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3.4 out of 5 stars205
3.4 out of 5 stars
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on 14 June 2004
This film seems to elicit strong feelings: no surprise given the excellent set up of the first two. However,as an ending to one of the most innovative trilogies in cinema over the last decade, this is very disappointing. Ignore the fanatics who claim that if you don't like this film you must be too stupid to understand it - quite the reverse. If you understood the first two, then this is a mystifyingly simple way to conclude. From the start, what was an excellent cliffhanger ending to Reloaded is dealt with like an inconvenient plot point in Revolutions. The explanation to Neo's coma introduces a banal new character and is resolved too easily. We then jump from contrived plot point to contrived plot point before Neo resolves the conflict in a ridiculously easy fashion. It all seems to be designed to build to the final fight between Neo and Smith which, while spectacular, is not where the story should end. The story should end with a confrontation with the "machine" intelligence that has been preying on the human race. The Wachowski Brothers seem to have tried to appease fans by somehow elevating a minor, albeit fascinating and compelling, servant of the "machines into the major nemesis of Neo - it simply doesn't work. Smith was a means to an end, not the end.
Why 3 stars? Well, I loved the first two movies and whilst this film is not a worthy sequel, it is worth viewing on its own merits. The effects are outstanding and some of the set piece action will never be equalled. The robot invasion of Zion and the final fight between Smith and Neo are visually stunning and exciting action sequences. Throughout, the action is impressive and the cinematography evokes suitably futuristic imagery throughout.
So, definitely a flawed film and not a worthy conclusion. But don't worry if you didn't get it - you are not stupid it's just not that good
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on 1 October 2004
First of all, take out "The Matrix" and "The Matrix reloaded" and you have a perfectly good movie. However, because of the unexpected sheer brilliance of the first Matrix movie, the third and second respectfully don't live up to expectation... So, if you thoroughly enjoyed the first of the trilogy, i recommend that you stay away from the follow ups.
For me, and many others "The Matrix" was a ground-breaking motion picture setting new standards, the film also captivated my mind into thinking "what if"!? The mystery that is The Matrix and the way you are left wondering when the film draws to a close was the ideal way to finish off the story. However, the Wachowski brothers saw it fit to make a "franchise" out of the Matrix in the form of "The Matrix's reloaded and revolutions"! In my eyes, the film should have been left as it was and allow it to rank as one of the finest and original films in recent history.
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If you’ve watched the previous two films in this classic SF film trilogy, then it will be necessary to watch this one as well to find out how it all ends. By now the novel shooting technology and state-of-the-art CGI mix are stable and no further advances were made. The ethos is still dark, moody, gripping, questioning-reality and while we almost feel we might know what is coming next it is still an epic that should be a part of every SF enthusiasts collection, because most unusually Hollywood actually got it right; this is an essential part of a genuine "What If?" followed through lots of twists to a believable conclusion without any silly 'get out cheats' along the way.

I think that the acting continues to be excellent although some other reviewers have suggested the cast were becoming jaded and exhausted by the long shooting schedule. The cinematography, lighting and special effects are all superb in this 2.40:1 wide-screen presentation and are best seen on a larger screen, and these images are fully complemented by the stunning surround sound. The three Matrix films were among the reasons I bought a 5.1 surround system, and then later upgraded to a really good system.

The extras on the second DVD in this set are excellent value and include more details on the background to the Matrix and making of the film, as well as additional CDROM material for the PC, and no duplication of the extras supplied with the previous two films.

And then one needs to buy the other two films to complete the trilogy and view them in the right sequence to find out what was really going on, and the first one is actually the best by a long way.

