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4.8 out of 5 stars108
4.8 out of 5 stars
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on 11 August 2003
Many of the reviews on Amazon are, quite rightly, praising Family Guy but don't comment on the content of the 3rd season DVD.
Fans of the show will be aware of how surreal some of the plots and scenes can be and in this series the episodes become even more dark and twisted. Stewie, the megalomaniac baby, becomes increasingly more camp, for example.
This series improves upon both of the first two seasons, providing more continuity between episodes (Peter losing his job, Brian continuing to feel listless), more laugh out loud moments, slightly fewer songs and some incredibly near to the knuckle themes and jokes. Quagmire, the Griffin's lothario neighbour, sets new standards in tastelessness.
It becomes easier to understand, although not support, why nervous TV Executives in the US would cancel the show. This DVD is a fitting memorial to a show that will be sadly missed for its imagination and humour.
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on 14 February 2006
This has got to be one of the best comedies of all time!
The wit is rarely sophisticated or particularly clever, but it will appeal to your childish side. It is so easy to just curl up on the sofa and spend a whole (and very relaxing) afternoon just watching this comedy and packing in a whole lot of cheap laughs.
The characters are so memorable and individual, and it is impossible not to find aspects that you can relate to with each of them.
This programme is funny to adults and children alike, and makes a fab addition to any DVD collection. This series is as good as ever.
It is also pretty good value, as you get 18 episodes.
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on 12 December 2003
I have to admit, after my borderline obsession with the first two seasons of this classic animated comedy (you may argue 'classic', but in my eyes, this will definitely be one), I couldn't really see how a third season could follow suit.
However, I was to be blown over by how much more it had matured (in an immature way of course!) as a comedy.
It has an incredible number of episodes on there, all as strong as each other. You never feel you want to skip episodes on this DVD either, as I find I often do with other seasons of comedy.
It is far riskier than the other 2 seasons and I feel it would be amazingly popular if they aired it on Channel 4 instead of South Park.
The package as a whole is great - you have three disks which come, for the first time, in a box. It may seem a shame there were no special features or limited edition box set gimmicks, but the comedy itself makes up for all of that and truly makes you realise it doesn't need all the frills to make it what it is.
My only sadness is that more people will start latching on to Family Guy as it is all too late, with no more seasons being made. That in itself is a fantastic excuse to buy this DVD box set - it's side splittingly funny, inexpensive and most importantly really great to share with people that have never even heard of it before. So far, a friend of mine has created 22 new Family Guy fans. I am just one of them.
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on 31 May 2003
The Simpsons, Family Guy and South Park will always be compared with each other, mainly in the form of 'which is funniest'
You can be funny in many different ways, The Simpsons is funny in a clever way, South Park is funny in an immature way, Family Guy on the other hand is funny in every way.
Family guy is surreal, controversial and has a fantastic cast of characters. Rarely will you go 5 minutes without laughing when watching the many family Guy episodes.
In My Opinion, Family guy is much funnier than all its rivals, despite a lot of the jokes being 'American' jokes, making fun of American TV stars which us English folk couldnt begin to understand.
Back to the point, Family Guy DVD's are also value for money, all the episodes crammed into 2 DVD's, as opposed to the simpsons and South Park, with 4 episodes on each DVD, cramming the price up.
But this DVD, you'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll appreciate this review!!!
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on 18 August 2003
I have always been a fan of Fox's comedy programs and when I heard about a new cartoon that will be funnier than 'The Simpsons' and 'South Park' it sounded too good to be true. however after watching no longer than 2 minutes of the 1st episode i became hooked on the madness that is Family Guy. Each episode is usually involving the Griffin family, stars of the show, having an incident happen to one of them and it pretty much goes from there. The main character of the show is Peter Griffin, the father of the family of five, and he alone makes the show worth watching. Think Homer Simpson but larger, denser and and all round more hilarious then the yellow man himself. The wife, Lois is a typical mother who looks out for her children but she has some of her own secrets too. The children are completely different to each other. Meg, the eldest is at her height of unpopularity in high school and just wants friends but with a family like hers its harder than she thinks. Chris, the second born, is also a large person but has an artistic flair that goes unnoticed. The baby, Stewie, is perhaps the strangest, but also one of the funniest, characters as he is a power hungry human constantly planning on taking over the world. Although as many times he tries he never quite makes it.
