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5.0 out of 5 stars The Best Album Ever Made
Reviewing a best-selling, immensely popular album over 30 years after it was released is a bit like trying to evaluate Marmite. It's been around for ages, you know that people will always buy it, but everyone either loves it or hates it already, and there's little point trying to change their minds.

For me, Rumours is just about the best album ever made, and...
Published on 7 Mar. 2008 by Bungliemutt

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3.0 out of 5 stars 35th Anniv 3CD - nice music but horrendously bad quality control
This is a very nice expansion of Rumours.

You get 3 CDs: the original album with an additional track not on the LP release from the `70s; a CD of live versions of many of the songs + some from the earlier self-titled album; a CD of out-takes and alternative versions (which are different to the out-takes etc. realised with the 2004 Rumours 2 disc set)...
Published on 1 Feb. 2013 by Happy Ears

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5.0 out of 5 stars 35th or 36th Anniversary?, 5 Feb. 2013
This 35th Anniversary edition of Fleetwood Mac's most famous album is released not 35 but 36 years after it was originally issued in 1977 on vinyl, and 9 years after the superb 2004 remaster which also included a bonus disc of studio out-takes. Either someone cannot count or else this release has been delayed! It arrives on the back of a lot of publicity designed to promote the band's forthcoming world tour (minus the wonderful Christine McVie, alas). The first thing to observe is that this new issue features a straight re-issue of the 2004 remastered album complete with the 'Silver Springs' B-side, lacking some of the 2004's bottom-end punch but compensating for that with improved top-end definition. The accompanying sleeve notes indicate that Rumours 2013 has not been remixed, for which we ought to be grateful. Disc 2 offers 12 previously unissued live cuts from 1977 which are well worth investigating. 6 of these songs also featured on the 1980 Live album but these earlier live versions make their 1980 counterparts sound rather weary by comparison. The band here is much more on the ball, fresh & vibrant & demonstrating the confidence of players still excited by their newly secured smash hit status. Then there is the 3rd disc of studio out-takes. Now, if you happen to own the 2004 remastered edition & are thinking you might replace it with this new issue then you are advised to think again because what you get here is a completely different batch of out-takes which offer fascinating variations from those already available on the 2004 bonus disc.

There is no doubt that Rumours deserves this attention. It is a great record from start to finish & carries a subtext of personal issues which have sometimes threatened to overwhelm the quality of the music on offer. This Anniversary edition does, however, raise the issue of why other excellent albums by the same line-up continue to suffer from neglect. 'Fleetwood Mac' (so-called 'White' album') & 'Tusk' were remastered along with Rumours in 2004 but neither 'Mirage' or 'Tango In The Night' have ever been awarded the same honour. It is hoped that if the world tour is a success (which I have no doubt that it will be), the record company might deign to provide us with upgraded editions of those 2 equally deserving records. Please.
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5.0 out of 5 stars THIS IS THE ONE TO GET, 10 Mar. 2007
This review is from: Rumours (Audio CD)
I ordered the original rumours CD. the songs are brilliant but the quality just wasnt there at all and sounded very muffled even on my reference headphone system. This CD is the one to buy as the difference is unbeleiveable when compared to the original CD. Id highly recommend spending the extra on this remastered version. I also noticed that even the artwork and photos on the inlay have been touched up so it now looks and sounds bang up to date. Its hard to beleive this album is 30 years old! buy it!
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4.0 out of 5 stars Not Perfect But sounds Bloody Good At 45RPM, 3 May 2011
Gerard Masters (Soggy Seattle, Wa) - See all my reviews
Lots of controversy on this gem in America and Canada. The EU version, which this is, is NOT the US Steve Hoffman version. What it a very fine sounding edition on vinyl of this classic album. I've gone back and forth between this and the US version and they are Both good! But I keep going back to this version because it has an 'involvement' factor that the other edition lacks, for my taste. But your milage may differ so by all means, any version would most likely satisfy. Get it while you can!
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5.0 out of 5 stars "I can STILL hear you saying...", 6 Dec. 2006
Kathryn Sinclair (UK) - See all my reviews
This review is from: Rumours (Audio CD)
I'm only 26, but I grew-up on "Rumours" (as well as the Peter Green era "Greatest Hits"). This was the cassette constantly on in the car every summer holiday (well, that's how it seemed)! And as a Grand Prix fan, whenever I hear that bass-line, I can see those Formula One cars revving their engines!

Just when I thought I'd bought every FM album there was, they remastered & expanded my favourite. Well, there was no way I wasn't going to buy it!

