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4.1 out of 5 stars221
4.1 out of 5 stars
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on 13 March 2005
First off, i need to tell you that if you are looking for the perfect racing game then this is the one for you. There is no need for Gran Turismo to suddenly turn around with "Gran Turismo Underground" which would have serious speed and urban settings. This series is good enough to carry on like it was without a random overhaul because it thinks it needs to get with the times. Gran Turismo is back and to be honest i could never even imagine for a split second that it could look as good as it does. No matter how much i like PS2 more than the other consoles, its hard not to notice that it is aging and to come out with graphics that look so close to real life is stunning.
Beginning with a beautiful and dramatic sequence we are thrown back into Gran Turismo world, ready to yet again throw our social lives away. Im really suprised at the fact that its been on sale for about 3 days and it has already made every other driving game on the market look old. The general gameplay formula is usual but with many impressive improvements such as taking a photo. The driving test are back and aggrevating as ever but with graphics this good im not complaining. The way each car handles is beautiful and unique. This game could count as your other life its that huge and with so much to do, so many great tunes and the best graphics you can get on the ps2 who wouldnt want it? (apart from people who dispise driving games obviously). This IS the real driving simulator and its about time you get this game if you havent already because it is pure fun. Im really impressed with ps2s graphics lately, what with, Metal Gear Solid 3,Killzone,Mercanaries and now Gran Turismo 4, it seems ps3 is going to be even better than anybody could have imagined. I hope you found this review helpful if you were wondering whether or not to get it, i think you definitely should, if unsure, you can always rent it but i think this is the best in the genre.
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on 9 March 2005
People have been reviewing this game before it comes out and giving it marks out of 5 for how they hope it will play - That's rubbish. It arrived this morning, these are my impressions so far:
The Intro - Gentle music sweeps out of your speakers, a white GT40 sits there in all it's glory. Operatic power starts to build in the music, the GT40 starts rolling, Mechanics prepare the car, the music still building, then.....the engine revs, Rock Music cuts in, the sign goes up, the car launches away and all hell breaks loose.
The first thing you notice, more menus, more cars, more tracks. The menus are well laid out and easy to follow. Arcade mode is similar to before, now you can choose cars by either Era or Manufacturer. The game play is slightly improved in terms of car handling, the graphics are simply stunning, both on the cars, but also the backgrounds. Check out the Grand Canyon, wow!!
GT mode, same deal as before 10k to start, licences to pass. Licences comprise 16 tests not 8 as in GT3. Once you get some licences behind you the game really opens up and you realise why you bought this even though you already own GT3. It's a different conversation. Massive numbers of cars and more tracks than you could shake a stick the size of Schumacher's ego at!!
The photo capture options are easy to follow, they're not the reason I bought the game but if it's what you're into then you're well catered for. The B-Spec mode again works well, it can speed things up in the early days so you don't have to race the Sunday league 20 times!! Could have used a few more options in terms of strategy etc. but it's still a welcome addition.
In summary, the graphics are stunning the game play is great and the size is awesome. If you like driving games then buy this, it's the best one there is.....on any console.
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VINE VOICEon 1 July 2005
Since its inception, the 'Gran Turismo' racing series has been hyped to the point where it can probably never deliver all the goods, but unlike the other GT games on the PS2 'Gran Turismo 4' is almost there. It's almost perfect, but it has its downsides too. Let's dispel some rumours first though, namely "GT4 is easy/the handling is crap/it's just rubbish".
As is Gran Turismo's standard, there are two main racing modes here: Arcade and Gran Turismo. I'm going to skip over the Arcade part as its not greatly changed from the days of GT3, the true beauty of this game lies in Gran Tursimo Mode. Within GT Mode lie hundreds of cars from many of the premier manufacturers in the world today, with the exception of Ferrari and Porsche who I've yet to find, so probably won't be in there. You start off trying for a B Licence so you can race in the Beginners Events, once you've completed that you are given a car depending on how well you did, and you can choose to sell it and by from one of the three second hand dealers in the game (split into pre 90s, mid 90s and late 90s models) and go from there, or race the one you have. The first car you get will probably handly pretty badly but that doesn't matter, as so will all of the other cars you race against in the Sunday Cup. Besides, do you really want your VW Lupo to handle like an Aston Martin DB9? I'd be disappointed if it did.