1. The Matrix
2. The Matrix Reloaded
3. Matrix Revolutions
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VINE VOICEon 9 December 2005
At last, a worthy successor for the original film. After the disappointment of the last film in the series it was hoped that this one could live up to the original and thankfully this film does. Starting with Neo in a coma and Zion under siege from the machine army, the film returns to the correct mix of storyline and action that saw the first film become so popular. Unfortunately the acting hasn’t improved much but that doesn’t spoil the film much and the CGI is improved dramatically from the last film. Although the ending is slightly anticlimactic and it still isn’t as good as the original, it is still a good sequel.
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on 12 March 2004
Its really a great shame that this film seems to undermine everything that was great about the Matrix. I loved the first two but this really doesn't quite reach the same heights. Anything that you may have expected to happen doesn't, i wanted a rollicking good war ending with the destruction of the machines, not so i'm afraid instead you get a ropey peace with the fact that most of the humans are still enslaved? deeply unsatisfying. The film contains some of the bullet time fighting which was the series trademark, and it is good. The final face-off with smith and neo is also good, but the dull CG war is pure tedium like the star wars episode 2 battle you end up not caring who wins. Return of the king really showed how CG battles can be great as long as you keep focus on the main characters, but Neo and co aren't even involved! I can't believe as well how Trinity just gets offed in a crash, to be honest i think they might have had enough by then. You have to watch it if you enjoyed the other two but i guarantee you'll be dissapointed.
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When I buy a film, I usually like to do so because I loved the film and intend to watch it in it's own right over and over.
Revolutions does not conform to this ideal. I loved the first film, although it appeared to be a take on eXistenZ and Total Recall (eXistenZ is an excellent film, by the way, and Total Recall is a legend). The first film asked a lot of questions, but at least lead you in the right direction.
Reloaded answered a couple of questions and was an adequate middle-ground for the trilogy, it kept up the pace and continued to lead your mind into expectations for a climactic ending.....
Which just didn't happen with Revolutions. The storyline skipped and jumped around, convenience, predicability and god-complexes started to take over. And it seems that towards the end, they realised that they had been filming for a while and were going to run out of space or budget, and all of a sudden, the various little story arcs came to crashing endings that just left you wondering if perhaps you had dozed off and missed something. Not many questions got answered, and as we knew full-well that this was the last film in the Trilogy, I for one was deeply disappointed by the end.
But as I already own the first and second film on DVD, the third one is pretty-much a given.
Doesn't mean I have to like it.
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Within the nightmare vision of the Wachowskis there is only ever going to be one winner in the war between man and machine. However, before we reach that conclusion we are exposed to some audacious and impressive CGI as the battle for the survival of the underground human city of Zion is marvellously realised within the madness and intensity of battle seen through the eyes of a couple of Rosencrantz and Guildenstern characters. The depiction of ‘machine city’ is equally impressive as Keanu Reeves’ Neo finally comes face-to-face with the ultimate artificial intelligence and an alliance is formed in order to attempt to defeat the Smith virus which threatens to overcome not only the Matrix but also the real world of the machines and the remaining humans on Earth. Despite having to research the meaning of the final scenes of the movie, I nevertheless feel that this was a fitting conclusion for an ambitious film trilogy that dared to explore the possible consequences of the evolution of artificial intelligence. Although some might criticise a flawed ending, there could not be any other – however ambiguous and depressing.
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on 10 March 2004
Ok, there i was, sitting in the cinema with my big box of popcorn, extra large coke, oh yes, and my girlfriend who was getting annoyed with my whoops of exctiement as the lights were dimming to start what was promised to be the "Answer to all your questions" and the end of what was an excellent story and concept. My "whoops" quickly stopped. The first 10 minutes said it all for me. Neo stuck in a middle way between the real world and the matrix! this could have been very creative, nope, it was a subway. Hmm, The merovengian was a way of saving neo! "Ooh, a good battle?" nope. The sentenals have reached Zion! A good fight yes, but a loooong battle which was beginning to turn the Matrix into the Terminator. The final battle between Neo and Smith! More like superman and spiderman, come on guys! Whats with all the flying?!?! In the end of the first matrix, neo did all this ultra fast fighting which looked awesome, was there any in the other two? nope. Instead of keeping it fast they slowed it all down! Hmmm slow-mo action, yeah for a turtle. Then we have the icing on the cake, the end, How will it end, i wont give anything away in case you havent seen it yet, but be prepared for a dissapointment. a MAJOR dissapointment. You will be left looking at your telly going "Wha..? Who..? Why...?"
I will still buy this on DVD, as im a sucker but ive got to have all three. But will I watch it as much as i saw the first one?.......Nope.
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on 21 November 2005
So, its been two years since The Matrix Revolutions was released in cinema's and a prediction of mine has turned out to be sadly untrue. My prediction was, that after some time had passed, and after people had got the chance to watch this third installment at least once more, that the backlash against it would ease. It hasn't, this is still considered by many to be a hugely dissapointing film. I myself do not share this view, i think it is an excellent ending to the trilogy.
People say that many scenes are useless, like the Neo/Trainman/Station scenes. This scene was to show the length's Trinity and less so Morpheus would go to to protect and help Neo in his quest. How is this useless? It is also a scene that shows us whilst some programme's/machine's will never change, others are evolving, learning to not only love, but reproduce as well. Another point of the scene is to show us Neo is still human and not all powerful. The Trainman Gets the better of him, because it is he who wrote the programme and therefore in his world he is the 'One'. Another pivotel issue in this scene, is that would Neo had been able to make the sacrifice he did at the end of the film if he had not been brought crashing back down to earth by the Trainman? Was Neo not becomming a little too cocky? If these are useless scenes, why do they tell us so much?
And yes, the main characters are not involved much in the Zion battle scene, but what could they have done anyway. It shows in both Reloaded and Revolutions that Neo's power in the real world is extremely limited, and that he struggles against Sentinels, so what could he do against 250,000 of them? Not much, and Morpheus and Trinity even less so.
Dont get me wrong, i do share some criticisms levelled at the film. Agent Smith should NOT have been the be all and end all. He should just have been a hurdle for Neo to overcome before making an even greater sacrifice to the machines themselves. And it would have been nice to see a confrontation between Smith and The Merovingian, maybe to show that the latter was not as powerful as he himself thought.
The action scenes are also the most spectacular of the trilogy also, The Zion Dock scene rivals most battle scenes (though not all) in the(admittedly much better) Lord Of The Rings and Star Wars Trilogies. And the final fight between Neo and Smith is excellently dark and brutal, although as said before, should not have been the end of the movies events. In my opinion this is better than Reloaded and right up there with the original. Special Effects are literally that, and still are two years on. Hopefully with more time my prediction may come true as I really hate people critising this film, don't get me wrong i know different people have differing opinions, i'd just surprised so many feel let down by this trilogy.
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on 20 April 2004
The matrix revolutions is the final chapter in the matrix trilogy. Thisfilm picks up from where the last one left off and the machines are comingto zion to eradicate any human trace. There is only one person who cansave the day....Neo (the one).
This film boasts some very cool specialeffects unmatched in any other film including the prequels. Bullet timeand the ending fight scene are an incredable feast to the eyes. Despiteharsh critism this is a good watchable film that still beats most of theinvariable crap that comes out of hollywood, most people critise this filmagainst the original, of course the original is the best as the plot wasfresh and new. By the time of revolutions the plot is not...but so what,matrix revolutions is not going to win any golden raspberry awards is it?
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