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2.6 out of 5 stars8
2.6 out of 5 stars
Format: DVD|Change
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on 4 November 2003
Dark Myth is nothing short of disappointing really. It's not AWFUL... it does have does merits, but nothing to recommend it to a casual anime fan
The story is both complex and confusing. You wonder what some parts of the story have to do with anything, most of the time they're simply there for some sort of gory set-piece (if you can even have a set-piece in an anime film)
It is slightly over-gratuitous with the way people die in the film. One man's entire body eventually ends up spread across a shrine floor, half his head staring blankly... delightful.
The animation isn't half-bad, it's probably the only saving grace of the entire flick. At least they put some effort into that although it's not a patch on anything they're capable of and as a whole the whole film does give off a sort of "half-hearted" vibe.
It's a shame really. It's a fairly neat premise story-wise but it's just a pity they couldn't tell it better. Or animate it better. Or just generally make it better full stop.
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on 9 March 2008
a relatively unknown anime, this 3 part film takes the viewer on a journey into a world of japanese myth, putting an unfortunate boy, now the unwilling incarnation of a buddhist deity, on a quest of horror and revelation. the storyline isn't the classic expectation of an anime, no guns and girls here, but it can get surprisingly grissly in places. to describe this would be to take the twists of a detective drama and combine it with the mysteries and moral messages of a folk tale, with the young hero being forced to become a man (or perhaps something more) and face along the way adversity and danger before reaching his goal, whatever that may be. worth a look as an interesting introduction into japanese myth and folklore, but also as an alternative to some of the more repetitive, guts and gore animes out there.
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on 4 January 2012
I gathered from the trailer I saw for this (on Vampire Hunter D, I think) that this anime was about a boy who had control over certain supernatural forces, and used them to complete a certain vendetta, along the process vaquishing other monsters. However, what this film appears to be is a long and tedious exploration of Hindu/ Buddist beliefs with far too much exposition. Even though the animation is alright and there is a fair share of blood shed, the deaths seem to be needlesly graphic. The plot is confusing, with it being something to do with the boy being a god, and at the end ends up controlling the universe or something, whilst theres a massive evil cloud in space shaped like a horse's head that wants to destroy the world.
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on 24 December 2011
This is a 2 part ova based on a 1976 one volume manga created by Daijiro Moroboshi which has "real life myths" included in a fictional complex story. It has both Japanese and Indian gods that fought over the land before the coming of humans, so when they start talking ancient history you probably won't understand any of it unless you know a bit about ancient Japanese history.

The story of the Dark Myth is about a boy who goes on a journey to gain enough power so he can defeat "The Dark Nebula" while the descendants of ancient Japanese clans scheme to stop him and uncover the mysteries for themselves. (The story is really hard to explain and you need to watch it more than once)

The animation is from 1990 and still looks very good with the video quality having been remastered, the story is hard to follow as there are always more Gods, characters and places being mentioned with no direct relevence. There is only once action scene with people exploding with blood and guts everywhere and a couple of deaths throughout the OVA. I was also disappointed with the ending as it seems to leave it open for a sequel leaving you(me) the viewer unsatisfied.

Like most Manga UK releases you get dub only and trailers for other Manga products, the dub itself is average and when they say the Japanese names sometimes I don't know what they said.
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on 15 January 2014
It's an interesting tale with some good transformation scenes - hungry ghost anyone? The plot is rather linear, though, with little interpersonal action and a central protagonist who seems to be drifting towards his fate regardless of what is happening around him...

This is IMHO a cinematic representation of that old saw "Why do anything? It will happen, it is written...."
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on 10 January 2007
I only bought this film cause the guy in the shop told me it was really good and it was also about three quid. It was a total waste of money. The plot was bad and the animation really wasn't that good either.

I must admit I haven't actually watched all of it because I got so bored I fell asleep, and I couldn't bear to try and watch it again. If you would like a tip on this it would be: Don't buy it!
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on 1 April 2004
One of the first few Animes that i saw as an adolescent many moons ago, The Dark Myth is deeply engrossing because of its simple/complex storyline - you can enjoy it on many levels, it borrows heavily from shinto and buddist tales specific to Japan, some you will recognise or you can just enjoy it for the visual feast that it is
Its an excellent story and well worth the viewing
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on 22 October 2003
This anime is quite bad.
The story is based on japanese beleifs and history,it also has something to do with buddism.The story is abit confusing and it doesnt have an ending.The animation is also weak.
Watching it once was more than enough i love anime but this one is very dissapointing.
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