But even with the A-Class characters the part that brings it to life is the comedy factors. From the start of the 1st series it kicks off with a family on TV punishing kids, not with the standard methods, but sending them into a snake pit and chamber of fire! The antics get worse, as well as funnier, including Peter turning his house into a giant puppet, an evil monkey living in Chris' closet and sex hungry Quagmire, the Griffins next door neighbour. What sets this apart from the rest of the comedies is that it can be enjoyed on two levels; simple stupid gags, and also the more cleverly placed puns. As I now own all of the box sets i would easily recommend buying any, if not all, of the sets but unfortunately this is the 3rd and final set!! The show was cancelled but petitions are up to get it back on!
To wrap it up, just buy it!!
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on 24 July 2004
I bought Family Guy on sale and was sceptical about the show after being a huge fan of The Simpsons but when I watched Family Guy, especially series 3 I not only loved and repeatedly watched every episode but after watching this show I just could not get back into The Simspons because this show is just far superior in its comedy, animation, timing and characters. Every charater is written superbly with Brian the talking Dog and Stewie the megalomaniac Baby especially standing out. Every character is hilarious with their own brilliant lines and episodes, you just feel like you know and can relate to The Griffins. Seth Mcfarlane's writting and voice talent is outstanding (He voices Brian, Peter and Stewie) and the rest of the cast are also outstanding. I love this show and recommend it strongly, if there is one DVD you buy this month, BUY THIS! You will not be disappointed!
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on 20 September 2003
I actually decided to order this DVD Box, because other people encouraged me to do so. I had never seen an episode of 'Family Guy' before, so this really was a blind purchase for me.
And man.. Im so glad I did!! This is easily amongst the greatest comedy series I have ever seen.
The dialogues are brilliant, the characters are unforgettable, and the show's just unbelievably funny.
I can't believe I missed out on this show. I've already ordered myself seasons 1&2 as well. Best spent money ever!!
P.s. The best episode here is 'To Live And Die In Dixie'. It's classic, but so are the other episodes.
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on 25 November 2003
I first saw Family Guy on Channel 4 just after some cruddy program about dogs and such. It had me in stitches from the beginning, and I became a regular viewer, catching the end of said cruddy dog program to make sure that I didn't miss a single witty one liner or hilarious scene.
Quite simply, Family Guy is the best animated show ever. EVER. Never before have I nearly been ill due to incessant laughter, a feat that not even The Simpsons could manage, and that is also a quality show. The topical humour of Family Guy, the constant snipes at most celebrities, the loveable characters (and Quagmire!) it just all combines to create something that is pure genius.
It's such a shame that this great show has reached it's end, but alas, like all great things, it's number is up. I can only heartily recommend that you go purchase all three seasons of this superb show, and guarantee that you won't be disappointed in the slightest.
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on 25 July 2003
If you've seen Family Guy on TV, *buy this DVD*: Sky have made numerous cuts to enable it to fit into the same (kiddy) slot as the Simpsons, but this show is funnier, darker and definitely not for the kids. If you like the less obvious swipes at popular culture, current affairs and modern-day life that the Simpsons once did so well but think South Park (though often funny) can be a bit too obvious with its jokes, then Family guy is the comedy for you.
Yes, on first glance it appears very derivative but the humour is original. Stewie Griffin's lines are quotable ad nauseam and although I find some of the references a bit obscure, it doesn't take much to find out their source. Source material for the jokes include everything from Battlestar Galactica through Pac Man to Peanuts (with an impliation that Marcie and Patty are lesbian lovers). Classic!
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on 26 November 2005
Family Guy, politically incorrect, twisted, and just one of those things you have to own. If you haven't seen Family Guy before, then buy this, or one of the other series, you won't regret it.

Series three is properly my favourite series, with great episodes such as Death Lives, and Road to Europe. It's one of those programs that you can just sit back and watch, and know you'll be laughing from beginning to end.

The program reminds me of how great the Simpsons once was, this is fresh original, and frankly just fantastic.
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