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Customer Reviews

4.4 out of 5 stars70
4.4 out of 5 stars
Format: Video Game|Change
Price:£10.46+ £2.03 shipping
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VINE VOICEon 9 November 2006
Second only to one other bond game the almighty golden eye for N64 everything or nothing is the best for the modern console you can buy. Its game play, scenarios and graphics excell on all levels.

Playing in James bonds position is always a good choice for the boy insdie us. Playing with guns in the spy situation has undoubtibly pleased generations since the console was invented but everything or nothing gives us that bit extra!

Guns, gadgets and fast cars create a world that although wasnt shown in the movies should be its story line is belivable, its game play is un matched and its difficulty challenges the player throughout.

Using helicopters, DB7 vanquishes and countless weapons to fight numerous baddies including the players favourite Jaws brings light to the james bond era. this game is a must have for all formats and if you dont own it or havent played it i suggest you do cause your missing out!
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on 9 November 2005
It seems years since i played this game, but having read some of the reviews here i felt the need to go back and play it through once again. And i seriously dont regrett it.
The games strength is certainly in its atmosphere. No bond game since goldeneye has succesfully recreated the male fantsy of being james bond as this game does. The game is full of exotic locations, high thrill motor bike chases, intense gun fights, and engrossing plot developments. It is very much like taking part in your own bond movie.
The graphics are great, and the gameplay smooth. My only complaint with the game is that some of the levels are overly short, and in places the game is far too easy. However the atmosphere of the game will keep you coming back for the ultimate bond experience on the PS2.
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on 15 March 2004
Brilliant cars(aston martin vanquish, porshe cayenne turbo),motobikes(ducati 600)it has misssiles and flames throwers coming out the sides of the bike when fire is pressed, wide selection of guns, and beatiful ladies. You can also fly choppers that is so cool. The missions are gripping and have an amazing storyline. The gadjets are awsome, like in the movie your car can go invisible and so can you somtimes. You get a spider which has a bomb on it and the best thing of all you get to move it around and detonate it. " 2 player is good you can be on a team with a mate and do missions that are diffrent to 1 player or you can do 1 on 1 with many formes of gameplay like timer and in many exotic environments. In 1 mission you jump off a cliff and you sky dive to catch a MI6 agent while dodging obsticles and shootind the bad guys. The fist fighting is similar to the matrix with all the flips and fancy kicks, you can pick up objects like champagne bottles and lob them at enemys. The stealth has increased you can go behing people and strangle them or break their back. You can go close up to the wall with you back against it and move sideways so you can see enemy behind the corner but they cannot see you, then you can pop your arms and head out and shoot the enemy, they cant hit you. you can do this aswell if you are crouching.
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on 17 February 2004
I have to say that I've only played a 2 level demo of this 30 level game, though I'm sure that these 2 levels are practically complete, if not totally. The levels look absolutely fantastic, as do Bond and the other characters. The fights are great, with class shooting and punching - if you sneak up behind someone Bond can tap them on the shoulder then knock them out!! The driving I tried was great coz it uses Need for Speed: Underground's engine, letting you rip up a busy highway on a superbike with missiles and a flamethrower with style. So basically, this game is sheer brilliance - it should be made into the next film! ;)
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on 26 February 2004
This is a fantastic game if you liked the past two James Bond games made by EA games. At first I was unsure about the move to 3rd person perspective, but the gamble has really paid off. What drew me to the game was the story format that really mirrors that of a Bond film (complete with an excellent action intro sequence and the key cast members from the recent films). Real effort has been put into this game and it shines as a result. New touches include climbing up vertical planes and Bond sense (a chance to pause the action and look for the 'Bond move'). If you love Bond, you'll love this. If you liked 'Freedom Fighters' (another EA game) then you'll like this too. A good solid shooter game with plently of style and action. Oh yeah and you get to fly helicopters in this one too! ...Result!
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on 23 August 2007
I got this game when it first came out and i am still playing it to this day. I hoped that it wouldn't be yet another first-person because i thought James Bond could do with a change.When i turned the PS2 on i could only hope for the best. The first level compleely took me by surprise! I was expecting to go the menu, then go to the level, but i went straight to the level.

Then there is the multiplayer mode. For PS2 standards this is extremely good. My favourite multiplayer mode is the cooperative, which to my surprise has a completely different story to its 007 counterpart. In cooperative mode, sometimes you are required to charge in all guns blazing but i prefer to stay back in stealth and eliminate enemies one by one (either way is accessible and efficient).

