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3.0 out of 5 stars124
3.0 out of 5 stars
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on 12 February 2004
..............And its just not as good as the book , well , that about sums up this in the latest from EA 'Challenge everything'stable. I'm afraid to say this but not a patch on the fantastic 'Allied Assault'. Who can forget that Normandy Landing scene? , and a plus point for rising sun , the opening eerie scenes on board ship at pearl harbour -EXCELENT. But from there on in , a bit of a doze. Some of the jungle scenes were so dark I had to close my curtains to see it!! Another bug was the fact that a Jap could hide behind a leaf and endure having a whole magazine emptied on him and not bat an eye lid ?!
The end of the game was a complete surprise , I thought I was going to at least another level , but no , just well earnt credits. All in all , I'd rather have it in my collection than not , but not a classic.
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on 28 October 2003
I was one of the testers for this game and I played it straight for a couple of weeks. The game is excellent although its best form is on the PS2.
The gameplay is constant and the action never stops making this game difficult to stay away from. On top of this, you can repeat levels to gain extra bonuses (some of which are very funny!), and the online play is fantastic!
Unfortunately, EA does not support Xbox live so no online play there, but if you have a PS2 and an broadband adapter, you are in luck. The online play matches that to Golden Eye but is even better as you can play up to 8 people within each match. You get a choice of weapons, maps and you get to choose your multiplayer skin.
As a consolodation, the Xbox still has single screen multiplay which in my opinion is still better than Golden Eye but on top of this, there is also a cooperative game play which is also very fun although watch out for that positional respawning!
Excellent title and well done to the guys at the studios for this!
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on 30 March 2010
This is a great game. Set in WWII it follows the life of US Marine Joe Griffin. Really realistic graphics, fps as well which is easy to use. You also feel like you are in a war cos at the end you get letters from your sister etc. Emotional in some places those of you that are into crazy pointless shoot 'em ups may not like this as there is more storyline to it.

Missions are good, a bit annoying in some places where you have to work out what the objectives are and you are running around aimlessly but none of the missions are impossible to do.

Quite short, only 8 missions plus 1 tutorial, but the missions are quite long and there is some variation, although towards the end I got a bit bored of the jungle settings for most missions.

Multiplayer is good, not many game types (only free-for-all and team deathmatch) multitap adaptable too so you can play with all your mates as well. Japs vs. Allies which is good fun, but for some reason they made the Japonese better.

I recommend this to the less hardcore gamers who want a bit of fun, but also the guys that get into it as you can do harder levels. But COD nerds beware - there is more depth in this than running around shooting people for no point at all.
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on 17 January 2004
I've lost alot of respect for EA Games due to this release. It's not that it is rubbish - the levels are enjoyable, if a bit linear. My dissatisfaction is due to the simple fact that the game is not finished. It ends in the middle of the overall yarn that is being played out through the missions, and only a few hours after you started playing it. The "final" mission has none of the climactic feeling of Horten's Nest from MOH frontline.
Some of the game elements within the scenes feel rushed.
What really gets me is that EA Games MUST KNOW they have put out a half finsihed game that is inferior to its predecessor. They alos know that fans of MOH Frontline will buy it and not find out that they have been suckered until it is too late.
To be fair i haven't played muti-player or online. My suspicion is that the single player game has regressed due to providing these additional features.
Don't buy it - revisit MOH frontline again -it's miles better.
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on 19 December 2003
After all the waiting, a damp squib. Medal of Honor: Rising Sun fails to move on from Front Line, with feeble graphics, dreadful enemy AI and quite simply too few missions!
The opening sequences look great, but what about the gameplay? Is it possible to "die" in the first two missions? You just blast away hopelessly at everything in sight, and you never get the chance to improve because you seem to get through the level whatever happens. Gameplay seems to have been sacrificed on the altar of realism and verisimilitude. Check out Ratchet and Clank (admittedly not in thrall to the need for realism) for how to manage such set pieces - I was going to say "task-based" set pieces, but there appear to be no real strategic tasks in the first two missions of Rising Sun, apart from some gimmicky stuff with a fire extinguisher below decks in mission one. All you seem to do is wait for the ship to get blown up, or for the planes to stop flying over!
The final mission closes with a similarly dreadful and distinctly bewildering aircraft-based shootout. Maybe I would understand it all better if I repeated the entire game on the "hard" setting, but life has to go on.
The graphics are less sharp than Front Line in places - the ammo and health pickups are certainly less well-defined, and harder to see.
The storyline suffers from a lack of clarity - what's all the stuff about the brother? It's never taken to a proper conclusion (unless we're supposed to wait for the sequel!).
Apart from the Singapore mission (the best, and closest to Front Line in feel), the promised multi-path levels are a disappointment - too full of dead ends and loops back to the original path.
The settings also appear easier - I started on normal and completed the whole game within a day or so, without dying on the first two "levels" at all. At least in Front Line the first level was properly competitive - the Pearl Harbor sections here (too short to merit the description "missions") are too formulaic and feeble. And I'm sure machine-gun nests are easier to overcome in Rising Sun. Some of the weapons appear over-powered, too - the shotgun surely shouldn't work so effectively at such a range, and the same possibly applies to the single-round Welrod pistol.
The problems with "enemy AI" continue in Rising Sun - Japanese soldiers run on the spot, poke through walls, and generally ignore you as their comrades fall in a hail of gunfire so you can pick them off more easily. Rising Sun also eschews the insane slaughter of the final mission of Front Line (which offered excellent gameplay), with the result that, to compensate for this, some of the enemy are absurdly hard to kill in the final mission. Should have kept the bonkers shoot-out, guys!
The good bits - and there are some - include a great start to the Guadalcanal mission (slipping into the jungle under cover of night), the Singapore hotel, the ruined temple, and the Burma railway mission. Tools placed in later levels that let you go back to previous levels and unlock different bits are also a nice touch, but I was too bored to explore this properly.
And finally, to paraphrase Woody Allen, such a disappointing game, and it's all over so fast! Not enough missions, and too many similar ones (there's only so much jungle a man can take...). Fans of MOH Front Line will enjoy this because so much is familiar (hence the three-star rating), but don't hold your breath.
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on 20 January 2004
To be honest, before Frontline, i wasn't really into War games etc, i preferred games such as GTA and SSX. but after frontline i had to have more, the wait between the two has beem agonising but well worth it, the graphics are brilliant although suspisious at times, my other real moan is its life span,(all others who have played this will no and understand) to me after the sinking of the battleship i belived that to be just a starter, but when the credits rolled i was, well dissapointed, however overall i am pleased with the overall result and a warning for all : continuous playing doesnt help your neck lol
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on 30 November 2010
I have recently found myself going back to games that I either just bought and left on the shelf or actively searched for recently to fill the many holes in my retro collection. Medal of Honor - Rising Sun was one of the titles that I purchased quite recently for an unbelievable 98p! This as you can imagine was too good an offer to turn down or so I felt at the time as I had fond memories of the opening scene while a mate of mine played it when it was released.