Now you have raced a bit, you can tune your car, upgrade the parts to make it better and start kicking some ass. Beware though, the better you make your car the less points you'll receive when you win the race, and the less points you'll have towards your final total. It generally makes way for a Win Event, Win/Buy New Car, Race Car, Lose, Upgrade Car, Win kind of pattern but where you take it is up to you. You can choose to enter a massively modified Lotus Elise in a lightweight race of Renault Clios (as long as your Elise adheres to the race specifications) and win without ever leaving first gear - you'd get 1 point for that probably - or you could choose to enter it for challenging races, upgrade the handling and tyres for grip and use old-fashioned SKILL to win against cars more powerful than yours for anything from 100 to 200 points. So, if you hear people bitch about this game being far too easy, it's because they make it too easy.. if you handle each race realistically, this game is hard. I played Burnout for a few months before this, and the switch from arcade speed to technical cornering was a big jump that took me a little while to get used to but it's worth it. Still only six cars per race though.
On the subject of races, there are many new circuits, as well as the old favourites, hidden away. Frustratingly, not all of them are available in two player mode. Also frustrating is the handling of the Dirt and Snow circuits, both of which are ludicrously slippery and don't seem to affect the computer cars. These are just a couple of down points to an otherwise great game and these races are avoidable, and you'll only need to do them if you yearn for a 100% completion score. As well as Beginner events and 4 other licences, you have the more Advanced races still around like the Clubman Cup, once you've done those you can opt for the Extreme Events, if you have a 25% completion rate you can head over to the Endurance Events, plus there's Special Events (old school road rallies, plus the dirt and snow lot) and then you can also keep yourself amused with Japanese/American/European Events depending on the make of your car and Driving Missions which start off easy and get hard quick. Is that not enough? Well, no. Your manufacturer might also hold Cups for separate makes: VW for example have Lupo, Beetle and GTi Cups you can race in. Hundreds of races, then. The mind boggles, and i still havent mentioned the all-new "B-Spec" mode, where you act as a team boss and let the computer drive your car for you, giving it orders.
Having read some of the other Amazon customer reviews for this product, you can't help but feel sorry for some people who've spent their money on one of the best driving games in existence, and still managed to miss the point. The ONLY way you will find no enjoyment for this game is if you hate racing simulations and only play Arcade games (and even then, there's a pretty good arcade mode here), or racing games in general just give you the fear. There's something for everyone here from the super-enthusiasts who tune their cars to perfection, to the casual racer. Regardless of its slippery rallies, I couldn't give this game any less than five stars.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 22 March 2005
You really need to set yourself limits on this game. On the first night, I lost track of time and ended up playing until 2.30am. Not good at my age (this isn't just for kids you know!); I had the racetrack burned onto my brain. What drew me to upgrade from GT3 was realising they'd put on the entire 13 miles of the famous Nurburgring circuit. Driving this circuit in a little 1960s 800cc Honda sports car was an interesting way to assess how this is different from GT3.
First thing you notice is that it's not as easy, although you could always make GT3 harder by taking off the driver aids. But GT4 adds in some instability, which is something you never felt in GT3 and really keeps you on your toes. The little Honda gets very unstable at times! You also notice that it actually feels fast! GT3 never really did, but this is scary stuff, especially since hitting a wall or another car now gives you a real kick (everything goes blurry for a second - ouch). And the Honda being a drop top gives you chance to look at yourself, the driver, a GT4 first. There are other animated humans too, like the pit crew and spectators.
