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Customer Reviews

4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
Format: Video Game|Change
Price:£34.95+ £2.90 shipping
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on 5 October 2004
I had very high expectations of this game and was not disappointed. This game is excellent but I gave it four stars rather than five because it is quite difficult to master. There are lots of things to control such as wants and fears as well as your sim's needs, but don't let that put you off. This is a brilliant game and 100 times better than The Sims 1. In fact, after playing this game I don't think you will ever go back to playing TS1. I won't bore you with all the details about the game because the chances are that you will have already read everything about it but I'll go on to mention the graphics.
The graphics are one of the best things about the game, they have improved so much and now you can actually zoom right in to see their faces. They are smooth and depending on your graphics card they look crystal clear (I'm using a 128MB ATI Radeon 9800 Pro card which makes the graphics look stunning). If you're using a graphics card which is older then the game will still look amazing but the graphics may not be completely smooth. Also with the introduction of aging, the sims now have life stages like in real life. They actually grow from toddler to adult and they inherit their parent's looks and personality traits.
Also one of the things which I find clever is how the sims acknowledge each other when they walk into a room, sometimes they will nod or smile at each other. Other times they will wink. The game has come a long way since The Sims 1 but it's still not totally 100% realistic. There is still no weather and the sims can't drive cars but hopefully this will be fixed once an expansion pack is released. Overall an excellent game! Hopefully it will live up to your expectations.
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on 22 September 2004
When I bought this game I wanted it to pass the time while I wait for Rome Total War and LOTR Battle for middle Earth but this game could keep me occupied for a long time. The ageing is perfect. They don't age to quick and they don't age to slow, they got is absolutely spot on. The graffics are so much better for example when a Sim is playing SSX 3 on the PS2 or whatever its called on Sims u can actually reconize the levels they play............the main other features besides ageing are Sims getting fatter........and the main one the family tree system.....I got this game as soon as it came out and it was not a dissapointment..............................
I strongly recommend this game to anyone who thinks it looks good and people who don' brother didn't think it looked any good but hes been on it non stop.......a truly great game
This game needs 256mb of Ram and 3.5 GB
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on 18 October 2004
I bought Sims 2 shortly after it came out, having played the entire first series of the game for quite some time. I expected, given the hype, that the game would be a fantastic improvement on the original.
The new gameplay is definitely quite good. The new features (wants & fears, family tree, skin customisation) are excellent. However, I have already found bugs in the system, and I cannot understand how the published system requirements could possibly run the game, given that my own machine is a P4-2400 with 1Gb RAM and some of the families in the neighborhood run so slowly as to be completely unplayable (the worst offender is the Goths, which is one of the game-supplied family lots). The default camera angle was also far better in the original game as in Sims 2 it's so close-up that you can't see the bigger picture. Unfortunately, re-angling the camera every time is an incredibly slow process on my machine.
Some bugs include furniture that gets stuck as being permanently in-use after a while, so that you can't delete it. Also, even if your family members have a 100 relationship value with each other, they will stand in the bathroom for most of an hour trying to shoo each other rather than just do their business. Even if you cancel the action and direct them to do something else, it doesn't seem to have any impact. We've done a lot of mopping up in my little household :) They were all quite happy to share bathroom time in the original game, so long as they liked each other well enough, so I'm not sure whether this is a bug or just an unfortunate new design decision.
In addition, the game gobbles the processor - having anything else running in the background just destroys performance. If you do switch to another window and switch back, the game can sit there flipping its egg-timer back and forth for upwards of 15 minutes before it returns you to game play.
All in all, it is a good game, don't get me wrong. But my personal opinion is that it's a little ahead of itself and won't really come into its own until the average player has a computer with a far superior specification to that specified.
I'd like to see EA Games be a lot more clear about the graphical requirements of the game and I feel that they should also test it on a far wider variety of system configurations. In addition, there are a few minor bugs to be addressed so here's hoping they get a patch out soon.
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on 2 October 2005
There are no words to describe how incredible and graphically advanced this game is. The idea of creating people and making them do whatever you want them to do appeals to all ages of gamers, so it is no wonder that the previous versions of "The Sims" have sold so well over the past few years. "The Sims 2", however, just takes the biscuit when lined up with its predecessors.
The most startling improvement undoubtedly concerns the game's graphics. Everything is incredibly sharp, with the colours being bright and vivid, and this is especially pleasing after the original Sims game where there was little or no difference between all of your characters' faces. Now you can customise every imaginable section of a face, from the customs such as eye colour and hairstyle to the less desirable eyebrow positions, make-up and chin size. There is also a virtually unlimited selection of clothes for your Sims to wear - you even get to decide which pyjamas they sleep in and what swimming attire they own.
And when you've created all your virtual people, there is the game itself, an endless stream of possibilities. As with the original game, you can build houses and furnish them to your heart's content, but there are substantially more household items waiting in those extended menus than in the previous Sims. This time around you can also create shops and parks for your Sims, although this feature tends to be a little awkward to navigate. Your creations can even move into different houses to be with the one they love, so to speak, hauling people from their own family with them if you wish them to do so.
That is the concept for which I admire "The Sims 2": there is so much choice in every aspect of the game. I have also found this to be a slight disadvantage, however, as sometimes there are just too many options and I become overwhelmed at the unbelievably advanced nature of the game! Maxis have clearly worked their hearts out to produce a game so high in standard that it wipes its prequel clean off the board. There is simply no comparison between the two.
My advice to you is this: if you are considering purchasing a Sims game, only make it this one if you have a fairly up-to-date computer. Due to the very high demands of this game (a whopping 3.5Gb on your hard drive, 256Mb of RAM, an 800MHz processor and the latest versions of sound and video cards to boot), unfortunately it will simply refuse to operate on older, slower computers. If you do own a computer with all these systematic qualities, it's your lucky day.
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on 12 May 2006
The Sims has taken the world by storm and when the Sims 2 was released we waited with baited breath for the new and improved wonder to come forward.

