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on 22 September 2004
pretty much what all others have said. The earphones seem to be of a higher quality than other regular earphones,and put out a better quality sound. I have recently switch to a pair of sony in-ear buds, which, whilst feeling more comfortable and less conspicuous ( being at school with the white head phones is practically screaming "mug me, i have an ipod!") the sound quality just doesnt seem as good.
The control functions well but is poorly put together. I have been through 2 controls in the space of a year, both because the white plastic covering splits at the plug end of the control, and eventually the wires inside split and you loose sound. I have heard this complaint from MANY other iPod owners.
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on 22 November 2005
Couldnt agree more with rooniusmaximus. In fact, I'm going to keep my review short because he outlined EXACTLY my thoughts in his own review. Great item, can't imagine listening to my iPod without the remote, but the darn wire keeps getting creased and breaking after months of daily use.
I as well have been looking to buy the remote without the earphones (I'll echo the same sentiments too: incredibly uncomfortable) but alas, it doesnt seem possible.
So in the end, I have to play the silly consumer and purchase yet another package remote+earphones. This time round, I'll try ductaping the remote connector so that the wire doesnt fall apart by the time summer rolls around. Not the classiest, but at this point, since apple wont be fixing thi issue any time soon, I'm all about preservation andquick fix solutions.
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on 14 September 2005
It's odd when I read the reviews on here as half of them talk about the earphones and half about the remote. I want to buy just the remote on its own but seem unable to (another Apple ploy perhpas). The headphones are quite possibly the most uncomfortable things I've ever used and I don't want to buy any more, but I can't buy the remote on its own.
Which is a pain as it's a pretty fragile thing. Where it fits into your iPod, there's no strengthening around the wire and pretty soon the wires crease and you start to lose sound. I got my iPod just over a year ago (with the remote) and have just bought my third replacement remote as the previous two have both been rendered useless as the sound is now totally distorted. Given that they're not cheap to replace, this is a complete pain. Unfortunately though I love having the remote as it means you don't have to keep whipping your iPod out to change tracks/volume. So I keep buying more.
I just wish they'd sell them without those terrible earphones.
Well, actually, I just wish they'd fix the design problem first of all so I didn't have to waste money replacing it every six months.
In conclusion, great piece of kit, but terribly made.
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on 12 July 2004
It's a shame the remote doesn't have even a small LCD display.
Personally I'm not bothered about the length of the cables on both items; I find it useful... others might find it annoying; it's a personal preference.
The remote control broke within 2 weeks of me having it, when you're wearing the iPod on your belt by the strap it's easy to lean over and crush the connector; making the controller useless. I've heard a few other people that this has happened to.
The headphones however are a different story. Apple say they are more powerful than other headphones and they aren't joking. If I've been using other headphones I turn down the volume first before plugging in. What's more, the bass responce on these 'phones is unbelievably good. I've never heard headphones on a portable music device so good at these. Granted I don't often go around buying £300 worth of goods very often (I bought the 20gb back when it first came out). But even so; being the freak for quality I am I happen to be very impressed with the headphones.
Just a shame about the brittle and Display'less remote. Seems Apple expects us to remember the names of 10,000 songs in order.
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on 26 August 2006
Unlike some I can find no redeeming features for either the remote unit or the earphones. The remote is a poor design; a triumph of art over function. I can cope with it being small but not with the buttons being microscopic and worst of all being symmetrical and uniform. It's impossible to identify the buttons easily by touch and if the (completely useless) clip has detached (most of the time) you can't tell the paus control from the volume. The button size prevents the remote being used with gloves of any sort.

The build quality has been commented on by others, it is very, very poor. I'm on my third in just over four years. The cable keeps breaking by the connector.

The speakers are tinny, lack depth, and (for my ears) extremely uncomfortable.

So why am I on here buying yet another one? Well it seems that the cable has broken near the connector... and there isn't an alternative.
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on 24 September 2005
I am in the same boat as many, having enjoyed using the remote (on a cable) for nearly a year. I have used it nearly every day, because I am such an iPod/MP3 player fanatic, but am sickened by this failing of otherwise a well/overdesigned attachment.
The cable is too long, the connection at the iPod end has deteriorated so the outer covering of the wire has cracked and the sound quality has deteriorated so that I can no longer use it.
I bought my iPod in the US, so cannot eaily take it back - under sale of goods act I expect the product to last a year if used normally.
So I'm looking for a replacement, which I consider expensive. To find I have to buy the ear phones too is an additional annoyance since I don't use the first pair that came with the iPod.
So it's a great addition to the iPod, I just hope that Apple look into improving the design as they have the iPod itself.
I would have given this 5 satrs if it lasted longer and has a shorter cable.
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on 9 February 2005
The headphones provide good sound for the most part, however I've had two pairs, my brothers had one pair. First of all my brother's headphones worked for ages, but then he turned up the volume up a bit more than usual, and since then there has been a hissing sound. This happened to my first pair for a while, but when my second pair became a rattle, I tried the old ones again at which point they were fine. Though now the wire covering is now falling off. Not great for less than a year old. Apple should stick to mp3 players and computers, but should hire someone else to make their headphones. I've now bought a pair of Sony in-ear headphones, which don't quite have the sound quality, but they work!
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on 31 March 2005
Remote looks great, but is poorly designed from a pratical point of view - the clip is too small, so the unit keeps falling off + it's on the wrong side for most shirts, so you have to wear it upside down. The cable is too long on the remote too and the buttons are very small and fiddly to use - it's very difficult to turn the hold on/off without pressing half of the buttons.
Headphones sound good when you first have them, but I'm now on my third pair in six months! They 'blow' really easily if a loud track comes on + then you get an annoying 'rattling' sound on the bass notes from then on.
If you want to save yourself pulling your ipod out of your pocket everytime you want to adjust the volume or skip a track then buy it, although circa £30 is a lot of money to pay for something which has so many imperfections. The lack of an LCD display also means that 60% of the time you still pull your ipod out to see what track is playing, so bear that in mind too.
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on 4 December 2004
Firstly don't buy this item. For the amount you pay you will easily find something better, probably (well most defiantly) for less money
The headphones did produce a half decent sound to begin with but nothing special, defiantly not 30 pounds worth.
I'm on my 2nd pair of apple headphones and like the first they broke after only 2 weeks of use (one headphone produces a poor sound with lots of crackle ) The first time I put down to the fact I bought the ipod through Amazon market place. but now its obvious its down to poor workmanship and lack of quality.
I must also say, that to have the remote control is very useful, but how basic have they made it! you end up pulling the ipod out of your pocket nearly as much as you would with no remote control. Even this doesn't make up for the poor workmanship of the headphones
so take a tip from me DON'T BUY THIS ITEM
but if you like buying overpriced cheaply made rubbish, if having the white headphones for the ipod is that important to you (and you don't mind buying them every couple of months) go for it, you wont be disappointed. . . . . . .
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on 21 July 2004
I am now on my 3rd set of IPod headphones. Both my previous pairs have come apart at the point where the 1 wire splits into 2 wires. The outer plastic comes away and exposes the bare wire which then snaps in time.
The sound quality is average and the remote just performs the bare functions you need. (You cant tell when the IPod is paused or off!)
The are stupidly long, I guess so you can plug the headphones straigh into the IPod if you wish without the remote. This means I have 6 foot of cable to deal with.
The IPod is a superb product shame about the headphones.
Apple must have had a development plan roughly as follows...
IPOD: Design & Testing - 2 Years
IPOD Headphones: Design & Testing - 1 Day
(I keep buying them because the Sony headphones are even longer when plugged into remote!)
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