From Lindsey's opening guitar of 'Second Hand News' to Stevie's howl closing 'Gold Dust Woman', this is so much *better* than I remember. The sound is incredible {as is the DVD audio version}. The inclusion of 'Silver Springs' (the full version of which was too long for the original vinyl, and had to be replaced with the shorter 'I Don't Want to Know'), gives us "Rumours" almost as it should have been.

I will add however, that I actually prefer the version of 'Silver Springs' on disc 2, as the one placed here is the single edit, which I find too short!.
In response to William Walker's comment on this, 'Silver Springs' could NOT have been put on at the end, because it MUST end with 'Gold Dust Woman'.
Just try to imagine it as vinyl, and that you have had to turn it over at the end of 'Songbird'.
Personally though, rather than placing it after 'Songbird', I would have put it following 'Go Your Own Way', as that was the single it was the b-side to.

Disc 2:
Some of these we could probably have done without {such as 'Mick the Screacher'}, but most make it worth it!

As another reviewer said, 'Brushes' is beautiful, though it's worth noting that Lindsey was playing around with this idea back in the 1973 days of Buckingham Nicks.

'You Make Loving Fun' is absolutely wonderful, with Stevie's harmony vocals very clear, and keyboards and guitar to the fore.

'Gold Dust Woman #1' doesn't have the famous "...pale shadow of a woman..." vocal, but some haunting 'oohs & aaahhs' instead.

'Gold Dust Woman #2' is an earlier demo, which turns into 'If You Ever Did Believe' (a song released by Stevie on the 'Practical Magic' soundtrack in 1998).

'Think About It' (co-credited here to Roy Bittan) is much more up-beat than Stevie's later Bella Donna version.

'Planets of the Universe' is stark {and clearly aimed at Lindsey}, but it helps see how the Trouble in Shangri La version came about.

'Butter Cookie (Keep Me There)' was a song of Christine's that was to become 'The Chain'. The beginning wasn't what they wanted, but they loved Mick and John's ending. So they counted back from the bass line, used the kick-drum as a metronome, Stevie gave them the lyrics for the verses, Lindsey and Christine wrote the music and the chorus, Lindsey added the guitar over the ending, and 'The Chain' as we know it was born!

The reviewer 'gnagfloW' is completely wrong to say "One must, however, make sure to press the stop button before some jam session at the end of the disc begin, those are only for the most devoted."

'For Duster (The Blues)' is Fleetwood Mac bringing their roots forward into 1976. Christine, Mick and John all started out as blues musicians, but if this track is 'blue' then give me more. It is so up-beat and catchy, and Lindsey's guitar really does him credit. It is a wonderful balance of all four musicians just relaxing and doing what they do best - making music.

The insert booklet gives us info about the band, and allows those of us too young to have the original vinyl to see the famous picture of John McVie simulating 'alcohol-by-intravenous-drip'!

All in all, you will not regret buying this album, if only for the chance to hear these songs with the sound quality we were originally meant to.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Perfection Of Its Type, 17 Aug. 2004
This review is from: Rumours (Audio CD)
There's no harm in stating that something just doesn't make a connection. If that's so and one wishes to state the case, so be it and move on.
For the rest of us who heard this album and at some point thereafter, saw it almost as pop perfection - have a ball and buy this without a moment's hesitation. That ethereal quality of Nicks and McVie's voices are made even more absorbing by the additional versions. Stick it on your MP3 player and don't worry about the people who won't know that you're a musical old fart - just relax and enjoy these fantastic songs with a new freshness.
If only we could get a similar revision of Springsteen's Born To Run......
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4.0 out of 5 stars Classic Mac., 7 Sept. 2010
This review is from: Rumours (Audio CD)
I expect all there is to say about this 1970's classic has been said. So, I'll add my bit and move on. It's a classic for good reason. Good songs, well crafted that have stood the test of time.
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5.0 out of 5 stars No other needed!, 18 Jan. 2007
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: Rumours (Audio CD)
This is the best edition of this rather well-known album. No bonus tracks(ie rejected out-takes!)and a splendidly clear sound.

World-wide sales are now nearly 30 million. Why? It's a perfect fusion between 3 minute pop and rock, there's not a duff track on it, and this band line-up carries no passengers-they all contribute-so that's a perfect group, just for icing on the cake.

