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3.7 out of 5 stars46
3.7 out of 5 stars
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on 17 January 2013
For an album that was considered by many to be the worst they've ever done, its the one that gets the most airplay in mine and Im sure many other AC/DC fans collections.

For the purists of the AC/DC bluesy rock sound yes its fair to agree this album is awful as it couldn't be further away from bluesy rock if it tried, and yes its fair to admit the production is not the best and musically and lyrically its not up to the very high standards that were set before etc etc etc. So you have to ask what does this album have going for it?? Well the easy answer to this is its Heavy .... this is easily the heaviest album AC/DC have ever done and for that it kicks butt. Stick this on, crank up the volume, and if this doesn't get your fist air punching, head banging, feet stomping, then nothing will. The sound is raw, the tunes are catchy, but above all its loud and thats why us non purists love it.

So yes if you going to pick it to bits and compare it to everything that went before then you can probably find as many flaws as in a second hand jumper. But if you look beyond its faults, treat it as an individual album, and don't take it to seriously, then this album is great fun and its easy to see why many consider it not such a bad album after all and why it has a mystic charm for many AC/DC fans.
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on 15 February 2014
This is an album that gets consigned to the scrap heap by many fans as their worst. I think this is due to the poor production, which is a shame as there are quality AC/DC moments here "Shake your foundation", "sink the pink" "playing with girls" and "hell or high water". As said what lets this album down is the production, Brians vocals are way down in the mix and unintelligible at times plus there is a horrible 80's reverb on the drums. Had they got the production right I do not think it would be so hated. Personally I really like it as I contains some balls out rocking that was missing from the Mutt Lange produced era. Overall not their best by any stretch but well worth a spin. Maccer
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on 25 August 2004
Okay, Fly On The Wall is not AC/DC's best album but I still think it's good and I am not a hardcore fan that likes every song of theirs. Their opener song, "Fly on the Wall" is very good, and so is "Hell on High Water."
But there are two songs that would go in their greatest hits collection, "Shake Your Foundations" is one of my favourite AC/DC songs ever and "Sink The Pink" is also very good.
There are a few other good tunes in this CD and should definately be worth buying despite being heavily criticised.
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on 5 July 2012
It's good ac dc, with some great songs on here, I bought this one back then and enjoyed some of the songs as much as their older stuff. Sink the pink" was the standout track here. Some of the songs weren't the band at their best but they rocked , but then after their great run who could expect them to match those releases. this sold well enough but wasn't a monster hit for them. It should have done better and it wasn't a failure though with cert gold record status! I like it and if you like ac dc then this one is a good one to own. There's not a bad song on here but there isn't alot of great songs either. Just really good rock and roll.
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on 6 November 2007
Just like FLICK OF THE SWITCH, this has got to be one of the most underrated albums ever! AC/DC deserve a lot of credit for making a solid rock album like this, and there are some tracks on here that make you want to get up and go crazy!

Track picks include "Fly On The Wall", "Back In Business" and "Send For The Man". Don't listen to people who think this is a poor album. This album rocks!

However, on a minor note, I do think that this album could've done better with Brian's vocals. Brian Johnson is an awesome singer, but here his vocals are echoey and that's probably what turned a lot of people off. But this album, I think, is a hard rock classic like BACK IN BLACK.
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on 10 September 2003
This album was the follow up to the hugely underrated flick of the switch, and whilst hair metal and mtv were dominating the world of music, ac/dc just stuck to there guns and produced quite possibly there heaviest album to date. The sound is poor on the original recording, so my advice would be to purchase the remastered version.
1. Fly on the wall - a great way to open the album, a very good song - 8/10
2. Shake your foundations - one of the best songs they ever recorded - 10/10
3. First blood - not one of there best songs - 6/10
4. Danger - this is my favourite on the album, reminds me of night prowler - 10/10
5. Sink the pink - shows just how dirty the boys can be, another classic song - 10/10
6. Playing with girls - a good song to keep the album ticking - 8/10
7. Stand up - I love the chorus to the song - 8/10
8. Hell or high water - probably the worst on the album - 6/10
9. Back in business - good riff, good chorus - 7/10
10. send for the man - not a good way to finish the album, they could have chose a better song from the cuts - 6/10
Fly on the wall is a good follow up to flick of the switch, although it is definately not better, i would recomend to any fan that they buy this album just for the pure raw sound, but for gods sake make sure you buy the remastered version!
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on 18 April 2016
i only like about 5 ac/dc songs .
but when this album came out my mate played it as he loved them and wow.
this is the only album that i like and i bought a copy on lp.
such a long time ago now .
i still listen to this album for me i just love it .
i am not an ac/dc fan
but i only own this album.
please try it .but thats my opiion .
as we all like different albums
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on 28 March 2011
Fly on the wall is one of my most played ac/dc albums. Yes, growing up in the eighties had some advantages. Back in Black remains the ultimate ac/dc album, but to me Fly on the wall is their second best eighties album. It's raw, heavy, got some great riffs and the typical ac/dc style lyrics. It's AC/DC, you know what you'll get. No surprises, just plain old dirty rock and roll.
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on 4 February 2009
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on 4 June 2008
This album is misunderstood. Stylistically it is typical of their general 80's albums, but it sounds so different that some people tend to dismiss it almost without realising what the real problem is. The production is somewhat odd, and the mixing bizarre. The biggest issue is the bass, which is so badly recorded that it can't even be rescued by turning up the bass when listening - a quite astonishing oversight. The other issue is that the vocals are all drenched in a long room reverb; Angus' comments at the time hinted that they thought Brian Johnson's voice had become a bit harsh to be "up there all on his own" (daft, as many of their songs before and after feature songs where the vocals are often in-between the guitars). However, whilst Johnson's voice had lost a bit of its clarity and sustain since the awesome Flick of the Switch, he still sounded ideal for the music, with searing, shrill vocals which had a touch of wreckless abandon not so evident on the earlier 80's records. Check out the title track, Shake Your Foundations, or Playing With Girls - the man is singing like demon! The songs here aren't perhaps a match for those on Back In Black, but they're solid and powerful, with big choruses and great guitar sounds. Angus' lead sounds are superb and his incredible vibrato is as strong as ever, thought the solos are shorter than usual. Mal's guitar isn't as well defined as usual, it tends to blend more with Ang's, as with the previous record but unlike their usual recording ethic.
Simon Wright drummed well on here, solid and powerful, whereas by Blow Up Your Video he was trying to add a different element which was not the AC/DC style. In short, an album that some fans really like, but which some don't. My advice is give it a spin, loud, and enjoy!
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