It came with better graphics, music and programming which completely enhanced the old game giving it a completely new edge and irresistable to anyone who loves a good game.

The Sims 2 allows you to create and control the relationships and lives of people, build houses, get a job and live life as recklessly as you want! It is unbelieveably fun and a really great way to pass the hours.

This is one of those games that when you first get it you can play for hours on end but after a few months you tend to forget. Its expensive but its worth it because the hours of fun and improved game play make it a cherised favourite.

I warn you though, it will become boring after a while but there are always extension packs coming out to keep life interesting! I really recommend it its fab!!!
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on 28 September 2006
As soon as I bought my high spec PC I knew I had to get Sims 2. I was amazed with the game play. You start by designing your characters from their weight, race, eye/hair colour , bone structure, eyebrows, make up, clothes, personality, aspirations, the list is endless. In fact it normally takes me a good half hour doing that part. You then choose your house and when you have enough money (after sending them to work) you can kit your house out and decorate it.

You take you sims through all the ages and through pregnancy where the bump actually grows and sometimes you have twins. You can move your teens to university (with the university add on it is a great addition as you can see your teen getting an education and then hopefully passing and then becoming an adult which you can then use back in the sim neighbourhood) or you can also get the open for business add on (which is my favourite) and open your own shop, restock, sell and manage employees.

Sims 2 is a great game even without any of the add on packs. No matter what age you are, it is engrossing and you will find yourself playing it for hours as it is so entriging seeing your sims progress through life.