It's bang up to date: the new BMW 3-Series handles beautifully compared to the Honda, but once again, it's scary at 130mph on those awkward cambers of the Nurburgring. But I love the classics and the oddities, like little Daihatsu trucks (you'll need to work the engine hard just to get up some of the steeper hills), and vintage cars like the Model T. Many of these are accessible in the Arcade mode, just for fun, but to get the others you'll have to spend some serious time winning them.
It may be too much of a challenge unless you're a serious nut, that's my worry, but you can have plenty of fun before you have to get serious, even if it's just admiring the beautifully rendered cars and taking pics in the photo mode.
The graphics, they say, are much better than before. At first I wasn't sure about this. But then I drove the wet night route around Paris and my jaw dropped. The amount of detail and life in this route is staggering, and the wet road looks superb. This part is very close to photo real. The snowy hills of Chamonix are remarkable too, and the new scenery has wonderful vistas, hills rolling for miles and miles. I forgot all about the race and just looked at the scenery the first time round. It may well be the new routes (the narrow streets of the hillside town of Citta di Aria and the sparkling Island of Capri are also worthy of mention), the enhanced road surfaces, and now the proper sense that you are going uphill or downhill (that seemed to be oddly missing in GT3) that are the defining features.
I suspect that the limitations of the hardware put a stop to the kind of perfection that's no doubt possible, so you have to put up with the occasionally imperfect wheelarch, or odd looking panel on your new Lexus.
The span of the game is huge, the options almost endless. You could say that the thought of starting in GT mode is a little daunting, knowing how much time it will take up, but this is better at letting you dip in and out of different parts of the game than GT3.
This is certainly the best driving simulation yet. Some will, rightly, regard it as a work of art. And by the way, it's also a game.
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on 11 March 2005
Wow. Bought this last night. Played it last night. Got very little sleep...
Firstly, there is just so much to it. More tracks than ever before. More cars ditto, including some real oddballs, not just the overwhealming Japan-orientated theme from GT3. Fancy driving something from before WW1? Gullwing Merc? Certainly Sir/Maam
Secondly, it looks so gooood... No really. Photo real is nearly a reality. And the detailing is fantastic. All the way round the Nordschliefer (and it is the full circuit!) the details are spot on, the graffiti, armco, the lot. You can even "aim for the tallest tree" going in to The Carousel, full on Fangio moments.
Thirdly, the cars drive very realistically. Don't confuse this with being easy. The cars will slide a lot more - with fishtailing, tankslappers, under and oversteer - than in many other racing/driving games. But then this isn't a game (according to the people who made it anyway), this is a simulation...
Other options I have not had a chance to check out properly... but I have a feeling that will take a lot of time so don't expect an update any time in the near future.
Buy this and lose your life.
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on 10 March 2005
Right from the off your mouth will be open firstly to the video and like the last one is unbelievable.
One of the huge improvements in this game is the unbelievable cool silky presentation before you have event started. It takes a little getting used to ( about ten minutes) but as prospectively you are going to spend probably between 200 + hours on this game it is very little.
The hefty amount of cars is ridiculous with over 700 although a lot of them are Japanese, there are still double more than any other game created. Whats more the cars also look fabulous. The story mode works much like the old games did but has massive scope to literally do thousands of things.
The arcade mode is no difference with the huge amount of tracks (50) without reversing them (almost 100 in all). These range from city(Parts of the worlds most famous and beautiful cities in a race whizzing round the Arc de Triupmhe is spectacular.) Real(Real tracks from the Japenese F1 track to the old and new Sarthe (LE MANS 24 HOUR) to the infamous NURBURGRING a huge punishing track which takes over 7 minutes when done with the best car you can find this track is literally not memorable.)
Original courses are courses compiled from Gt1/2/3 all of these have been re done and each time you one of these for the first time on this game you are ready for a shock.
DIRT AND SNOW are rally tracks.
The gameplay ofcourse is the last thing to mention. With most sequels you can play right from the off. The first time i played it i was all over the place, because of the hugely re done weight and physics engine it feels very different. Ever bump in the road is felt especially when going really fast.