Later this year,it will be 30 years since its' initial release. It still sounds just as good today, and every time you play it, you tend to discover something new. How many others of this high-sales level could you say that about? Most are just an embarassment after a couple of years, but this one never will be, trust me-it's a gem!
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5.0 out of 5 stars Probably the best album I've ever heard, 17 Aug. 2004
By A Customer
This review is from: Rumours (Audio CD)
I am a fourteen year old with a taste for older music instead of some of today's rubbish. Along with The Who's Who Are You album, this is my favourite album. The songs all radiate quality, and a charming folkiness mixed with more modern sounds.
Every song on this album is at least good, and 90% of them are great. There are no duffers. My favourite track is the beautiful Never Going Back Again. All of these tracks have stood the test of time, and even someone who has never heard of Fleetwood Mac will recognize Don't Stop and Go Your Own Way. This album makes perfect listening, and is very relaxing as well. The harmonies and melodies fall together perfectly, and I cannot really find anything to criticize.
I'm a modern fourteen year old, yet I love it! What more do you need?
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5.0 out of 5 stars Lovely rerelease, 6 Jan. 2015
This review is of the 3CD 35th anniversary edition.

One of the 1970's most popular albums, this monster is given a work over with an extra track tacked on, a live disc and a generous helping of demos and rarities from the Rumours sessions. As one of the biggest selling albums ever at 40 million copies and counting and regular rotation on radio playlists many will already be familiar with the original album, here spruced up for its 35th anniversary to sparkle even more than ever. Hit after hit, FM radio staples, all the tracks here are as comfortable as a favourite pair of slippers with songs that still resonate and sound as fresh as they ever did. Tacked on is the B side, Silver Springs, which could easily have fit onto the album itself back in the day and doesn't for a moment sound like a drop in quality bonus track, far from it.

Moving on to disc 2 and it's a compilation of live tracks from the supporting tour, all well performed with the band proving they can cut it live in giant stadiums. Not all the tracks are from Rumours however, three are from the previous eponymous release, with Rhiannon a particular standout. The quality is clear, and it's great to hear familiar tracks working and appreciated by an audience.

The 3rd disc is full of outtakes that didn't make the final cut and early demos of the album tracks. It's of interest to anyone who has the album buried in their subconscious to listen to how differently some of these early attempts sound compared to the polished product as the group search for an arrangement, as interesting as, say, The Beatles Anthology discs.

A lovely rerelease giving new insight into a bona fide classic.
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5.0 out of 5 stars "...Wrapped Around Your Dreams..." - Rumours by FLEETWOOD MAC (2013 3-CD Expanded Edition), 7 Nov. 2014
Mark Barry "Mark Barry" (London) - See all my reviews
Pitched at the public as a '35th Anniversary Edition' (they were a year late) - you could argue that this 2013 'Expanded Edition' of Fleetwood Mac's love/hate opus "Rumours" is just another excuse to extract hard-earned readies from fans. And with Disc 1 sporting the same remaster as the last Anniversary issue in 2004 - then why bother? The two answers are a 65-minute slew of staggeringly raw and revealing outtakes on Disc 3 (all previously unreleased) and a frankly better than expected live fest on Disc 2 recorded on the "Rumours" World Tour in 1977. Here are the chains that can't be broken, dreams of oh daddy and the ways you should go (as long you go on your own)...

Released January 2013 - "Rumours" 'Expanded Edition' on Warner Brothers 8122-79709-4 (Barcode 081227970949) is a 3CD reissue and breaks down as follows:

Disc 1 (44:54 minutes):
1. Second Hand News
2. Dreams
3. Never Going Back Again
4. Don't Stop
5. Go Your Own Way
6. Songbird
7. The Chain [Side 2]
8. You Make Loving Fun
9. I Don't Want To Know
10. Oh Daddy
11. Gold Dust Woman
Tracks 1 to 11 are the album "Rumours" - released February 1977 in the UK on Warner Brothers K 56344 and Warner Brothers BSK 3010. It reached Number 1 on both the UK and USA charts and is one the biggest selling albums of all time.

Track 12 is "Silver Springs" - the non-album B-side to "Go Your Own Way" - released as a 7" single January 1977 in the UK on Warner Brothers K 16872 and Warner Brothers 8304 in the USA

Disc 2 "Live, 1977 "Rumours" World Tour (55:39 minutes):
1. Intro
2. Monday Morning
3. Dreams
4. Don't Stop
5. The Chain
6. Oh Daddy
7. Rhiannon
8. Never Going Back Again
9. Gold Dust Woman
10. World Turning
11. Go Your Own Way
12. Songbird

