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4.8 out of 5 stars34
4.8 out of 5 stars
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on 23 September 2003
It's hard to impress just how much effort must have gone into making this great RPG game. There's simply so much to it that the mind boggles. In Final Fantasy X, you saw a basic set of monsters recycled, given a different colour scheme and given different names to provide variety in the combat system. But in Dark Chronicle there are dozens-upon-dozens of different monster models, all stunningly designed and animated (the boss monsters have to be seen to be believed). Each monster usually has it's own range of attacks and abilities they'll try and use against you - making the real-time combat very entertaining. You can batter the poor things with your wrench/sword or use your magic/guns...and finally, you can use the Ridepod - a rather quirky battle robot that you sit on. All weapons (including the trusty Ridepod) are upragable in novel ways (you'll have to see for yourself) which further add to the value of the game.
The plot is fun and contains a multitude of characters whom you can work with/work for to get further into the game. Eventually you'll have to persuade these people to move into the villages and towns that you build - the Diorama's. This Diorama idea is yet another quirk of this game that sets it apart and above the rest. It's nice to see new ideas executed so well. This is a fine game with pleasing visuals and gameplay. I should level at least one critisism at it - and that's the fact that the music can get repetetive and there's no way to turn it down/off. But I can live with that quite easily.
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VINE VOICEon 2 February 2004
Dark Chronicle is the sequel to the under-rated Dark cloud. The original had a few faults and tended to get a bit monotonous at times thankfully these have been adressed in the sequel.
The story follows young max's quest to defeat the evil emperor griffin and find out the truth about his absent mother, he is aided in his quest by Monica a princess from the future seeking to avenge her fathers death and Steve the scrapyard robot.
The main storyline of the game is the journeying through various dungeons and towns seeking to put right the damage the emporer has caused. BY collecting magical stones you gain the knowlege to rebuild the destroyed towns and cities. The graphics are cel shaded but beautiful and although the game my look a little childish don't be fooled there is more than enougfh activities to keep even the most ardent gamer happy for months, they include.
Photographs-Max's camera can be used to take photo's of various people and places, these can be combined to produce ideas for new inventions such as weapons and gadgets bonus points are also awarded for "inside scoops" which are rewarded with prizes.
Steve-The ridepod robot can be upgraded by spending the experience points he gains in battle on shields, weapons and the like.
Weapons-max and monica's weapons can be upgraded by attaching varous elemantal stones usuing the experience built up by use of the weapon. Weapons can also be "synthesised" allowing you to attach them to other weapons bumping up their stats and possibly changing them to a more powerful form.
Fishing-you can fish in rivers, lakes and dungeons. Catching fish gives you points to upgrade your fishing rod. Once you have caught fish you can enter them in a contest and you also earn medals for catching fish of a certain size.
Medals-in the dungeons you have the chance to earn medals by completing various tasks, they range from defeating all monsters in a certain time limit to catching fish and usuing only one weapon. these medals can be exchanged for new costumes including a nice two peice for monica-sadly no leopardskin thong for max though...
Spheda-Due to the Emporer Griffon's shannanegans rips in the space time continum have begun to appear, in the future people deal with these terrifying annomolies by...hitting a ball into them with a stick. You must use a special club (don't ask why you'll annoy the programmers)to slam the balls into the holes effectivley turning it into a basic golf game. Sucessful repair of the distortion results in a medal and a choice item.
Other pastimes to keep you occupied include raising fish and racing them and collecting badges allowing Monica to turn into all manner of unsavoury creatures (and she seemed like such a nice girl.)The game has no major flaws, level 5 have taken on board critisim from the original game and have improved on every aspect. Some people may shiver when the hear the words "cel shaded" and "RPG" in the same sentence but this is months of fun in a class RPG without the words "fantasy" of "final" in the title.
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on 12 June 2010
Well, where to begin with Dark Chronicle? I suppose the beginning would be best. You control one of two main characters, who are both appealing and fun to play. The weapons you find or buy can be upgraded in many different ways, from elemental attributes to abilities like Critical Hits and increased experience, with a decent build-up tree. There is no specific Ultimate Weapon, instead there are several for each category, giving you a wide range of appearances without sacrificing battle ability. The battles themselves are set in randomly-generated dungeons, with no Random Battle system.
As Max and Monica, the heroes of the story, you must travel the world, exploring these dungeons, and re-create areas which have been erased from time. With Dark Cloud's famous "Georama" system, you re-create the world the way You want to, with the people You want and the buildings You have created. There is no set way to perfect your areas, as the way you build them back is entirely down to your personality.