Playing the game from the start on my own all these years later after being spoiled by the mass flooding of FPS available on PS3 it intially took me a while to get to grips with the much slower pace of the game. However, I soon adjusted and got into full PS2 mode and was running around and taking out the enemies with ease.
This is a tricky game to rate as with each moment of brilliance like the opening scene there are equally poor scenes such as the majority of the jungle set levels which teach you that leaves are generally bullet proof and the colouring is generally poor. This isn't coming from a PS3 point of view but comparing it to COD the big red one for example or Red Faction.

Another minor annoyance are your squad members or lack of as the case generally seems to be as they never appear to be around when you need them or the run out into the middle of the battlefield instead of taking cover for some strange reason.

Being a Medal of Honor fan since the PS1 and a FPS fan for even longer than that I don't know where I would rate this particular title. It is far from the best I have ever played but then it's not the worst. If anything I feel a bit let down by the title and was expecting a bit more which never really happened.
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on 20 June 2008
As you can judge from my title,it's not the longest game in the world...thankfully!,This was much previewed as having fewer but longer missions than Frontlines but after finishing it I can honestly say apart from the last mission none of them are significantly longer than some of the bigger missions from the last game.
There are about ten or so missions with the first two being nothing more than short tutorial levels,add to that the in game save points and the game doesn't take long to sail through,however...
The AI of your buddies is atrocious with them constantly standing in your way,running round like they need the loo and constantly getting stuck in doors etc..,one major point,the collision detection is possibly the worst I've seen in an FPS!,I pumped countless shotgun rounds into a guy in a doorway about a metre away and it was like he was behind glass,the fixed guns have no on-screen cursor and it's very difficult to judge where they are hitting,One mission you pick up a bazooka but you have nothing to use it on save for a couple of enemies which can be picked off with normal weapons!!
I've just picked it up after a long time and despite all it's faults it really isn't that bad,next to Call of Duty 3 on 360 it's bad but after playing Call of Duty 1 on the Gamecube this isn't as shoddy as I remember it,oh well.
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on 30 December 2003
Ignore all of the negative reviews on this page. This game is great and is well worth getting. I would much rather play an all action game like this than nearly fall asleep playing something like SOCOM (zzzzzzzz).
The new controls took a bit of getting used to but once I was familiar with them, I prefer it to Frontline.
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on 11 December 2003
After getting over the initial hurdles of getting a faulty copy from Amazon, then waiting for the replacement, then getting very frustrated with the controls until I changed them and got used to them, I soon settled in and found this game highly addictive like it's predecessors. Sneaking through the jungle, with all it's sound effects, knowing a mad Jap would coming running at you any second! Kept me up til 3-30am one night, just so glad I work flexi-time! 2 main critcisms - it seems too short, and it's become more Americanised than before. Oh, and is Bromley supposed to be English or Australian? Sounds like the worst cockney accent of all time! But then the Yanks never could distinguish between a cockney and aussie accent! Still, quality game, recommended.
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