its not to long before the 4th seson is out.
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on 15 June 2003
The 3rd series of the Simpsons really is when they started churning out brilliant episodes. Epsisodes like 'Stark Raving Dad' with Michael Jackson, 'Like Father, Like Clown' where Krusty is reunited with his Rabbai father and 'Dog Of Death' where the family must sacrifice everything just to save Santa's Little Helper. It was episodes such as these with really broadened the horizons of the Simpsons' viewers as the show started to include more film references, thus making the viewer interested in whichever film has (been) referred to. [...]
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on 22 November 2004
I would like to say that this season is great, very funny. I was awake for over 24 hours watching this season twice! After watching this DVD maked me think of the simpsons a hole other way. It maked me a much bigger fan. I just bought the fourth season and is looking forward to it, I think the simpsons really changed the third season, Bart got a much more grown up, and ofcourse Millhouse when he falls in love, with a person not beeing Lisa. I promise you won't even have time to visit the toilet wile beeing sucked to your television watching this amazing show. This so deseves five stars!
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 18 May 2008
It was season 3 that first got me into the Simpsons, I'm too young to remember them first time around, but it was this season that was repeated on Channel 4 when I first started to realise what a genius show it really is.

And what a season it was!! This was the start of the celebrity cameos that have proved to be such a popular and regular occurrence on the show. Pop king Michael Jackson lent his voice to a character of the 'same name' in 'Stark Raving Dad', whilst fellow singer Sting was made into a Simpsons character and sang in 'Radio Bart', and Amercia's baddest rock band Aerosmith guest starred in the now legendary 'Flamin' Moe's' episode, which is a real fan favourite.

The scripts were getting cleverer, the characters were even more likable, and the show went from strength to strength, bathed in popularity and awards. Like the previous two excellent boxsets, you can relive all these classic episodes (24 in total) and enjoy plentiful bonus features. Another must have release for the fans - buy it!
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on 21 August 2003
My copy of this fantastic series arrived from the states today, and im pleased to say it is by far the best simpsons box set yet, gone is the anoying "match the heads to access the menu", and in its place is a very simple menu system (very much like the futurama sets), a "play all" feature has also been added. The sound is 5.1 and the picture crisp and clear.
I dont need to tell you how good the episodes are, as any simpson's fan knows this series represents the begining of the classics.
The only bad thing I can say about this set is that it should have been out a year ago, and I should be reviewing season 5 by now!!! But by delaying it clearly shows that this season simply has not aged.
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on 12 July 2011
This season was a mixed season. There were some brilliant episodes that really stood out but there were also a few very boring ones. If it was not squashed between two of the best seasons of the Simpsons (2 and 4) then It might have got the recognition it deserved, here is a quick review of each episode and a rating /10:

Stark Raving Dad - One of the best episodes of the season 9/10
Mr Lisa Goes to Washington - Lisa wins a contest, very boring episode in comparison to others 5/10
When Flanders Failed - Homer wishes on a chicken bone for everything to go wrong for Flanders, then it does! 8/10
Bart the Murderer - Bart gets involved with members of the mafia/mob (fat tony) 8.5/10
Homer Defined - Homer saves the town from a meltdown without knowing what button he pressed! brilliant episode! 9/10
Like Father Like Clown - Krusty meets his father, worst episode in my opinion. 3/10
Treehouse of Horror II - one of the best Treehouse of horror's to date! 9/10
Lisa's Pony - homer gets Lisa a pony to make her love him again 7/10
Saturdays of Thunder - Homer realises he knows nothing about Bart and they make a car for the soapbox derby 7/10
Flaming Moe's - Homer invents a new drink and Moe takes the credit for it 10/10
Burns Verkaufen der Kraftwerk - Germans take over the nuclear power plant 5/10
I Married Marge - flashbacks of what happened other times marge was pregnant with bart and Lisa! 6/10
Radio Bart - bart plays a prank using a walkie talkie to say he fell down a well! best episode of the season! 10/10
Lisa the Greek - Lisa starts to pick the winners for horse races so homer uses her to get money! 9/10
Homer Alone - homer loses Maggie when they are home alone together 7/10
Bart the Lover - a yo yo craze takes over the school! 8.5/10
Homer at the Bat - homer plays baseball for the nuclear power plant team! 9/10
Separate Vocations - the school take an aptitude test and have some job experience! 10/10
Dog of Death - santa's little helper falls ill and they have to cut down on spending to save money 8/10
Colonel Homer - homer becomes the manager of a barmaid who sings well 7/10
Black Widower - Selma gets a boyfriend.. sideshow bob!! 8.5/10
The Otto Show - Otto moves in with the Simpsons following getting fired 6/10
Bart's Friend Falls in Love - Milhouse falls in love with a new girl, jepordising his and barts friendship! 6/10
Brother Can You Spare Two Dimes - Homers brother Herb returns and asks for money to invest in his new invention! 6.5/10

Overall a brilliant season with some of the best episodes on, a few boring ones such as I married marge and the burns verkaufen der .. episode. 8.5/10 I would give this season!
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on 21 March 2014
There are a number of very funny episodes in season 3. They are consistent and display talent of the writers and the voice actors. My personal favourites are 'Lisa The Greek and 'Burns Verkaufen Der Kraftwerk', these are certainly not the only funny episodes however. This is another superb season with a number of classic episodes. This must be added to your collection if you are a Simpsons fan.
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on 23 November 2011
Now this is my only boxset of the simpsons, I wanted to treat my self to one as I know how much I love the show, I saw this and was like what the heck lets try it out, I love all of the episodes and there are so many! For such a cheap price, as it was preowned and still in superb condition this is a great buy!
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on 11 October 2003
These Box Sets are tremendous for people like me who never saw The Simpsons when they were originally released. They fill in the gaps - why Krusty is emotionally tortured, why Marge and Homer ended up together, why Sideshow Bob returns to target Bart. I, for one, will now fully appreciate Krusty's appearances because I understand, at a deeper level, his personal history, torment and emotional distance from his audience through his relationship with his Jewish father.
I can't wait - but will clearly have to - for Series Four. I note that somehow "themed" anthologies, like the forthcoming Christmas one, are easier and quicker to put together and will force us to shell out money for episodes that will feature in future Box Sets. I'd like the Fox Marketing people to eat my shorts for that.
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