Disc 3 "More From The Rumours Sessions" (65:00 minutes):
1. Second Hand News (Early Take)
2. Dreams (Take 2)
3. Never Going Back Again (Acoustic Duet)
4. Go Your Own Way (Early Take)
5. Songbird (Demo)
6. Songbird (Instrumental, Take 10)
7. I Don't Want To Know (Early Take)
8. Keep Me There (Instrumental)
9. The Chain (Demo)
10. Keep Me There (With Vocal)
11. Gold Dust Woman (Early Take)
12. Oh Daddy (Early Take)
13. Silver Springs (Early Take)
14. Planets Of The Universe (Demo)
15. Doesn't Anything Last (Acoustic Duet)
16. Never Going Back Again (Instrumental)

It's presented in a three-way foldout card digipak - the four inner flaps have outtake photos from that famous shot of the band playing about in front of the camera - while the other flaps sport live shots from some vast American football stadium. Each of the three CDs has different photos - "Rumours" a cropped version of the cover, the other two with outtake photos. The 20-page booklet has an essay called "The Truth About Rumours" by DAVID WILD, reproductions of the albums insert with the photo spread and lyrics as well as detailed reissue credits. It's all very tastefully done.

The album itself was remastered for the March 2004 reissue to perfection by long-standing Rhino tape engineers BILL INGLOT and DAN HERSCH who have had their hands on more important master tapes than we've had hot dinners. Their remastering credits probably run into thousands between them - and the sound on Disc 1 is truly gorgeous - amazing clarity and power. Unfortunately fans will notice that the 9 bonus tracks on the 2004 reissue aren't here - neither are the Alternate Mixes of "The Chain" and "Dreams" that turned up on "The Chain" 4CD Box Set in 1992 - so don't sell those just yet. However what you do get as bonuses are excellent...

Hersch and Inglot did the vault research and transfers for Disc 2 and 3 too - and the results are heavily dependent on the source material. The live disc sounds huge and has warmth ("Dreams" sounds fab with the crowd loving it) and even live "Never Going Back Again" is delightful with Buckingham going solo on the vocals. Nicks lets it rip on "Gold Dust Woman" that a fantastic slow power to it live. Buckingham gets the crowd going with two guitar rippers - "World Turning" from 1975's "Fleetwood Mac" and the ass-kicking "Go Your Own Way".The live set is far better than I had expected - the band tight and playing tremendous new material.

The demos and outtakes on Disc 3 are a mixture of polish versus rough and ready - but they are all a revelation in a way Mac fans haven't heard before. The band's inner dynamics and toxic love affairs are well documented and many have said its 'the' reason why the album is so good - flitting from love highs to relationship lows and the rage that often follows. Never is this more obvious than on these 'demos' - the Stevie Nicks stuff in particular having an 'edge' to it that is almost like an open wound. It imbibes these early takes with a sense of truth that was hidden under all that production-polish the final album mix received.

Disc 3 opens badly with a ramshackle short early take of "Second Hand News" where Buckingham hasn't even got the lyrics down and he just mumbles through - easy to see why it's been left in the can until now. Far better is Take 2 of "Dreams" which even at this rough stage has magic written all over it - although the lyrics are there verbatim - the looseness of the keys and the guitars in the background are in direct contrast to the hugely polished finished take. And Nicks sounds so young - and truth be told - so emotionally raw - a feature that will crop up again and again in this deeply personal outtakes. The truly gorgeous "Never Going Back Again" gets a rougher `duet' vocal and a different guitar refrain as a solo. It's a fascinating insight into Buckingham's fantastic and stylistic type of guitar playing - others would have kept the clever runs - but he dropped them (less is more). Then the meanness comes with a counted-in "Go Your Own Way" - it has that menace pending - but while the band rock - his vocal is awful. Even at this early stage you see it's going to be a barnstormer when its finished (and it is).

You then get a very hissy and delicate "Songbird" - lovely and aching at the same time. McVie also plays some gorgeous piano runs that aren't in the album version on the Instrumental Take 10 where she's feeling out how the song should go - it may not be audiophile standard (you can tape clicking) but it's bare in a real way and moving because of it. "Keep Me There" turns out to be an early working on "The Chain" but as a different song. That famous bass run in "The Chain" turns up here and is electrifying. The "Planets Of The Universe" demo is simply Stevie Nicks at the piano. "I will never love again the way I loved will never rule again the way you ruled..." - the words are painfully honest and perhaps the reason it was kept in the can all these years is precisely because its so revealing. The short duet "Doesn't Anything Last" sounds like Fleetwood Mac does The Everlys (only lasts a minute) and it finishes on something akin to "Brushes" - the "Never Going Back Again" outtake that turned up on the bonus tracks on the 2004 CD. I've been playing this disc a lot more than the album...

"Roll the tape...we'll just see what happens..." Christine McVie says at the beginning of "Oh Daddy". I for one am glad someone in the control room kept those boxes for posterity...
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