I really recommend the game it is a must for everyone who loves Sim games.
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on 4 September 2005
Having played on the original Sims and all of the expansion packs, I couldn't wait for the Sims 2 to be released. This game certainly didn't disappoint, and it is tons beter than the original!
The major changes in the Sims 2 are:
- 3D, the Sims world now has much beter graphics compared to the Sims 1.
- Ageing, the new Sims now go through 6 stages: baby, toddler, child, teenager, adult and O.A.P!
- Aspirations, when you make a Sim, or when they turn into teenagers, you can choose what they want to get out of life. There are 5 aspirations to choose from: Fortune, Knowledge, Family, Popularity, and Romance.
- Illness, your Sims can actually get sick by eating gone off food!
- Pregnancy, when a Sim gets pregnant they start off by getting morning sicknes! It takes 3 days for the baby to be born.
The only downside of the Sims 2 is the amount of memory it takes up, 256MB. If you have a slow computer, the game will be jumpy and take forever to load, which won't do this game justice.
However, I would strongly recommend getting the Sims 2, because it's a really great game, which can keep you occupied for hours!
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on 6 April 2005
Four years after the original game comes the sequel to the best selling and most famous PC game of all time - "The Sims". In four years the world of gaming has moved on leaps and bounds and this sequel is a shining example of this. Although it had some 3D effects, the first game was based in a 2D world. With "The Sims 2" EA Games have moved everything into a glorious and life-like 3-Dimensional World! In addition, you can now create your sims with the finest details - having the ability to change nose size, face shape, make-up, hair style and colour, eye colour and much more. The building tool is also vastly improved so the only limit is your imagination! Everything in the game looks visually fantastic. All the animations are far more life-like than in the first game and so are your sims and thier environment. Put simply, the game looks stunning.
But this visual feast does come at a cost. This game is EXTREMELY memory hungry. You're going to need a recently purchased or high-end PC to run the game. Take me as an example - my system was purchased in December 2004. It's a decent spec - 512mb RAM and 2GHZ Intel Processor. Originally it had 64mb Graphics power. I had baisically double everything the Min. Specs require. But the game ran VERY slowly. I then installed a new nVidia GEFORCE FX 5200 [128mb] which set me back about £30 and the game ran perfectly. This is something everyone needs to be aware of before they buy the game - make sure your PC is up to it!
All that boring stuff aside and the game is just wonderful. There aren't just visual improvements here. A whole new Life Cycle system has been implemented - now you can take your sims through life from cradle to grave and generation after generation. Your first sim family can litterally go on forever as thier babies are born and eventually have kids on thier own. It's a brilliant concept and is absoloutley fascinating to play through. Another new aspect is the Wants/Fears system. Help your sims achieve thier wants and they'll live long and happy lives but realise thier fears and they won't. With different life goals (Wealth, Popularity, Knowledge, Romance, Family) there is a world of possibilities for you to explore. The neighbourds our huge now and allow you to set up stories and scenario's for your families to play through (One really fun one that comes with the game is a Romeo + Juliet style story - very entertaining!) and this opens up yet more possibility.
In the end, this game is one of promise and possibility. And I haven't even mentioned the online aspects which allow you to download other players sims, houses, stories e.t.c. The only thing that might hold it back for some people is that you need such a damn good system to play it! That said, if your system can properly support it (Frankly, the Min. Spec is a joke) you should buy it today, you won't be dissapointed! EA Games and Maxis have delivered a wonderful sequel that brings the Sims into the new generation of gaming!
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on 11 September 2004
The lastest Sims offering has been in the pipeline ever since the first one became the best selling PC game of all time. The Sims 2 has everything you would expect a sequel to have, better graphics (excellent 3D images, facial expressions etc.), better gameplay (a "wants and fears" system has been introduced to give your little people extra emotion, some Sims want a stable family life, a secure future and grandchildren but fear losing their job. Other sims want a piece of the maid, extravagent items and many children but fear dying young. Each time you meet a specific "want" or "fear" you earn points which get you rewards (there are different levels of rewards). However you play it you are sure to have a lot of fun.)
Another major improvement is the life cycle of Sims, yes...your sims are born, become toddlers, become grumpy teenagers, have their first kiss, get married, have kids, have grandchildren and eventually die. Of course if your house has reached a perfect equilibrium you can turn off this aging process.
The first Sims had a very active online community and this one will be no different. A program has already been released that allows you to get to grips with the Create-a-Sim option so expect new skins to be available from day 1. Maxis is planning a release of many new objects on the first day too, you can even download these from the actual game (as long as you are connected to the internet)!
This is bound to be the hit PC game of the year as it appeals to everyone, the system requirements are extraordinarily low for such a recent game compared to recent hits like Doom, Unreal Tournament and the upcoming Half Life 2. The 3.5Gb hard-drive requirement is less than the above games too and if your computer doesnt have the space either get rid of the last sims - all the expansion packs took up 7Gb+ (back up your saved games!) or buy a new hard drive (which are very cheap and will last you many years). Seriously, its worth it. This is the game of the year.
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on 14 December 2005
The Sims 2 is a fantastic strategy revolving around your Sims (Virtual People) in the game in which you control them in every aspect of their lives. It is a great improvement over the original Sims game. It now has features like aging, family trees, more social options and it comes with The Sims 2 Bodyshop, a program you can use to create Sims, clothes, genetics and makeup for your Sims. As well as that, you can now make public buildings for your Sims to visit and you can make towns full of Sims who can interact which each other in very different ways. For example, a young man and woman meet, and it may be love at first sight for both of them, or maybe it's a relationship doomed from the start. The expansion packs available add more to the game, and the content available online is fantastic to add personality to your Sims and their homes. You can also download other programs to add to the game. However, it can get a little repetitive slightly occasionally, like when you are starting out with new Sims. Overall though, it's worth every penny and has great long term playability as you build up a whole community of Sims and over a long time, the rewards of your hard work show in your 'Sim' city.
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