Fishing and a golf-like game known as Spheda are present within the game, with prizes and contests to take your mind off of the inevitable Saving-The-World situation. By breeding your fish and customising your Spheda putter, you can win yourself items to enhance your weapons, or even new weapons that you may have no other way of achieving.
As Max, you can control the "Ridepod", a robot who acts as a weapon in himself. Ride around in your own Customised Ridepod and hear him talk, watch as he blasts the enemies with missiles or slices them apart with his samurai swords. As Monica, you can transform into various Monsters you defeat in the game, such as Dragons, Pixies and even playing cards.
The game's art style is cartoon-like, making the game seem less dark and more enjoyable, there is no element of fear, but you can still feel the emotions of the characters as various plot twists occur in their lives. Friends become enemies, enemies become friends, and you can be sure that you'll enjoy the many people you encounter on your journey.
In short... this game is far from Perfect. But believe me when I say that you will spend many, many hours playing through it, exploring its secrets, and if you want to do Everything the game has to offer, even a Master is looking at over 200 hours of gameplay. Buy this game, and you won't regret it for a Second. WELL worth purchasing.
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on 29 March 2008
I absolutely and entirely love this game. It has now been about 4 years since I played this game and yet I still remember the storyline as if I was playin it now. This game is massive in the very sense of the word, the entire world is involved in the plot, the storyline is... EPIC and the characters are your friends for the duration of the game. The story also has many plot twists and yes.. moments where you will cry. Beautiful soundtrack (Anyone remember Garden of Memories). Absolute must buy for PS2 owners.
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on 4 January 2004
there is a wide range of things to do, like fishing (no its not boring) and spheda (sort of golf) you can take part in competitions as well! there are many monsters to fight in many different scenes and the weapons are great! there's a fantastic plot unfolding as you have fun and defeat monsters, there is more than one thing to do at a time, if you want to play a sidegame there no rush to continue!
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on 14 June 2016
Dark Chronicle is a great, fun and enjoyable RPG. Nice, good cell-shaded graphics with pretty scenery. Good and fun game play but dungeons can get a bit annoying and repetitive. Still very fun though. Very good music which suits each area well but get used to hearing the battle theme over and over. The Georama (building towns and villages) is great and so much fun. Probably one of the best things about the game. Story is quite good but not amazing. It has it's good parts with likeable characters such as Max and Monica. Game play is fun and there is plenty to do in the game. Got in about 75 hours without doing side quests. One of the best PlayStation 2 games ever and one of my favourite RPG's of all time.
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on 11 January 2004
After playing the first game, i thought the initial concept was great, but there was something missing, something that usually gives games like Final Fantasy instant charm.
Then, I read a tiny little review in the back pages of a games magazine for Dark Chronicle, and decided that it would be a good investment considering I had pretty much tired out my games collection.
When I finally go round to buying it (NOWHERE seemed to have it in stock) I was amazed at how the game had been put together, and how stunning the graphics were. Cell shading looks brilliant, and fits the game really well. The locations are absolutely beautiful, and the opening scenes of the game ease you in really well to the gameplay.
One thing I would put the game down on is the fact that there is just way too much to do! I am a perfectionist with my games, and so I like to try and do EVERYTHING (GTA Vice City: 100% OH YEAH!) so when i played Dark Chronicle for the first time through I knew that there was loads that I missed, so I couldn't help starting over multiple times to try and get everything.
In the end, I bought the guide - not for answers, but for total coverage of the game. This too is brilliant, and gives you all the info you need.
At the moment, I don't even think I'm half way through the game, but its something thats not too heavy so I can leave it and come back later. And I WILL come back later.
Overall, a fantastic story with enchanting ideas and graphics to match. A must have if you liked the first one, or if you just want a change from the template RPG, Final Fantasy.
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on 13 June 2015
I may be biased but this is really an amazing game. Great everything, story, music, unique characters, setting, execution, gameplay. So much to do, with many minigames introduced all the way to the end with everything usefully tying into one another to make it so nothing feels as if it detracts from the game.

A true masterpiece everyone should give a try.
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on 30 May 2013
Loved the game. Follows and shares elements of the first game, dark cloud, and loved it even more because of this. It actually taught me how to upgrade the weapons in the first game from this game, hehe.
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on 4 April 2011
Delivery was fast.
Product was intact with no flaws what so ever.
No complaints, and I would recommend this salesman to anyone out looking for the same type of product.
Very satisfied.
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