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4.5 out of 5 stars84
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 24 July 2015
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on 1 October 2014
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on 23 January 2004
Am I the only Dr Who fan that felt sad when Adric died?(i can remember crying at the original broadcast. This is one of the earliest stories that i can remember and i was lucky enough to have a DVD copy in my local library. This DVD is great. look at it from the point of view that even though this is TV, even the 'good guys' dont always win.
This is a greAT DVD.
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on 14 February 2010
One of the best Doctor Who stories ever, this is the ultimate Cyberman story. The tension and suspense is thrilling. Genuinely scary too, this is a wonderfully written story which had me transfixed. What an exciting story! It is also has the most powerful and devastatingly emotional ending of any Doctor Who. Truly brilliant, they don't come better than this. Buy this classic of classics now!
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on 29 May 2004
There's a moment in Earthshock when Tegan sees her home planet is just minutes away from being destroyed and the Cybermen are in the Tardis with her, Nyssa and the Doctor. Suddenly, in frantic desperation, she throws herself onto the console and presses every switch she can, sending the ship lurching wildly. The Doctor stabilizes the ship, turns and grabs both her arms and shouts, right into her face, "You do things like that, we'll all finish up dead!" She is wild eyed, mouth open. It's just so totally real, because in her shoes, you'd do the same thing and yet the Doctor is right, if they lose their nerve it's game over, you're finished.
There's also a scene where Adric tries to undo the Cybermen's machine which is propelling a giant space ship on course to smash into Earth like a missile, but his tampering causes a freak effect...the warp drive sends the ship backwards through time. Tegan assumes the Earth is safe, until the Cyberleader makes her realise that not only will Earth be destroyed, it will never have existed in the first place. Tegan herself will cease to have ever been born! Talk about going from bad to worse. and then there's the small matter of the Cybermen's bomb plot being stumbled upon by paleontologists who were investigating fossils and trying to learn about the extiction of the dinosaurs and what caused it. In a magical link, the Cybermen's time-slipping flying bomb turns out to be the cause of the dinosaur extinction and the ice age. There's a deep irony there, the Cybermen's machine thinking stands revealed as one dimensional when their own logical plot actually helps create the conditions which enabled their enemies, the human race, to evolve in the first place, the race which is ironically planning to whip their butts.
Then there's a scene where a dying Cyberman drips machine oil like a trail of blood and crawls up to the Cyberleader and dies at his feet. The Cyberleader expresses no remose or sadness at the death of one of his "men", instead, he observes that whoever killed his man used "very skilled resistance". How cold and emotionless and dispassionate is that? And that makes a stunning contrast to the end, when Adric dies. Adric was not well liked by the Tardis crew or some of the fans, yet the Doctor, Nyssa and Tegan are reduced to emotional shock and turmoil at his passing. And that's the point. We care, Cybermen don't, thank God we're not like them, even if we do have to feel pain at times, pain reminds us we're caring and compassionate and that human life has value. Even Adric's!
Then there's the bit where the Cyberleader decides to prove to the Doctor that emotions are a weakness by telling one of his troops to kill Tegan. The Doctor is momentarily torn with indecision, then throws himself in front of Tegan. The Cyberleader informs him he is now under the Cybermen's control, because of his compassion. And yet, it is Tegan's caring for him inreturn which saves the Doctor in the end. She attacks the Cyberleader and gives the Doctor the time he needs to get to work with Adric's gold star...and that's another thing. The symbolism of the star, with the gold which kills the Cyberleader, and lies shattered on the floor when Adric dies.
So, what makes a masterpiece, a classic story? Who can say! I've heard Earthshock dismissed as shallow, gun-totting rubbish. Well, it gets hard to see the forest for the trees sometimes I guess, but to me, this is Dr.Who at it's absolute finest!
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on 29 January 2014
I bought this to see Adrics death scenes. I think Adric was the best Dr companion and think he would not have been killed off, although the final scenes were so moving, with the silent credits following adrc death.
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on 25 October 2015
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on 28 July 2003
"We meet again Doctor"
Their back and it was about time. For 14 years the Cyberman had been out of regular who with only the dismal Revenge of the Cybermen to show the flag. For perhaps Who's best imagined monsters (as opposed to Daleks who are just scary)this was a travisty.
All that changed here though. a superb script a well used monster. Something for all the companions (though Nyssa spends far to much time in the Tardis)to do. Then of course there's the end of part four with the harrowing exit of the series worst ever companion (Yes even Peri and Mel are better) that tears you bettween relief and tears for it's audacity.
It has problems but they are not that major. The rest of the 80's Cyber stories may be poor by watch this and learn just why people once liked Eric Saward and JNT before the infighting and the sixth Doctor mess up.
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on 15 May 2015
not as shown
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on 6 August 2006
I have to say that out of the Daleks return in 'Ressurection Of The Daleks' and the Cybermen in 'Earthshock' I have to say that 'Ressurection' is better (I hear gasping!)

'Earthshock' is very entertaining, but that's it. The mionsters are boring, but to be fair on Eric Saward, I never thought the Cybermen good villains, the ending though is effective. On the upside, this is better than 'The Tomb Of The Cybermen' and 'The Age Of Steel', but 'The Invasion' is better, although the extras are few, the commentary is great. Buy it for the commentary, not the story.
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