The obvious worst thing in the game is that there is still no damage but still it is not that much of a problem. The best news is that you can play online(ish) go to [...] to find more.
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on 24 July 2005
This is the greatest Gran Turismo so far. The other reviewers already explained why, so I would like to talk about the Endurance Races. They are also great but in more than one way.
You gain access when you complete 25% of the game. The races are;
Grand Valley 300 km
Laguna Seca 200 miles
Roadster 4h Endurance
Tokyo R246 300 km
Nurburgring 24h (!) Endurance
Nurburgring 4h Endurance
Suzuka 1000 miles
Motegi 8h (!) Endurance
Circuit de la Sarthe ( Le Mans ) 24h (!)
Circuit de la Sarthe II 24h ( without the chicanes on the long straight ).
Fuji 1000 km
Infineon World Sports Car Race
El Capitan 200 miles
New York 200 miles
So far so good, but there are a few setbacks. When - for instance - you race the 24 hours of Le Mans, full daylight continues during 24 hours, but that's OK with me. The real problem (as in all the endurance races) is that you can't save.If you have only one TV monitor, you'll get problems with the other family members.
When you have your own monitor there are two solutions. Use 'pause' when you go to sleep. The second solution is to use the Director's Mode. When you go to sleep enter the pits and choose B Spec. (Director's Mode). It's like an automatic pilot. The car even enters the pits on its own.
It's incomprehensible that there is no save option. I could give 4 stars for that but the whole game is so great it really deserves 5 stars
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on 7 April 2005
I think that Gran Turismo 4 is a very good game. I have to say that I totally disagree with a previous reviewer in that I think it is better if you don't have real damage on the cars as I have played games like that before and I think it spoils the game. When I started the game I thought that it might be pretty difficult because you only get 10,000 credits to buy everything and this doesn't get much. However once you start winning races and bonus cars and are able to sell them you can buy and tune anything. The only thing I would be careful of when tuning the cars is that you don't overdo it because some cars just become too hard to handle when tuned as much as they can go. I like the realism of the game especially the sounds. It is as if you are actually driving that car and the graphics are also sumptuous. The only thing I would say to anyone who buys this game is just don't buy a steering wheel for it because if you do you need to get out more.
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on 4 April 2005
I've barely scratched the surface of GT IV, but a half dozen or so evening sessions have convinced me it's a worthy successor to the throne.
Kazunori Yamauchi's attention to detail is second to none. The beauty and simplicity of the playing experience is underpinned by such amazing research that you can't help but be impressed.
Yes, you can get stuck into technical stuff, like detailed suspension settings. But on the other hand you can play it on a much simpler level if you choose - or anywhere in between.
I think there are 2 reasons that Yamuchi didn't include damage effects. Firstly it would be a major change to the way the GT series has been, and would have been quite controversial. However I think the main reason is sheer power; maybe the PS3 will have enough horsepower for realistic "damage" effects but I don't think that the PS2 has much left in it after the glorious playing experience. After all, if there is one lesson the whole series has taught us about Yamuchi, it's that if he can't do something properly he doesn't do it at all.
To sum up: if you like racing games, this is it. Don't worry about the rest.
First timer hint: get a secondhand Civic Type R from the early 90s, win some Sunday Cup races, and tweak it so it's competitive in the Civic races (accessible via Honda). Win the series and you get a racing Civic. Use that, and win the series a few more times, each time agreeing to reset your win status and you'll get another racing civic. Then sell the Civics for loads of money. Sorted!
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on 2 August 2005
This game is one of the best I have ever played in my life and I have played hundreds and hundreds of games since I work for a Games Company. The graphics for the game are excellent especially the car detail but also the enviroments are first class. The selection of cars is phenomenal.
The introduction of the new B-Spec mode (where you manage a driver who drives your car) is great. Overall an excellent game and the best in the series.
Bring on GT5!
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