This game has incredible replay value with 3 different difficulty levels (Operative= Easy, Agent= Medium and 00 Agent= very hard). As mentioned earlier on the review i got this game the day it came out, but i have still only completed a few levels on 00 Agent. Despite the optional intense difficulty, your efforts do not go unrewarded, as the right amount of Platinum medals (the symbol of your achievement) will reward you with cool unlockables.

The targeting is excellent and allows you to shoot your opponent in any place e.g. if i was to shoot his leg then he could not walk. The vehicle scenes were great and boasted a wide array of weapons such as smoke screen, missiles, electromagnets and many more.

If you are hesitating to buy this game, then i urge you not to. Get this game now or you will regret it for the rest of your days!
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on 30 July 2007
This is the first review I have ever written, and I must say that this is normally due to apathy towards the many many games I have owned. Anyway I will keep this simple: I purchased the game for my young son who normally gets bored within a couple of minutes. Well what can I say? This game in "Operative mode" kept him busy for ages, was relatively simple to operate and he was enthralled for the two weeks on and off it took him to complete it. Excellent graphics and many levels which vary between shooting, driving and the amusing video clips. This is a value game in my opinion so get it!!
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on 19 March 2007
This Is By Far My Favorite Bond Game To Date.

It Has A Great Story And Excellent Gameplay.

If You Have A Playstation 2, Gamecube XBox Or Any Other Console This Game Is Available On, Buy It Now Or You Will Regret It Forever.
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on 29 April 2005
This is just a classic example of how to make a brilliant game by EA.
You play as James Bond, a member of MI5, a secret agent, who is attempting to save the world from certain doom yet again. This is a unique story, not a movie tie-in, but still follows the same formulae as the film, which all Bond fans will be thankful for too.
This is a third person game, not a first person like all the other James Bond games. That means you actually see James when you play as opposed to just seeing a weapon. The game gives you stealth, shooting, driving sections all in one, and they all work well. As opposed to one section just being good, they all blend in in a variety of roughly 20 missions. The controls aren't fiddly, and the computer responds quickly to all your commands. More importantly, it feels right. Not jerky, but smooth.
The locations are incredible, from a built up city, to a train, to driving accross a desert, to falling off a cliff. This game has a variety of different landscapes and the graphics are superb. The enemies react just as well as they look. Hiding and takingt the occassional sneaky shot, requiring you to use your brain and to think of the best way to overcome the problem.
The extra's in the game to increase the time you'll be on it. Awarding medals for certain scores in a level. This means rewards ranging from extra characters, to new levels and production stills of the actual cast (using Pierce Brosnan) etc. This is a good rewarding game, but a bit easy for Veterans, nethertheless this is one game you must own.
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on 2 March 2004
I don’t remember ever playing a game, which closely resembled a film. I’ve been a fan of the films, but never the game (exception of Goldeneye on the N64). There is a vast difference between the previous titles, like Nightfire and Agent Under Fire when comparing to Everything or Nothing.
The beginning is just like the modern films, where bond is bombarded with bullets, and misses everyone, then jumps around the place killing all the men, then blowing up a multi-million pound aircraft… Then you get into the title sequence. That was just for starters.
Even the intro sequence is very well designed, and must have cost an arm and a leg. As for the differences of previous versions, this is set in 3rd person shoot-em up, but with the added ingredients of stealth. They also managed to get all the faces from the James Bond films into the game; like Pierce Brosnan as 007, John Cleese and also Shannon Elizabeth and Heidi Klum.
One anything thing on nightfire that made be give up the game, was nearly every door you open, had to be loaded. Everything or Nothing includes little loading, but also includes video footage.
As for the gadgets, a robotic spider that can move around under your controls, the invisible car, Rappelling down, or up a wall, and even a motorbike equipped with missiles.
It took the producers a long time to bring another Bond game with multiplayer like Goldeneye. Within the multiplayer you get to play cooperative, against the clock, kill each other and even scramble; where you choose the rules. Even a game like Goldeneye back in the 90s is still played around the world today, but fortunately Everything or Nothing, in my view, will be the greatest Bond multiplayer game.
Fantastic gameplay, and excellent graphics, I’ve found myself playing missions over and over again, even though I’ve completed them. Be very cautious though, because I’ve found myself almost buying an Aston Martin.
I’m sure there are enough foundations here to make another film based on the game. With a long lifespan, you'll be playing countless hours on this game; don’t be afraid to splash out £30 on something that every game console should have!
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